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Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later



Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader – ilafy]


Chapter 124 - Red Mask (3)


"Sa... tan?"

Kim ShiHoon's expression hardened.


It was a demon so famous that there wasn't anyone who didn't know about him. He appeared in lots of different media as some sort of final boss. 

He was the Demon of Anger among the famous 'seven archdukes.'

"You're Satan?"

Kim ShiHoon glared at the man wearing a red mask as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

He didn't look like how he thought a 'demon' looked. Although a black curtain covered him, the silhouette clearly belonged to a human.



The man that called himself Satan gripped Alec's neck even tighter.

Alec began swinging his two legs while making a desperate expression.

"Stop!" Kim ShiHoon shouted.

Alec looked like he was going to stop breathing at any moment.

He started to feel anxious.

[You look anxious.]


[Is this person important to you?] The demon asked.

He remained silent. ‘Is Alec important to me?’ He asked himself.

"I have no reason to tell you that."

He raised his sword.

The El Quero Blade…

It was the legendary-rank sword KangWoo had given him.

'KangWoo hyeongnim…'

He’d tried to contact KangWoo after being told about the appearance of a member of the Demon Cult but had failed in doing so.

That meant that he couldn't expect anyone else's help.

'I must defeat that demon.'

He knew it was impossible.

He knew it made no sense.

It was an enemy that had defeated 'Sword of Justice' Alec Osborne. There was no way he'd be able to win.

But even still…

'Blue Dragon Rush.'

He used the Blue Dragon Sword Style he'd learned from Cheon MooJin.

A fast and strong sword attack targeted Satan.




Satan mumbled, disappointed. He didn't even need to move. Kim ShiHoon flew backward with a simple hand gesture.

Kim ShiHoon, who had fallen to the floor, got up and staggered.

You could see the intensity in his eyes.

"I know I'm weak."

He used sword energy, and blue mana covered his sword.

He stepped forward and slashed with his sword.

Blue sword energy targeted the demon.

A sword attack with intense killing intent targeted Satan's head.

Satan flicked his finger. A black wave rushed forward and hit Kim ShiHoon.


His body was pushed backward, and blood came out of his mouth.

Although he only flicked his finger, he felt like a hammer had hit him.

[You're desperate.]

"Cough! Cough!"

[Why are you trying so hard? You're not related to Alec Osborne in any sense, after all.]


Kim ShiHoon's eyes trembled.

Someone he wasn't related to…

The demon's words entered his head.

He was right.

Strictly speaking, Alec Osborne was someone who had nothing to do with him.

He wasn't his friend or partner.

He was just a hero he admired.

Trying so hard to save someone you'd only seen through TV was dumb.


He coughed up blood.

'I know that.'

He knew he was doing something stupid at the moment. Something that other people would have a hard time understanding.

If KangWoo saw him like that, he would probably scold him.


He got up and firmly stepped forward, staggering all the while.

He turned his head.

He saw Alec coughing while making a pale expression. It seemed like he was about to die.

'Hyeongnim probably won't understand me…'

He laughed at himself.

KangWoo probably couldn't understand what the 'Sword of Justice' meant to him.

After all, he had never told anyone.

He wasn't someone he admired.

He wasn't a kid who was blinded by a hero that was on a screen; he wasn't a girl who longed for his idol.

He wouldn't risk his life for something like that.

Kim ShiHoon raised his sword and took a deep breath. He had no intention of explaining everything to that demon.

"Is it that weird to try to save someone who isn't related to you?"

[Rather than weird, it's stupid.]

"Stupid, huh?"

Kim ShiHoon laughed.

"You're right."

He didn't deny it. He wasn't expecting someone to understand it. There was no way a demon would be able to understand something that not even normal people could.

"I'm sorry, KangWoo hyeong," Kim ShiHoon mumbled in a low voice.

He still hadn't been able to pay KangWoo back for saving him. Not only had he not paid him back, but he'd received even more help from him.

He regretted that.

* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


He took a deep breath. The Qi inside the Dantian spread to the rest of his body. The sword in his hand didn't feel like a weapon but an extension of his body. 

The sword was part of him. 


He stomped on the ground and leaped forward. The red-masked man raised his hand. A sword that emitted demonic energy appeared in his hand.

Kim ShiHoon took the El Quero Sword covered with energy and smashed it down at him.

The swords emitting blue and black light clashed. In just a second, they exchange huge blows.

But the difference in strength was clear.

The palms of his hands tore due to the impact transmitted by the sword. 

He ignored it.


He moved his foot backward and lowered his body.

He wouldn't be able to win in a frontal battle. He dodged the incoming attack and then tried to stab using the El Quero Blade.

The sword moved smoothly like a dragon and stabbed the black curtain.


Kim ShiHoon was pushed back by the recoil.

Once again, he coughed up dark blood.

His expression hardened.

It wasn’t about martial arts anymore.

His basic strength was on another level. It didn't matter how much he tried. It was like trying to destroy a rock with an egg.


He wasn't going to give up. He couldn't give up.

He got up while trembling and gripped his sword tighter.

He stamped his foot and moved toward the demon in front of him without hesitation.


* * *


They exchanged blows. Once again, Kim ShiHoon was pushed backward.

'Quite impressive.'

A short exclamation came out of KangWoo's mouth.

He wasn't trying to make fun of ShiHoon—he really was impressed.

Since he'd achieved Extreme Demonic Energy Body, his body specs were on another level compared to Kim ShiHoon.

It was beyond a level he could overcome with something like martial arts.

Even if a three-year-old kid had good technique, he wouldn't be able to win against a pro wrestler. 

That wasn't a gap one could overcome.

'As expected, ShiHoon is better than Alec.'

He smiled in satisfaction.

Alec's sword felt like he'd polished the basic techniques to an extreme.

It was strong but simple.

…But Kim ShiHoon's sword was different.

'It can't be seen.'

The expression 'There's no way to know' would be more precise.

Kim ShiHoon's sword couldn't be understood by even KangWoo, who had experienced countless battles.

Kim ShiHoon's growth potential made him excited.



Kim ShiHoon once again rolled on the ground.

Of course, that didn't mean Kim ShiHoon was as strong as a world ranker at the moment.

Right then, he'd lose even if he fought against Alec.

'But that's because of the difference in their specs.'

Kim ShiHoon was growing. Not only that, but he had no level restriction.

It was impossible in the first place that a player who had just become level 60 would be able to land an attack on KangWoo.

But Kim ShiHoon had managed to do that.

'Although his level is higher than mine.'

But what was important wasn't the level but the stats, which became strength and power.

In that sense, KangWoo had stats comparable to a level 100 player.

'I'll have to change the plan a bit.'

KangWoo licked his lips after seeing Kim ShiHoon charge toward him with everything he had.

Originally, he’d planned to overwhelm him with his strength and give him 'stimulation.'

That had changed.

Kim ShiHoon was trying harder than he’d thought.

'It doesn't seem to be plain admiration.'

If it were that, he wouldn't have been trying so hard.

He thought about the reason for a little while but shook his head.

Just because he was his familiar spirit didn't mean he could know everything about him.

'Anyway, this is better.'

The more important Alec was to Kim ShiHoon, the more effective the stimulation would be.

KangWoo faced Kim ShiHoon with one hand while, with the other, he grabbed Alec's neck.

Kim ShiHoon's sword slashed in his direction.

Before it clashed with KangWoo's sword, it suddenly changed direction. It was a technique that resembled a snake, you just couldn't predict its trajectory.



The sword that was blocked by the curtain bounced away.

Kim ShiHoon used the recoil to reverse, turn his body around, and target KangWoo again.

It was a phenomenal, acrobatic movement.

'Yes, that's it.'

He lowered his strength on purpose.

Kim ShiHoon's sword began pushing him more aggressively. Kim ShiHoon destroyed a little bit of the mask that wasn't protected by the curtain.

'Nicely done, ShiHoon!!'

It wasn't a sword style that tried to overwhelm the opponent. All of his attacks targeted vital points, and he could feel a strong killing intent in each attack.

To kill the opponent…

It was a perfect, killing sword that didn't think of anything else.

'This is what I call a battle!'

If Kim ShiHoon's specs were higher, it would've been a more thrilling battle.

He felt a bit disappointed but soon shook his head.

'ShiHoon is going to get stronger.'

A talent that was given by the sky, Sacrum…

The soul of the Martial God…

And on top of that, a great teacher known as Sword King Cheon MooJin.

'And now I'm filling in what he lacks.'

KangWoo's eyes shone sharply. It was about time he overwhelmed him.

He raised his strength again.

It was at that moment…


"Oof! Oof!"

Kim ShiHoon's body was surrounded by an explosive blue light.


[The Familiar Spirit 'Kim ShiHoon' has received strength from the Martial God.]

[The Familiar Spirit 'Kim ShiHoon' has learned the essence of the Blue Dragon Sword Style.]

'What the…?'

A blue system message appeared in front of him.

'He Awoke again?'

He laughed in disbelief. He hadn't expected that to happen.

'Why does this guy Awake all the time?'

‘Are you Naruto?‘



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