Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner



Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner


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Chapter 123


"Huff! Huff! Phew!"

Against the dark backdrop of the city, Simon and friends were running frantically through the streets.

"Hang in there, Cami!"

"Yeah! You too, Simon!"

Even though there was no one around just a few minutes ago, countless zombies suddenly jumped out of nowhere. 

They also all came from different directions. Zombies swarmed in each alley and were even coming out of the houses.

"What in the world is going on?"

Shouted Meilyn.

"Zombies are appearing in places we've already checked!"

"We must've missed them then! Just run!"

The zombies were encircling the four running down the streets. Seeing the numbers swarming them in the dark made them dizzy before even they dealt with them.

"They’re in front of us, too!"

Shouted Camibarez.

Simon and Rick exchanged a glance and nodded. The two took out swords from their subspaces and ran ahead of Cami and Meilyn.



The two and the zombies passed by, crossing paths. A chunk of a zombie's neck was seen flying through the air. Perhaps it wasn’t deep enough for Rick, as he turned around and thrust his sword into the same zombie's back.


Rick trembled in disgust as drops of black blood spattered across his face as he pulled out his sword.


"I know!"


She summoned dark flames in her hands. She then dropped those flames into the alley and set the surrounding houses alight.

The zombies running into the alley paused for a moment. Some recklessly jumped into the flames and were burned to death, while others turned around or even jumped over the flames.

"Now's our chance!"

In the meantime, the four of them ran even faster.

As they ran away, their roles were naturally decided before they knew it.

Simon and Rick cut down the zombies in the front with their swords, Meilyn blocked off the zombies to the sides by conjuring flames from time to time, and Camibarez kept the rear with blood bullets.

"Oh my gosh!"

Simon and Rick cut down the zombies. 

Rick's eyes widened as if they were going to pop out of his head as he turned around.

The horde of zombies following them had already passed a hundred in number.

Every time Camibarez's blood bullets hit, dozens of them were swept back and knocked down. The sight of new zombies rushing in from behind while trampling on the fallen zombies resembled raging waves.



Simon was dripping with sweat. At this rate, their stamina would run out and the zombies would catch up. They needed somewhere to catch their breath for a while.

Simon's eyes shone with concentration. His eyes wandered frantically before fixing themselves on the roof of a nearby mansion.

His pondering was short, and his action was swift.

'Come forth.'

Simon opened the subspace and took out four skeletons, and he immediately activated Bone Armor.

Click clack!


The bodies of the four skeletons disassembled and began to attach to Simon and his group mates.

"Kyaaaaaah! What's this!"

Meilyn’s legs fell together in terror.

"It's the dark spell I cast. Please bear with it for a moment!"

"Ah, that startled me! Tell us beforehand if you're going to use this!"

Simon covered all four of them with Bone Armor even as he gasped for breath.

To be fully armed, two skeletons per person were needed, but it was impossible to operate eight skeletons simultaneously.

As such, Simon only covered their lower bodies with skeletons.

"Everyone, please line up next to me! And put your feet together!"

The four of them awkwardly gathered next to Simon. Rick looked back and let out a hollow laugh like someone who had seen something that they shouldn't have.

"Oh, fuck. I don't know what you plan to do, but you'd better do it quickly!"

"They're also coming from the front! We'll be surrounded like this!"

There was no room for failure.

Simon raised his concentration and activated the subspace in the left ring.



The Overlord’s tentacles protruded from the openings on the floor like catapults, sending the four flying up.



The four flew through the air, and you could see the zombies swarming over where they just were.

A ‘hill’ had formed in the center in a matter of seconds. The thought that, if he had taken but a second longer they would've been crushed, made Simon sick to the stomach.

'To the roof!'

The Bone Armor pulled the bodies of the four. They weren’t able to dramatically fly with the Bone Armour alone, but it did allow the four flung like boulders to stay in the air a little bit longer.

They could see the mansion right in front of them.

"Hold on!"



The three grabbed onto the edge of the mansion's roof. However, Camibarez, being too short, couldn't reach and started to fall.


"I'll go."

Without hesitation, Simon let go of the roof. Then, he stepped on the mansion's wall and emitted jet-black like a booster.


Simon shot down like a bullet, making a crater on the wall.

Then, he grabbed up the curled-up form of Camibarez, her eyes screwed shut, and pointed his legs downward.



A subspace opened on the wall of the building, and the Overlord's blade shot straight out.

Simon stepped on the blade and absorbed the shock, bending his knees so deep it looked like he was sitting.


He raised his head, a bead of sweat rolling down his face. Resembling stairs, the Overlord’s blades protruded from the wall at regular intervals.

Without hesitation, Simon threw himself forward and landed on the second step with his right foot. Then, he immediately reached out with his left foot and stepped on the third.




Rick and Meilyn cheered at Simon's movements like wild animals. Simon climbed the stairs made from the Overlord and safely climbed onto the roof.

Only then did Simon let out a long sigh of relief. He looked down at Camibarez in his arms and smiled kindly.

"I'm sorry. You must've been really surprised."

Camibarez was trembling, her hands clasped together and her face a bright red.

"I-I'm sorry."

"This isn't your fault. It was my miscalculat— Ugh!"

Simon's legs gave out, and he fell to his knees.

"Simon! Simon! Are you alright?"

"Ah, my legs went weak for a second."

"Is everyone alright?!"

Rick and Meilyn also hurriedly approached them.


* * *

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Translator - Ramen

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


[Ho, pretty good.]



Atop a ruined building, a pale, gray-skinned boy was playing with stones in his palm, throwing them up and catching them again.

His eyes were on Simon and his group mates, who were catching their breaths on the mansion's roof.

[I won't let you escape that easily.]

He slowly turned his palm. Then, the zombies, confused after losing sight of Simon's group, started striding toward the mansion.

Seeing their bewilderment, the boy giggled as if watching a show.


Then, a zombie crept in behind him. The boy reacted like a child disturbed during his game.

[What is it? I'm busy.]


[Skeletons? Do you think this is their first time doing this?]


[It's different this time?]

The boy turned around and listened closely to the zombie.

[Mmmm, I guess it's troublesome if Manus is involved.]

In Death Land, two undead forces were currently in a deadly confrontation.

The boy, who was the most powerful in the area, along with the zombies following him.

And 'Manus', who was newly emerging in Death Land, along with the skeletons following him.

[Well, tell them to do whatever they want. I have a more urgent issue right now.]

The boy turned his gaze back to the Kizen students.

[A Commander who appeared in Death Land. And Pier. It's pretty much obvious what their intentions are.]

The boy spread his arms. In the dark, zombies, like a swarm of ants, began to advance.

[I'll destroy the Legion with my own hands.]


* * *


In the catacombs of Death Land…



A man was carefully wiping his blade clean.

He was wearing cloth clothes with patterns of red flowers all over his body. If there was something strange about him, it was that his body was made of white bones, not a single piece of flesh remaining.

"Do you know the legend of the Zombie Prince, Manus?"

The skeleton who was wiping his sword turned his head.

An old man was leaning against the wall, smoking two cigars at the same time.

"The main body of the Zombie Prince is said to be sleeping somewhere in Death Land. They say that, if you obtain the crown the main body is wearing, you can control the zombies of Death Land. By extension, it means you'll own the entire place."

The skeleton lowered his head again to focus on cleaning his sword.

[I'm not interested.]

"I know you very well."

The man unfolded his arms and slowly approached Manus.

"Don't you want to destroy Kizen and the Dark Alliance? Don't you want revenge?"


Manus didn't answer. The old man's tongue moved like a snake.

"Then, the first thing to do is to obtain this Death Land. Isn't this the territory you originally ruled to begin with…"

Smirking, the man added,

"…Swordmaster of the Old Empire."


Manus' sword was aimed at the man's neck. The man's body stiffened, but his mouth didn't rest.

"A decisive battle between you and the Prince is inevitable. And you have overwhelming power, enough to change the course of the war by yourself. Why do you hesitate?"

Just like the man said, Manus was now on the level of an ancient undead.

Manus opened his mouth.

[Where's the crown?]

"I found it."

The man rubbed his palms and smiled.

"And something may have happened. I confirmed that the Zombie Prince is currently away. It's the first time in almost 10 years. A chance of a lifetime."

Manus slowly lowered the sword aimed at the man's neck. However, the unique sharpness in his gaze wasn't withdrawn.


This axis of evil destroyed Talhern, an empire that boasted a continuous history and culture.

Due to their tricks, even he became an undead. Just a thin skeleton. The only reason he maintained his will while living in such a cursed body was his desire for revenge.

"The Rose Withdrawal drove fear into the continent by turning all 50,000 elite soldiers of the Empire into undead. But imagine it."

Said the man with a smile.

"The scene of you and your former people who turned into undead completing vengeance on Kizen."


"Isn't it wonderful?"

Manus turned his head to look at the man again.

[Why are you helping me?]

"I have said this time and time again, but I also have a grudge against Kizen. A common enemy! Isn't it a very simple logic?"

The man made an eerie smile.

"That is all."



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