Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later



Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

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Chapter 213 - I'm Satan (2)


'AGH, Fuck. What's going on?!!'

He felt confused.

After seeing Satan appearing, he said what I could, but still.

He couldn't understand how things were flowing.

'Is that bastard the real Satan?'

What kind of funny coincidence was that?

The red mask surrounded by darkness… The concept was exactly the same.

He didn't want to think he was Satan, and he hoped it was just a prank from Lilith.

'There's no way.'

He shook his head.

Lilith knew not to do such a thing, so there was no way she would do something like that.


The demon in front of him was really Satan.

'He said he wanted to talk with Lucifer; that there was a misunderstanding.'

Based on that, there was one thing he could conclude…

Who wanted to avoid confronting Lucifer's forces?

'The Phase of Evil.'

The one leading the Demon Cult…

The one who made the Demon Cult…

The one who was creating an endless amount of conflict and someone who could be called the root of evil.

He couldn't help but believe Satan was one of those Phases of Evil.


He couldn't help but laugh in disbelief.

He'd used the name of Satan as a cheat code to overcome hard situations, and he hadn't imagined that he really was one of the beings who led the Demon Cult.

'Oh, fuck.'

He felt like he'd found a bug while using the cheat.

He didn't know how to react. He'd used it so many times that he didn't know how to patch it.

'I can't let him do as he wishes.'

Still, there was something he was sure about…

He couldn't stand still and watch the real Satan do as he wished.

Leaving everything aside, he couldn't let people find out about two things:

  1. He was the Demon of Prophecy.

  2. He'd killed Alec and Reinald.

That was something in another dimension to when it was revealed he was the Demon King.

He was able to talk that out, but those two things were different.

If it was revealed that Satan really existed and people learned he was just acting like him…

'It'll be the end.'

There was no need to think too deeply.

Everything he had worked so hard to build on Earth would crumble.

He had to stop the real Satan from coming out to the world at all costs.

No, he had to stop himself from being revealed as the ‘fake’.


KangWoo narrowed his eyes.

He had the red mask and darkness surrounded him like a curtain.

He looked at the Phase of Evil, whom he thought was the real Satan, and he felt the demonic energy coming out from him.

'Isn't he weak?'

Not only was he not as strong as Lucifer, but he didn't even reach Mamon in terms of strength.

It was weird even to call him an archduke.

If the situation hadn't turned out like that, he would've considered him an apostle, not the Phase of Evil.


He began thinking.

'There are two possibilities.'

Either Satan hadn't recovered his strength fully, or the one in front of KangWoo wasn't the real body.

'Either way…'

There was one conclusion:

At that moment, Satan was weak.

KangWoo's eyes shone. He clenched his fist and licked his lips.

'I can do it.'

No, he had to.

If not, things would get troublesome.

'Damn, how did things turn out like this…?'

That wasn't the only problem.

When he lifted my head, Lucifer also looked surprised.

"What's going—"

[Y-you're Satan? What nonsense…]

From Lucifer's point of view, the one who'd killed his underlings, kidnapped his son, and provoked him in all sorts of ways had been his point of focus, so it was understandable for him not to understand what was going on.

There was no need to talk about what state Satan was in. As soon as he arrived to clear up the misunderstanding with Lucifer, he saw someone pretending to be him. The worst thing was that he was saying he was the fake one.

No, as he realized everything that was going on had happened because of someone pretending to be him, he couldn't help but think the situation was unfair.

The three demons fell into confusion.

The one who acted first was, as expected, KangWoo.

[Ha! What kind of nonsense is this?! I've lived a long time, but to think a day when I would see someone pretending to be me would come!]

[No, what bullshit are you—]

[How dare you make a poor excuse!] he shouted.

Satan became confused after seeing the fake one trying to make him out to be the fake.

He frowned aggressively.


Things were getting troublesome.

The best way to prove he was the real Satan was to show his Hell Equipment, 'Anger', but that wasn’t his real body.

He'd given up on part of the Root of Evil, and created some sort of fragment to go there and talk with Lucifer.

He couldn't use the Hell Equipment.

At that moment…

[Look at this! This is 'Anger,' proof that I'm the real Satan!]


Satan's eyes widened.

There was clearly a pitch-black sword of darkness in the hands of the demon that was pretending to be him.

[How did you, n-no! That's a fake one!!] he quickly shouted.

He was surprised for a brief moment, but it was clear that it was fake.

After all, the real 'Anger' was inside his body.


"What a boring show…"

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

Lucifer narrowed his eyes.

KangWoo also laughed in disbelief.

[I'm surprised. Where did trash like that come from?]

He shook his head in disbelief.

From Lucifer's point of view, it was clear who he trusted more.

'It's obviously me.'

There was no need to think about it.

A Satan that didn't have demonic energy comparable to an archduke compared to a Satan who exuded breathtakingly intense demonic energy and had 'Anger' in his hands.

A Satan who was trying to work things out compared to someone who said they should kill each other like a real demon.

It was obvious who he would believe more.

"You, get out of here. I'm not sure why you're trying to act like Satan, but right now, I want to kill you just for doing that."

[No, but I'm the real Satan…]

"I told you to fuck off…"

Lucifer emitted a strong killing intent.

Satan grabbed his head.

[I'm… I'm Satan… Why don't you believe me.]

He couldn't believe what was going on.

After he opened his eyes in the middle of the darkness inside the Hell of Nine Skies, he'd never felt like that before.

Not even when he lost against the Demon King had he felt something like that.

He would've preferred to lose due to not being strong enough.

If he'd been forced to take a knee after a fierce battle, he wouldn't have felt like that.

Satan glared at the one pretending to be him.

'Who are you?’

He couldn't help but ask that.

Someone with such an intense amount of demonic energy that was strong enough to pretend to be him.


There was only one person he could think of.

That person…


He trembled.

He remembered a giant mouth with hundreds of sharp teeth.

The face of the predator who devoured demons and even ate the archdukes rose up in his mind.

The face of someone who wasn't a human, a demon, or even a god.

That person was just…

A monster.

He was twisted and full of evil. He was someone that went against all comprehension and understanding.

'The Demon King is dead.'

The dimensions close to the Hell of Nine Skies were Ernor, Hwan, and Earth. 

He'd been hit by a distortion of space and time.

'I set it up to be so.'

In his last moments, he'd given Amon an order before planting him in the Demon King’s army.

If he lost against the Demon King and he really tried to return to Earth like he always said…

Make sure he was torn apart by the dimensional wall.

'Did he betray me…?


He remembered that hunchbacked, wrinkled demon.

There was no one as capable as him when it came to black magic—not even a god.

His black magic could interfere with the laws of the universe that was otherwise known as the 'system.'


He knew Amon wasn't a trustworthy underling, but leaving that aside, Satan had felt the energy of the Demon King being apart by the system.


He turned his head and looked with trembling eyes.

There, he saw a Demon wearing a red mask just like him with eyes full of madness and evil.

'He lived?'


[It seems like there's no need to talk anymore.] KangWoo kept talking in a low voice.

He turned his head and spoke to Lucifer.

[There's no way we can let someone interfere in our sacred battle, right?]


It wasn't a sacred battle in the first place.

Lucifer narrowed his eyes.

"But I also don't like interference."

[Like I said…]

[Then let's deal with the one bothering us first.]

KangWoo and Lucifer turned simultaneously and rushed toward Satan.

The 'Anger,' KangWoo swung, and Lucifer's 'Arrogance' hit Satan simultaneously.



It was just a duplicate, not the real body, and it wasn't even as strong as Mamon.

He couldn't even use Hell’s Equipment, so there was no way he would be able to resist the collaborative attack of two beings that were at an archduke's level.


They kept exchanging blows, and the wounds in Satan's body deepened.

[Damn it! Listen to me, Lucifer!!!]

Slash-! Boom!


Satan's fake body started to crumble at KangWoo and Lucifer's collaborative attack.

Satan's energy weakened.

[I'm!! Satan!!!] he desperately cried.

Satan felt he was about to go crazy due to the situation.

"I don't know who you are, but thanks," Lucifer said in a cold voice.

His eyes shone coldly.

Lucifer turned and looked at Lucis.

"Thanks to you, I was able to recover my reason."

He was so surprised because of the person trying to bother them that he felt his head had calmed down.

What he had to do was clear.

[AAGGHH!!] Satan screamed.

Stab-! Slash!

The two pieces of Hell's Equipment cut him.

Satan felt he was about to go crazy after seeing that a fake version of 'Anger,' the Hell’s Equipment that had accompanied him his whole life, was overwhelming him.

He felt anger and resentment.

[I'm Satan!! I'm the real Satan!!!]


The black sword stabbed him while he was screaming.


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