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Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner



Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner


[Translator - Ramen]

[Proofreader - Artethrax]


Chapter 101


After Simon defeated the pirate captain Guile, the Sea Force and residents joined forces to bind the fallen pirates with ropes.

"The entire Blue Harbor is in great debt to you! How could we ever repay you…"

A soldier kept on bowing down, giving his thanks. Simon smiled in embarrassment and waved his hand.

"You really don't have to do this. It's making me uncomfortable. Other than that, if it's okay with you, may I interrogate the pirates myself?"

Some of the stories Simon heard from Guile felt leery.

His stamina had reached its limit, meaning he couldn’t go to the next place. As such, he wanted to get some information from the pirates as he rested for even a few minutes.

"Of course. But will they open their mouths easily?"

"Leave it to me."

After a while, the soldier brought over three pirates bound by ropes and made them kneel before Simon.

"There's something that I want to ask you all."


One was giving Simon a death stare, and the other two were purposefully avoiding Simon’s gaze.

"Since Captain Guile has been caught, there's no hope for all of you. You know the sins of a pirate are serious, right? If you're willing to cooperate, I could ask them to reduce your sentences."

Simon tried playing the appeasement card, but the pirates didn't even bat an eye.

Seeing this, Simon pondered. Usually, when the captain is caught, it's normal for his subordinates to lose their fighting will and try to survive, but Simon couldn't find such a look from them at all.

Did they have someone to back them up?

"Here's my question. I have confirmed that you're communicating with an official of Blue Harbor. Please tell me who that person is."

"Fuck off! You bastard! I'll rip you into pieces once I get out of this!"

The first pirate was shouting savagely.

"Kaaaagh! Ptoooh! A kid who's still wet behind the ears is interrogating who again? Huh? I'd have a child as big as you if only I was married!"

The second pirate had lost his temper.

"You're making a mistake. Do you know who I am? Although I'm a pirate now, I actually have a long story behind......"

And the third pirate just rambled about his past.

'Looks like none of the three have any intention to speak.'

There may have been other appeasement methods, but he decided to skip past them. There was no time.


At Simon's words, three skeletons stood behind a pirate each.

"Feed them."

The skeletons immediately grabbed the pirates by the hair, bent their heads back, and then shoved a vial into their mouths.

They choked and coughed in pain, but as their noses were blocked, they had no choice but to let the contents into their throats.

All three of them chugged the potion down at once.

"Cough! Cough!!"

"Damn it! What did you do to my body?!!"

The pirates felt their visions spin like they were on a wagon moving at full speed.

"I'm a necromancer, you know? What you drank is a deadly poison. It'll spread through your body within 15 seconds, and you’ll die in exactly 5 minutes. Plus, it’s more painful than anything you can imagine."

Simon soon took out a new potion from the subspace. It contained a blue liquid.

"But it'd be a different story if you drank this antidote before that happened, though."


Their faces turned pale.

"Now, tell me."

Hesitation lingered on all their faces, but it looked like they couldn't spit it out.

"Well, if you don't want it, there's nothing we can do about it."

Simon didn't wait even 30 seconds, let alone 5 minutes, before turning away.

He placed the antidote on the ground and raised his foot over it.

But the moment he was about to stomp on the antidote…

"Pinch Nickiman!"

Shouted the middle-aged pirate in the middle. The other two looked at him in fright, and Simon smiled.

"A necromancer called Pinch Nickiman and our captain are cooperating!"

"Are you sure about that?"

"Do you think I'm going to lie when my life's at stake? Hurry up! Give me the antidote!"


Simon stepped on the potion bottle and broke it. The three of them went pale.

"You bitch!"

Shouted the pirate on the left.

"We told you the truth! Is it fun to play with people like this? Huh?!"

"What do you mean?"

Simon smiled and turned his back.

"Actually, that's not a poison potion, but a nausea potion. You'll return to your original state in two hours."


"Thank you for your cooperation."

Simon waved his hand behind him and walked away. The three pirates desperately screamed, but were suppressed by the Sea Force.

'This made it clear. I need to hurry.'

By this point, Simon had recovered enough stamina to move. He immediately ran to the mansion.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Ramen

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


Across the city, he arrived at Shun's mansion.

Simon’s eyes went wide upon seeing it. Maybe it had already been attacked by pirates. There were fires all over the mansion.


One annex of the mansion just burnt to ash, collapsing the entire area around it. A small sound of weapons clashing could be heard.

It seemed that the battle against the pirates had already begun.

'Please, please, please…!'

Simon stepped on jet-black, leaped over the fence, and entered the mansion.



With the burning mansion in the background, butlers were fiercely fighting against pirates coming from all directions.

Meanwhile, Shun, along with the head butler and the maids, was leaving the mansion while crouched to the ground.

"The Count is over there!"

"Get him!"

Two pirates passed by the butlers and rushed in. Simon hurriedly stretched out his right arm.

'Bone Armor!'

The bones flew off as if waiting for this. While everyone cowered down, the two maids who bravely stood up with broomsticks got clothed in Bone Armor.


Shouted Simon. Since the bewildered maids didn't know what to do, the skeletons moved the bodies of the maids directly and knocked out the pirates.



The maids' eyes widened as they watched the pirates get knocked out by their own punches and kicks.

"Look over there!"

"Sir Simon!"

One maid shook Shun's shoulder.

"Count! Look over there! Sir Simon is here!"

"Huh? Big brother Simon is?"

Shun stuck his head out. He saw the figure of Simon utilizing Bone Armor to assist in the battling in five different places at once.

"Big brother Simon!!"

Simon turned to Shun and hurriedly shouted,

"Shun! Are you alright?" 

"I'm fi—! Ah! Watch out!"


Two pirates rushed in from behind Simon, breaking through the mansion windows.

Simon leaned slightly to the side to avoid the thrusted sword before grabbing the sword arm, pulling it, and crushing the opponent's nose with his left elbow.


The pirate's body tumbled to the ground. Then, as if performing a combo move, he bent down to avoid the spear swung from behind, then stood on his hands to flip over, raising his right leg.


The second pirate, who got his head stamped on by the edge of Simon’s foot, fell back through the window as he fell unconscious. Standing back up, Simon gasped for air.


"Sir Simon!"

Thinking that they were now in safe hands, the maids jumped for joy.

'Ugh… That's that, but I'm so exhausted.'

After all, Simon was still fatigued from the fight with Guile.

As Simon let out a long sigh…


The wall of the mansion’s third floor collapsed, and people were falling.

'Bone Armor! Hurry up!'

The conscripted skeletons fell to pieces and stuck to the bodies of people who were falling down. The Bone Armors took the shock instead, and everyone came down safely.


Simon wiped the sweat off his forehead and saw a large man standing on the now-collapsed third-floor wall. He was wearing tight-fitting armor across his fat body and carried a large mace on his shoulder.

After staring down at the ground for a moment, he suddenly jumped off. He was headed toward Shun.

"Shun! Dodge!"

Shun and his maids also found the man plummeting to the ground, so they quickly moved away.


A huge hole was carved into the ground. But as if the fall was nothing, the man raised his head without any problem. Then, his mace started swirling with waves of mana.


"Name’s Vice-Captain Valdez."

Seeing Shun tripped on the ground, he grinned.

"And you’re coming with me, Count."

Just as the man stretched his arm out toward Shun, Bone Armor flew in in a flash and attached to his arm.

Rattle! Rattle!

At the same time, Bone Armor was also attached to his right leg and left foot. As Simon ran to Shun, he gave an absolute order.

'Disturb him!'


The separate pieces of armor began to move according to their own wills.

"What the hell is this?!"

He looked like someone wearing restraint equipment. Valdez waddled, shook his body, and even tried to rip the armor off with his hands.

In the meantime, Shun, who was crawling away, stood up and started running toward Simon.

"Big brother Simon!"


The two ran toward each other. But Valdez tore off the Bone Armor with his strength alone and followed but a step behind.

'Just a little bit more!'

When Simon and Shun's hands were about to meet…


Simon touched nothing but air as Shun was thrown feet first into the air.



Then, Simon and Valdez stopped in unison. And…


[Blind Dragon's Path]



The body of the Vice-Captain, who was chasing behind, collided with a green dragon made of liquid.


Valdez's upper body began to melt and drip down to the ground. The maids screamed at the terrible sight of his bare bones falling with nothing left to support them.

"Didn't I tell you before?"

Simon turned his head.

"Can a so-called bodyguard take your eyes off a VIP like that?"


Pinch Nickiman was approaching. His arms, which had turned to liquid, held Shun's legs.

"Uncle Pinch!"

Shun raised his hands and cheered.

"It's Sir Pinch!"

"We're saved!"

The family members also sighed in relief and rejoiced, hugging each other.

However, in the midst of this, only one person, Simon, wore a coldly distorted face.

"Everyone, please rest assured. I'm here now."

"Sir Pinch!"

The head butler came up running.

"Why did you, the necromancer of the family, get here so late?! The mansion was attacked, and the Count almost got into danger!!"

"I have no excuses, Head Butler. But I just sank two pirate ships, you see."

Said Pinch before looking to Simon.

"Hm? Why do you look so nervous again?"


Simon gnashed his teeth.

"Please put down the Count."

Pinch gave a strange smile. Shun, hanging upside down, returned to a normal posture, but Pinch still didn't let him go.

"I can't do that. I can't trust you. To think a bodyguard left behind the Count and took his leave. I'll make a formal complaint to Kizen."

"Don't scold him, Uncle! Big brother Simon only went because I ordered him to!"

Pinch looked at Simon with a stiffened face.

"I can't make any compromises with the Count's security. From now on, I'll guard the Count myself. You head north and take out the remnants of the pirat—"

"Pinch Nickiman."

Simon took a deep breath. 

People were dying. There was no point in wasting time or engaging in psychological warfare.

"Why did you betray the Count?"



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