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Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later



Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader – ilafy]


Chapter 109 - Five Mistakes (1)


"What are you doing!!" Jang HyunJae shouted.

He looked at KangWoo being dragged by Japanese players while handcuffed.

Fujimoto Ryoma walked to the front.

"We wanted to ask you that. This person was a spy of the Demon Cult who tried to kidnap the Maiden of the Skies."


"Hmm… Judging by Captain Jang HyunJae's expression, it seemed like you were also fooled."

Fujimoto Ryoma looked at Jang HyunJae, Baek HwaYeon, and Goo HyunMo.

In reality, since he'd accused KangWoo of being a spy from the Demon Cult, the correct thing would be to say that every Korean player that had gone to Japan was also a member of the Demon Cult.

'But things would get too troublesome if I did that.'

He was in the wrong.

There was a difference between accusing an unknown player of being a Demon Cult member and accusing members of an organization that worked for the government.

'They won't be able to defend him easily, anyway.'

He made a dirty smile.

If they committed a mistake while defending KangWoo, things could get messy between both countries.

It would make them look as if they were trying to defend a Demon Cult member who had tried to kidnap the Maiden of the Skies.

But more importantly, there was no way to prove his innocence.

They knew they had no choice of winning.

'They'll soon back off if they’re intelligent.'

It was a simple problem.

Would they intertwine both countries in legal disputes because of a friendship, or would they end things with just a single sacrifice?

There was no need to think too deeply.

They were going to escape like a lizard dropping its tail to get away.

"Do you have any proof…?"

"I saw it, and Yamada Prime Minister also saw it. Do we need more proof?"

"There's no proof that both of you are lying."

"Are you suspecting us?"


Jang HyunJae's expression hardened.

Since he was the captain of the Hwarang Squad, he couldn't easily speak what he truly thought.

He knew what kind of trouble it could bring. 

"These bastards…"

Chae YeonJoo took a step forward.

Baek HwaYeon grabbed her shoulder.

"Let me go."

"YeonJoo, calm down and let's…"

"I told you to let me go."

A strong killing intent was directed toward Baek HwaYeon.

She brushed off Baek HwaYeon's hands and walked toward Fujimoto Ryoma.

"Since one of your eyes is blue, it seems that you were punched in the face and are seeing wrong. Should I also make your other eye blue?”

"Haha. It seems like you’re in shock. I was also surprised when this person tried to kidnap the Maiden of the Skies. We never thought that the forces of the Japanese Demon Cult had reached other countries as well."

"How dare you bastard say such…"

Red chains spread out from her wrist.

KangWoo opened his mouth while looking at her.

"Chae YeonJoo, stop."

"Do you want me to remain still in this situation?" She said aggressively. 

KangWoo smirked and replied.

"It's okay."

"What's okay?! These damn monkeys are…!"

"Calm down. I said it’s ok, do you still believe everything went wrong?”


Chae YeonJoo gulped.

"M-Mr. KangWoo…"

Han Seol-ah looked as if she were about to start crying.

"I'll return soon. Stay with Echidna."

"Y-you really are coming back, right?"


"KangWoo, where are you going?"

"There has been a misunderstanding. I'll come back soon, so you can calmly wait for me, right?"

"Yes. I'll calmly wait for you."

Echidna nodded.

Unlike other people, she wasn't worried for KangWoo.

She was connected to him by his soul, so she knew that he really thought that the situation was nothing.

"Did you finish saying your farewells? Seeing that so many people worry about you, it seems like you've hidden very well the fact that you're a member of the Demon Cult."


"Your crimes will be revealed in front of the jury."

Fujimoto Ryoma dragged him away.

KangWoo followed him calmly.

They were headed to the boat that would take them to the mainland.

KangWoo sat on the chair and closed his eyes after hopping onto the boat.

"You seem quite calm. Do you think you have a chance of escaping?"


KangWoo remained silent.

Fujimoto Ryoma smirked.

"You probably already know that you'll be thrown away in the end."

The effort his team would have to go through to save someone was so huge that he would inevitably be thrown away.

"The truth isn't important. You may find the situation unfair, but don't worry. I'll make sure you aren't executed."

The truth wasn't important. There was no way he could prove his innocence, after all.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


KangWoo was in a jail in Tokyo designed for players.

Fujimoto Ryoma, who was worried he would escape, had put a mana-restricting straightjacket on him. 

KangWoo was sitting with the wall against his back after being locked up with a straitjacket that made it hard even to move a finger.

He had difficulty laying down because he was in an individual cell.

Fujimoto Ryoma smiled while looking at him.

"The trial is going to happen soon, so let's meet there."

It was a normal trial.

Since there wasn't evidence, the sentence would be made based on the statement of the witnesses, and all of the witnesses, including Prime Minister Yamada, were his pawns.

The jury would also be people he personally chose.

The only person who could tell the truth was Kurosaki Yurie, but she hadn't regained consciousness at the moment. 

'If everything goes well…'

Fujimoto clenched his fist. 

There was a reason why he'd tried so hard to monopolize the achievement.

'I'll be able to have the Maiden of the Skies in my hands.'

He had been planning to get married to Kurosaki Yurie for a long time.

He hadn’t been able to do that until because she'd refused many times, but it would be hard to go against public opinion.

People were sensitive toward provocative issues, and him saving her by himself was provocative enough.

'I can already see the news headlines.'


Wasn't one sentence enough to see the bigger picture?

She was someone who couldn't go against what the citizens expected of her, so she wouldn't be able to refuse his marriage proposals any longer.

Of course, the reason wasn't that he was in love with her.

She was clearly beautiful, but he wasn't interested in someone as boring as her.

'If the marriage goes well…'

He would be able to have Japan in his pocket.

He was the person who represented the power of Japan, and she was the person who received the love of the people of the country.

If they joined forces, he would be able to replace the old Emperor.

'I'll show the world the power of the Japanese Empire.'

Japan had lost its power after the Cataclysmic Day.

The Japanese economy collapsed, it had become less influential than Korea.

Upon becoming a world ranker, Fujimoto had decided to make Japan the strongest country in Asia. 

The first step toward that goal was to become the Emperor.

"You can hire any lawyer you want, although I don't think there's anyone who's going to be willing to defend you."

He turned around while making a dirty smile.

Fujimoto turned his back and was about to leave when KangWoo opened his mouth.


He kept talking with a cold voice.

"You think you're clever, right?"


"Do you think that everything will go according to your plans?"


Fujimoto laughed at him.

"Of course. Isn't it obvious? Just look at how you’re behind bars right now."

His inability to move even a finger due to the mana-locking strait jacket made him look like a bug.

KangWoo laughed.


"What are you talking about…?"

"It’s the amount of mistakes you’ve already made."

"Ha, hahaha! You're saying some funny things!"

He also knew that his plan hadn't been perfect.

There were many holes in it, but still, he hadn't made five mistakes.

"You're saying a lot of nonsense after being cornered."


KangWoo closed his eyes while leaning against the wall.

"You'll soon find out, even if you don't want to."


Fujimoto clicked his tongue and shook his head.

"Let's see if you can maintain that arrogant attitude in the sentencing."

Fujimoto walked out of the cell after saying those last words.


There was a heavy silence after the door was locked.

A CCTV was monitoring KangWoo's cell, and the bars were made of a material that not even a ranker could break easily.

He closed his eyes and leaned his back to the wall.

Considering that he was locked in an infamous jail, he seemed too relaxed.

As time passed, the day set, and the night fell.

KangWoo slowly opened his eyes.

"Should I move?"

KangWoo used an Authority while he mumbled.

The energy of the demonic energy stone that had melted into his blood rose.

It was understandable for him to think KangWoo had been made powerless after being put in a mana-restricting straitjacket.

That was Fujimoto's first mistake.

'Mana-restricting devices don't work against me.'

Although mana and demonic energy were similar, they were fundamentally different forces.

A mana-restricting device did not affect him.

KangWoo used the Authority of Projection and the Authority of Dolls. 

After doing so, his body slipped out of the straitjacket as if his soul had gone out of his body. 

He looked down.

He saw the fake body he had created using the Authority of Dolls.

KangWoo escaped from the jail while leaving the fake body behind.

Although it was a place that criminal players couldn't escape from due its tight security, KangWoo had no problems because he could fully use his Authorities.


The fresh night air brushed his cheeks.

Although he'd only been locked up for half a day, he felt free.

As he used the Authority of Sky, the bustling city of Tokyo spread beneath his feet.

"Should I prepare for the trial?"

Of course, he could escape like that if he wanted to. 

He could escape to Korea, buy a new identity, and live like that.

But playing according to another person's plan didn't go well with his personality.

'Answering malice with even greater malice… killing intent with even greater killing intent.'

That was something he'd learned to survive.

KangWoo stretched.

They had said that the trial would take place as soon as possible, so it was probably going to take place in a few days.

"I'll have to move quickly."

His body crossed the night sky.



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