Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner



Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner


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Chapter 91


Simon, having lost consciousness, began to fall.


The moment Lorain pulled the reins and went to rescue Simon, the biological bandages holding Big Krum started flying out in all directions.


The bandages smashed the rock walls, slashed through entire trees, and devastated the surroundings. Some even flew to the central Kera Island.

Lorain hurriedly spread a protective magic circle around and swung her black dagger to cut the bandages, and Serene sent feathers to seal them.

The assistant teachers also quickly moved out for clean-up.

"Ah, Simon!!"

"Don't worry."

Serene stretched out her right arm in the direction Simon fell. A faint light flashed on the feathers that remained on Simon's back.

"I set the remaining feathers to slow him with their remaining power, so even if he falls, he won't be hurt."


Serene widened her eyes and gasped, looking utterly aghast.

"I might be the one who helped Simon, but why are you saying thanks? It’s irritating."


Lorain blinked in confusion.


* * *


The place Simon fell was the shores of the southern island. And there was someone else who found Simon, who had lost consciousness faster than anyone else.

'Bwahaha! To think this kind of fortune comes after a crisis!'

Haren Cork was running in the direction Simon had fallen.

He actually almost died a while ago. 

Perhaps the effect of the feather Serene had given him had expired. Malcolm had come to his senses. He was lucky to notice it immediately and run. Otherwise, everything would've ended with Malcolm's revenge.

Still, Haren had something to back him up.

'If I finish this mission, I'll also be able to join Serene's faction!'

What could the No.10, who got on the last bus, do to him if he's under the No.2, the successor of Ivory Tower?

Above all, if things went well and he became the direct disciple of Bahil, no one would be able to lay a finger on him.

There were almost no students on the southern island due to the uproar just now, so he could cross the bridge without any disturbance.

Arriving on the southern island, Haren made his way through the bushes and moved forward, and finally…

"Found you!"

Haren had found Simon. He was lying on the grass, completely unconscious.

"What a welcome stroke of—! Huh?"

Haren stepped back. Someone had come here first.

A man of tall height and broad shoulders.


It must’ve been Hector Moore from Class A.


As Hector turned his head to look back, Haren gulped.

Thinking about it, he'd heard rumors that this guy was also targeting Simon. If that was true, then there was room for discussion.

"Ahaha! Hi! Do you also have a business with Simon?"


Hector didn't answer and just looked down at Haren with an expressionless face.

"I have an offer."

Haren smirked.

"Let me finish that guy. You can take Simon's tongue-pad points if you let me do so."


"Or what, do you want the honor of getting rid of the Special Admission No.1? Sure, sure. You can spread rumors about it. I just have to finish h—"

Hector walked over to Haren. Haren sensed something was off and started taking steps back.

"N-No! What's wrong?! I'm saying I'll yield everything to you!

Hector's body moved swiftly, forcing Haren to hurriedly raise his Black Hand in order to protect himself.


“Cough, cough!”

Haren stepped back in shock before falling to a knee. A mark was left in the center of the Black Hand, as if the center had been partially dug out.

"......Fucking trash bastard."

A subspace opened next to Hector, and gooey, foul-smelling scales began to stick to his right arm.

From Haren's point of view, it was just confusing.

‘Why is he doing this? Didn't they say Hector hates Simon?’

"I mean… Hey! Wait for a second! Do you even have any idea who ordered me to do—!"

Hector smiled.

"I don't need to know."

His fist, covered in black scales, lept forward, creating shockwaves as it traveled.

Haren's will to fight had already been broken by the previous attack, so realizing that he was no match, he immediately turned tail and ran.


Hector didn't even bother to chase after Haren, who had run into the forest. Instead, his gaze turned to Simon, still laying on the grass.

'Do you think I'm going to fucking settle it like this?'

Hector gnashed his teeth.


It was then. Lorain, riding her skeleton horse, appeared from the sky.

She jumped off her horse, dashed forward, and knelt in front of Simon to check his condition. He had lost consciousness due to exhaustion, but luckily, he didn't seem to be injured.


Then, she saw Hector standing not too far away. She pulled Simon close and kept a wary eye on him.

'This is going to be hard.'

She had no chance to take a break after the battle with Serene, having to face Big Krum straight after.

There was nothing left but fumes for both her stamina, and jet-black reserves. Even if it was Lorain, she couldn't guarantee victory if the opponent was Hector.

Her gaze turned to Hector's transformed right arm.



Hector, who looked at the two without saying a word, turned his back and walked away.

'He's just going to leave?'

As Lorain blinked in confusion, Simon groaned and began to move.

"Simon! Simon! Are you okay? Simon!"

Having started trying to shake Simon awake, Lorain took out a potion from her subspace and stuck it in his mouth.


* * *

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Translator - Ramen

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


"Huff! Huff! Fuck! Fuck!"

Haren was frantically running away from Hector.

'I can't give up like this! Never!'

Simon had just been knocked out. In a state where a single move would do it. But he couldn’t do it because of one person who was in the way?


If he couldn't fight Hector on his own, he had to somehow recruit another teammate.

He pulled out a feather from his arms. He only had two feathers left on him, and one of them had to be saved for Simon.

'Is there anyone?'

As Haren was frantically looking around the bushes, something struck his foot.

'......Ah shit, that startled me!'

It was the corpse of a monster.

He was wondering why the monsters weren't appearing. The corpses of monsters were piled up like mountains in this place.

Even level 3 monsters, the ones at the top of the island’s food chain, had been defeated. They had been pound into just piles of flesh after a one-sided beating, making it hard to even properly recognize them.

And in the middle of those corpses, a male student in a Kizen uniform was sitting on a rock, seemingly taking a break.

'......A-A chance!'

Haren couldn't figure out why that man refused to teleport and stayed on the southern island, but he seemed pretty strong.

Haren took a deep breath, kept his distance, and then threw Serene's feather. It attached right on the guy’s back.

Haren cheered internally and revealed himself.

"Hey, get ready!"

Hearing Haren's shout, the male student slowly turned around.

He could see faded gray hair and a scar on the right side of his face that looked like it was cutting his blood-shot eye in half. He was a man who exuded danger.

'He sure looks bloody. Was there a guy like him among the first years?'

The man scratched at the scar across his eye.

"What's your business?"

"Who are you? Name yourself."

"Kajann Edvalt."

Kajann Edvalt? He’d never heard such a name.

"Alright, Kajann. We're going to go hunt Simon Polentia, starting now."


"He's currently unconscious, but Hector Moore is interfering at his side. If you get Hector's attention, I'll sneak in from the back and finish Simon. Any questions?"

Kajann slowly stood up.

"Are you targeting Simon Polentia?"

"Uh, yeah! And I won't be accepting questions from now on! You'll have to listen to me no matter wh—"

Kajann began to stride toward Haren. A cold sweat came over Haren without him even realizing.


Why am I getting a sense of deja vu?

"W-Wait! Stop! Stop right there!"

But Kajann didn't obey his orders. Haren felt the hairs on the back of his neck start to prickle.

'Ugh, shit! Why isn’t it working? That woman! She should've told me if there were duds mixed in…!"

"Are you acting up because of this?"

Kajann put his hand behind his back and plucked out the feather. Then, he threw it at the level 2 monster hiding in the nearby bush, a wrecker.


The feather nailed itself right into the body of the wrecker. Then, it lay flat on its back and showed its stomach to Kajann.

'What? I-It's effective…!'

Haren’s jaw dropped out of shock. There was someone who Serene's mind-controlling abilities didn’t work on?

"W-Wait and listen to me for a second!"

Shouted Haren while waving his hands.

"Yeah, sorry! That was my bad just now! Let's make a deal! Judging from the effort you put in hunting, I think you need points, too. Just help me hunt Simon! Then I'll give you half of my points as well as Simon's—!"

"The very premise is already wrong."

Kajann clenched his fist. The jet-black of a dreary light began to wave in his hand.

"I can't just let you be if you're after Simon."


Haren flinched and stepped back. Then, finally losing his last straw, he shouted,

"Dammit! Even you?!"


"What the hell is Simon, and why is he making everyone go that far? Even Professor Bahil, Serene, and Hector! What in the world is with that bastard for everyone to be making such a fuss?!"

Kajann flatly replied,

"He's just my roommate."


"It's been a while since someone I like came in. He doesn't mind about my business at all, and he's quiet till I get to sleep. However…"

A thick bloodlust flew out from Kajann's body.

"Once Simon leaves Kizen, another noisy bastard might enter my room."

"What kind of bullshit are you blabbering abooouuut!"

Haren rushed towards him with a harsh shout and thrust his Black Hand.



It was blocked by the index finger that Kajann lightly raised.


Kajann grabbed the Black Hand and yanked it with overwhelming strength. Haren found his body helplessly pulled toward Kajaan, and his eyes were filled with nothing but fear.

"Don't lay your hand on that guy, you trash."


A headbutt. Kajann's head hit Haren's forehead like it was hammering in a nail, and Haren's face found itself stuck in the ground, unable to even change expression.

The barrier was completely shattered with that blow, and even the emergency shield was damaged, making sparks fly as it crackled.

Looking at Haren, who was being forcibly teleported after fainting, Kajann turned his back without a second thought.



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