Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner



Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner


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Chapter 75


The corners of Brett’s lips rose.

“At least you’re high-spirited. Here I go!”

Brett stamped down on the dirt and rushed forward, and Simon just watched, his eyes wide open.

His movement was peculiar. It was extremely intimidating to see a man the size of a gorilla approaching him while twisting his body from side to side.

‘A right straight punch.’

The moment Simon’s head was about to move, with a swoosh, Brett’s arm reached in front of Simon without any mid-movement.


A tsunami-like impact passed the barrier and struck his face.

Simon clenched his fist at the same time he took the blow and thrust it, but Brett had lowered his stance already and was moving toward Simon’s left.


A fist hit his right.


Another went into his left.


Simon staggered and stepped back. Each blow could’ve made him faint or even die if it weren’t for the protective suit he was wearing.

“Hahaha! What are you doing?”

Simon wiped his lips and somehow followed the movement of his opponent.

‘This bastard… Is he actually trying to win against me?’

Seeing that, Brett was speechless.

To be frank, it was a fight that made no sense, even for Brett himself. No matter what the excuses were, this was a situation in which an assistant teacher who had worked at Kizen for 5 years was beating up a first-year freshman.

Anyone who heard this story would criticize him. He had no excuses to make, even if they called this bullying or simply blowing off steam.


‘My anger will never subside if I don’t do this!’


A clean hit pierced his abdomen. Simon’s body was greatly bent, and a following elbow strike from Brett hit Simon in the back of the head and knocked him to the floor.

‘This bastard will become Professor Hong Feng’s direct disciple. Then I’ll have to fix his manners even more now!’

The moment Brett raised his leg and tried to trample Simon’s head…


Simon instead twisted toward Brett’s ankle and grabbed it.

‘......What the?!’


At the same time, Simon’s two legs wrapped around Brett’s legs like a curling snake, and he applied force by turning his body in a connecting motion. Brett’s body swayed and he was placed in a position where his back was turned.


And the skeleton that came out of Simon’s subspace threw a spear at Brett.

‘Look at this bastard.’

It was an unstable posture, but Brett quickly gathered jet-black on his palm and exploded it.

An application of Wind Wave, a skill in Combat Magic. The harsh wind blew away both the spear and the skeleton.

Meanwhile, Simon released Brett’s leg and escaped to the other side.

“Pretty good. Were you a fighter before coming to Kizen?”

Simon raised his fists at Brett’s question.

“I was just studying under my father about a lord's work.”

“And you’re telling me to believe that?!”

Brett rushed in again. Simon took out two skeletons and sent them left and right, then lowered his stance.

‘There’s no need to think about other conditions. It’s my victory as long as I can get one hit.’

In addition to the speed at which Brett was running toward him, Simon also stepped on jet-black and rushed forward.

Simon stretched out his arm when the distance between the two had narrowed enough to almost clash.


However, Brett’s body disappeared in an instant. Simon’s arm passed through the air, and at the same time, he felt a hand gripping his waist.

‘Your moves are so obvious!’

A perfect stance for a suplex. Brett turned his body over and bent his back like a shrimp.

Simon’s head and neck crashed to the floor, unsettling the dust around him.

Brett, who had successfully finished his move, got up after releasing Simon from his arms.


Simon’s leg that came out from the dust hit Brett’s arm with a pang and got blocked.

‘Kicking while falling… Does this bastard even take any shock?’

This kick was a fake. Brett quickly covered his face with his opposite arm.


As expected, Simon’s opposite leg hit, creating a shock wave. Simon’s leg returned, and countless feet were thrust in.

It was a continuous hitting technique using kicks.

Whish! Whish! Whish!

Brett stepped and pulled his shoulder back to dodge them.

The corners of his lips rose.

‘He’s actually pretty good. Where did a bastard like this really come out of?”

It was embarrassing, but his blood was boiling against a freshman.

He thought Simon was the typical Special Admission No.1—a dead wood who was only good at studying—but now he understood a little about why Professor Hong Feng was shaken up with this guy.

‘This bastard has both physical and innate talents. However, his stance is unstable, and the strength isn’t being transferred properly. He lacks the systematic training from experts.’

It must’ve been the same for Professor Hong Feng.

How could you not feel your fingers itch if there’s such a genius right in front of you......!


Brett looked back in surprise. Two falling trees formed an X coming toward him as he was stepping back.

Skeletons sent by Simon had struck the tree with axes and knocked it down.

‘When did he send the skeletons......?!’

To think he had the energy to spare to connect with the thoughts while dealing with me.

Brett wrapped his fists in jet-black while avoiding Simon’s kick.

Clink. Clink.

As Brett opened his fists, a jagged blade of jet-black flew like a knife and slashed the tree in two.

This time, it was an application of the Combat Magic skill Bayonet. The tree split in half and fell to the floor, and Brett fixed his stance.

Then, Simon continued to rush in.

‘Let’s end this.’

When Brett twisted his waist and tried to thrust forward his fist with all his might, Simon clenched his teeth and thrust out his forehead first, making Brett’s eyes widen.

‘Does this bastard really wanna d—!’

“Bone Nail.”

Simon raised his finger.

Shk shshk.


A skeleton’s sharp bones cut a wound on his thigh. His skin was torn, and blood dripped from it.

‘What? Why is this here…?!’

His gaze shifted. He could see the bones of the skeleton stuck on the surface of the tree that fell to the floor. 

‘So it was all planned from the beginning!’

Brett, who had been focused on grasping the situation for a moment, felt an eerie energy and lifted his head.


Simon’s legs twisted in mid-air and drew a huge curve as they descended, making Brett hurriedly cover his head with his arms.



He couldn’t block it properly because of how fast it was. Blood spewed from his nose, and Brett stepped back.

Simon grinned after landing on the ground.

“You won’t be able to make any excuses with this, right? It’s my victory.”


* * *

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Translator - Ramen

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *



The thread of patience holding together Brett’s rationality broke.

“......Bwaha. Hahahahahahaha!”


A tremendous amount of jet-black rose from Brett’s whole body.

It stretched out into the air and wrapped around his body like a garment.

The symbol of Combat Magic majors, Black Robe.

In a blink of an eye, Brett was wrapped in black armor.

“I admit it. I admit it.”

Said Brett while gnashing his teeth.

“I lost, and the promise is valid. Whatever measure it is, I’ll obey you. However, before I leave Kizen!”

He clenched his fist.

“If I don’t wreck you here right now, I think I’ll regret it for the rest of my life!”


Simon let out a deep sigh.

“Isn’t this different from the promise? How pathetic do you want to be?”

“Whatever you say, it doesn’t matter!”

“Okay, then do whatever you want.”

Brett’s eyebrows twitched as Simon let his arms hang loose.

“What are you doing?! Ready yourself right now!”

“I’m starting to reach the limit of my patience with you. I’m going to do what I want to do. If you were gonna be like this, just beat me up already.”

“You bastard......!”

When Brett approached Simon and grabbed him by his collar, exuding bloodthirst…


A huge shout that could burst your eardrums shook the island.

Brett turned his head, startled, and then his mouth opened widely.

“P-Professor Hong Feng......?”

Hong Feng was approaching him with a bloody expression on her face. Brett felt his blood turning cold and quickly removed his black robe.

“Assistant Brett.”

Hong Feng approached and stared at Brett. It was completely different from her usual gentle and kind demeanor.


Brett was sweating profusely, standing in the parade rest stance.

“I-I was giving a lesson to Simon by sparr—”


Hong Feng slapped Brett’s cheek. With that alone, Brett’s body flew dozens of meters and rolled around on the dirt floor.


Brett fell to the ground and grabbed his cheek.

In his 5 years of serving Hong Feng, he had never once been hit by her.

But now, he realized it with this one blow. This power was definitely Hong Feng.

“Stand up.”

At her words, Brett stood up upright and approached her. His cheeks were red and swollen.


Brett looked back.

“Starting now, stay in the most painful stance for you, assistant.”

“Wh-What? What do you mean by painful sta—”

“Do it.”

At her words, Brett immediately slammed his head on the ground and lifted his body up.

In that state, he raised himself up with his fingertip, maintaining his weight with one finger, and then unfolded the hem of his black robe and raised the cloak up to the sky.

A state that required the use of both stamina and jet-black. Just looking at it felt terribly painful.


Hong Feng approached. Her expression was dyed with a deep sense of relief.

“Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I’m fine. I was wearing a protective suit, so—”

“It looks like your face is very swollen.”

While saying that, she grabbed Simon’s cheek with both hands and pinched it like a massage.


“How about here? Here?”

Then, she groped Simon’s forearm and abdomen with one hand, grabbed Simon’s cheek with the other hand, and began to stretch it like a rice cake.

No matter how much you thought about it, it was a touch full of ulterior motives. Simon clenched his teeth and spoke silently.

“I’m telling you to stop it......”

Truthfully, this woman wasn’t Hong Feng. This was Elizabeth, having transformed into Hong Feng.

She originally came to collect the nustlelack corpses at Simon’s order, but a fight between Simon and Brett broke out, so she transformed into Hong Feng and intervened.

Elizabeth memorized the voices of the Kizen professors and important figures in case they needed it for escaping from Kizen. She tilted her head and spoke in Simon’s ear so that only he could hear it.

“How was it? Don’t you think I’m being a help to you now, Commander?”

“......I know I survived thanks to you, but please get away from me.”

She grinned and grabbed the button on Simon’s uniform shirt while impersonating Hong Feng’s voice.

“Simon. I think I have to look at your wound over here.”

“......There’s no wound there, Professor.”

Said Simon while trembling.

He shouldn’t be caught by Brett, so he had no choice but to play along with her.

As Simon beckoned to hurry the things up, Elizabeth opened her mouth, and she combed her hair up while looking bummed out.

“Assistant Brett.”

“Y-Yes, Professor!”

In the end, Brett was beating himself with a black robe made of jet-black. He was faithfully fulfilling the order of remaining in the most painful position.

“I’m very disappointed with this matter. Keep that stance for 20 hours from now, and then return.”


But wasn’t 20 hours just a bit too much?

This thought was clear on Simon’s face, but Elizabeth put her hand on her chest as though telling Simon to leave it to her.

“From tomorrow onwards, please act naturally, and never speak of this incident to anyone, including myself. Just act as if nothing ever happened. Thinking about it makes me want to tear you apart.”

“......Yes, I understand.”

“And never lay your hand on Simon ever again. If something like this happens again…”

Her eyes gleamed.

“There is no second chance.”


“Let’s go, Simon.”

Elizabeth took Simon’s hand and took him away.

Brett didn’t even dare to look back.



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