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Star-Slaying Swordsman



Star-Slaying Swordsman

[Translator – Niel]

[Proofreader – DVN-L ]


Chapter 32


“…A redhead, huh? Okay, I’ll go get that person, then. We really can’t do anything yet without Viera-chan after all.”


Soon after, Fiole, who had turned her back on us, faced us once again and looked at Abald.


“And just to make sure, I want a messenger that can most certainly fulfill the role, so you’ll be coming with me, Abald.”

“…I would be more than happy to assist you.”


Abald gave his immediate response to Fiole's remark, but for some reason, there was a strange silence in the middle of his statement.


The reason why remained unknown to me.

Perhaps it was because the reply Abald gave wasn’t really his true intention.

And perhaps it was because I had seen such a reaction from him that I didn’t have a good feeling about what was about to happen.




I found myself butting in their conversation.


“If by any chance that redhead ended up provoking the Jabberwork, what are you going to do?”


Fiole seemed a bit surprised by my statement, but only for a moment.

She then pointed to the paper she just handed to me, and told me to look at the bottommost line, the plan B.


I looked as I was told, and there it stated that if the enemy started to move before Viera had returned…


“…Stall for time…”

“And that’s what I’m going to do.”


Fiole nodded in satisfaction as I read through the sentence that followed.


“My ability is the most effective when it comes to stalling for time after all. And besides, if I let any of you die, Viera will beat me up, you know? So I’m the one going, and it can’t be anyone else but me.”


Hearing that, I felt, somehow, that I could see the kind of person Viera Islebark really was.

She probably hated the idea of people dying, so she set a deadline to only before the full moon occurred.


…The fact that she, who was considered the foremost force on the battlefield, was away from Minaura posed a big question to me.

But now thinking about it, it made sense to assume that it probably had something to do with that very reason.

So basically, that’s all there was to it.


And at the same time, I realized it.


The fact that Viera Islebark was really concerned and considerate about human lives such as mine.


“…I see.”


…I proclaimed that I’d be a Star Slayer all the time, but the reality was that I was actually being minded in a way that I didn’t know all along.

Knowing what Viera actually thought was beyond me, but if I had to guess based on Fiole’s statement, I’d say that she was worried about me.




“I’ll go with you, then.”

“Weren’t you listening to what I just said?”


Her tone of voice dropped.

Her face was smiling, but her eyes weren’t showing any signs of happiness at all.

I was sure she was appalled, even angry to an extent.


“I was listening, so I’m telling you my thoughts. And if you’re going to buy time, you’ll need more manpower more than anything.”


In addition, the red-haired magician who went for the Jabberwock was probably Siva.

Only he would face such a monster alone and use that opportunity to make a name for himself.


…That’d be a bit unfair, wouldn’t it?


“Besides, that red-haired magician is probably an acquaintance of mine. I have some knowledge of his magical abilities. If you're going to try and capture him, I think it would be better if I were there.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if you just told us about him right here and now?”

“You know the kind of person I am, don’t you?”

“How about you repay me for saving your life?”

“I don’t want him to end up being our enemy, so I’m asking you to bring me with you.”

“...We can’t come to an agreement, then.”


Neither of us was willing to give in the slightest.

Therefore, this conversation was bound to never end.


“I am not going to defeat the Jabberwock by myself, much less be able to do so… I told you that I’m just going to stall for time, so why are you so adamant about going with me?”


Fiole’s eyes spoke louder than her mouth, as if to say that I didn’t need to worry, because the opportunity for me to fight would surely come around later.

And that was why she was unable to understand my feelings.


“…As you already know, I came to Minaura because I wanted to be strong. I wanted to overcome the walls that’d stand in front of me, that’s all.”


After hearing the report about a red-haired magician who had selfishly broke through the guards’ restraints and headed for the Jabberwock, I was awakened.

It seemed that I had been very reserved just because I had to deal with a single mutant monster.


“Then it’s all the more reason for you to—”


 Before she could point out how I didn’t need to go, I immediately cut off Fiole’s words.


“—Overcome such a wall that only leads to my death. And in that sense, it’s meaningful.”


Such maddening words were coming out of my mouth as if they were a natural part of my sane state of mind.


“In my eyes, you guys are strong. Very, very strong. Even when I first saw Viera, It came to me without even having to hold up my sword that she was a much superior swordsman than I was. But that’s why it doesn’t make any sense to me.”


That’s right. It doesn’t make sense.

Viera Islebark is going to be there, and alongside Fiole and her companions, they will defeat the Jabberwock.

And, yes… They would certainly be more than enough to do so, but…

I think that’d be a little too halfhearted, and so I realized that fact.


The only reason I accepted Fiole’s offer was that I had to.

My arm was broken, and no matter how hard I tried, I wouldn’t be able to do anything on my own.


And now that that very arm that caused me to give up had healed completely, I’d already decided what to do.


“So please, take me with you.”

“…Frankly speaking, I know that I told you and Viera were similar, but I’m not so sure now. You seemed similar, but you’re nothing like her at all.”


I figured so.


I suppose that perhaps Viera’s reason for longing for power was to keep people from dying.

And for that very reason, she was trying to become stronger and stronger.


I, on the other hand, was just a fool to the core who was longing to Slay the Stars without any room for such noble ideals as hers.

No matter how much strength I sought, it would be meaningless if I died. I’d just lose everything.

And yet, I was willing to accept such thing and force myself to move forward.

There couldn’t be many of the same kind.


“…Then, can I ask you one thing? If you can convince me, I will take you as you wish.”


The voices of those who were around the place were mixed with astonishment.

However, Fiole didn’t listen to any of them and just focused her attention on me.


“What do you aspire to be?”

“—I want to be a ‘Star Slayer.’ The very same reason why I’m living now is that I want to be strong, strong enough to Slay the Stars…”

“…For what reason do you want to Slay the Stars?”

“To prove that the『Star Slaying』swordsmanship is the strongest, and to show to everyone, including those who lived in the past, that my longing was the truest of them all.”


I proclaimed the reason why I was wielding my sword.


“…I see. Your magic is just very much like you. Good grief… I thought you were an unexpected find, but you turned out to be a very bad time bomb.”


Fiole let out a sigh and laughed bitterly with a pretense of resignation.


“I get it. If you insist that much, I won’t stop you anymore. But I have just one condition, so will you listen to me one last time?”

“…What is it?”

“It’s simple. I know it’s easier said than done— but don’t die if you can help it. If she sees a dead body lying around, Viera will be very sad.”


It’s not easy being a caring sister, she said, and she turned her back to me once again.


“We don’t have much time left, so let’s get going. Come on, Julius.”




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