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Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later



Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader – ilafy]


Chapter 116 - Demonic Art of Creation (1)


"Here, it's going to be good."


KangWoo, who was flying using the Authority of Sky, descended at the foot of a quiet mountain.

He sat on top of a rock and took out Susanoo's Eye.

It was a bluish, half-transparent sphere that looked like an egg. 

'A myth-ranked equipment…'

Although it looked like a crystal ball from the outside, in reality, it was one of the few myth-rank pieces of equipment that existed in the world.

'Although it's restricting, if it's powerful enough to summon a god, it's worthy of being called myth-rank.'

He thought of Susanoo…

A giant whose body was made of wind.

Fujimoto had become a world ranker thanks to the equipment, but his base stats were lower compared to the average world ranker.

But still, he was able to summon a being that presented a danger to the KangWoo, who had reached Extreme Demonic Energy Body.

There was no denying that myth-rank equipment was good.

And there was probably an ingredient worthy of that within the item as well.

'The more Authorities it has, the stronger the equipment becomes.'

He read the description of his 6th Awakening attribute, 'Demonic Art of Creation.'

He naturally thought of the 'Gungnil' he'd used in the fight against Susanoo.

'Right now, I'm struggling to use four Authorities simultaneously.'

It was like using two Authorities at the same time multiplied by two.

Using four Authorities required 16 times more demonic energy than using one Authority. 


KangWoo's eyes shone sharply. At the moment, he wasn't in the middle of a battle.

He didn't have to read the opponent's movements while maintaining an Authority, and he didn't have to counterattack.

He was able to focus completely on using his Authorities.

'I think that I might even be able to use five.'

He was a bit nervous.

The dangers of demonic energy exhaustion were higher than mana exhaustion.

Since demonic energy was what maintained a demon's body, if you exhausted it, your body would get dried like Fujimoto Ryoma's and then die.

'Should I practice first?'

He only had one myth-rank ingredient.

It didn't say that the ingredient would get destroyed if he failed, but there was nothing wrong with being careful.

"KangWoo, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Make sure no one approaches me. I want to concentrate."

"Hngh! Okay."

Echidna nodded and rose to the sky. It seemed like she was planning to put a barrier around the area.

"Let's start."

KangWoo extended his hand.

First, from the one he was most used to…


[Using 'Demonic Art of Creation.']

A complex magic circle appeared on the ground.

The demonic energy around him created sentences he didn't understand, and the words moved as if they were living beings.

The wiggling words clustered in the air.

A black sphere that was about the size of a basketball appeared.

[The preparations are done.] 

[If you want to create a piece of myth-rank equipment or higher, use an ingredient according to the rank!]

KangWoo placed his hands on top of the black sphere and roused the demonic energy within his body.

[There are no ingredients. The highest possible rank is legendary. If you use an Authority that a legendary rank can't handle, it will be destroyed.]

"Gae Bolg," he mumbled. He closed his eyes and made a mental image.

He used three Authorities.

Since he had reached Extreme Demonic Energy Body, using three Authorities simultaneously wasn't hard.

Strong demonic energy flew out of his body.

The black sphere began moving, and a black fog came out of it.

The black sphere made of unknown characters began cracking.

The crack started getting bigger as if something were being born inside it.

And finally…


The shell broke.

A spear appeared from within the black spear.


[You've successfully created 'Gae Bolg (Unique-Rank).']


KangWoo let out a short exclamation and grabbed the darkish-red spear. He could feel that the Authorities he had just used were within the spear.

'It's still weaker than the one created using the real Authorities.'

It was obvious.

It was understandable that there would be a difference between the Gae Bolg he could use using demonic energy and one he could use even without it.

"But it isn't bad."

He grabbed the Gae Bolg and swung it.

Hot flames came out of it, and he swung it and stabbed a rock that was near.


The rock was destroyed, and flames sprouted out in all directions.

"It has about 20% of the strength of the original."

Considering that, after creating it, he could use it with other Authorities, it was quite good. 

Even if it only had about 20% of the strength of the original, if used with the Authority of Divine Power and the Authority of Speed, he could effectively cause more than 100% of the original’s damage.

'It's too bad that it's a unique-rank.'

KangWoo looked at the details of the Gae Bolg.

It was only unique-rank, so it didn't increase his stat by an absolute value.


The conditions for 'Demonic Art of Creation' were harsher than he’d initially thought.

Using three different Authorities simultaneously wasn't easy.

It wasn't just an issue of the amount of demonic energy. Combining different Authorities was, in reality, something close to impossible.

Drawing a circle with one hand and a triangle with the other at the same time was already hard.

Using different Authorities simultaneously was like drawing with one hand and writing with the other.

It was something he could do because of his extreme ability to control demonic energy.

'But still, the reward is too good.'

The reward was so good that it was worth it to try to overdo himself.

He had decided to try to use five Authorities simultaneously.

"I'll have to practice a bit more first."

He had no intentions of using the myth-rank ingredient after only one try.

KangWoo put the Gae Bolg down.

Echidna walked toward him.

"KangWoo, what kind of equipment are you thinking of making?"

"I'm not sure…"

KangWoo fell into his thoughts.

'It would be best if it's a weapon.'

Defensive items like the Black Pearl Coat were great, but the weapons were the true flowers of equipment.

'The problem…'

Was that he didn't use only a single type of weapon.

KangWoo used different weapons based on the situation.

* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

Although the weapon he was most used to was a spear, he mostly just threw it.

'Should I take this opportunity and choose a main weapon?'

KangWoo shook his head.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t get a good weapon. 

He didn't have a main weapon because it was a bit restricting since he liked to use many different strategies.

He liked to adapt his attacks based on the situations using the battle sense he had obtained after experiencing countless battles.

"What are you thinking about, KangWoo?"

"I'm wondering about what weapon I should create."

KangWoo told her what he was thinking about.

Echidna tilted her head and answered.

"Can't you create a weapon that can change form?" she asked while transforming her hand into a dragon's.

KangWoo's eyes shone.


It was a simple but refreshing solution. If the weapon could change forms, he wouldn't need to worry about what weapon to create.

KangWoo patted Echidna.

"Good idea."

"Hngh! Hngh!"

Echidna snorted.

After softly stroking her hair for a while, KangWoo used the 'Demonic Art of Creation' again.

Gae Bolg turned into dust and scattered away.

'A weapon that changes form…'

He needed to practice a lot to get a clear image of that.

'I'm going to use Susanoo's Eye only after I'm sure of what I'm doing.'

He didn't need to hurry. Practice would never betray.

KangWoo closed his eyes, and a black sphere was created again.


* * *


Three days later…

KangWoo went to the mountain again along with Han Seol-ah and Echidna.

"I'm going to start."


Han Seol-ah nodded.

She had heard what KangWoo was planning to do before they’d arrived, and she knew what she had to do to help him.

"Graceful Light!"

A light flew out of her and entered KangWoo's body, and his unique stat went up.

"Kraken's Rage."

The Black Pearl Coat shone.

An explosive amount of demonic energy flowed from him.

His demonic energy stat reached 116.

KangWoo closed his eyes.

'Demonic Art of Creation.'

A magic circle appeared on the ground, and a black sphere about the size of a basketball appeared.

KangWoo grabbed Susanoo's Eye.

He didn't hesitate. He'd practiced endlessly for the past three days.

He had prepared everything he could.

He put his hand into the black sphere.


[Taking out an ingredient from the myth-rank equipment. Conditions fulfilled. You can create a piece of myth-rank equipment or higher once, but if you try to create it with insufficient Authorities, an item with a rank lower than a legendary-rank could be created.]


KangWoo took a deep breath and emptied his head.

"Transformation, Spallation, Massacre, Hellfire, Storm."

He used those five Authorities.

Demonic energy flowed out like a low tide.

He used 32 times more demonic energy than when he used only one.

Although his demonic energy stat had reached 116, he still had trouble maintaining five Authorities simultaneously.


A short exclamation left his mouth.

His head hurt.

Not only was it using a lot of demonic energy, but he also had to use quite a lot of his mental capability to control it.


He ignored the pain.

He closed his eyes and imaged the weapon he had decided on.

A weapon that could change forms…

'I only have to resist a bit more.'

He didn't need a lot of time. He could feel the black sphere around his hand wiggling.

Only 10 more seconds…

In 10 seconds, he'd be able to create the weapon he wanted.

[Five Authorities have been confirmed. All of the conditions have been fulfilled. Creating a piece of myth-rank equipment.]

He heard the voice of the system message.


He was about to create a weapon of a rank that there weren't many of in the world.


There was a heavy silence.

Nine seconds.

He suddenly thought of a possibility.

Eight seconds. He wondered what rank the weapons of the seven archdukes would have.

Seven seconds. The archdukes were strong. It was understandable why they couldn't kill each other.

Six seconds. It was true that they were strong because of the strength they had, but it was also thanks to their weapons.

Five seconds. Those weapons were created after enormous demonic energy from the Hell of the Nine Skies gathered.

Four seconds. It didn't matter how much he thought about it, there was no way those weapons would 'only' be myth-ranked.

Three seconds. He had never used their weapons because the souls of the archdukes had been imbued within them and they didn’t think of him as their owner.

Two seconds. He'd gathered their weapons to open a portal that led to Earth, but he had only used a fraction of their strength.

One second. Out of nowhere…

'Not enough.'

He became greedy.

KangWoo opened his eyes.

A lust that he couldn't control rose from him.

It wasn't enough.

It wasn't enough to satisfy him.

He felt that his head was about to explode. He was using the demonic energy he had quite fast.

But still…

'Not enough.'

He wasn't satisfied.

KangWoo used the sixth Authority.

He didn't need to think too much about what to use.


[The 'Authority of Predation' has been added. The conditions have been updated.]

[Creating a 'Transcendent-rank’ equipment.]



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