I'm Not a Regressor



I’m Not a Regressor


Chapter 223: What Dissipates, What Remains



Ohjin gazed at Isabella, his face blank with confusion. Dressed in a maid’s attire, she sported a captivating smile. She gently caressed Ohjin's cheek before gradually moving her hand down to stroke his neck.

"Um… You said you were really scared when we were separated, right?"

"I said... so."

"I don't want you to feel that fear again, Mr. Ohjin."

'In turn, I’m feeling a little scared now, Ms. Isabella.'

"I'm worried that if I leave you alone, you might just wander off somewhere again."

"...So you tied me up because of that?"


With a grin that screamed 'Wasn’t I clever?', Isabella looked at Ohjin. A chilly sweat trickled down his back.

'What's up with this girl?'

Why had she suddenly become like this?

She had shown some signs of unease before, but it seemed that recent events had caused her suppressed emotions to explode.

"Shall we start with a meal?"

"More importantly, can you untie me first?"

"I've made delicious abalone porridge for today~♬"

'This is strange.'

The conversation wasn't flowing the way he expected.

"Now, say 'ah', Mr. Ohjin."

Isabella held a bowl of porridge and spooned it towards Ohjin's lips. He slightly opened his mouth and tasted the steaming porridge, savoring the fragrance of sesame oil and the chewy texture of the abalone that filled his mouth.

Isabella watched as Ohjin obediently ate, a seductive smile curling her lips.

"Ah, some has spilled."

Some porridge trickled down from the corner of his mouth due to his uncomfortable position.

"I'll clean that up."

As Ohjin reached for a tissue...

"Stay still."

Ohjin's arm froze mid-motion. Using 'Command', Isabella froze Ohjin's movement. She took a tissue and wiped the porridge on Ohjin's chin.

"There, there. You're being obedient, aren't you?"

She looked at Ohjin, who was frozen in place, while licking her lips.

With a soft stroke, she brushed Ohjin's cheek and set aside the bowl of abalone porridge.


"Do you have any idea how much I regretted what happened that day?"

Leaning down towards Ohjin, Isabella carefully embraced him.

It was a soft yet substantial sensation.

"Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, I regretted it ceaselessly."

She rested her head on Ohjin's shoulder and gently caressed the stigma engraved on his left chest.

"...Regret what?"

"If only I had made you my slave who couldn't defy my commands back then... Maybe none of this would have happened. That's my regret."



‘Where are you, noona!’

‘Please come quickly!’

"You think so too, don't you, Mr. Ohjin?"

Isabella, who had been caressing him, smiled seductively and pressed even closer to Ohjin and covered him like a blanket.

The hospital bed boasted a soft texture due to its premium material, but because of  what he was being forced to wear, it felt no better than rough sackcloth.

"Answer me."

The way she lightly bit his earlobes, whispering commands, she felt more like a queen sitting on her throne than a maid.

‘The Queen of Leeches.’

He’d thought this was just a title that executioners of the Black Star Organization normally used to address each other.

However, the way that she was behaving showed the power of her title ‘the Queen’.

"Please make me... Isabella's slave."

His mouth moved independent of his will, echoing the command in his head.

Isabella, who had forced Ohjin to say this, burst into delighted laughter.

"So, we agree again?”

Her respectful manner of speaking was nowhere to be found now.

Isabella looked at Ohjin passionately, her eyes flaring crimson.

She slowly tilted her head and seductively licked Ohjin's neck with her tongue. Feeling the tingling sensation spreading from his neck, Ohjin shuddered.

"Don't tense up... just relax."

Isabella caressed Ohjin's cheek with a gentle touch and sank her fangs into his neck.

A thrilling pleasure ran down his spine.

Along with the sensation of blood being drawn, he could feel Isabella's mana seeping into his body.

'This crazy woman.'

Could he really end up being Isabella's eternal blood bank slave?

Just as Ohjin was bewildered by the unexpected turn of events...

"Hehe, I was just joking."

Isabella moved away from Ohjin with a playful smile. She opened a potion and carefully applied it to the wound on Ohjin's neck.

"Did I surprise you a lot, Mr. Ohjin?"

"...How could I not be surprised in that situation?"

"My, I would never really make you my slave, would I?"

While touching the instantly healed wound, Isabella grinned broadly.

"At least not 'now'."

"...You mean you could later?"

"Who knows? That would depend on your actions, wouldn't it, Mr. Ohjin?"

In other words…


 * * *

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* * *


It was a clear threat. If he stepped out of line one more time, she would really make him into her slave on a more permanent basis.

'What a harsh warning.'

The memory of Isabella's bright crimson eyes flashed in his mind.

As she had said, the next time would not end with a warning.

"Understood. I won't do it again."

Well, if a similar situation were to occur again, he would probably make the same choice, but...

For now, reassuring her was the priority.

"...Is it a promise?"

Isabella poked Ohjin's cheek and let out a breath.

Ohjin nodded and pointed to the red chains binding his wrists and ankles.

"I'll promise, so first, remove these."

"Just a moment."

Isabella reached out to undo the chains.

But a moment later…

She suddenly stopped her motion as her hands touched the red chain.



Isabella, her hand still on the chain, seemed lost in thought.

After a moment of hesitation, Isabella swallowed dryly and turned towards Ohjin.

"Come to think of it, Mr. Ohjin... you kissed me back then, didn't you?"


Isabella continued in an innocent tone.

"That was my first kiss."

"...That was..."

Ohjin’s face reddened in embarrassment, as if he had nothing to say.

It was a fact he had stolen her lips without her consent.

"Do you know how important chastity is to a member of the Colagrande House?"

"I mean, we're not talking about some noble house from the Joseon era."

And she wasn't an elementary schooler either. It seemed silly to talk about chastity just because of a kiss.

"Hmm! Anyway! You stole my kiss, so you need to take responsibility."

Isabella's cheeks flushed slightly as she spoke words that even she seemed to know were ridiculous.

Seeing her adorably sulking, Ohjin let out an accidental laugh.

"What responsibility?"

"That... That is..."

She trailed off vaguely, avoiding his gaze anxiously.

The way she fidgeted her fingertips seemed far from the alluring smile of the queen who attempted to make him into a slave just a few minutes earlier.

"...O-Once more."


"Do it... one more time, please."

Isabella mumbled in a voice barely loud enough to hear.

At such an adorable reaction, Ohjin couldn’t hold back his laugh.

“Oh! D-Don’t laugh!”

Isabella’s cheeks blushed as red as an apple as she pounded Ohjin’s chest.

“I-I’ll force myself on you even if you don’t want to, Mr. Ohjin!”

She sighed in excitement and made her way toward Ohjin who was tied up on the bed.


Her breath was wet.

Closing her eyes tightly, she slowly tilted her face towards Ohjin's lips.

Just before their lips touched...


The infirmary’s door burst open violently as Ha-eun appeared.

"F-Finally found you!"

Ha-eun was breathing roughly, as if she had searched the entire hospital.

"What are you doing to Ohjin, you witch?!"


Isabella clicked her tongue as she looked at Ha-eun.

"Tch? Did you just go, tch?"

"Oh my, don't get worked up, unnie. I would never do something so graceless."

Isabella shrugged impishly.

Seeing the crimson chains binding Ohjin's limbs, Ha-eun grasped her forehead as if she had a headache.

"Ahh. Wonderful, just wonderful."

Ha-eun approached Ohjin and flicked his forehead.

"This is a~ll because of your karma, you punk."


Ohjin avoided Ha-eun's gaze, as if he had nothing to say.

"Hurry up and take these off."

"Yes, unnie."

Isabella sadly undid the crimson chains binding Ohjin's limbs.

As the chains restraining his body came off, Ohjin stretched and worked out the stiffness in his body.

"How's your body?"

"Good enough to survive even if I fell into the Demon Realm right now."


Ha-eun laughed and flicked Ohjin's forehead again.

"You just wanna see noona work up a stroke out of worry again, don't ya?"

Ha-eun got on the bed from the opposite side of Isabella and embraced Ohjin.

Tightly, as if she would never let go again.

"I thought I'd never see you again, you bastard."


He gently stroked Ha-eun's shoulder as she cried, her face buried against him.

Ha-eun, who had been sobbing, grabbed Ohjin's hospital gown.


“Hold on…“

What is this noona doing to my gown?

"Well, in any case, that means your body's perfectly fine, right?"



Ha-eun's lips curled up slightly as she glanced at Isabella.

"Could you give my darling and me a little privacy, dongsaeng?"


Isabella's body shook in surprise.

Her expression showed she roughly guessed what the two of them were about to do.

"I-I don't want to."

"You don't want to?"

High-spirited, Ha-eun embraced Ohjin tightly and continued speaking.

"You know who Ohjin belongs to, right?"


"You're not going to interrupt a couple's intimate time, are you?"


Isabella clenched her lips and trembled in frustration.

She was aware...

That Ohjin was Ha-eun's lover.

That she was still far from coming between those two.

"...You just wait and see, unnie."

"A line expected from a third-rate villain escaping."

"S-Shut up!"

Isabella shouted gruffly before leaving the room in irritation.


The door closed forcefully.

"Isabella's just so adorably cute the more I look at her."

Recalling Isabella's irritated expression, Ha-eun chuckled.

She jabbed Ohjin's side with her elbow and continued.

"But you can't forget that this noona is your number one, okay Ohjin?"


"Ohjin? What's wrong?"

Ohjin looked at Ha-eun vacantly.

As if lost in a horrible nightmare…

He murmured in a trembling voice.


Since when…

Were he and Ha-eun dating?


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