Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner



Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner


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Chapter 128

The wall of the wagon was broken through with just a single kick. A shiver went down Meilyn’s spine as she stared at the man wearing skeleton armor.

'What the hell is this person?'

The man turned to the terrified Meilyn and then, without hesitation, strode toward her and reached forward.


She closed her eyes and turned her head. Suddenly, she felt an arm wrap around her waist and her legs leave the floor.

She realized belatedly that she was being lifted, caught in the man's side.

'Gwah! What kind of position is this! It's embarrassing!'

She wanted to scream, but she couldn't move her mouth due to the enormous pressure the man exuded.

'Would it be best not to resist?'

The man checked Meilyn was fine in his waist and then jumped off the moving wagon.


She couldn't think straight with the winds buffeting against her due to the sheer speed.

Soon, she felt the man's feet land on dirt. Meilyn carefully opened her eyes.


When she looked ahead, she saw the old man who had been kicked out the wagon earlier now crawling on the ground. Blood was gushing from his nose and mouth, and one of his legs was bent at an unnatural angle.

He trembled and hobbled up onto his working leg.

"Ugggghhhh! Dammit! Who the hell are you?? Who are you working for?!"


The man didn't respond. He wordlessly crouched lower to the ground and put Meilyn down. Then, he raised the white greatsword he held in his right hand and leaned to the side.

A terrible bloodlust emanated from the man.

'How dare you…!'

He may be retired now, but back in the day, Javier was a notorious necromancer.

As he thumped his staff on the ground, skeletons rushed out of his subspace.

Meilyn, lying on the floor, lifted her head.

At least 20 medium-sized skeletons carried lances multiple meters long. He was a necromancer capable of operating at least a platoon.

'That perverted geezer isn't an ordinary necromancer after all!'


A white slash drew a straight line in the air.

Fierce winds blew through the area for a second, and by the time they cleared, the skeletons were strewn across the floor.


Javier stood agape at the scene before him.

Meilyn also looked at the man in shock.

'Wh-What did he just do?'

The man calmly put the greatsword on his shoulder and started walking toward Javier, who after barely processing what happened hastily flicked his wrist.


However, the bones that had fallen to the ground were silent.

No matter how many times he tried to restore them, it was the same. There was a light rattling sound, but they didn't wake up.

'A strange enchantment has been cast on the sword. To think that he's this strong!'

It was a mistake to send all the meat golems, his main summons, to Manus. He didn't expect a battle to unfold here.

He had no choice but to use his last resort.

He put a hand underneath his shirt and activated the jet-black circle drawn on his chest. 


Javier clutched at his neck, staggered back, and vomited strange flesh from his mouth.

As though his nutrients were being sucked out, Javier's body gradually withered and thinned until he became a mummified corpse, and the flesh he vomited from his mouth grew bigger and bigger with Javier as its fuel.

Meilyn went pale.

'What was he growing inside himself?!'

Wriggle! Ripple!

It was a monstrous creature that seemed to be made of organs. It was over three meters long, and its limbs bulged with bundles of organs.


The monstrous creature let out a roar. Its whole body was dyed with jet-black, and sharp bones protruded from its arms.

"Avoid it!"

Shouted Meilyn.

"That's an immovable entity! There's no need for you to fight it h—!"


The man swung his greatsword.

A thin white line was drawn from the shoulder of the strange creature to the waist. A moment passed, and the creature’s top half started sliding down the bottom at an angle.

'I-In just one blow?!'

Meilyn's eyes shook as if experiencing an earthquake. The man reversed his grip on the greatsword and leaned further forward.

Shk shk shk shk!

Slashes cut left and right, and even diagonally as he twisted his body.

Countless thin lines were drawn across the monster's body.

With the sound of a butcher’s blade slicing up a hunk of meat, the monster was chopped into countless small chunks of flesh and fell to the ground as a pile of mass.


Meilyn trembled with a shudder.

Overwhelming strength.

As if playing with a toy, he took down the monster that was made with the sacrifice of a professional necromancer’s life.

'Who in the world is this person?'

The man put the greatsword on his shoulder again and looked at Meilyn.

She tightened up.

Just looking at that skull helmet and seeing the blue smoke billowing from his eyes gave her a sense of fear. He gave off a completely inhuman aura.

As the man approached, she averted her gaze and shied away.

'Dammit! Since when was I such a coward?'

Of course she was afraid of the man, but in the past she would think of the Kizen school uniform as an invincible armor. No one could lay a hand on her if she wore this uniform within the Dark Alliance.

But that notion had just been broken by Javier. Not only was she about to be caught in something revolting, she was also almost sold as a corpse.

Death Land was a place common sense didn’t work and Kizen students weren't invincible. She didn't know what this man would do next. When she thought of it that way, she couldn't help but be afraid.


'This again?!'

Her face went bright red.

Again, the man placed Meilyn on his side and jumped up into the sky.

Meilyn's scream echoed across the land.


* * *

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Translator - Ramen

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


Meilyn was hoisted away without knowing what was going on.

The surrounding scenery flashed past. It was difficult even to open her eyes in the harsh headwind.


Their speed gradually decreased, and soon the man landed on the ground once more.

Meilyn quickly opened her eyes and tried to get her bearings. She didn't recognise much, but there was a road leading to the sewers in the distance.

The man put her on the ground and gestured.

'Turn around?'

It didn't seem like she had much of a choice.

Once she got off the ground, turned around, and knelt down, the man moved his greatsword.


The blade cut through the rope. Next, he poked the back of her hand with the tip of his greatsword and she heard a magic circle shatter.

Apparently, that was the curse restricting her jet-black. Her core activated again, and jet-black began circulating all over her body.

After being freed, Meilyn looked up at the man in confusion.

'He's saving me for nothing?'

The man turned his back without any hesitation, his cloak fluttering behind him.

"W-Wait a minute!"

Shouted Meilyn as she jumped to her feet.

"Thank you for saving my life! Please, let me reward you!"

The man stopped, only turning his head to look back.

No matter how many times she saw that face, it was petrifying. But she gathered her courage and put a hand to her chest.

"I'm Meilyn Villenne, a student of Kizen and member of the Ivory Tower. If there's anything you want—"

[Return to your friends.]

Meilyn was startled by the man's voice she had heard for the first time. It was a low, cold voice that didn't sound like a human's.

[Two people are unconscious in the sewers.]


She recalled her group members.

'Is everyone okay? Wait, but two people? What about the other one?'

[There was a guy. He was also captured. But he escaped on his own and went into the sewers. He should arrive in a few hours.]

Naturally escaping on his own…

That ‘guy’ must be Simon.

Just as Meilyn was thinking that, the man started walking again.

Meilyn's mind suddenly started racing.

'He’s just gonna leave like this?'

Anything. She wanted to know at least something about this man.


She raised her voice.

"Please, at least tell me your name! I beg of you!"


The man stood there, wordless. Then he briefly answered without looking back,



As he straightened his bent knees, he soared into the sky. She watched the man disappear into the darkness in an instant before gathering her hands with rosy cheeks.

'…We'll be able to meet again, right?'

Her heart was pounding as she watched the man disappear into the darkness.


* * *


Running through the trees, Simon took off Pier's skull and placed it behind his back. Then, he took a big breath, feeling his tension release.

"Phewww, I thought I was gonna get caught!" 

[Kuhehehehe! Well done, Boy!]

It began like this.

After Prince kidnapped Meilyn, Simon interrogated the humans Pier had captured at the mansion.

It wasn't difficult to get them to talk. They quickly confessed when intimidation-specialist Pier created an atmosphere of fear by prodding their necks with his greatsword.

They revealed that they were employees of a retired necromancer named 'Javier' and run a large-scale corpse business.

When Simon asked if they'd seen a schoolgirl in a Kizen uniform, they shook their heads.

But if Prince had the girl fall into Javier’s hands, they said she'd be put in a wagon and sent to a camp a bit far from here, claiming that the mansion would soon become a battlefield.

[What do you mean by the mansion becoming a battlefield?]

The captives seemed hesitant to answer this question. Pier partly performed a sword dance, and the terrified captives immediately spilled the whole story of a new incident that hadn't been revealed yet.

Javier was maintaining a partnership with both 'Prince' and 'Manus', the two most prominent Ancient Undeads of Death Land, at the same time.

His final goal was to have Manus eliminate Prince and to get Prince's 'Crown' in the end by also eliminating Manus.

That's how he figured out the whole story. But Simon's first priority was saving the kidnapped Meilyn.

Rather than going straight to the mansion, Simon thought that infiltrating the mansion during the upcoming battle between Prince and Manus would be the best way to increase the odds of rescue.

In the meantime, Simon decided to check the camp the captives had mentioned.

After taking off his Kizen school uniform and changing into the captive's clothes, he headed toward Javier's camp. But while he was on the way, he spotted a wagon going the same direction.

Simon attacked the wagon without hesitation and rescued Meilyn moments before disaster.

[Kuhehe! By the way, Boy!]

Pier said.

[When the girl asked you to reveal your name, what was that 'Pion'?]

At that question, Simon blushed and cleared his throat.

"Ah, just… At first I was gonna answer Pier, but I thought that could complicate things. So I just mixed Pier with my name, Simon, and said Pion."


"Let's stop talking about that and head to the mansion already!"

A war between Prince and Manus. This was lucky for Simon.

He thought it was a chance for him to attain a third Ancient Undead, one that was uncooperative with joining the Legion.

As Simon looked up, he saw the mansion burning through the thick forest.

"It seems that the war has already begun."



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