I'm Not a Regressor



I’m Not a Regressor

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Chapter 225: The Council of the Seven Stars(1)


“Huaaaaam…” A languid yawn came from the next seat over. “Ohjiiinn…” Ha-eun called out in a relaxed tone as she embraced him, and her soft, naked skin slid against his own. “Ehehe. I like our Ohjin.” She rubbed her cheeks against him like a cat would as her sweet dream continued.

“…” Ohjin lay still and stared up at the ceiling, not wanting to wake her. The day after his breakdown on the hospital roof, he’d returned to Korea with her and left Isabella in Italy after the doctor discharged him.

Ha-eun hadn’t been alone with him in some time, so she attacked like a hungry beast as soon as they got home.

‘I never thought I would lose my virginity twice.’ He let out a deep sigh. He’d been surprised to see her take off her clothes so naturally since he’d lost his memories of their relationship. For him, the past few days were a series of firsts. 

“Hmmm,” Ha-eun hummed.

“Are you up?” Ohjin asked.

She rubbed her eyes and nodded. “Ugh. I’m so tired.” Then, she narrowed her eyes when his arms wrapped around her waist and poked his cheek, giving him an exhausted look. “Really, you don’t know what restraint is,” she cutely pouted. “Why were you so wild? It’s like you’ve never done it before.”

“…” Of course, that was because it was his first memory of doing it, but he didn’t say as much.

“Hehe. Well, it was nice.” She smiled and kissed his cheek. 

“Do you want breakfast?” he asked.

“No,” Ha-eun said. “You eat first. I’m tired because a certain someone kept me up all night, so I’ll get more sleep.” She pulled up the blanket and waved her hand as if chasing away a fly.

Ohjin got out of bed with a smirk on his face and dressed himself. 

‘Time for a simple breakfast.’ He blended chicken breast and vegetables into a juice and went straight to the training facility. He’d been able to properly rest for the past few days, so it was time to contemplate what to do in the future.

“Hup. Fuu.” He sat down on the spacious training room’s floor, closed his eyes, and circulated his mana once. Although he’d absorbed the mother monster’s and Sanggil’s mana, there wasn’t a significant difference in how much he could handle.

‘I haven’t completely absorbed their mana yet.’ Meanwhile, Damien’s mana still stubbornly refused to budge from its place in the dark clouds of the Black Heaven.

“First, I should absorb this.” Ohjin frowned in frustration. ‘Do I have to raise Black Heaven’s level to properly absorb it?’

Even if he wanted to do that, he didn’t know what to do since there was no set method to begin with.

“When I think back to the other times I raised its level…” The most important thing was to ‘devour’ something. ‘What could I devour?’ 

Black Heaven had devoured quite a few things and didn’t even react to most prey anymore. “The last thing it had reacted to was… The dragon vein and monster mother.”

Neither were things that were readily available—dragon veins were so rare that, even if there were more, most of them were well hidden; in the case of the monster mother, it was a pain in the ass.

‘It was a Star Spirit, after all.’ Where would he find another monster containing a part of a celestial’s soul?

“This is driving me insane.” It was even more troublesome since there wasn’t anything he could do.

‘Well, let’s put this aside for now.’ When he thought of what he could immediately do… ‘Now that I think about it, Black Heaven gained a new trait after I absorbed the monster mother.’

He opened the status window for the first time in a while to check and saw that the ‘Vaporize’ trait was added.

“It’s as the name describes.” A small smirk appeared on his face as he read the description.

‘Vaporize’ could turn parts of the body into the Black Heaven’s clouds for a short time. It was a very intuitive and simple trait, but…

‘Isn’t this super busted?’ Physical attacks did not work against the Black Heaven’s clouds.

Of course, he had only used Heaven Unfolding a total of three times, so there could’ve been an attack that worked against the clouds of the Black Heaven, but any physical attacks, even ones containing the power of a stigma, would simply pass through.


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In other words, being able to transform parts of himself into the clouds of the Black Heaven for even a few seconds meant…

‘I have a moment of invincibility.’ It was an OP skill that allowed the opponent’s attack to pass right through while allowing his attacks to hit without a problem.

He smiled in satisfaction. “The only problem is going to be the activation time, which parts of the body it can be used on, and how many times I can use it.”

There were a lot of things he had to test first. His eyes shone like those of a child with a new toy as he tried it out.


Sure enough, a portion of his body transformed into dark clouds.

‘I can use it on about 30cm of my body?’ Though he couldn’t even fully transform an entire arm, it was enough against most attacks in the real world since they focused on single points anyway.

‘The activation time is almost instantaneous.’ He could use it without any sort of preparation, which made it the best skill to use to avoid attacks or to feint.

As for disadvantages…

“…Isn’t it using too much mana?” He’d only used it once, but a large portion of his mana was used up. If he compared it to an average Awakener’s mana pool, then most wouldn’t even be able to use it to begin with.

‘I can probably use it three…no, four times in a real battle.’ If he focused only on dodging attacks, he could probably use it six or seven times, but it wasn’t like he could win a fight by only dodging. Considering he would have to dodge and counterattack, it made sense to realistically think he could use it three or four times in a fight.

‘I can probably use it more after I finish absorbing the mana from Sanggil and Damien.’ Still, an evasive option that essentially made him invincible was a good harvest. ‘I can also use it to help me attack.’

Another disadvantage he noticed was that it was far too visible when he used it. 

“I can just use it along with Mirage.” If he used Mirage over wherever he used Vaporize, then nothing would look amiss—it would be like CG on a green screen. Whoever attacked him would probably think they were up against a ghost after their attacks passed through Ohjin without any effect.

“I like this.” He smirked in satisfaction.

‘Now…’ He gently closed his eyes and focused. Since he knew how powerful Vaporize was, it was time for him to test it in the field.

“Who would be a good opponent?” He thought about it for a moment before activating the stigma of Libra.

A handsome young man with sharp eyes formed from the stigma’s light. His cold eyes shone as he lifted his frost-covered sword at Ohjin. “Enemy of Deneb! I will not forgive you!”

“Hmm…” He wasn’t that kind of character.

“Do not approach Deneb…”

“Yeah, this is more like it.” Ohjin nodded in satisfaction at the illusion of Allen Oscal. He couldn’t create a proper illusion since he rarely saw him in battle, but…

‘I’m tired of dealing with Cheon Doyoon’s illusion.’ Sometimes, such a change in pace was important.

“Now…” He took a folding knife from his waist that formed into a spear. “Let’s get started.”



The sounds of their battle roared through the wide training room.




“Ugh, it’s hard to move after resting for so long.” Later, Ohjin left the training room while rubbing his throbbing muscles. He’d been so immersed in his battle that the sun had set before he knew it.

‘Now that I think about it, I didn’t even eat lunch.’ He held his growling stomach and headed home. When he opened the door, he saw Ha-eun sitting on the sofa in dolphin shorts and a baggy T-shirt.

“Are you done training?” she asked as she ran over and offered a snack she was eating to him.

Of course, he accepted and asked, “Did you rest well?”

“Yep, I rested well.” She smirked and nodded.

“Then…” Ohjin gently embraced her and eyed her slim, long legs. He had already showered in the training room, so nothing was stopping him.

Ha-eun slapped his butt with an insidious smile forming on her face. “You want to do it again when you just got back?”


“Hehe. You bastard,” she said. “Do you like me that much?”

“Well…” Ohjin didn’t finish his sentence as he watched her giggle. How could he tell her that he wanted to make up for the memories he had lost with her?

“You should finish speaking once you start, you punk.”

“Shut up,” he replied

“Why are you acting so shy? You’re really cute when you’re like this.” She stretched his cheeks and gave him a bashful smile.

He pulled her hand from his cheek and gave her a deep kiss, and just when things were starting to heat up…

“Oh, wait a sec,” she said. “I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“I got a call from the Association earlier.”

‘The Association? Come to think of it, I haven’t contacted them in a while.’ He’d had little contact with them during his time in Italy and in Vega’s sanctuary.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“I’m not sure, but they said it would be great if you visited them tomorrow.”

“Hmm.” Well, that wasn’t a difficult request. “You’ll come as well, right?”

“I have nothing to do, so let’s go together.”

“In that case, we’ll have to get up early tomorrow.” Ohjin slowly loosened his arm around her and dropped it to his side. Since they had something to do the next day, it was best not to exhaust themselves.

“Where are you running off to?” she asked.

“What if you can’t wake up again?”

“Just don’t overdo it. Let’s keep it down to 10 times.”

“Three times,” he said.

“Meet me in the middle at nine.”


‘Does this woman even know how to do math?’


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