I'm Not a Regressor



I’m Not a Regressor

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Chapter 215: Snake’s Head (8)


Black clouds filled with darkness surged up as if the night sky had been transferred there.


The demonic monster mother that had been rushing toward Ohjin suddenly stopped. It flared its large nostrils and tilted its head in confusion. In return for poor vision, it had developed an excellent sense of smell and hearing to detect its surroundings.

But how could it be?

"Kerrrk! Kerk! Krrrrrrk!"

It couldn’t smell anything…

It couldn’t hear anything…

Neither the smell of its enemy's blood nor the sound of its escaping footsteps reached it. As if all of its senses had been switched off, it couldn’t feel anything at all.

"What’s wrong?"


A noise echoed out from its own body. It was the sound of a spear piercing its skull and cutting through its flesh.

"Come on, what do you think?"



The demonic beast mother writhed like it was having a seizure. It wasn't because it felt terrible pain, on the contrary, it was the opposite.

Despite its body being destroyed, it felt nothing at all, and the demonic beast howled in terror at that realization.


Tens of thousands of tentacles swept around wildly.

Ohjin, whose body had partially transformed into black clouds, was struck by the blind attack and violently flung backward.


The black clouds making up his body undulated heavily.

"Ah, ugh." He raised a hand that hadn't turned into clouds and clutched his head.

As if it were butter melting in a hot pan, he felt his consciousness fading.


He had to kill the demonic beast mother before his consciousness entirely faded into the black clouds.

"Fuu." He let out a low breath and jumped forward.

Even without using Lightning Step, his body rose into the air on its own. He floated freely in the air like he had become a real cloud and looked down at the writhing monster mother from the sky.

'It seems like the sensory blockage has worked to some extent.'

Using Heaven Unfolding caused the senses of all foes within a certain radius to vanish.

It looked like the demonic beast’s senses couldn’t be cut off completely due to its enormous size, but it was clear it worked from how it was howling and causing a commotion.

‘Still, it’s too hard to approach it.’

Its indiscriminately flailing tentacles made it difficult to get close to it.

"Argh, ugh. Kugh!"

Normally, it would have been possible for him to approach it while somehow dodging the attacks. In fact, it was hard to even move properly when he was barely holding onto his flickering consciousness.

'If I can lure it into attacking a transformed part of my body…'

Nearly half of his body had turned into black clouds after using Heaven Unfolding, and physical attacks seemed to pass right through those areas like they didn’t affect him at all.

"Huff, huff. I can do this."

The right side of his chest and right arm were affected the most. The rest of his body wasn’t completely transformed, and it would be difficult to let attacks pass through using parts that had only partially turned into clouds.


He took a deep breath and flew toward the demonic beast mother. The dark clouds followed him and covered the monster’s body.

Tentacles swung wildly toward him from within the darkness.

'To the right.'


A grotesque tentacle swung at his right side. He twisted his body and took in the attack using the cloudy part of his body.

The tentacle had enough power to crumble even tall stalagmites but passed right through him.

"Alright." Ohjin grinned and made his approach.

The best mother’s head, which had a huge nose and torn lips, still contained the spear that he’d thrusted earlier.

After avoiding the tentacles and landing on its head, Ohjin tightly gripped the spear.


Buzz! Crackle!—

He condensed lightning into the black spear.

Once, twice, thrice… As he continued to condense lightning, the spear seemed to tremble in pain.

'Not yet.'

It felt like the spear would shatter at any moment, but it wouldn't be enough to defeat the beast that was hundreds of meters in size yet.

'Charge, Charge, Charge…'

When he finished charging six times and completed his seventh—

Creak! Crack!—

—he saw a slight crack appear in his spear.

Ohjin thrusted the spear into the mother demonic beast’s head and released the condensed lightning.



Currents of black lightning surged through its head.

"Kieeeeeek!" Its terrible scream pierced through his fading consciousness.

"Huff, huff… Damn it."

Despite launching an attack using everything he had and directly releasing lightning into it after stabbing it with his spear, the beast mother did not die and instead began to writhe more violently.

'How tough is this thing?' Ohjin bit his lip, an anxious expression on his face.

Even though he had used his most powerful strike aside from Lightning God Physique, it still wasn’t enough to kill it. 

'I can't use Lightning God Physique right now.'

How could he possibly use it when he was desperately holding onto his fading consciousness?

"Huff, huff. Ugh."

His mind started to melt into the black clouds. Memories surfaced and then disappeared.

'I can't.'

There was no time.

"Fuu." Ohjin exhaled deeply and thrusted his cloudy arm into the gaping hole in the beast mother’s head.

Like a drop of black ink falling into clear water, the beast mother was invaded by the clouds of the Black Heaven.

'If I can't kill it with a physical blow…'

He could devour it thoroughly until its soul shriveled and withered away.


The energy of the Black Heaven burrowed into the body of the demon mother and began to greedily devour its mana.

'This… is the soul of a celestial.'

A part of the celestial’s soul that had been inherited by the Star Spirit was absorbed by the Black Heaven and flowed into his body.

Ecstasy that made every cell in his body rejoice washed over him from the taste of an immense power he had never experienced before.

'More, more, more!'

His lips twisted into a smile, and he greedily absorbed the demonic beast’s mana.

"Ahh." He never knew that devouring a part of a celestial’s soul would be such a delightful thing.

"Ha, hahaha. Hahahaha!" He burst into laughter at the pleasure.

If a part of a celestial’s soul he didn’t even know the name of could bring him so much pleasure…

'I wonder…'

If he were to devour 'Vega' whole…

How enjoyable would it be?

How happy would he be?

Just how, how, how, how, how━

"Fuck… off!"

Ohjin violently pulled his arm back, stopped absorbing the mana, and kicked off of its head.


Falling from a height of hundreds of meters, he rolled on the ground with a heavy impact.

"Huff, huff, huff.” Ohjin exhaled deep breaths and hurriedly closed off the Black Heaven.

The half of his body that had turned into black clouds slowly began to return to its original form.

"Fuck, fuck!"

He recalled the thoughts that filled his head moments ago and cursed in disgust.


* * *

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Translator - Maccas

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


[You have absorbed the soul of Buterin, the celestial of Bufo.]

[The power of the Black Heaven has been enhanced, and you have acquired a new trait, ‘Vaporize’.]

[You have achieved a part of the conditions required to unlock 'Heaven Unfolding'.]

Blue messages rapidly popped up in front of him, but Ohjin didn't have the luxury to read them at the moment.

"Huff, huff." Sweat poured down his back.

He sat down on the floor and covered his face with his recovered right hand. He desperately suppressed his boiling desires and thirst and clung to his flickering thread of consciousness.

"Fuu." After barely calming down the raging energy of the Black Heaven, he let out a low breath and got up.


Boom! Boom! Boom!—

The demonic beast mother charged at Ohjin with its mouth wide open.

"Shit…!" He looked back at the beast with horrified eyes.

Was it because he stopped absorbing it midway? Despite being in tatters, the demonic beast mother was still breathing.

'Damn it!'

He knew he had to get away quickly, but his legs wouldn't move due to the aftereffects of Heaven Unfolding.


It charged at Ohjin like a tank with its body measuring hundreds of meters, and just as its massive body was about to crush Ohjin…

"What a noisy child."


A pitch-black dress swept the floor, and a slender woman with very light, blond hair stood in front of the beast.


The demonic beast mother, which had been rushing forward with its mouth open, came to a sudden halt.

The woman stood still and looked at the trembling demon mother with a faint smile.

"Good girl." She reached out with her slender hand and stroked the demonic beast mother.

"Kerek, kerek, kerek." The mother beast stood still while its body shook as if it were having a seizure.

Its face had neither a nose nor a mouth, but somehow, Ohjin saw that its face was filled with terror.

"Your sin is too great to be forgiven."

Killing intent appeared in the woman's green eyes as she extended her index finger and lightly tapped its body.


With that eerie command, the creature began to harm itself in a fit of madness.


It tore its innards apart by shoving long tentacles into its mouth and thrusting the ends of its pointy legs into its own head to destroy its brain.

The gruesome scene reminded him of a horror movie.

Ohjin gulped and looked back at the light-blond woman who suddenly appeared.

She appeared to be in her mid-twenties. Compared to her alluring looks, her body looked fragile enough to break with a slight, accidental touch.


'Oh, shit.'

The aura emanating from her was overwhelmingly stronger than any of the Awakeners Ohjin had encountered.

'I can't beat her.'

Had there ever been someone who exerted such overwhelming pressure on him? Ohjin clenched his trembling fists and looked at the woman.

"Ahh, ahhh!" The woman looked at Ohjin and let out a cry of ecstasy.

She knelt down on the dirt-covered ground without hesitation and spread her arms wide as if worshiping a deity.

"Finally, finally, finally I have found you!" She exclaimed in a fanatical voice.

"My god, my savior, my master!"

She looked up at Ohjin with a radiant smile. "I am Kasia, a lowly servant of the Heavenly Demon."

The woman who introduced herself as Kasia bowed deeply to him.

Ohjin's pupils trembled.

'Heavenly Demon? Did she just call me the Heavenly Demon? What the hell is going on here?'

Although he couldn't understand why she was calling him ‘Heavenly Demon’, Ohjin knew of only one person who fanatically followed the Heavenly Demon to that extent.

'Could it be… the Queen of Snakes?'

Chills ran down his spine.

'Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck!' Curses filled his mind.

Just when he thought he was over one hurdle, another one appeared.

‘First, a Star Spirit; now, the Queen of Snakes?’

"Ah, Heavenly Demon. Heavenly Demon. Heavenly Demon. Heavenly Demon." Kasia looked up at Ohjin with yearning eyes. "I have been… so eager to meet you."

"…" Ohjin looked down at Kasia, who was kneeling on the floor, and firmly shut his mouth.

She seemed to be waiting for his response, respectfully looking up at him with her hands clasped together.

"Phew." Ohjin let out a low sigh and ran his fingers through his hair.

He looked down at Kasia with cold, indifferent eyes and opened his mouth slowly. "You're late."

His voice was ice cold. "How long were you planning to keep me waiting?" He narrowed his eyes in apparent disdain.

"Ahh! I… I apologize, almighty one!"


Kasia smashed her head on the ground and trembled in fear.

Ohjin looked down at her and gulped.

'Shit. What do I do now?’


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