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Max Talent Player



Max Talent Player

[Translator – Lei ]

[Proofreader – Ash ]


Chapter 229


Hyukjin heard a notice.

[Confirming the presence of pure flame energy within the body.]

Athenae’s energy was mixed into the bloodthirst he had amplified with Will Incantation. On top of that—

[Confirming the presence of a physique imprinted with the ‘Tome of the Divine Bow Physique’.]

Before coming here, Hyukjin used the Tome of the Divine Bow Physique, the item directly sponsored by the Night of Shooting Stars. With it, Hyukjin imbued a special attribute in his body called the ‘Divine Bow Physique’.

[Perceiving powerful flame energy imprinted within the Divine Bow Physique.]

Hyukjin knew what this was. 

In the past, he was briefly given the ‘Blackfire Bow’ by the Night of Shooting Stars to use. It appeared that his Divine Bow Physique remembered the blackfire that had billowed from that bow.

Will Incantation.

Pure flame energy.

Divine Bow Physique.

The Blackfire Bow’s mana wavelength, engraved in his body.

These four factors came together, and—

[Analyzing the mana wavelength with Observer’s Eye.]

He oversaw and contemplated it all with Observer’s Eye.

‘Is this how you do it?’

[Overlaying the Divine Bow Physique’s mana on the Ink Bow.]

Hyukjin did everything by instinct.

[Generating a temporary Blackfire Bow.]

[The Blackfire Bow’s base item is the Ink Bow.]

A new item was generated with the Ink Bow as a base—a Blackfire Bow temporarily given shape through the power of the Divine Bow Physique.

‘Using a standard item as a base… to create a new item.’

It was a completely new concept that hadn’t existed in the past. And yet, he had just started pulling it off by instinct. A Guardian who normally didn’t interrupt Plays sent a message.

[The ‘Night of Shooting Stars’ is very satisfied.]

Guardians avoided sending messages like this in the middle of a Play. It was pretty much a tacit rule between Guardians. The reason humanity came up with to explain why was that other Guardians disliked such messages because they disrupted the flow.

In any case, Hyukjin remembered the Blackfire Bow’s item description word for word.


[Blackfire Bow]

Of the types of flames, there is redfire, which is consumed by bluefire, which is in turn consumed by blackfire. The Blackfire Bow bears the authority of blackfire. It can only be wielded by someone who has the highest grade of affinity for the fire attribute in addition to an innate talent for the archer class.

*The Blackfire Bow will decide for itself whether someone is qualified to wield it.


The bow was activated using mana. But the one he had now felt even more comfortable in his hand than the one from before.

‘Because of Athenae’s flames.’

After absorbing Athenae’s flames, his fire affinity was higher than when he first used the Blackfire Bow, and his talent for the archer class had also been boosted.

Dark flames blazed on the Ink Bow in Hyukjin’s hand. He drew the bowstring.

‘It eats up a lot of mana.’

He wouldn’t be able to manifest the bow for long. It put too much burden on the body.

‘There’s my target.’

Hyukjin aimed at a Gryphon surrounded by dozens of other Gryphons.

‘I’ll aim for the forehead.’

All of this happened in a matter of seconds. From the Will Incantation to firing, everything took less than three seconds. An arrow enveloped in blackfire went whistling off.

Mark’s eyes widened.

‘That’s an arrow?’

It seemed more like a light beam than an arrow.


And it was imbued with powerful mana.

‘How did he put that much mana in it?’

The result was shocking. The arrow found its mark on the Gryphon’s forehead and killed it on the spot. Black flames enveloped the beast, instantly disintegrating it. Those flames then burst out, spreading from target to target. A single wisp of flame was more than enough to kill.

Pietro witnessed it, too.

‘The flames… are swallowing the Gryphons.’

With a single arrow.

‘He hunted seventeen Gryphons. With a single shot.’

It was true that Mark and Hyun Junghwa had covered him, allowing him to prepare a big attack. But even so, this was an unreal feat. Regardless of requiring cover, this single blow was far too strong.

‘And his main class is sovereign.

Hyukjin fired yet another arrow, hunting another thirteen Gryphons with it. He killed three Gryphons instantly with one arrow, and the other ten were burned to death by the black flames that spread from the arrow.

Goosebumps rose all over Pietro’s body.

‘He’s this strong and he’s not world famous?’

From an information merchant’s perspective, that was even more terrifying. This man was thoroughly concealing his true self.

‘I need to make sure people keep their mouths shut.’

Pietro didn’t forget his duty. He had already agreed to this situation with Kim Hyukjin.

‘Was this why he was so confident?’

Of course he would be, when he was armed with such a powerful ability.

‘It wouldn’t be strange at all if he were elected party leader.’

Everyone here would agree to that. Everything went as Kim Hyukjin had devised. Before long, all of the Gryphons were killed, resulting in a notice.

[The main quest of the ‘Ash-Covered Castle of Angels’, the ‘War Between Sky and Ground’, has resulted in Ground’s victory.]

[Break time will be granted to the ‘Kin of the Ground’.]

[Rewards will be granted to the ‘Kin of the Ground’.]

The sculptures that had been pelting the Gryphons snapped back to their original places, and the briefly isolated field was once again connected to the outside world.

Pietro stepped forward.

“I’m sure everyone saw it.”

After all, Kim Hyukjin had produced this situation. All that was left now was to elect him as the party leader. However, Kim Hyukjin suddenly interrupted him.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Lei

Proofreader - Ash

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* * *


“I overexerted myself by drawing on my lifeforce. I think I need a little rest as a result.”

Hyukjin fell forward and was caught by Junghwa. Pietro faltered, failing to comprehend.


This wasn’t in the script.

‘Wasn’t he supposed to become the party leader here?’

That was what they had agreed on.

‘What’s going on?’

But as expected of an info merchant, Pietro caught on quickly. Kim Hyukjin was acting, using a fairly reasonable excuse like ‘I overexerted myself by drawing on my lifeforce’.

As Junghwa propped him up, Hyukjin let his head slump down as if he lacked the strength to lift it. But as he bowed his head, he was smiling.

‘This is good.’

Notices rang in Hyukjin’s ears.

[A non-archer has been chosen as the MVP in the ‘War Between Sky and Ground’.]

[Non-archers will be permitted to enter the ‘Ash-Covered Castle of Angels’.]

Only Hyukjin heard the words.

“Pietro. I have something to discuss with you.”

Thirty minutes of ‘regrouping time’ were granted by the System. Slumping on the ground like a limp ragdoll, Hyukjin called Pietro.

When Pietro sat down next to him, Hyukjin said very quietly, “Please call Salvatore, I mean Chiellini.”

The War God Salvatore was already a famous sovereign in Italy. It would become very easy to direct the archers.

“But Chiellini is a sovereign.”

“It’s now possible for non-archers to enter as well. If you have the key, go ahead and check it.”

Pietro hurriedly checked his Inventory.


[Gold Key - Dewinged Angel Statue]

An item that opens the gate into the field ‘Dewinged Angel Statue’.


‘The description changed!’

Originally, there was a condition saying ‘Only archer Players can enter’. But that was gone now.

“You’re right.”

“I don’t think there’s any Player better for a group battle than Chiellini. He’s probably nearby.”

“Chiellini is? Why?”

“He told me he wanted to go into this gate.”

“He told you that?”

“Yes. So I told him he should try to come in if he can, and he said he would stay nearby.”

Pietro didn’t ask why Chiellini wanted to participate. After witnessing Kim Hyukjin’s prowess for himself, Pietro could fully understand how Chiellini felt.

“And if Chiellini comes in, Vela will probably come in as well.”

“Will that… really happen?”

“Yes, it will.”

Pietro just stared at Hyukjin for a moment before asking, “How many Players of your level are there in Korea?”

“Find that out on your own.”


Pietro was sure of it.

‘He intentionally stationed Chiellini in this area.’

Pietro didn’t know what kind of deal the two made, but he suspected Hyukjin had planned this in advance. He was half right. It was true that Chiellini (Salvatore) himself wanted to participate, but Kim Hyukjin also asked him to stay near the Castel Sant’Angelo.

And that was because of the Astrologist Itachi’s prophecy.

A meeting occurs before the cornerstone of an ash-covered temple.

If they meet as enemies, so shall a conflagration of hell commence.

If they meet as friends, so shall the hymn of heaven ring.

As always, precognitive notes were vague and ambiguous. Back then, Hyukjin thought the prophecy was referring to the temple in Pompeii. But upon further thought, he had the feeling it wasn’t.

This quest had stated it outright: standing before them was the ‘Ash-Covered Castle of Angels’.

If that ‘meeting’ was a meeting with Salvatore, and what he thought back then was correct—

A meeting occurs before the cornerstone of an ash-covered temple.

If they meet as friends, so shall the hymn of heaven ring.

—then the hymn of heaven would ring. Heaven literally referred to the ‘above the sky’, and it also matched the War Between Sky and Ground main quest.

Vela came running over.

“Hyukjin! Take me! Take me too!”

Next to him was Salvatore. Two reliable reinforcements had come. The archers cheered upon recognizing Vela and Salvatore.

Schultz, the person who was supposed to have become party leader before Hyukjin jumped in, naturally did not oppose when Hyukjin proposed—with pleasure—to have Salvatore assume the party leader position. Salvatore accepted.

The Italian sovereign said quietly, “Do you intend on setting me up as a front?”


“Which means you’re using me.”

“Am I not allowed to?”

“It’s not that you’re not allowed to…” Salvatore trailed off, rendered speechless by how easily Hyukjin had admitted it. “I’ll be your front, but… please give me your full assistance.”

“Got it.”

“...I will use this opportunity to learn a lot from you. Hyukjin.”

Salvatore felt more at ease than usual.

‘This feels great.’

Knowing someone better than him was supporting him made the responsibility feel lighter than usual. Also, he would be able to learn a great deal from Kim Hyukjin again, something he was happy about.

Thirty minutes passed.

[The ‘regrouping time’ granted by the System has ended.]

Pietro took out the Gold Key.

‘I can activate the gate by finding the place where this key reacts.’

He had already found that spot in advance. It was across the bridge near the Castel Sant’Angelo.

[Generating the ‘Ash-Covered Castle of Angels’.]

That moment, the entire field changed. Just like with the Tutorial Field, the world turned red.

[A crack has formed in the ‘Ash-Covered Castle of Angels’.]

[The field will cease to be if the ‘Ash-Covered Castle of Angels’ collapses.]

[In order to stop the crack in the ‘Ash-Covered Castle of Angels’ from spreading, the entrance to the ‘Dewinged Angel Statue’ must be opened.]

[The quest ‘Clear the Dewinged Angel Statue Gate!’ has been generated.]

Pietro had come all this way for this quest.

“I will now activate the key,” he said.

He activated the Gold Key.

[The entrance to the ‘Dewinged Angel Statue’ is opening.]




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