Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner



Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner


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PR/N: We’ve decided to change the notation for spell names to  { }  instead of  [ ]  to avoid confusion with Ancient Undead characters speaking.


Chapter 126


[I am the ruler of Death Land.]


As soon as Prince finished speaking, Meilyn crumpled to the ground. Her vision had begun to waver, and her legs gave out from underneath her.



This time, Rick collapsed, his hands covering his mouth. Camibarez, a vampire, held out until the end, but eventually her eyelids drooped down until they were shut and she lost consciousness.


Simon was the only one standing now.

[You're holding up well. Are you used to the stench of corpses?]

'Dammit! So this was the problem.'

The corpse of a horse brought by Prince. Simon immediately kicked it away deeper into the sewer.

There was something like noxious gas leaking from the corpse.

[Well, it's no fun if everyone goes down easy.]

Simon tapped Pier's clone twice with a stiff face.

'Pier, this is him, right?'


Pier glared at Prince and shouted after seeing Prince's appearance,


Prince also moved his eyes to see Pier's alter ego hanging on Simon's school uniform. Pier continued,

[So it was you after all! How dare you attack us despite knowing who we are!]

[You infuriate me, Pier. You haven't changed at all.]

Answered Prince while running his hand through his hair.

[Stop talking nonsense and rejoin the Legion! This guy is Richard's son!]

[Yeah, I figured. They look quite similar.]

Prince stretched out his neck, rolling his head in a big circle before locking eyes with Pier’s clone.

[There are a lot of zombies over there, right? I expect it'll take you at least 20 minutes to get through them. Before that!]

Prince sneered.

[I'll tear your contractor to pieces!]

He strode toward Simon, a murderous look in his eyes.

A sudden one-on-one battle against an Ancient Undead…

Simon tensed up, taking out some skeleton archers and having them spread out.

'If I lose here, my group will also be in danger.'


Prince lowered his stance.

In a blink, Prince appeared right in front of Simon, fist raised.


Simon quickly tilted his head back. Drawing a bloody line, Prince's punch passed right in front of Simon's eyes.

When the wind from his punch hit the sewer walls, a sound like a terrible scream echoed out.

'If he lands even a single hit, I'm done for!'

Still, the chance to counterattack came.

Simon immediately put strength into his left foot and lifted his right heel.

Twisting around a full 180, Simon’s punch struck Prince perfectly in the face.


With the dull sound that rang out, Simon knew that had to leave a pretty big mark.



Prince was nonchalantly smiling, seemingly unaffected.


A punch flew in from Prince’s other hand. Simon fell to the ground in an effort to dodge.

'This is crazy!'

Simon looked at his fist.

His fist was sore, feeling as if it was being stabbed by pins and needles, despite him wrapping his fist with jet-black before the impact. It felt like he hit a huge rock.

[That was pretty mild.]

Prince showed no signs of shock or dizziness. Simon clenched his teeth and flexed his fist.


An arrow impaled itself into Prince's back. Prince turned his head to see the arrow that pierced him.



Arrows pierced his left shoulder and right thigh, then his arm and chest.

However, Prince approached as if nothing had happened, even as another arrow flew in. Some of the arrows even bounced off.

'Dammit! What kind of toughness is that?'

After disconnecting from the archers’ thoughts, Simon immediately opened a subspace in front of him.



As soon as the two skeletons came out of subspace, they swung their weapons. A spear stabbed Prince in the abdomen, and a sword cut Prince's neck.

[What are you trying to do?]

But the weapons weren't working.

No matter how hard the skeletons tried, it was useless. With a careless wave of his arms as if driving away a fly, Prince left the skeletons strewn across the ground.

'What kind of monster is this…?'

Simon felt his intestines shrink in on themselves. So this was an Ancient Undead.

He often forgot because Pier and Elizabeth lay around without any dignity, but they were beings far beyond a human’s common sense.

[Is this really all, ‘Commander’?]

Prince grinned and lifted his leg to trample Simon on the floor. Simon grinned back.

"Of course not."

Whir! Whir! Whir! Whir! Whir! Whir! 

In that instant where Prince was caught off guard, six subspaces unfolded, and the Overlord’s blades shot out like spears.

They slammed Prince into the sewer wall, causing it to shake and debris to fall from the ceiling.

Simon let out a long sigh and stood up. He saw Prince anchored to the wall by six blades.



However, even the Overlord couldn't completely cut Prince. They pressed him against the wall, but the blades barely pierced the skin.

[This is surprising.]

Prince grabbed the blades holding his body one by one. Veins swelled up on the boy's slender arms, and he yanked them off of him with strength alone.

Creak. Creak.

In the end, Prince released himself from the blockade and landed back on the floor.

Simon had no choice but to be astonished and retrieve the Overlord's blades.

'Is he for real?'

Simon's eyes sparkled.

The anger, fear, and tension toward the enemy had slightly faded, and suddenly his strange nature arose.

'I want this guy, though.'

Ignoring the fact he was an enemy, he was wonderful.

In the future, as a necromancer majoring in Summoning, Simon had to master zombies no matter what if he wanted to make a living.

How nice would it be if there were a Captain who'd play an active role in that area?

Simon wanted to know a little more about him.



"Let me at least know why we fight. Why are you against me?"

Prince frowned.

[And why do I have to tell you that?]

"I want to resurrect my father's legion. I'm gathering my father's old comrades for that purpose. If there's any misunderstanding—"

[Misunderstanding, you say?]

Prince sneered.

[What is there for me to misunderstand? Is it a misunderstanding that your father's eyes were glued on the priest, abandoning us as if dumping old shoes when he disbanded the Legion?]

Prince marched forward in a fury.

Simon sent in the Overlord's tentacles, but Prince didn't even flinch. No matter if he were cut by blade or arrow, he walked on, black blood splattering across the floor.

[I'm tired of being tied on with a necromancer.]

Exclaimed Prince.

[I… will become king of this domain!]


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Ramen

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


Prince instantly dashed forward, coming up right in front of Simon. Simon immediately sent a tentacle up, but…


Prince grabbed the tentacle protruding from the floor with a bare hand and swung his other fist. Simon put his arms together, forming a guard.



The guard was broken by a single blow, and Prince struck Simon right in the chest. 

Simon flew back several meters down the sewers.


A sharp pain in the lungs woke up all the nerves in his body.

Simon was shocked. Guarding was impossible. Dodge. He could only dodge.


He couldn’t block, and he couldn’t counterattack.

It became a hit-and-run. Simon kept on running no matter what, sending in a blade or firing an arrow.

Prince started to feel confused as he walked after Simon while tanking all the blows.

'Wasting his energy like this without striking a critical blow does nothing but tighten the noose around his neck…'

After seemingly running only to avoid Prince's attacks, Simon suddenly spread his palm.


The most versatile curse, Exhaust, hit Prince. But when the curse landed, it was destroyed with a snap.

[Student-grade curses won't work on me.]

'He’s even got a curse immunity…!'

Prince smirked and kicked Simon. Simon rolled across the floor to dodge, then sent another tentacle and sliced Prince's skin.

"Huff! Huff!"

After this frantic hit and run, Simon finally reached his limit.

The ring on his left hand had already gotten as hot as a boiling kettle without him realizing it, and he was almost out of breath.

He could feel a wall behind him, and he couldn't put strength in his legs anymore.

[Looks like you're at your limit. Well then.]

Prince grabbed Simon by the neck.

[Now you die.]

Prince started tightening his grip. Even as he was being strangled, Simon wore a pained smile.

Prince's eyebrows twitched.

[You still have composure left to laugh?]

"Die...... who......?"


Feeling a sudden presence behind him, Prince turned to look.

Camibarez, who had been knocked unconscious, was already standing up on shaky legs. Her hair stood on end, and black tears of blood flowed from her eyes.

"Release your hand!"

Fierce jet-black radiated from her body.

"Right now!!"

{Hemorrhage - Overflow}


Black blood began to gush out from all the wounds Simon had inflicted on Prince.

Prince's eyes flickered in a sense of danger.

'Blood magic?'


Simon heard Rick's shout. He caught a spear flying to him in the air and immediately stabbed it into the arm strangling him.

Rick's enchantments really were different. The spear dug into Prince's arm to some extent, and when the blood was drained by the effect of the hemorrhage magic, his grip finally loosened.

Simon fell to the floor and coughed.

"Simon, move!"

Meilyn, standing on the sewer ceiling without anyone noticing, came down and swung her arm.

It was a high-tier jet-black fire spell similar to Dark Flare.

{Dark Prominence}


A fountain of black flame swallowed Prince whole. It rippled like a squid and repeatedly set Prince on fire.

After getting out of its range by a hair’s breadth, Simon got up off his knees while still coughing. He heard Camibarez' aching voice.

"…S-Simon! Are you alright?"

"Ah, yeah."

It wasn’t like they had a great plan.

Just a few minutes earlier, Simon caught Camibarez waking up as Prince's punch broke his guard and blew him away.

He thought that he should make use of her powers.

Simon made small cuts on Prince's body one after another while drawing his attention as much as possible. Maybe Camibarez had also read Simon's intent. She quietly prepared the Hemorrhage spell and activated it at the crucial moment.

Of course, it was beyond Simon's expectation for Rick and Meilyn to also regain consciousness.

'Do we finally have room for a counterattack now?'

However, considering Prince's toughness until now, he wasn't going down like this.

Camibarez fainted again as the recoil hit from forcibly using Hemorrhage magic in bad condition. Meilyn and Rick also looked pale, having just woken up after fainting.


Just then, Prince got through the flames and shot at Meilyn like an arrow.


Meilyn was hit by Prince's fist and flew away. The Kizen school uniform glimmered and applied its defensive effect, but the impact couldn't be stopped.

The air got sucked out of her lungs, and she lost consciousness.


Rick imbued jet-black on the shortsword in his hand and rushed in. Simon shouted,

"Rick! Get ba—!"


It was too late. Rick also crashed on the opposite wall and passed out.

[Were you really planning to beat me?]

Even though his body was terribly distorted by the black flame, Prince was smiling.

[Don't get too cocky.]

Prince snapped his fingers.


A huge hole formed in the ceiling of the sewer. Dozens of zombies crawled in.

[Devour them all!]


Zombies came down and rushed toward Simon. Simon let out a long sigh and pulled his arm back.

"Aren't you a little bit too late?"


Click clack!

Bones flying through the air fitted onto Simon's arm.

[Don't tell me!]


And the Greatsword of Destruction fell right into Simon's hand. With just a light swing, six zombies fell to the ground in halves.

[Breaking through so many so fast…]

"Prince, starting now… I'll fight you as Commander, not student."

Pier’s bones, flying through the air, began to cover Simon's body. Close to completion, Simon said in a calm tone,

"I'll give you one last chance. Will you join the Legion? Or—"

[Don't be ridiculooouuussssssss!]

The moment Prince was about to rush in…


Simon flashed like lightning and appeared behind Prince. Pier’s skull, flying in last, covered Simon's head.


He couldn't turn his head. Due to the fight with the kids earlier, his stamina was depleted, so he couldn't react.

A white slash drew a dazzling line as it approached him.


It struck deep into his neck.

Soon after, Simon stamped his foot firmly on the ground, letting out a wild shout as he forced the sword all the way.

The red, inner flesh split into two, and finally…


Simon's greatsword came out the other side.

And Prince's head was flying in the air.



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