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Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later



Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader – ilafy]


Chapter 119 - Sword of Justice (2)


"What do you need?" KangWoo asked in a sharp voice. He narrowed his eyes and looked over Alec from top to bottom.

'He seems worthy of his fame.'

Even though he was just standing still, he could feel his mana.

Of course, he didn't know if that was everything or if he was hiding a bigger strength.

But there was something he was sure about…

'He's stronger than Fujimoto.'

He was on another level compared to Fujimoto, who had become a world ranker thanks to the power of Susanoo's Eye, an item that was so strong that it was almost a cheat.

Just at first glance, the sword he had on his waist didn't seem that good.

There was no doubt he had become a world ranker thanks to his own strength.


Alec looked at KangWoo.

It was Kim ShiHoon who answered.

"He's someone I consider my brother."

"Oh, is it a brotherhood between knights?"

"Hmm. It might be a bit different, but he's someone I respect and follow."

"Haha. I never thought Dragon Sword would have someone like that. Nice to meet you, I'm Alec."

"I'm Oh KangWoo."

He grabbed Alec's hand.

Alec's expression hardened after grabbing KangWoo's hands.

But that only lasted for a few seconds; he smiled and nodded.

"As expected, no wonder Dragon Sword follows you."

"I'm doing my best not to become a hyeong my little brother isn't ashamed of."

"Hahaha! I like those words."

Alec looked around.

"You seem to be the Dragon Sword's party. If it isn't too much, could you introduce yourselves?"

"Ah, yes, of course."

Kim ShiHoon nodded and was about to introduce everyone…

KangWoo raised his hand and stopped him.

"First, could you tell us why you've come to meet ShiHoon from such a faraway country?"

He didn't want to drag things out with chit-talk. He also wasn't planning to try to become friends with him.

KangWoo sat down and looked at Alec.

While smiling awkwardly, Alec sat on the chair.

"I wanted to get to know Dragon Sword's allies better. That's too bad, but you're right. It's understandable for you to be cautious when you don't know why I came here," he said with a calm voice.

"A month ago, I had a fight with the forces of the Demon Cult that were starting to move in Europe."

It was content he'd seen on the internet.

"They were strong. I was almost ashamed of being called a world ranker. While we were fighting, they realized they wouldn't be able to win against me and escaped."

"It said that you stopped their plans on the internet."

"It's true that I stopped their plans, but I just slowed them. I wasn't able to solve the fundamental issue."

He smiled bitterly.

"Right now, assassins from the Demon Cult are chasing after me."


KangWoo fell into thought.

He understood the situation, but that wasn't a good enough reason for him to come and look for Dragon Sword.

"Don't tell me you came here to ask for protection."

Realistically speaking, Kim ShiHoon wasn't strong enough yet.

He was receiving attention from the world because of how heroic he looked while fighting during the Isu Station incident and not because of his strength yet.

Chae YeonJoo should’ve been able to beat Kim ShiHoon easily.

"Haha, of course. There are still things I haven't mentioned yet."

Alec Osborne kept talking.

"I received the help of a group called 'Guardians' while I was hunting the Demon Cult."


He had never heard that name.

"It isn't a famous group yet, but there's one thing I'm sure about… Guardians are the hope of humanity," he said with intense eyes.

KangWoo's eyes narrowed.


That name floated in his head.

Alec looked at Kim ShiHoon.

"Mr. ShiHoon, there's something I wanted to ask…"

"Ah, yes…"

"Have you heard about the beings called 'Guardians'?"


Kim ShiHoon's eyes widened, and you could see him getting agitated.

KangWoo frowned.

A Guardian…

Someone who was chosen by the system to protect the world.

"D-don't tell me. Mr. Alec is also…?"

Alec nodded.

"Yes. I'm also a 'Guardian.'"


There was a heavy silence.

KangWoo put his hand on top of his head to organize the situation.

'So there was more than one Guardian.'

It wasn't that he hadn't thought of that possibility.

According to the information he had, the Gaia System was some sort of being that had the role of protecting Earth from an outside invasion.

After it had gotten messed up because of him, it’d created some sort of anti-virus that had the purpose of protecting the world.

'If a Guardian really is a being similar to an anti-virus…'

It was understandable that there was more than one.

It didn't make sense for the Gaia System to have picked only Kim ShiHoon to guarantee Earth's safety.

"Mr. Alec, when did you become a Guardian?"

"Hmm. About a year ago. After becoming a world ranker."


KangWoo fell into his thoughts.

‘A year ago…’

It was before he'd returned to Earth.

'That means that there were already Guardians before I returned to Earth.'

Then he had to adjust a few assumptions.

'It already knew it was going to get ruined, or it was a measure just in case.'

He still didn't know.

KangWoo took a sip of coffee; a sweet taste spread through his mouth.

"How did you know that ShiHoon is a Guardian?"

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

"Haha. That wasn't my ability. We have a member of the group that can search for other Guardians. It was that person who found me."

"I see…"

It was clear why he'd come to visit them.


KangWoo didn't think he'd mentioned that by pure coincidence.

"I want Mr. ShiHoon to join us."

'As expected, this is what they were after.'

KangWoo narrowed his eyes; numerous thoughts crossed his mind.

"Me, Guardians…"

"Yes. I saw the video of the Isu Station incident. You're someone with enough talent to become a Guardian," Alec said in a heated voice.

"If you become part of the Guardians, we’ll tell you how to become a stronger Guardian. Then… you won't feel that frustration again."



Alec nodded.

Alec's eyes seemed to be saying that he knew everything.

"I saw your expression while you were fighting against the demonic monsters. You were suffering and sad. I can understand that. After all, those demonic monsters were once innocent civilians."


A short exclamation left Kim ShiHoon's mouth. His expression darkened.

He remembered what had happened at that time.

How he had to swing his sword despite knowing their identity…

Alec grabbed Kim ShiHoon's hand.

"If you become stronger, we can save everyone."

"Save everyone? How…?"

"We can suppress them. We still don't know how to return them to normal, but we're going to find it one day. We're going to save everyone, Mr. ShiHoon, and we need your help."

Eyes burning with justice…

The words “we can save everyone” entered Kim ShiHoon's heart.

"We need a Guardian who can protect everyone who has fallen into despair."


Kim ShiHoon remained silent; you could see the hesitation in his eyes.

His chest felt hot.

‘Save everyone…’

He thought it was something that didn't make sense.

But Alec, the Sword of Justice, who was in front of him, was trying to make that nonsense reality.

He clenched his fist.

Alec's words that burned with justice entered his heart.


It was an opportunity…

An opportunity to stand alongside the 'Sword of Justice' he’d used to admire.

He could learn his determination about justice from him and obtain the strength to protect the weak!

'I apologize to the Sword King.'

He was in the middle of learning from the Sword King.

The talent called Sacrum was showing huge advances through training with the Sword King.

He was learning about martial arts as smoothly as a sponge absorbing water. Not only that, but he was improving it a bit.


Kim ShiHoon looked at Alec.

He could feel his heart beating faster.

His eyes trembled at the thrill he felt.

He could learn martial arts through Sword King…

But he couldn't learn 'ideals' and 'beliefs.'


There was no reason to hesitate.

For a moment, Kim ShiHoon wondered if it was okay if he didn't listen to KangWoo's opinion, but he thought he was making the right choice.


At that moment, his words cut off.

Kim ShiHoon's eyes widened.

His body trembled.

A force he couldn't deny engulfed him.

'What's this?'

He couldn't think anymore.

His conscience became blurry, and he could hear someone's voice.

He wasn't sure whose voice it was, but there was something he was sure about…

He couldn't go against that voice.

"I'm sorry, but I can't participate in Guardians."


Alec seemed disappointed.

"Could I hear the reason?"

"I'm sorry…"

He couldn't answer. No, to be more precise, he didn't have an answer.

He also wasn't sure why he'd refused Alec's offer.

He just had a strong feeling that he had to refuse it.

Alec sighed.

"That's too bad, but I didn't think you would accept it immediately. I'm going to be staying in Korea for a while, so if you change your mind, feel free to contact me."

He gave him his presentation card and stood up.

Kim ShiHoon looked at him walking away.



KangWoo put down the cup of coffee. System messages only he could see appeared in front of him.

[The Authority of Subordination was activated.]

[You've successfully controlled your familiar spirit's actions.]

'I'm glad.'

The insurance he'd taken some months before was finally shining.

KangWoo looked at Alec's back with deep, sunken eyes.

He’d realized what was bothering him after hearing their conversation.

'The Sword of Justice…'

He was a right and straight person.

He wasn't sure who had given him that nickname, but it suited him.

Knowing Kim ShiHoon's personality, it was understandable for him to admire him.

'I can't let that happen.'

What bothered him was Kim ShiHoon's current status.

There was nothing wrong with admiring Alec…

But it would be a problem if ShiHoon wanted to become like him.

'Alec is too straight.'

He was like a white sword.

A weapon that didn’t want to get dirty, a white sword that wanted to save everyone.

He couldn't let Kim ShiHoon's sword become white like that.


KangWoo looked at Kim ShiHoon.

'Your swords need to become a bit dirtier.'

If it didn't, he wouldn't be able to survive.

'Don't worry…'

He stood up.

He patted Kim ShiHoon's shoulder and followed Alec, who was getting far away.

A sword that wasn't dirty was just a piece of metal.

'I'm going to make sure it gets dirty.'



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