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Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later



Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader – ilafy]


Chapter 112 - Five Mistakes (4)



"If you wanted to kill the dog after the hunt was over, you should've known how to differentiate a dog from a lion."

He was making fun of him.

Fujimoto's face became red.

He started breathing heavily and raised his hands.

A spear made of wind was created and shot toward KangWoo in the blink of an eye.


KangWoo used the Authority of Defense, and the black wall that was created around him destroyed the wind spear.

"I'll kill you. I'll tear you apart. I'll give you a painful death!"

"Oof... You're quite disappointing."

"Disa… ppointing?"

"To be honest, I had high hopes because your concept was kind of okay."

"What are you talking about?" Fujimoto asked in a low voice. 

KangWoo relaxedly began warming up.

"The type of villain that looks like a kind person but actually controls everything from behind the scenes. I really like people like you, but..."

He clicked his tongue.

"Your mask fell off too easily. Baek KangHyun did a better job than you."


"The idea was okay. The intentions weren't bad, either, but you lack in the mental department. This is why you shouldn't try to do things like this if you're stupid."

"You m—"

"You always curse when you have nothing to say; that's also disappointing. I'm getting bored of such reactions. Oof... Yes, Even Akiyama was better than you."

KangWoo really seemed disappointed.

It was as if he were asking Fujimoto if it was the best he could do.

"You're disappointed...?"

Fujimoto’s body trembled, and he felt his mouth becoming dry. It was as if his insides were about to turn upside down.

He felt miserable.

His plan to use KangWoo had completely been flipped on its side.

The person that he had tried to use was even asking him if he had really done the best he could.

Uncontrollable anger spread through his body.

"Ugh, ah."

Fujimoto couldn't even speak properly; he just mumbled words that he couldn’t form a sentence with.

Everything in front of him turned blank.

Blue light started to leak out from his left 'Susanoo's Eye,' .


A strong and heavy current of wind blew from his eye.

The strength of a myth-ranked item was being shown.


He screamed.

Tens of wind spears were created that targeted KangWoo.

"Yes, this is better. Don't try to act as if everything is okay and end up looking more pathetic."

KangWoo smiled.

He waved his hand, and a black curtain made of demonic energy appeared and deflected the wind spears away.

"I have to go and eat, so let's end things quickly. Oh, yeah. Do you know a place that prepares good sushi? I came all the way to Japan, so I wanted to eat it at least once.”

"How much are you going to make fun of me?!"

"No, I'm asking you because I really wanna know. You were quite successful here in Japan, so you should know lots of good places to eat, right? It's okay if it's expensive. I have a lot of money."

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you so painfully that you'll regret being alive!"

"You're really mad, huh? Okay, I understood. My mistake. Your plan was scarily perfect. I recognize that I won because of a small difference. You were more perfect than any other opponent I've faced until now, so please tell me a good sushi—"


Fujimoto leaped forward.

A highly concentrated wind gathered around his fist, and he twisted his body and threw a punch. A condensed wind flew in KangWoo’s direction.

It was an attack that not even KangWoo could ignore.

'If this were before I obtained Extreme Demonic Energy Body…'

KangWoo pushed his body backward as if he were falling and concentrated the Authority of Divine Power on his right foot. He kicked the concentrated wind as if he were doing an overhead kick, redirecting it as a loud sound echoed out.

KangWoo concentrated the Authority of Waves into his hand and shot it forward. The attack tore through the air.


Both attacks clashed against each other and a huge explosion boomed out.


Fujimoto was pushed back.

After being pushed back, he levitated—it was an attribute of the OP item that controlled the wind, 'Susanoo's Eye'.

The most effective way to use it was to fight from a distance that the opponent couldn’t reach you at.

"I never thought I would have to fight in the skies while on Earth."

But for KangWoo, that didn't make any difference.

He used the Authority of Sky and took flight.

He was used to fighting while flying since there were lots of demons that could fly.


Fujimoto started to become desperate.

He threw lots of wind spears toward KangWoo, but not even one was able to hit him.

"What the?!"

His eyes widened.

* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

He was so surprised that his mouth fell open.

It wasn't that he made a mistake while attacking…

KangWoo's movements were too erratic.

It was as if inertia didn't exist; he easily took a 90-degree turn.

"You won't be able to win against me in the sky."

KangWoo closed in on him.

KangWoo could ignore inertia, so there was no way Fujimoto would be able to fight against him.

KangWoo stepped on thin air and put his hands together as he smashed down on Fujimoto with the Authority of Divine Power.


Fujimoto's left eye shone.

At that moment…

A giant hand appeared in the air and hit KangWoo.


He was pushed backward.

The impact shook his body. KangWoo used the Authority of Sky again and stopped in mid-air. He raised his head.

A giant made of wind had appeared behind Fujimoto.


He looked at it with great interest.

The upper half of the wind giant easily exceeded 20 meters, and a strong mana emanated from its body.

'No, it isn't just made of mana…'

It felt a bit different from the mana he'd felt until then.

It was a power that was different from mana and demonic energy.

'Is this the strength that the gods that appear in myths and legends have?'

It was a type of power he'd never felt before.

Unlike the destructive demonic energy or the embracing mana, it felt mysterious and overwhelming.

"How fun."

A deep smile appeared on KangWoo's face.

The proper way to call it was probably Divine Power.

He boiled in excitement and clenched his fist. Intense demonic energy rose from within his body.

A different world from Hell…

A power that came from a world where the gods that appeared in myths and legends lived…

He wanted to see how far he could go against a strength like that.

"Oof! Oof!"

Fujimoto started to breathe heavily.

He felt a burning pain in his left eye.


Descent of God…

It was a technique that allowed him to summon Susanoo in the modern world through Susanoo's eye.

Summoning a God through ‘Descent of God' had a strength fitting its name, but maintaining it consumed lots of mana.

'I must end it quickly...!'

He wanted to kill KangWoo slowly, but he didn't have time to do that anymore.

He could only maintain Susanoo for a minute with the mana he had left.

If he couldn't kill his opponent in that time frame, his life would be dragged out, and he'd die.

"KILL THAT BASTARD!!" He ordered Susanoo.

Susanoo, who was summoned to the modern world, looked at his opponent.


His voice trembled.

Susanoo realized that KangWoo wasn't a simple human being—he realized he was an extraterrestrial being who was able to overcome his mortality.

His sight focused on the left side of KangWoo’s chest.

[Ah, ahh...]

A thrill…

A wave-like thrill made Susanoo tremble. He'd seen the deep energy within KangWoo’s chest.

[I see. You're the one ... talked about.]

Susanoo raised his hand, and a spear made of wind appeared in it.

He kept talking with a trembling voice. 

[The power that the owner of the Demonic Sea has… I'm going to put it to the test here.]

A strong fighting spirit leaked out of Susanoo's body.

Fujimoto, who was maintaining him, vomited blood.

"What is he saying?"

KangWoo frowned. It seemed like the giant made of wind was saying something, but he was speaking in a language he couldn't understand.

KangWoo thought about using the Authority of Translation, but he shook his head.

'This isn't time to be chitchatting.'

Judging by how fighting spirit was coming out of Susanoo, it seemed like peace wasn't an option.

—And that was also what KangWoo wanted.

"I never thought the day would come when I’d have to fight a god.”

He became expectant.

Of course, Fujimoto probably hadn’t summoned the god’s real body.

He was only able to summon the upper half, and most of it was made of mana.

But even so, the thought of fighting a god made his heart beat faster.

Susanoo picked up a spear. It seemed like he wasn't planning to drag on the fight. A huge amount of mana started to gather around the spear.

"A spear…"

KangWoo smiled.

The spear was one of the weapons he was most used to controlling. He extended his hand, and the Authority of Hellfire and Dark Spear fused.


A spear with two blades was created.

It wasn't enough.

'Gae Bolg.'

The Authority of Spallation was added on top of it. After the three Authorities fused, a dark red spear showed itself.

'Not enough.'

He became thirsty, and he felt his mouth getting dry.

The demonic energy within his blood began running wild. KangWoo added a fourth Authority on top of Gae Bolg.

'Authority of the Storm.'

It was an idea he’d gotten after looking at Susanoo.

A strong, rotating wind appeared on Gae Bolg’s blade.

A spear that was made by fusing four different Authorities…

It was a combination that he hadn't seen before.

'What should I call it?'

He gripped the spear tighter.

He began thinking of different weapons that appeared in myths and legends before he thought of a good name. 




[You've obtained the skill, 'Gungnir.']

[You can use techniques registered as skills more easily.]

The spear, which now had a name, started to tremble.

Although it looked different from the real Gungnir, that didn't matter.

After all, naming it was just a way to make the image clearer while creating it.

[Come!] Susanoo shouted.

Although he couldn't understand him, KangWoo felt he knew what Susanoo wanted.


He had no intentions of avoiding conflict. KangWoo gripped Gungnir tighter and stepped forward aggressively.

Susanoo's spear and Gungnir clashed against each other.

As two terrifying powers clashed, a sound loud enough to make your eardrums explode spread.



Gungnir pierced the heart of a giant that appeared in myth and legend.



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