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Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later



Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader – ilafy]


Chapter 115 - Rest? (2)



An excited shout flowed out.

It was an amusement park that looked like it had reproduced a fantasy world from a fairy tale. 

A big castle and cute characters…

It was a scene that made you wonder if, after crossing the gate, you hadn't entered another world.

There was a young man that was more excited than the kids in that fairytale-like world.

The name of the young man that was so excited that even kids looked at him as if he were pathetic was Oh KangWoo.

—The Demon King that used to rule over the Hell of Nine Skies.


Cheon SooYeon remained silent.

He had clearly made fun of her, saying she had a cuter taste than he had initially thought, but KangWoo was looking around as if he were a person from the countryside who had just moved to the big city.

"Woah, I've seen this one before!"

KangWoo patted the mouse he used to see while at the orphanage.

The person in the doll costume waved his short hands to KangWoo like a real professional.


Cheon SooYeon looked silently at KangWoo taking a picture with the doll mascot.

To be honest, it was a bit of a turn-off.

'I never thought Mr. KangWoo would have a side like this…'

It was as if that were his first time in an amusement park.

No, it seemed like it was the first time he had gone to a place designed only for entertainment.

He looked so different from his usual self that she couldn't help but smile awkwardly.

"Fufu. You made so much fun of me yesterday, yet you're the one who's enjoying it the most."

"I didn't know it was a fun place like this."

KangWoo smiled in satisfaction.

Cheon SooYeon trembled a bit after seeing KangWoo make an innocent smile as if he were a kid. She could feel her heart beating faster.

'This side of Mr. KangWoo is nice as well.'

She would've frowned if it were any other man, but she found it attractive that someone who had treated her like a kid was acting like that.

She was clearly blinded by love.

"Let's go ride that."

Cheon SooYeon naturally walked toward him and grabbed his arm, and a soft sensation spread through him.


KangWoo didn't care. No, to be more precise, he didn't have the mental space to care about that sensation at the moment.


He never thought there was a place like that on Earth.

Of course, he'd seen Disneyland a couple of times through photos, but seeing it in real life felt different.

It was too different from Hell, which consisted mostly of deserted lands.

'I should come again tomorrow with Echidna and Seol-ah.'

Echidna had looked sad after he’d told her that he had something urgent to do, so she wouldn't be able to follow them.

He felt guilty, but it was just for a day.

He just had to play with her the next day since he hadn’t been able to that day, so Hyun thought that it was probably going to be okay.

'I'm here for research purposes today.'

KangWoo began walking. His steps were light.

Although he was thinking that he was there to do research, it looked as if he were ready to enjoy the amusement park.

"Oh, this is the rollercoaster?"

He pointed to a ride that looked like a train.

He'd seen pictures of people riding it and shouting.

"Let's get on."

"Hmm… You probably won't enjoy it that much."


KangWoo tilted his head.

Cheon SooYeon didn't answer and just smiled.

After all, he would find out why as soon as he got on the rollercoaster.

'It’s slow.'

It wasn't because Disneyland was created while taking kids into consideration. 

Superhumans like KangWoo could easily move five times faster than the maximum speed of the rollercoaster.

He could even use the Authority of Sky and fly.

For a normal person, it was stimulating enough, but superhumans like KangWoo didn't find it enjoyable.

"You should've told me."

"I thought I wouldn't be able to convince you; also, this is all part of the experience."

"Well, that's true."

KangWoo nodded and walked all over the amusement park.

They even got some meals in the middle and sat on the benches to take a rest. It was already night before they noticed.

'It was better than I thought.'

KangWoo thought of the day he'd spent with Cheon SooYeon.

He was a bit worried because of her personality, but he was able to spend a day with her without any issues.

If he were honest, he had enjoyed hanging out with her.

"Fufu. It's already nighttime."


"I liked that I was able to see another side of Mr. KangWoo."

* * *

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Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

Cheon SooYeon smiled while covering her mouth.

She’d thought of him walking around the amusement park with shining eyes.

It seemed like KangWoo was finally feeling embarrassed. He gulped.

"Let's go back."


Cheon SooYeon grabbed his arm.

KangWoo got in the car Cheon SooYeon had prepared and returned to the hotel.

He had a fun and satisfying time.


KangWoo got out of the car after they reached the hotel.

"Then let's meet in Korea."

"Fufu, I had fun today."

Cheon SooYeon smiled brightly. She seemed disappointed for the day to end like that. She grabbed his arm.

Something entered her field of vision at that moment.


A deep smile appeared on her face, and she thought of a fun prank. 

She stood on her tiptoes and raised her head. Her and KangWoo's lips got close to each other…

But there was no way KangWoo wouldn't be able to react.

He grabbed Cheon SooYeon's chin.

KangWoo frowned.

"What are you doing?"

"Hmph. What a moodless person. Shouldn't couples have at least a goodbye kiss?"

"But I never became a couple with you."

"Fufu. Well then, I'll leave things like this for today."

Although she'd failed to kiss him, Cheon SooYeon was smiling.

"Then, Mr. KangWoo, let's meet again in Korea~"

Cheon SooYeon quickly got into the car and left the hotel.

"Why so suddenly…?"

The sight of her getting away as if she were escaping the moment the kiss failed felt somewhat unnatural.

'Was she shy?'

KangWoo turned around while tilting his head.

His facial expression hardened.

The answer to his question wasn't that far away.

He understood why she’d escaped so fast.


"Mr… Kang… Woo?"


Han Seol-ah and Echidna looked at him with shocked facial expressions at the hotel entrance.


There was a heavy silence.

He couldn't open his mouth.

The one who broke the silence was Echidna.

She came walking to him and grabbed KangWoo's sleeve.

"KangWoo, this was why you were busy?"


He felt guilty.

He felt like a man who'd been found out while doing something wrong. He lowered his head silently.


He remembered Cheon SooYeon's smiling face.

He naturally clenched his fist.

"Mr. KangWoo…"

Han Seol-ah approached him.

She grabbed his hand with a smile on her face.

"You can explain it, right?"

"Of course…"

It was the first time he was scared of Han Seol-ah's smile.

KangWoo was dragged into the hotel by Han Seol-ah.


* * *


Five days passed.

Chae YeonJoo had finally returned to the hotel, and it seemed like the situation had normalized.

"Let's go back," Chae YeonJoo said while making a tired expression.

"Good job."

"I'm going to make sure to pay you back for this…"

It seemed like she’d struggled quite a bit. 

They returned to Korea by using the Hwarang Squad’s private plane.

They could've ridden on Echidna, but since they weren't in a hurry, they didn't need her to make an effort.

They took a taxi and went toward Seoul station after arriving at the airport.

"It feels like it's been a while."


Although it had only been a week, he felt he'd missed Seoul's cityscape.

"Oof… I'll go back to my house and take some rest," Chae YeonJoo said with a tired voice.

She staggered to the apartment.

"Let's go back as well, Mr. KangWoo."

Han Seol-ah pressed the elevator button.

"Go first."

"What about Mr. KangWoo?"

"I have some stuff to do. I'll return soon."

KangWoo looked up.

The sun was up. It was only 2pm—it was too early to stay at home doing nothing.

'Unlike Chae YeonJoo, I’m not that tired.'

He was able to take a break thanks to her.

He'd returned to Korea, so he wasn't on vacation anymore.

It was about time he began moving again.

"That thing that you have to do…"

Han Seol-ah narrowed her eyes.

It was similar to the eyes of a police officer looking at a repeat offender.

KangWoo laughed and shook his head.

"It's nothing like that, so don't worry."

"Hmm. You'll be back by dinner, right?"

"Yes, probably. It won't take a lot of time."

"Okay, then I'll wait and prepare for dinner," she said with a smile on her face. It was a smile so beautiful that it made his heart beat faster.

"KangWoo, are you going out to cheat again?"

"I already said no."

"Can I go with you…?"

Echidna grabbed his sleeve. It seemed like the shock of last time was quite big.

KangWoo smiled bitterly and nodded.

"You can come with me."

It wasn't like she would bother him.

Echidna's expression brightened.

She ran toward Han Seol-ah and exclaimed while clenching her small fists.

"Hngh! I'm going to look over KangWoo."

"Please do."

"Leave it to me."


KangWoo sighed.

"KangWoo, where are we going?"

"To somewhere quiet."

He stomped on the ground lightly and used the Authority of Sky. Echidna opened her wings.

"Should I give you a ride?"

"No. We're not going very far anyway."

It was okay as long as it was a place without people. Echidna tilted her head.

"Why are we going to a quiet place?"

"To create equipment," KangWoo answered shortly.

He put his hand in his pocket and grabbed 'Susanoo's Eye.'



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