Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner



Necromancer Academy's Genius Summoner


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Chapter 74


Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

The footsteps were getting faster and faster.

Simon and his party jumped up from their seats and stayed alert.

Soon, a monster tore through the surrounding bushes and lept out. It was bigger than any other nustlelack they had ever seen.

“That’s the boss!”

“......Indeed. It’s pretty huge.”

It was two heads taller than the normal, small nustlelacks, and countless wounds could be seen on its body. Hair didn’t grow where it had been scratched, exposing its ugly bare skin.

[Grouugh! Grourourough!]

It lowered its stance. Unlike its front, where its fat belly protruded, its back looked thin and flexible enough that you could even see the spine.

Its gaze was directed at the golem core.

While Simon was preparing the golem, it sensed the jet-black around him shaking, so it appeared.

“It’s coming!”

The nustlelack rushed in. Simon also ran forward and said,

“Rick! Shield!”


Rick threw the enchanted shield to Simon. Simon grabbed the shield by the handle and pulled it to the end of his chin before clashing with the nustlelack.



Simon was pushed back in the battle of strength and got sent flying.

Perhaps because of the impact, the soil on the golem’s still-being-completed arm crumbled to the ground.


Said Rick as he grabbed his sword and rushed in.

“Leave this guy to us and focus on completing the golem!”

“Got it.”

“I’ll cover you!”

As Simon retreated, Camibarez fired Blood Bullets. Seeing a flying projectile, the nustlelack lightly jumped to the side and dodged it, sending a chill down Rick’s spine.

‘Contrary to how it looks, its reflexes are good!’

The nustlelack moved again, aiming for the golem. Rick ran straight ahead and tried to stop him, but there was a girl who jumped into the air faster than him.


As she beckoned, black fire poured down like rain. The nearby grass burst into flame, and the nustlelack seemed to back away.

“I’m telling you that we’re going to eat that! Please hold back your burning!”

With Rick’s shout, Meilyn got furious and turned to look at him.

“Is that really the problem right now? No, other than that, even if we’re eating it, we’ll cook it on a fire anyway!”


The nustlelack started running in the opposite direction, where there was no fire.

Meilyn and Rick were also running after the nustlelack, and Rick nodded with a serious face.

“Come to think of it, you’re right. If we consider it as pre-grilled, then—”

“Focus, you crazy bastard!”

“I’m always focused.”


The nustlelack stamped hard on the ground and jumped high enough to soar over the both of them.

Seeing this, Rick took something out of the subspace and threw it backward while spinning his body.


A pure white net spread over a wide area in the air, covering the front of the nustlelack floating in the air, and Rick immediately cast a dark spell.


The entire net was dyed with jet-black. With nimble movements, Rick pulled out a metal stake, stabbed it to the ground, and hung the net on the stake.


Meilyn gathered jet-black on her elbow and slammed it straight onto the stake.

With a thud, the stakes were driven deep into the ground.


She frowned and rubbed her elbows. Rick quickly lifted his head and looked at the nustlelack.

The net was pulled taut, and eventually, the tired nustlelack fell to the ground.

“It worked! We got it!”


However, there were parts where the enchantment wasn’t done properly due to the nature of the net, it being so large and full of holes.

After skillfully finding a torn part, the nustlelack ran out and rushed toward Simon.

“Rick! This stupid ass really just—!”


Noise resembling the crack of thunder sounded out before Meilyn even finished her words, and the nustlelack’s body flew away, ragdolling. Soon, it smashed into a few trees and rolled over to the ground.

Everyone opened their mouths and looked back.

“Did I make you wait?”

Simon smiled with his fist outstretched. Above him, a large Mud Golem was taking the same stance as Simon.

“Bwahaha! Nice save, Simon!”

“I’m counting on you to finish it, Simon. And Rick, I’ll see you later.”

[Grouugh! Groououugh!]

The nustlelack, covered in blood and lying on the floor, jumped up and rushed forward, screaming with anger.

“Why thank you. If you’re coming at me…”

Simon took a fighting stance.

The nustlelack leaped forward with all his might toward the mud golem, its nails tripling in length.


It made three claw marks on the golem’s body.

But that was it.

The mud golem raised its arms overhead, hands clasped together.

“Ah, Simon.”

Said Rick.

“I’m saying this again, but that’s our dinner today, so go eas—”


The golem’s clasped hands slammed the nustlelack down with enough force to create a cloud of dust, and a deep hole was left in the ground.



Rick and Camibarez, who were close, jumped back.

Meanwhile, the nustlelack trembled as though it was still alive despite that impact.

This time, the mud golem raised its leg.


It then continued to trample the beast.

Looking at this, Rick nodded with a serious face.

“I guess we can just make stir-fried ground meat.”

“.........Why are you so obsessed with eating all of a sudden?”


* * *

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Translator - Ramen

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


They successfully completed Hong Feng’s mission.

After hunting the boss and cleaning up the rest of the monsters, Simon and his comrades were now resting and waiting.

While they were having a nice little chat, someone came to them through the bushes.

“So you were here.”

A man with sun-tanned brown skin, short crew-cut hair, and a somewhat glum look.

It was Brett, an assistant teacher under Hong Feng. 

“Thank you for your effort. I have finished installing the teleport magic circle, so let’s proceed to where Professor Hong Feng is waiting.”


It was finally over!

Everyone followed after Brett, talking peacefully. A magic circle was spread out on the floor beyond the bushes.

“Thank you, assistant teacher!”

“I’ll go ahead!”

Meilyn, Rick, and Camibarez stepped through the magic circle.

Finally, when Simon was about to step through the magic circle…

“Hold on.”

Brett raised his arm and blocked Simon.

“You, spare me some time to talk.”


“Just a moment will do.”

Simon turned to him.

“Well, if you have something to say, why don’t you say it after we move on?”


Brett let out an annoyed sigh and raised his right arm.


A whole tree fell down with a crackling sound, creating a haze of dust behind him.


Brett’s eyes turned furious.

“I’m not gonna say it again. Fuck being an assistant teacher or Kizen student or whatever. I’m asking you to talk with me man-to-man.”


Looking at his air, it seemed that he was fully determined.

Simon nodded his head, thinking that it wouldn’t be possible to go through him easily.

“Alright. Then please take the lead.”

The two stood facing each other a short distance from the teleport magic circle.

“Haaaah, kids these days are so damn fucking mannerless. Something I couldn’t even dare to imagine back in my day is happening.”

“Please let me know if I have done anything wrong.”

“I’ll actually kill you.”

Brett frowned hard.

“Who are you to give Professor Hong Feng some work? Huh? The fuck? Could you teach us survival skills? Hahaha! Fucking non-sense, for real. Is Professor Hong Feng your private tutor or something?”

Simon still had a smile on his lips as he spoke.

“I think you’re exceeding your authority for an assistant teacher to talk about things between the Professor and me. Of course, I’m really sorry that we unintentionally called you on the weekend to pick us u—”


Simon shut his mouth. The stone that Brett had kicked was stuck in the tree next to Simon.

A hole was punched in on the tree, and white-ish smoke was coming out.

“Do you think I called you for something like that?”

Brett pointed his thick finger at Simon.

“You’re fucking playing with Professor Hong Feng’s heart right now.”


“Hah! This bastard isn’t even aware of it.”


Brett spat on the ground.

“The world seems so easy since you’re a Special Admission No.1, right? I know that the Professor offered you a seat as a direct disciple, and you’re using that as bait to use the Professor.”

What kind of bullshit was this guy talking about?

“You fucking filthy bastard! Do you even know how kind-hearted the Professor is? You’re tricking a person’s heart by using the direct disciple as a bai—”

“There seems to be a misunderstanding.”

Simon cut him off and corrected him.

“The Professor indeed offered me direct discipleship, but I immediately turned it down.”

Brett’s eyes widened.

“You declined?”

“Yes. I didn’t vaguely brush it off but clearly expressed my intention to refuse. The Professor respected my decision and said she personally wondered how far I could go. And even if I’m not her direct disciple, she told me that I can always ask her if I need her help as a disciple. So, it’s not true that I’m playing with the Professor’s heart as you said, assistant teacher.”

Brett didn’t say anything, and Simon immediately continued.

“The last time we were invited to the hut, Professor suggested it first, thankfully. Again, I’m—”


The corners of Brett’s lips twisted.

“Are you seriously telling me that bullshit? Then, are you saying that Professor Hong Feng is deliberately working for nothing? Does that make any sense?”


Brett hit his chest.

“I have served the Professor for 5 years. For 5 damn years! I know the Professor’s thoughts better than anyone! What does a 1-month-old freshman know to be able to blabber something?”

Simon smirked.

This wouldn’t do. He was the type that didn’t listen.

He’d keep saying he’s right no matter what I say.


Simon felt a fighting spirit eminating from Brett’s body.

From the first time he approached Simon, he had no intention of talking it out.

“Wear it.”

Brett took something out of his subspace and threw it at Simon.

It was a protective suit.

“It’s a high-purity protective suit that’s on a whole different level from the one used in Duel Evaluation or simulation.”


“There’s no need to argue with each other. Let’s just decide with this one.”

Brett waved his fist.

“If you can hit me at least once before the protective suit’s barrier breaks, then this didn’t happen, and I’ll do whatever you want, whether it’s an apology, compensation, or retirement.”

“Then, what if I don’t get to land a hit?”

Brett paused for a moment. Then, he took a deep breath.

“Accept Professor Hong Feng's offer to be her direct disciple.”


Simon’s eyes widened.

‘This is quite unexpected.’

He thought Brett was a typical idiot who was blinded by jealousy, but did he find Hong Feng more important than his own feelings?

“I feel sorry for that, but…”

Simon scratched the side of his head.

Imposing your thoughts on others by any means is a lowly, garbage act. And…

Simon put on the protective suit.

“I have no intention of backing down when it comes to a fight.”

I have to turn the situation around while pretending to face him for a while.

Simon’s head began to work extremely hard.



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