Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner



Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner


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Chapter 105


Pinch's body, split in half, drowned in the deep sea. Simon, staring at it expressionlessly, suddenly covered his mouth.

'…Ugh, my breath!'

[Keep going, Boy! Keep infusing jet-black in the greatsword and shooting it!]

Simon nodded, turned his greatsword toward the sea, and shifted to face opposite the water surface. Simon's body was slowly pushed back when he shot out a small slash in that position.

'I-I'm at my limit!'

His consciousness was on the verge of disappearing due to the extreme stamina depletion and his lack of oxygen. He bit his lips to the point of bleeding and barely kept his mind.

Somehow, he reached the point where he could see the ship. Now, a step away from the bottom of the ship…

Clack! Clack!

Simon heard the sound of the force failing to leave the tip of the greatsword. He had depleted all his jet-black.

Simon's consciousness had also reached its limit. Multiple times. As he was about to finally black out…


He saw Shun swimming toward him.


Simon and Shun reached out to each other.

They didn't make a mistake this time. They held each other’s hands tight, and at that moment, everything went black.


* * *



"Pufff! Huff! Hah!"

Amongst the powerful waves atop the water’s surface popped out an unconscious Simon, being carried by Shun.

"Grab this!"

Elizabeth threw a rope made of spider web. 

As Shun swam and grabbed the end of the rope, she pulled them up to the deck at once with the inhuman strength of an ancient undead.

"Cough cough! Huff! Phew!"

Shun vomited water all over the deck.

"Count! How's my master?"

"He's fine! He just lost consciousness because he used up all his strength."

The two quickly gave first aid to Simon.

But now the pirate ship wasn't safe, either. It was sinking because of the hole in the bottom.



A corpse spider had appeared and sent a signal to Elizabeth.


"Please don't be afraid. They’re allies."

Five corpse spiders brought a small—but good enough—wooden boat as she beckoned.

"There was an emergency row boat. Let’s take this and head to Blue Harbor."

Shun lifted up Simon in his arms.

"Well done, spiders!"


The spiders raised their legs and pretended to do high fives. Elizabeth stroked Pier's skull, which had now separated from Simon.

"Pier, you too. Well done."

[Kuhehe! My whole body is aching!]

"If you get rid of the salt water once we reach land, it'll be a little better. Now, let's move them quickly!"


* * *


‘I wonder how long I’ve been out…’

Simon finally opened his eyes after regaining his consciousness. He looked up at the ceiling with a blank expression for a while before sitting up.


What were only small aches became daggers wrenching into his flesh. His whole body was stiff and in pain, and bandages covered his body.

"Master! Have you awakened?"

Elizabeth, the first to see Simon wake up, rushed towards him. Then, she shook his shoulders.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Y-You’re making me dizzy, Eliza…"

"What a relief!"

The maids around them also stood up.

"Sir Simon!"

"Count Shun! Sir Simon is awake!"

"What, really? Big brother Simon!!"

Shun ran to Simon before jumping up and hugging him tightly. Shun had also been in the room, having fallen asleep as he waited for Simon to wake up.

Simon recalled his memories blankly for a moment, then smiled and placed his hand on Shun's head.

"So you saved me, huh, Shun?"

"No! You saved me, big bro!"

Simon was in the Oldwin Count Family’s mansion. He heard the whole story from Shun.

Today was the last day of his mission, the 5th day. A whole day had passed since the pirate invasion.

The remaining pirates, having lost Captain Guile, were all suppressed by the Sea Force. In particular, the key element was that Elizabeth's tactics consumed a ship’s worth of pirates when fighting Pinch.

After the battle, Simon was immediately moved to the mansion and treated, and Pier was also alright.

Blue Harbor's main downtown area was burnt down by a pirate ship's bombardment, but the flames had now been extinguished, and rebuilding had begun. Shun added that it wouldn't take long to regain the old appearance with the wealth of the Oldwins.

Shun also decided to re-investigate the case of his mother's death. Several elders of the Oldwins were suspected of being involved in this case. They seemed to have wanted Shun's father, the eldest son, to go through a marriage of convenience with a new noble girl.

It would take a lot of time to scrape out the rotten parts of the family, but Shun was determined.


* * *

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Translator - Ramen

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


After hearing about all that had happened, Simon let out a long sigh.

"Thankfully, it all ended without trouble, huh? The terms of the mission haven't been exceeded, either."

"Yeah! A servant from Kizen visited already."

A man in black, who had been barely visible where he stood beside the wall, nodded. Simon nodded back and asked,

"When should I be back at school?"

"There's no need for you to rush. If you tell me in advance when you want to teleport today, we'll prepare a teleportation based on that time."

"Alright. Thank you."

Seemingly letting Simon rest, Shun, his maids, and the servant all left the room. Only his close subordinate, Elizabeth, remained. She was peeling some fruit.

Simon looked Elizabeth up and down multiple times over.

"By the way, Eliza, why are you in that uniform?"

Dressed in a maid outfit, she looked back at Simon and grinned.

"I kept on calling you, Commander, by the name Master, so the maids in the mansion thought I had the same job as them and lent me a set. Does it suit me?"

She grabbed her skirt and spun around. Simon let out a small laugh.

"Let's rest for just two more hours and then return to Kizen."

"What? Wouldn't it be better for you to rest a little more?"

"I'm a bit too busy for that. I have to write a report to submit to Kizen and prepare for tomorrow's class. And staying in the mansion the whole time would be a nuisance for the people who work here."

"If this is what you wish, Commander. I'll follow you. Let me tell the head butler."

And like that, Simon—who had finished eating his porridge for brunch—regained his energy, put on a cleaned Kizen uniform, followed the butler's guide, and left the mansion.

"Sir Simon! Do your best!"

"We'll never forget you~!"

"I’ll welcome you with open arms if you happen to quit school! Alright?"

The maids dropped what they were doing and rushed out of the mansion, waving handkerchiefs and saying goodbyes to Simon.

Simon also respectfully greeted those who looked after him.

Shun, who was waiting in front of the carriage, giggled.

"Big brother Simon, you seem popular among the maids, huh?"

"…I don't really know why."

"Oh my, how dare you be distracted with such beauty by your side."

Elizabeth proudly hugged Simon's arm as if to show it. Protests poured out from the side of the mansion. Elizabeth stuck out her tongue and teased them.

"Let's stop playing around and move on."


Shun entered the carriage, and Simon and Elizabeth sat down after him. The coachman got the horses to start moving, and the wheels began to roll.

"What about the servant from Kizen?"

"He said he's preparing that teleport-what-not at the meeting point. Other than that, big brother?"


Shun chuckled.

"It's not over yet."

Simon's eyes widened as soon as the carriage came out of the mansion's front door. Residents had gathered in front of the mansion, pouring out applause and loud cheers.

"Goodbye, Student of Kizen!"

"Thank you for saving Blue Harbor!"

"Please stop by our shop sometime!"

In front, Simon could see the villagers who fought along with him with Bone Armor.

"We won't forget the times we fought together!"


Simon felt a lump in his throat. He showed his face out the window and waved directly to the people.

"Cheer up, Simon Polentia, son of Blue Harbor!"

Oh, that was a little bit too much.

The people of Les Hill would be upset if they heard this.

"Uhehe, why do people like you so much? What have you been doing while I wasn't looking?"

"I just fought according to your orders…"

The carriage, running zealously across the road past the mansion and downtown, gradually slowed.

It was a very familiar place. The Undead Exhibition Center where Simon had worked.

"Why are we here?"

"I have something to bring with me."

Shun jumped off, and Simon and Elizabeth followed. The guards standing at the gate stepped aside.

In the process, one of the guards thanked Simon for protecting Blue Harbor and left his well-wishes. Simon also responded with a smile and greeting.

"You're following me even if I'm just gonna quickly get something?"

"But I'm still your bodyguard today."

"Oh yeah. Right!"

Shun giggled and climbed the stairs first.

"It took me a while to get permission."

As Simon climbed the stairs, the butler and the head butler politely bowed. The head butler was holding a large chest in his hands.

"What's this?"

"What do you mean? It's the reward of the mission."

Simon, having received the box, carefully opened the lid. He saw 1,000 sparkling gold coins.


When he heard the words ‘1,000 gold’, he couldn't really picture it, but when he saw it all in person, he could understand that it was quite a considerable amount of money.

Simon said in excitement,

"...Thanks for everyth— No. Thank you very much, Count."

"Ahaha! Why are you acting so respectful all of a sudden?"

Shun giggled and gestured to the butlers. The butlers began to move in a hurry. 

"And big brother, haven't you forgotten something?"


"Yesterday, I said that if you protect this island and the residents, I'll be paying an additional commission fee."

At that, Simon sheepishly scratched at the side of his face.

"No, you really don't—"

"Take it off."

At Shun's command, the butlers pulled off the cloth. A skeleton in the form of a squid was seen in a fishbowl.

"The undead of the future, Mollusca Undead Overlord, worth 10,000 gold."

Shun took a deep breath and continued.

"From now on, it's yours, big brother Simon. I want you to have it."


Simon received a shock as great as a tsunami. His jaw practically hit the ground.

A skeleton horse or a skeleton made out of demon bone was on Simon's bucket list, but he couldn't even think about having this Overlord that was worth more than 10,000 gold.

"S-Shun! This is too—!"

Shun grinned and wiped his nose.

"Looking at your reaction, big brother, I feel even greater giving it to you! You'll accept the sincerity of me, the Oldwin family, and the residents of Blue Harbor, right?"


Shun even blocked the only path of refusal and asked for an answer. Simon, who had been dazed with tens of thousands of emotional interspersed, soon nodded.

The butlers and Elizabeth applauded and congratulated him as though waiting for that response. And…


Although Simon couldn't understand it, it seemed like Pier was also drunk with delight.



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