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Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later



Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader – ilafy]


Chapter 229 - The Truth Can’t Be Extinguished (1)


"Angels arrived?"

"Yes, I just received a revelation."

Gaia nodded.

She had called the Guardians to the Hall of Protection.

The most important members of Guardian, such as Kim ShiHoon, Grace, Chae YeonJoo, and Cheon MooJin, were gathered in the conference room. 

Kim ShiHoon looked over the documents, which detailed the Light Watchers’ movement over a map.

"The Light Watchers we've been watching have also begun moving."

"It seems they decided to make a base in Africa," Chae YeonJoo said after taking a glimpse at the documents.

Kim ShiHoon nodded.

"Yes. They're currently building a base where the confrontation between Lucifer and Satan took place. It seems like they're considering a long-term battle against Satan."

"Considering what I can see in the pictures, it seems like they're building a fortress."

Chae YeonJoo laughed in disbelief.

As angels started to go to Earth, the Light Watchers also began moving.

"How are they building this? Even if we take all of the Light Watchers into consideration, there don't seem to be more than a hundred."

"The angels are also helping… but most importantly, can you see this?"

"What's this rock?"

"I think that it's a golem that moves with magic. It seems like they're using this golem to build a large-scale fortress."

Chae YeonJoo tilted her head in confusion.

They'd moved so many people that it was hard to believe their main goal was to kill Satan.

"The goal probably changed," KangWoo answered.

"It seems like they concluded that taking care of the Demon of Prophecy is more urgent than Lucifer."


Chae YeonJoo nodded.

If they'd moved so many people, they couldn't help but think they were more concerned about the Demon of Prophecy.

"Considering they're building a fortress there, it seems like they haven't given up on Lucifer."

"It seems like their goal is to destroy all demons…"

"Isn't that better for us?"

The meeting kept going on.

Most of the topics were things KangWoo was already aware of, so he wasn't able to get new information.

"There's a problem."

Gaia opened her mouth.

"According to the revelation… Mr. Raphael has refused to collaborate with Earth's gods."


"It seems like he doesn't trust us," Gaia said in a heavy voice.

Their expressions darkened.

There was no need to think too deeply about why they had lost Raphael’s trust.


The other Guardians remained silent as that name left Kim ShiHoon's mouth.

The saint that had fallen to Satan, the Demon of Prophecy…

It seemed like Ludwig was an apostle Raphael cared for deeply—he was quite shocked because of his death and was extremely angry.

Thanks to that, Raphael couldn't help but be angry at the Guardians, who had not been able to protect him.

It was obvious.

If you compared it to a country, it would be as if a country had sent help after receiving a support request, but the soldiers they'd sent to help had been kidnapped by a terrorist and then killed.

Even if the fault were on the terrorists, they would still be angry at the country they had tried to help as well.

"This isn’t the time to hesitate," Gaia said in response to the grim atmosphere.

"Ms. Gaia's representative, Mr. Uranos, is currently trying to convince Mr. Raphael, and it isn't that he completely refused to collaborate. More than that…"

Gaia hesitated for a moment and then kept talking.

"Mr. Raphael said he wants to meet Guardian Kim ShiHoon."



Kim ShiHoon was surprised at the sudden mention of his name.

"It seems like Mr. Ludwig had given a report about Guardian Kim ShiHoon. Not only that, but the holy sword chose you, so he said he wants to meet and talk with you."


Kim ShiHoon remained silent and lowered his head while making a grim expression.

It was as if he were asking if he had the right to meet Raphael. After all, he wasn't able to do anything while Ludwig was falling due to Satan's actions.

He hesitated for a bit and then raised his head.

"I'll go," he said in a firm voice.

If he avoided it, it would be like ignoring Ludwig's death.

If he really were sad because of his death and was feeling guilty…

If he'd really inherited Ludwig's sword and shared his same beliefs…

He couldn't ignore Raphael's proposal.

"I'm going to convince Mr. Raphael."

"Guardian Kim ShiHoon…"

Gaia extended her hand while making a worried expression.

Kim ShiHoon grabbed her hand.

They weren't collaborating yet, so sending Kim ShiHoon into Raphael's territory would be dangerous.

In the worst-case scenario, he might take the holy sword and make him pay the price of not being able to protect Ludwig.

If things went wrong, there was a chance they might end up becoming enemies.

"It's okay, Ms. Gaia."

Kim ShiHoon grabbed her hand tighter.

At that moment, Gaia's face reddened.

"I'm going to convince Mr. Raphael and make him collaborate with Guardian."


"I know what Ms. Gaia is worrying about, but if I don't go… I think there's a chance this relationship won't recover at all."


Gaia remained silent.

Kim ShiHoon's role was undeniably important.

Satan was strong.

As the Demon of Prophecy, he had a huge power called the Sea of Demonic Energy, and he could freely use hundreds of different Authorities.

Although Gaia had used all of her Divinity, she couldn't stop him.

'Of course, I heard Ms. Gaia sealed most of his strength, but…'

It had been two years since Gaia used her Divinity to seal the Sea of Demonic Energy.

Even if Satan was the Demon of Prophecy, there was no way he'd be able to unseal it in just two years, but still…

'The Sea of Demonic Energy…'

It was an undeniably impressive power, and they couldn't relax just because it was sealed.

'We need the help of angels.'

After Gaia used most of her Divinity, the gods of Earth could not interfere with what was happening on Earth.

Help from the Heavens was necessary in such a situation.

"I'm going to trust Guardian Kim ShiHoon…"

Gaia nodded and smiled.

Kim ShiHoon stood up.

"Hyeongnim, I'll be going."

After Gaia, he walked toward KangWoo.

KangWoo patted Kim ShiHoon's shoulders.

"I'm sure you'll be able to do it."

If possible, he'd have wanted to go and see Raphael along with Kim ShiHoon, but what Raphael wished for was to talk with Kim ShiHoon alone.

If a third party went along with him, there was a chance things would turn out wrong.

'Of course, it's not like I'm going to watch from a distance and do nothing.'


* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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After the meeting, KangWoo followed Kim ShiHoon to Africa and saw the angels that were in the process of building their base.

'They really are building it like a fortress.'

He felt they were determined to find the Demon of Prophecy and kill him.


The communication crystal vibrated at that moment.

It wasn't the one used to communicate with Guardian—it was the one he used with Lilith.

"What's wrong?"

[There's something I need to inform you of.]

"What happened?"

[I noticed that the cultists have started moving.]

"Right now…?"

KangWoo narrowed his eyes.

The timing was too good.

[What should I do?]

"Stay still for the moment."

He didn't have the mental space to think about the Demon Cult at the moment.

Raphael and Kim ShiHoon's meeting…

He had to ensure a collaborative relationship was built thanks to their meeting.


The call was cut.


KangWoo closed his eyes and used an Authority.


[Activating Authority of Subordination.]

[Sharing senses with your Familiar Spirit.]

He looked at the angels through Kim ShiHoon's eyes.

They were wearing silver armor, a gentle light leaked out of them, and in the middle of them…

'Is that Raphael?'

He saw an angel with eight wings, haloed by light.

At around five meters tall, his height was similar to Balrog’s.

'He looks kind of like a human.'

Although his size couldn't be called a human's, his outer appearance was very similar.

Not only that, but he was good-looking.

His blond hair resembled a lion's mane, and he could feel a sense of wildness from his angular face.

"Fuck, how unfair."

He thought it would've been nice if demons looked like humans like angels did.

He recalled Lilith and quickly shook his head.

Kim ShiHoon knelt in front of Raphael, who was sitting on a giant chair.

- So you're the human who inherited Ludwig's sword?

- Yes.

He heard Raphael and Kim ShiHoon's conversation.

He couldn't feel animosity coming from him, and it didn't seem to be a bad start.

'To obtain a bit more trust…'

[Sending strength to your Familiar Spirit.]

[You've sent divine energy to Familiar Spirit 'Kim ShiHoon.']

He sent the divine energy that he had to Kim ShiHoon.

- You even have divine energy.


Raphael's voice had brightened.

It seemed like, if it was a human who'd received divine energy, he was more trustworthy than others.

- I came here for my friend Ludwig… To ask forgiveness for his death.


KangWoo nodded after hearing Kim ShiHoon's sincere words.

Saying that they'd gone there to receive help from the angels from the beginning wasn't a good idea.

First, untangling the negative emotions that had come about from Ludwig's death was more important.

"Well done, my child!"

He was cheering for Kim ShiHoon; that was all he could do.

From then on, it all depended on Kim ShiHoon.

'Authority of Fake Color.'

He used an Authority to create two bars that emitted a bright light.

"Good luck, ShiHoon!"

He waved the light sticks.

- I see, so that's what happened…

- Yes. When I arrived, he'd already…

The conversation went smoothly.

At that point, it seemed like they would be able to receive Raphael's help easily.

- M-Mr. Raphael!!

- What happened?

- A demon apostle has appeared!


KangWoo frowned at the unexpected development of events.

He saw a woman covered in bandages.

- Apostles of light… I'm Yulia, a servant of the darkness, a servant of Satan.

- So you appeared before us without any fear…

- I came here to tell Mr. Raphael the truth.

- The truth?

Yulia, who was kneeling in front of Raphael, kept talking.

- We weren't the ones to make your apostle fall. The true culprit of that was… 

She turned her head and looked at Kim ShiHoon with eyes full of resentment.

- The Guardians.

There was a heavy silence.


KangWoo's expression distorted.

"These bastards…"

KangWoo clenched his fists.

"How dare they try to fabricate a lie?!"

He felt anger as he watched their obvious ill intent. 


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