Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner



Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner


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Chapter 252


"Are you okay, Meilyn?" 


Replied Meilyn with a quick nod. Looking at her flushed cheeks, Laheim's flirtatious mood went down.

"Who are you?" 

Simon lowered his stance. 

"A member of Meilyn's group. I've been watching you since earlier. Didn't you notice that she doesn't like you?" 

"Doesn't like me? Meilyn?"

Laheim laughed out loud, tugging at the brim of his white cap. His tan, toned body jiggled along with his laugh.

"If you're her groupmate, doesn't that mean you've only spent the first semester together? Meilyn and I have known each other for 10 ye—"

"I don't like you!!"

Meilyn screamed, hiding behind Simon. 

"I don't want to see you flirting with me with that smugness of yours, so stop following me around!" 


Laheim shut his mouth, apparently in shock this time. 

"Did you hear that?" 

Simon opened the subspace and stuffed everything in his hands into it. He was about to move the shade when all of this happened. 

"I'd like you to leave now." 

"I'm sorry, but…"

The corner of Laheim's mouth went up. 

"Now I want her even more." 

Laheim felt that some switch had been flipped in his mind from when he'd met Meilyn as a child. 

He became obsessed and greedy. 

He wanted everything he could get his hands on and was relentless in his pursuit. 

There had never been an exception. 

Not even his brother's coveted position as his successor. 

Or even…

'Even my father's lordship.'

Simon sighed as he watched the jet-black within him pulsate with violent intensity.

'He's quite the twisted man.'

Simon wondered if it was an occupational disease. 

[Kehahaha! I know necromancers constantly suffer from occupational diseases, but his one is just human ugliness!] 

Simon heard Pier's voice. 

'…No, not all humans are like that.'

Simon's eyes became serious as he sensed the change in Laheim's jet-black. Eight magic circles unfolded from around him, and strange projectiles—accompanied with white bubbles—began to fly out of them. 


This was no joke. Simon turned around right away, grabbed Meilyn, and ran with her at his waist.


Screamed a red-faced Meilyn at the top of her lungs, telling Simon to put her down, but Simon was too distracted with dodging.

'Two shots from above. Two shots from right behind.' 

Simon's eyes flicked in every direction as he watched how every projectile was moving in the sky before launching himself to a safe zone. White snow exploded as the projectiles hit the sand and exploded.

'What a strange spell.'

Simon dodged all the attacks by hopping from safe zone to safe zone.

And on top of that…


He even kicked away one of the projectiles. As Laheim tilted his head to the side in concentration, his missile flew backward, hitting a parasol behind him and erupting into an explosion. 

"Oh, wow. You're not so bad, huh?" 

He lowered his stance again and activated his magic circles in quick succession. Simon's jaw dropped as he watched the formulas come together at breakneck speed. 

'A caster that specializes in multicasting.'

Every nerve in his body gathered as much information as possible as his mind and body optimized for battle. Then, he felt a sudden slap on his back.

"Put me down, you crazy bastard!! I'll fight on my feet!"

Meilyn, whose face was so red it was surprising a blood vessel hadn't burst, was cursing as she kicked her feet.

"I'm sorry, please hang in there a little bit mo—!"

He couldn't finish his words and launched himself out of the way. A projectile landed hard where they were, creating a blast of white snow.

'What is he doing? This is so embarrassing!'

Simon was too strong for her to break free. Meilyn had a moment of déjà vu as she dangled on Simon's side.

'Wait a minute, I feel like I've been dangled like this before. Somewhere…'

Her brain whirled, trying to recall. When was that? 


Just as her memory was about to take her to Death Land, Laheim suddenly appeared from behind her. 

"Simon! Dodge!" 


But the lunging Laheim stumbled backward in surprise. Before he knew it, an Overlord blade protruded and stretched out from Simon's foot.

"Nearly had you there."

Laheim's expression stiffened at the sight of Simon's grim smile.

"This asshole…"

"There's a fight!" 

"Who? Who's fighting?"

The students on the beach gathered like a swarm of ants to watch the most exciting thing in the world: necromancers fighting.


Suddenly there were too many people. Simon, who had given up on fighting back and realized that he should just run away, wrapped his arms around Meilyn's waist. 


Meilyn's heart was pounding like crazy as she was suddenly carried like a princess.

She was so embarrassed that she couldn't do anything.

'Gaaaaaaaaah! Honestly!! What are you doing in front of so many peo—!'

"We'll retreat." 

Just when Simon was about to raise jet-black on his foot and run away…

Fweet! Fweeeeeeeeeeet!

The sudden sound of a whistle made the three of them freeze.

"What are you doing on Roke Island?! Stop what you're doing!" 

It was a Keeper.

Normally, they were the ones who managed the forests and mountains around Kizen, but when students congregate in specific areas like this, they also acted as safety officers.

Getting caught by them was at least a demerit, and if the situation was serious enough, it would be reported to the advisor professors. 

Laheim straightened up, knowing it wasn't the time for a fight. 

"I quite enjoyed that. Was your name Simon?" 

Laheim slammed his fists together.

"I'll be coming for you on the next BDMAT exam. Let's settle the score then!" 

Simon gave him a dumbfounded look. 

"What score?"

"That's obvious!  Whoever wins gets Meilyn!"

Meilyn, who was in Simon's arms, squealed.

"Hey, you crazy bastards! Who the hell are you guys to compete and win me?!!!!"

"See you soon, Meilyn."

Laheim waved his hand, activating the magic circle beneath his feet, and his body shot up like a rocket, soaring into the air and disappearing. 

"What in the world is that dark spell?

Slap! Slap!

"Hey, let me off!" 

Meilyn yelled, slapping Simon on the shoulder. 

Realizing that she was clinging to him in a swimsuit, Simon let her down with a bewildered look on his face. 

"There they are!"

"Capture them!"

Meanwhile, Keepers could be seen preparing spells to entrap them. Simon shouted as he prepared a defense spell,

"I'll stop them! In the meantime, you—!" 

"Hey, Simon." 

Said Meilyn, grabbing the back of Simon's shirt with no warning.

"This is revenge for earlier." 


* * *

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Translator - Ramen

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


With that, she leaped up into the air, jumping off jet-black as she sprinted.


Simon felt a chill run down his spine as his vision suddenly soared up into the air. 

Her feet touched the ice she had instinctually prepared.

{Ice Road}


The ice stretched out in a straight line, pushing the two of them along. They passed the sandy beach and entered the sea's surface in the blink of an eye. 

The Keepers, who had been running frantically, stopped in front of the sea in a daze.

"Let's call it even with this.”

Meilyn smirked and let go of Simon's collar.

Simon, who had somehow lost the strength in his legs, let out a wry laugh and flopped down on the ice.

And as the two of them were moving quickly across the ocean…

"Over here! This way!"

Simon's eyes widened.

Before they knew it, Rick appeared in a boat in the middle of the water, waving happily, with Camibarez sitting beside him. 

"I'll stop over there."

Meilyn spread her arms like wings, then swung an arm in an arc, making the ice bend like a curve. 

Soon, the ice came to a stop in front of the boat, and the two hopped in. 


Rick raised an open hand, and Simon grinned and high-fived him. 

"You're well-prepared." 

"This is just the basics!"

Rick tried to high-five Meilyn as she followed, only to be slapped in the back of the head. 

"Did you think I'd forget about the wet blueprints!" 

"Ack! I said I'm sorry! It's not like I did it on purpo— Ack! Ack!" 

Simon and Camibarez burst out laughing. Rick, who could feel every muscle in his face writhe in agony, turned to look at the shore.

"Boy, they're pissed." 

He saw the Keepers firing jet-black woven net rounds toward the boat. 

As the sky filled with a net, Camibarez moved her arms in panic. 

"W-We're gonna get caught!"

"Leave it to me."

Rick deftly maneuvered the boat's mana engine, and with a flick of a few levers, the boat began to rock with a roar. 

"Hold on tight!" 

Hearing that, Meilyn shouted,

"Wh-Where are we supposed to hold on??!"


Just as the three not at the wheel grabbed the sides of the boat, a roar erupted from the mana engine, and the front of the boat lifted up as the whole thing surged forward. 



The three screamed in horror. The nets thrown by the Keepers fell over nothing, and the boat crossed cleanly across the water's surface. 

"Let's gooooooooo!"

The Keepers looked forlorn as their efforts were wasted, and Rick shouted as he put his leg over the mana engine,

"Goodbye! Suckers!!"

Meilyn, eyes glued to the front, cried,

"Hey! You're going too fast!" 

"I-I'm going to get blown away!"

Meilyn screamed for him to slow down while Camibarez' flailed dangerously. 

Seeing this, Simon quickly changed his stance. He reached forward and wrapped his arms around their shoulders, holding them onto the boat for support. 

"Whew! You're always taking the cool roles in the end."

Rick laughed cheerfully and turned the boat around. Simon looked up.

"By the way, where are we going?"

"Somewhere a little quieter!"


* * *


The place they arrived at with the boat was a small, deserted island. 

The island was small, but the water was calm and quiet, just right for the four of them. 

They had a great time here. 

Simon gave Camibarez lessons on how to swim, and she quickly picked it up. Meilyn worked on improving the breathing magic circle, and Rick modified his strange flippers so they could be used reliably.

They set up a campfire in the evening and enjoyed a simple barbecue.

"Hyaaah, this is great." 

Rick, his face flushed with alcohol, slumped into his seat. Simon was working hard grilling the meat while Meilyn and Camibarez chatted energetically. 

"By the way, who was that guy picking a fight over Meilyn?"

"Oh, that pervert. I don't even know!" 

Setting the grilled meat on a plate, Simon looked at Meilyn. 

"But he seemed to know you, didn't he?" 

"He was just making that pick-up line! Like, 'Haven't we seen each other before?' or something like that. Ew, honestly! That's so creepy." 

Rick looked at Meilyn. 

"Do you not know him? It's that guy." 

"What are you talking about, you crazy bastard? Stand up straight and say it."

"No, that… Uhm, what was his name again…? Ah! Right! Laheim Northfold, the S.A.8 and Lord of Snowfield castle!"

Camibarez looked stunned. 

"H-He's a big shot!" 

"Snowfield Castle? Hmm." 

Meilyn crossed her arms. 

"Well, they're on the side of us, the Ivory Tower, since that area has a large reserve of mana stones. I went there a few times when I was younger…"

"Maybe you met him when you were a kid?" 

Meilyn frowned her face at Simon's question. 

"No, I went with my mom when I was a little kid, so I don't even remember much! And I got into so much trouble when I was the successor in particular, so…"

"You must've been a tomboy when you were young, Meilyn!" 

"My youth contained many things that I now regret." 

Meilyn sighed.

"It's even weirder if he's doing this just because we met briefly when we were young. I mean, he pissed me off by mentioning me not being the successor or whatever, and what? Talk to the Ivory Tower to speak good about me? How could I not get mad, you know?"

The three listening to the story all smiled bitterly.

Meilyn was extremely sensitive about Serene and the title of successor. To say something like that in front of her was equivalent to saying, 'Please kill me.'

"Oh, I'm so pissed! When I see him next time, I'll punch his chin into next week…"

After Meilyn said that, she fell silent, then turned to look at Simon 


Simon smiled as if asking her what the matter was.

Meilyn sighed. 

"…I guess I'll have to see him."

Camibarez gasped in surprise. 

"Wh-Why? He's a strange person! It's dangerous to go see him!" 

"I don't like him either, but I heard him say he'll be after Simon on the test. I can't let Simon suffer from my problems, so I'll try talking to h—"

"I'm fine."

Replied Simon nonchalantly.

"I don't care if there are rules against students fighting each other anyway. Rick said he's S.A.8, right? It'd be my pleasure to go against him."

Rick whistled, and Camibarez let out a muffled scream. 

"And you're saying this as the S.A.1, huh? Hehe! If you're an elite, you're supposed to have this much confidence! Mhmm!"

"The confidence of a strong man!"

"No, no, it's nothing like that!" 

While the two of them were eager to tease Simon, only Meilyn looked at him with a subtle blush.

When she made eye contact with Simon, she turned away quickly and cleared her throat.

"Y-You're the one who said it's fine, alright?"

"Yeah. You don't have to ask him a favor because of me." 

Rick raised his glass in an appreciative gesture. Sometimes, Simon seemed cool even as a fellow guy.

"We got a good vibe here! Let's see each other again after surviving the next BDMAT!"


The four of them vigorously clinked their glasses together in a toast.



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