Star-Slaying Swordsman



Star-Slaying Swordsman

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Chapter 45


“—So, what in the hell are you going to do?”

“About what?”

“…About the “Magician Hunter,” of course.”


It was the first thing that Lilea asked right after we left the popular sweets store named “Prossol” as we walked.


“I’ve never heard of invisibility magic, but if such magic is really possessed by someone, namely someone like the ‘Magician Hunter,’ it’s definitely more than plausible.”

“I bet so, but let’s assume that person really possesses such magic. In that case, there must be some kind of flaw accompanying that magic, right?”


It was one of the pieces of knowledge about magic Lilea had taught me during my two-year grace period before going to the capital.

—There is absolutely no magic without a flaw, and so we came to a conclusion.


For example, my magic,『Sword: Creation』is flawed in a way that it can only produce a sword right next to one’s own limb.


Fiole’s『Corpse Puppet: Marionette』cannot be used to another magician’s corpse.

I didn’t know much about Viera nor Siva’s, but they must have some kind of flaw too, one way or another.


It’s an “absolute” element that accompanies all magic, as per Lilea’s teachings.


“…You’re right. There are probably a flaw or two, but—”

“—We can make things work out then.”


I interrupted Lilea with my hopeful optimism.


“Besides, don’t you think it’s much scarier if he remained anonymous all the time? If he can indeed hide in plain sight, it’d be pointless for magicians to run away and hide. Then I think it’s better to be an imposing bait in his once every five days cycle.”

“…That’s an unusually sound argument coming from an insane person like you.”

“I’m certain that I’m always giving out sound arguments, though.”

“If that's your definition of being sound and rational, then you better work on changing it.”


I was taken aback by Lilea’s blunt remark.


“—But with all that being said, our schedule ended unexpectedly early.”


Lilea looked up at the sky.

The time was a little past noon, but the sun hadn’t started to set just yet.


The scheduled meeting with Amseth about teaming up had been dealt with, and so all our initial plans were over.

The only thing left to do was to head over to the guild to submit our proof of completing the subjugation.


“Is there anything in particular you want to do?”


I guess she was concerned about the fact that I had just arrived in the capital.

Lilea asked me if there was anything I wanted to do, but unlike Sofia, I didn’t have any interest in certain places.

So I pondered for a moment, but no good answer came to mind.


Perhaps seeing my mouth tight as a knot, she immediately followed up.


“…Oh, now that I remember it, Sofia-chan here has improved her magic a lot since then, you know?”


A sudden change of topic.

Lilea suddenly mentioned Sofia’s name, the person who hadn’t been trying to join in the conversation.


“I’m sure she can heal a few wounds quickly now.”

“That’s definitely an improvement.”


I had seen Sofia try and experiment in her own way during my two-year grace period, but according to Lilea, it seems that she has become even better at using her magic since coming to the capital.


“So depending on Sofia’s response—”


Lilea’s gaze shifted to Sofia as she said this.


“—I’ll gladly help and tag along with you two if you want. I have to use my magic regularly too, or else my skills will get dull.”


She said with a clang, and the clang was from Lilea slightly lifting the hilt of her sword that she had been holding at her waist the whole time.

I thought that proposal would be more beneficial to me than aimlessly wasting my time wandering in the capital on my own.

The problem, however, was the part where Lilea surrendered all the authority to Sofia into making the decision.



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The two of us set our gazes on Sofia.

And the person in question let out a troubled groan.


“That’s all fine with me, but I do have one condition.”


A condition, once again.


“If you lose to Lilea-san in a duel, forget about being the bait for the ‘Magician Hunter.’ Of course, both of you aren’t allowed to use magic, so no『Shooting Star』for you too, Julius.”


…What a ridiculous condition.


“Oh, that’s some good condition you got there. If you can’t beat me, how can you even stop the rumored ‘Magician Hunter?’ I’m on board, let’s do it.”


Lilea happily concurred, her voice bubbling with joy.


“But you should be a little more understanding of Sofia's feelings. Kidding aside, if what Amseth said was true, you and the "Magician Hunter" aren’t a really good match.”


With Sofia being who she is, she can’t help but be concerned about your well-being, Lilea added.


…I knew that without being told.

She was furious, and she yelled and punched me hard in the gut for selfishly going to Minaura all on my own after all.


I’m learning healing magic because I don’t want people who are important to me to die. But if they do something reckless like that without me knowing, there’s really nothing I can do.

I already know that I can’t keep you from doing something reckless. But at the very least, don’t be on your own, she said.


I couldn’t say anything to her.

Even I myself couldn't refute it, and it was still fresh in my mind that I was beaten by Lilea and others as well.

Thanks to those memories, I couldn’t turn down giving Amseth a chance to say what he must.


“…I know that.”


Swordsmen are those who wield their swords to cut and slash in hopes of slaying their targets.

It’s a general term for those who do just so as their means of attack.

They draw one straight line.


And there was no such thing as hitting an invisible target in the dark by chance.

Amseth also said that even the fiercest warriors become scarecrows before the ‘Magician Hunter.’


“But I’m afraid your condition is more convenient to me, more so because I prefer doing things at my own pace.”


Initiating the attack against who would be my worst matchup would be the best.

If I should be suddenly attacked like the magicians who had died in the past, I wouldn’t stand a chance at all.


“…Well, that’s a good argument too.”


It's not fair that you can think more rationally than anyone else at a time like this, is it?

Lilea said as she reproachfully stared me in the face.


“But regardless of your sound arguments, a part of you is still reluctant to act them out fully. You may have only agreed to talk with Amseth earlier because you owe Sofia a big one, but I’m a swordsman too. I’m not going to go easy on you just because we're of the same kind.”


Lilea then began to taunt me.

What will you do?

Are you going to run away with your tail between your legs, saying you might lose so you won’t even bother to try?

She said as she provocatively stared into my eyes.


I curved the edge of my mouth ever so softly as my answer.

Her response to my smile was:


“Oh, I forgot. That was a stupid question to ask you.”


—This is great.


“Fufufu, both Lowe and Joshua just refuse to be my training mate. And you don't know this, but I've had a lot on my plate this past month.”


Frustration, perhaps.


One of the main reasons Lilea had been actively looking after me for the past two years was that she wanted a partner with whom she could wield a sword.

So basically, she wasn’t taking care of me for my sake, but for herself.

It was because I’d make a good training partner for her.


In fact, I was the same with her as the two of us trained together every time they visited my village.

And thus, it’s all the more reason why I understood her.


Although she may appear a rational person, Lilea was just someone like me when you really looked at her core.

She’s a certain someone who’s also called… a fighting maniac.



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