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Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later



Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader – ilafy]


Chapter 130 - Apostle of Evil (1)


The big army started to move.

It was different from a normal army—its members weren't soldiers carrying guns but demonic monsters summoned from Hell.

There was an old man full of wrinkles walking relaxedly in the center of the group of demonic monsters.

The old man, surrounded by demonic monsters, looked foreign, but you wouldn't have felt that if you looked at him based on your gut feelings.

After all, the old man's body was full of demonic energy, similar to the energy within the demonic monsters.

If you felt something foreign, it was probably because the demonic energy flowing out of the old man's body was thicker than the energy surrounding him.


The white-haired old man, Anton Sidorvich, smiled. The wrinkles on his face moved.

He nodded while looking at the demonic monsters filling the field.

'With this, we've proven it.'

The Demon Cult’s first large-scale summoning…

Until then, they'd gained experience by doing small-scale summonings, but with the large-scale summoning, they'd properly begun executing their plans.

The large-scale summoning was the first step of that plan.

They wanted to test a hypothesis before they moved on with the proper plan.

Anton laughed. The test was a huge success.

'The Gaia system is getting weaker.'

The Gaia System…

It was the Earth’s protective mechanism that the Demon Cult had been trying to destroy for a long time.

The defense mechanism that was stopping the Demon Cult's long-term goals was finally starting to lose its strength.

The being that was blocking their plans was finally starting to disappear.

'With this, the strength of those beings will probably increase as well.'

His heart started beating faster.

The head of the Demon Cult, and the peak of evils that existed there…

They would also start moving soon.



At that moment, a being walking next to him opened his mouth. It was an ugly creature with bad wings, horns, and red skin.

Unlike the demonic monsters that were closer to beasts, the being had an intelligence similar to a human’s. They were the beings of Hell who always sought to fulfill their desires.

"Hahaha. Did something happen?"

[Are we going to where the human army is located?]

"Yes. That's right."

[Hahaha. I see.]

The demon from the 5th hell, Utarr, let out gloomy demonic energy.


They were low, insignificant, and weak creatures. They were mortals suitable as livestock who should only crawl on the floor.

Still, Hell’s opinion of humans had changed due to a certain being…

Utarr didn't like that.

[I, Utarr, will prove that humans are, in the end, just that… Humans!] Utarr said in a spirited voice.

"Ah, I think you'll have to leave that for later."


"We have another thing we have to do first."

Anton took a picture from his pocket—it was a photo of a young man with a sharp look.

It was the person who had interrupted their plans in Sapporo.

'I heard that he's participating in this war.'

He heard that there had even been friction with the Chinese.


Antoon looked at the photo with great interest.

'I'll have to talk to him.'

He had to know how someone who could easily overwhelm a cardinal wasn't that well-known.

He had to know why he'd stopped the last summoning.

'He isn't someone like Alec Osborne.'

—That's what he felt after looking at him.

He didn't have a strong sense of justice, nor did he feel a strong hatred toward the Demon Cult.

'Those eyes…'

He was used to them.

They were mad eyes full of desire for power and strong killing intent.

He knew very well about humans like that.

'He's like me.'

It wasn't hard to imagine what he craved.

'I'm going to drag him to the Cult.'

He didn't think it would be hard.

The Demon Cult could offer something no one else could…

Eternal life and power.

For a normal human, it was very hard to resist those.

If someone capable of easily overwhelming Akiyama joined them, he would be helpful to their future plans.

If he refused…

'I'll have to make him pay for having interrupted our plans.'

Anton let out a chilling smile.

If he could be a bother to their plans, taking him out was the correct decision.

[And what do we have to do?]

"We have to go and meet a person. I want you to be there for support just in case."

Seeing how that young man Oh KangWoo was able to overwhelm Akiyama easily, his strength was at least at the level of a world ranker.

It was better to have as much backup as possible while facing someone strong who they didn't have much information about.


Utarr let out a laugh.

He looked at Anton with burning eyes.

* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

[I listened to what you said as thanks for having summoned me, but now you're crossing the line. I'm a demon, human. Don't give me orders.]


[I want to chew the skin of humans. I'll act like I didn’t hear you.]

Utarr turned his head.

Anton called out to him while making a troubled expression.

"Mr. Utarr, I hope you refrain from acting rashly."

[Hmph. Is waging war against humans acting rashly? Who do you think I am? I'm Utarr of the 5th hell…]

"No, that's not it. I'm just saying that you should refrain from doing things against the Demon Cult's will," Anton said in a careful voice.


Utarr laughed as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Utarr looked at Anton, who was asking him to be obedient. He thought his insides would turn upside down while looking at that arrogant look.

[Are you out of your…?!]

Utarr raised his giant hand.

Before he could swing a ridiculously big fist, Anton took a black book out of his pocket. 

At that moment…


[Ugh! Wh-what?!]

Dozens of black hands emerged from the floor and grabbed his body. A great force weighed on him.


His skin was torn apart, his bones were crushed, and he kneeled. Utarr's eyes were full of astonishment.

"I was hoping you would listen to my words."

Anton laughed. Strong magic swirled around him.

The Apostle of Evil, Anton Sidorvich.

He was someone recognized even among the higher members of the Cult. He was stronger than an average demon from Hell.

[Y-you damn human!]

Utarr screamed.

"That's too bad."

Tap. He closed the book.

The hands from the floor tore the rest of Utarr's body apart.

There was a heavy silence. 


* * *


"Everyone, ready!"

Chae YeonJoo's scream spread through the field.

Nervousness was on the faces of the players making a formation.

From their point of view, horrible creatures were running toward them.


One of the Red Rose Guild members grabbed his hands; all of the other members were in a similar state.

An army of demonic monsters…

The demonic energy flowing out of them applied pressure on the players.

"Wake up! It's different from the Cataclysmic Day! Now we have the necessary strength to fight the monsters!"

Everyone gulped at Chae YeonJoo's shout.

The Cataclysmic Day…

Countless people died, and many countries collapsed on that day.


"We can do it!"

They began cheering each other so they wouldn't feel so anxious.

Chae YeonJoo turned her head and saw the Chinese players.

'What a stupidly huge amount.'

There were so many players that one couldn't help but be impressed.

'I guess they're also in a similar situation.'

She couldn't understand what they were saying since they were speaking in Chinese, but it seemed like they were cheering each other up.

'I guess it's normal.'

Ten or twenty thousand was laughable.

There were at least fifty thousand demonic monsters.

It would be weird if they weren't scared. 

'But still…'

She clenched her fists and remembered the Cataclysmic Day.

The sight of people being slaughtered by monsters…

The situation was different from back then. She, and the rest of the people there, had enough strength to fight against the monsters.



The screams of the monsters got close. The players took their weapons out.

Chae YeonJoo took out a paper she had put in her pocket. There, she had written the strategy she'd thought of for the past three days.

"First, magicians, prepare to cast!"

The basics for most battles was to start with long-range attacks first.

"And then… Uhm. tankers should block their charge and then back off! Then make a V formation and lure the demonic monsters to the inside! And…"

Chae YeonJoo kept reading the paper.

"Ms. YeonJoo, if you keep talking like that, no one will understand you."


The leader of the Hwarang Squad, Jang HyunJae, walked toward her while sighing.

Many Korean players from different guilds were gathered as one.

They didn't have time to practice together, so there was no way they'd be able to do a complex formation.

"Uhm… Th-that…"

She'd studied a lot over the past three days.

But once it became time to put it into practice, she couldn't remember what orders to give.

Chae YeonJoo frowned.

'It doesn't suit me.'

Commanding didn't suit her. She was more suited to fighting.

"HyunJae, old man, as expected, I think you should do it."

She gave the megaphone to Jang HyunJae, who was next to her, and smiled.

Red chains came out from her wrist while emitting a red light.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to say something."

She took the megaphone from Jang HyunJae and shouted.

"Don't think about it too much! Think of this as a massive experience event! Let's take this opportunity and gain a massive amount of experience!" Chae YeonJoo shouted through the megaphone.

You could hear some people laughing. The atmosphere became more relaxed.

There were some players whose eyes shone after hearing the word “experience”.


Jang HyunJae laughed in disbelief.

He never imagined she'd motivate players by using a strategy like that.

"Guys, let's go!! Ah, some people aren't part of my guild. Well, anyways! Everyone, do your best! Don't die and don't get hurt!"

The players laughed after hearing a ridiculous command that didn't have a strategy or formation, but its effect was visible.

No one seemed scared anymore.

Players were starting to get excited.

Chae YeonJoo stomped the ground.


A heavy vibration radiated out; her shout spread through the battlefield.


The battle began.



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