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Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later



Player Who Returned 10,000 Years Later

[Translator –  Daniel Shin]

[Proofreader – ilafy]


Chapter 218 - Light's Observer (1)


"There hasn't been any movement yet?"

He frowned while looking at Lilith's report.



He fell into thought.

'It should be about time for them to move.'

He was sure one of them was going to move soon, but unlike what he expected, neither of the two demons had moved.

'I need to increase my Demonic Energy stat.'

He had to reach 150 Demonic Energy to surpass his previous self.

His growth had already reached a limit. From then on, if he wanted to increase his stat, he needed someone at the level of an archduke to make it move, but unlike what he expected, they weren't showing any movement, which annoyed him.

'Should I attack the base?'

That was an option, but after thinking about it for a while, KangWoo shook his head.

'Let's wait a bit more.'

Just because it was a base with more than ten thousand members didn't mean there was necessarily someone at the level of an archduke.

For example, there were many Cardinals within the African base, but there wasn't anyone with a presence at the level of an archduke’s. 

'I don't know how many of those Phases there are in the first place.'

Mamon and Satan…

Those two were probably at the same level as the Phase of Evil, but he wasn't sure if they were the only two. 

'I wish there were more.'

To get a more constant influx of demonic energy, it would be better if there were many beings that were at that level.

Even if they weren't archduke’s reborn, if they were a being at that level, he would be able to get some stats from them.

'I'm not sure if someone that isn't an archduke can be called a Phase of Evil.'

Up until that point, besides the beings from the 9th hell, the only ones at the level of archdukes were gods.

KangWoo lay on the seat and fell into thought.


At that moment, the communication crystal given to Guardians on top of his table began shining.

He extended his arm and grabbed it.

[Ah, hyeongnim!]

"What's wrong?"

He heard Kim ShiHoon's voice.

[I heard Ms. Gaia just received a revelation.]

"A revelation?"

[Yes. I think that you should come.]

"I'll be there right away."

He stood up, and KangWoo's eyes shone sharply.

The last time Gaia received a revelation, a goddess from another world, Benigore, came to their world.

'I wonder if a god from another dimension will come.'

For the moment, Earth was like a country that had been declared bankrupt.

The gods of Earth had no way to protect Earth, so they asked for help from other people.

'Thanks to that, my stat increased by three.'

It didn't matter if it was a god from another world besides Ernor or Hwan.

He had to use whoever he could since the gods of Earth had no strength to defend the planet they were in charge of.

"Tsk, those useless bastards."

Although their job was to defend Earth from forces from other worlds, they were asking for help from others.

How could there be such a lame god?

"Are you going to go to the Hall of Protection?"


"I'll go with you."

"No, stay here."

He shook his head.

'I can’t put all my eggs in one basket.'

Although he'd been able to hide traces of her demonic energy thanks to his Ruler of Demonic Energy, there was no need to tempt fate.

"I'll be waiting so I can move immediately in case something happens."

"Let Balrog know, too."


He put the communication crystal on the floor, and a white gate appeared.


He walked forward and felt the familiar teleport sensation.

He saw Kim ShiHoon.

"Ms. Gaia?"

"Over here."

Kim ShiHoon guided him while making a worried expression.

As he followed ShiHoon, he saw Gaia trembling in her wheelchair.

She looked like a possessed shaman.

He could understand Kim ShiHoon's worried expression.

"Aah, ah."

Gaia, whose body was trembling, started to breathe heavily.

"Haa, haa. Y-you came."

"Of course. Did you receive a revelation from Gaia?"

"No. Once again, it wasn't from Ms. Gaia."

Gaia shook her head.

"Is a god from another world coming?"

She shook her head once again.

"No. The revelation said they would send support for what's about to happen… but unlike before, they aren't gods."


"They said they asked for the support of Ernor’s… Light Watchers."

"Light Watchers?"

"I'm not sure who they are."


KangWoo frowned.

'If they're going to give a revelation, they should at least give more details.'

It seemed like they were asking for as much help as possible.

It was an irresponsible course of action that could end up causing more damage than helping.

'In the end, we have to deal with their lack of foresight.'

He once again sighed at how incompetent the gods were.

'How can you call this a country?'

He wasn't sure who was causing all of the chaos, but to think that they'd drag forces from other worlds.

He couldn't help but sigh.

"Are they going to come to the Hall of Protection?"

"No… They said that the Light Watchers have something they need to investigate on Earth, so they're going to Africa."


"Yes. Do you remember that place where we found the traces of a large-scale battle?"


Of course he knew—it was the place where Lucifer and Satan had clashed.

"Let's go."

KangWoo turned his body without hesitation.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Daniel Shin

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


The grassland had been destroyed by an intense battle.

A group of five people wearing white apostle robes with angel wing patterns drawn on the back walked out of a blue gate.

The blonde man that was at the front turned his head.

"So this place is…"


"It seems like the density of mana is low compared to Ernor."

The group wearing white apostle robes looked around with sharp eyes.

"Apostle Ludwig, the contact with the apostles’…"

"Mr. Raphael said he already made contact with them."

"Is there a need to help them? The apostles of a ruined goddess shouldn't be able to help us in the quest of defeating evil."

"Don't say that. They're also people who serve the light. The thicker the darkness gets, the more we need every source of light we can," Ludwig said in a firm voice.

"I… I'm sorry."

The apostles lowered their heads.


"Nice to meet you."

Three people—KangWoo, Kim ShiHoon, and Gaia—appeared from a white gate.

He bowed and smiled.

"Nice to meet you, apostles of Gaia. I'm Light's Watcher, Ludwig."

He seemed well-educated and had a polite voice. He looked at Gaia and bowed.

"My name is Gaia."

"Oh… Have you taken the name of the goddess you serve?"

"I've abandoned my real name."

"That's impressive…"

Ludwig nodded.

"I heard from Mr. Raphael that Ms. Gaia is currently…"

"She isn't conscious."

"I see," Ludwig said while sighing.

Tears appeared in his eyes.

"To think that such a generous goddess would be in such a state… How sad."

"Thanks for worrying, but we have lots of heroes who have gathered with the goal of protecting this planet."

"Hahaha, how trustworthy."

Ludwig smiled brightly—it was a smile that freshened the surroundings.

The calm atmosphere coming from him made them lower their guard.

'Light Watchers, huh…?'

KangWoo narrowed his eyes and looked at them.

The angelic patterns that were drawn on the backs of their robes…

'They don't seem angels.'

In that case, they were people who served them.

KangWoo took a step forward and asked, "What's a Light Watcher?"

"Ah, I'm sorry. We didn't explain well. We're apostles that serve Mr. Raphael."

'As expected.'

They really were related to angels.

KangWoo nodded and looked at Ludwig.

'I'm really not sure…'

It was his first time seeing beings related to angels.

He couldn't feel how strong Ludwig and the other Light Watchers were.

'Well, I guess I'll slowly be able to figure it out.'

First, he needed to be sure they couldn't see through the Ruler of Demonic Energy. 

Then, rather than turning them into enemies, it would be better to have them on his side.

"I heard there was something you needed to investigate…"

"Ah, yes. We've been looking for traces of Lucifer."



Ludwig nodded.

"That is the name of the evil demon that's currently fighting with Mr. Raphael. He suddenly disappeared a few days ago."

"Are you saying that Lucifer is currently on Earth?"

"We aren't sure, but I can definitely feel his traces here."

Archduke Lucifer…

Gaia and Kim ShiHoon's expressions hardened after hearing he'd gone to Earth.

KangWoo was the only one who frowned in confusion.

'Didn’t that bastard return to Ernor?'

He narrowed his eyes.

He’d seen Lucifer escaping through a blue gate; he even tore apart one of his arms while trying to get hold of him.

'No. I'm sure he went back.'

It seemed like he'd gone into hiding from the angels.

'Well, I guess it isn't bad news.'

He didn't mind if the angels found Lucifer.

He could always make Raphael and Lucifer fight and then just take advantage of the result of that fight.

"As beings that serve the light, let's do our best to eliminate evil beings."

Ludwig extended his hand and smiled. 

Gaia nodded and grabbed his hand.

"Thanks for worrying about other worlds."

"Even if this is another world, demons are beings that need to be eliminated."

"Ah… Yes. O-of course."

For a moment, Gaia turned to KangWoo but then naturally nodded.

She probably concluded that it would be better if he didn't learn that KangWoo used to be the Demon King who ruled over the Hell of Nine Skies in the past.

"We're also going to help."

KangWoo also clasped Ludwig's hand.

'This isn't bad.'

It didn't matter if they liked demons or not; what was important was that he hadn't recognized him.

'He also seems like a good person.'

He seemed to be gentle.

Since he was an apostle of an archangel, KangWoo could understand why he hated demons so much.

'He seems like he should be able to become a trustworthy ally.'

"Ah. Besides Lucifer’s whereabouts, there's another thing we're investigating… A being called Demon of Prophecy… Mr. Raphael collaborated with Earth's gods and taught me a method of finding him."

'No, it will be impossible to collaborate with him.'

For some reason, he found his way of speaking unpleasant.

That mask-like smile…

It was obvious that the smile was a cover for his evil intentions.

He couldn't even imagine how many atrocities he had probably committed with the excuse that he was looking for demons.

'That fucking fallen angel's seed…'

Intense anger spread through his body, he clenched his fists, and his body trembled.

It was hard to contain his disgust.

'As long as I still have eyes to see with, I won't let you do as you wish!'


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