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Villain Hides His True Colors



Villain Hides His True Colors

[Translator –  Yasi ]

[Proofreader – Karane ]


Chapter 83


Morning of the school festival.


Families of the trainees and officials from the hero industry who had been waiting for this day crossed the main gate as the outside-only parking lot that had been empty became packed with cars for the first time in a while.


Watching such a sight was the Director of the Hero Training Institute, Dokgo Hakju.


"Huu...what a terrifying crowd coming today."


There were always countless visits at this time of year, but there were especially many more today.


From his perspective of someone who just wanted the event to end without any accidents, the situation felt very unwelcomed.


It's all because of him...


He recalled Noah's face.


Ever since his enrollment, how many accidents have he caused?


Starting with the killing at the entrance ceremony, to assaulting professors in class, and then not long ago, he indiscriminately slaughtered villains from Eighth Layer Hell and even went missing.


As a result, Samaria, his professor, had to pay a visit to the Hero Association every day, and he, too, had to spend every day fretting to cover up the incident at headquarters.


Then, just as the situation was finally resolved and when he thought Noah wasn't ever returning to the institute again, he had returned from another accident.


An accident large enough to be on the global scale.


Dragon Slayer...


The hero who had defeated an S-Rank monster in Hong Kong and No. 1 aspiring hero with a promising future.


The current interest in Noah was so hot that not just the hero industry but even ordinary citizens knew his name.


Damn it! I just want to quietly serve my term and leave!


In fact, since the political intentions were complicatedly intertwined, he was doubtful whether the monster that Noah had defeated was really S-Rank, but one thing was certain,


I can't control him...anymore.


At least, within this institute there was no one who could teach Noah.


When he had heard that Samaria, an A-rank hero, was going to personally watch Noah, he thought he could somehow last a year, but even just from the looks of what was happening now, perhaps he had been underestimating him.


The more we try to control him, the more trouble he causes!


As someone with an insight learned from lifelong experience, he had seen through the consequence of having Noah around.


There was an ominous foreboding that another major accident would occur if he stayed.


And the moment that happens, his political ambitions will also go down the drain.


As expected...I better get him out of the institute as soon as possible.


In the long history of the institute, an early graduation had never been done before.


He didn't want to shoulder that kind of political burden, so he had tried to endure it, but compared to the real burden of Noah's existence, it was all but a minor matter.


I'll have to find a way as soon as possible after this event...


In order to carry out the 'Choi Noah graduation plan,' it was necessary to finish the school festival safely without any accidents first.


Don't tell me...he's going to cause another accident just after coming back?


He had an uncomfortable feeling for some reason as he moved to commence today's event.


* * * * * * * * * *


Located at a large training grounds in the middle of the Hero Training Institute.


In the stands, which were usually empty, countless people sat still.


“The next team is up. To give you an introduction on this team…”


Seen all around were cameras flashing as well as reporters who had come out to broadcast the activities of future heroes who will someday serve the citizens nationwide.


The trainees who stood in the middle of the training grounds had nervous expressions as they showcased their skills they had honed so far to meet the expectations of such people.


On the training grounds, beautiful magic embroidered the air and extraordinary abilities caught people's eyes.


Sometimes impractical techniques were performed and there were minor and major injuries, but nevertheless, the enthusiasm of the venue continued to heat up.


"Honey...I'm so happy right now...I can't believe he's really a hero...Heuk!"


"Our little boy grew up before we knew it...I'm proud of you, son!"


The trainees' families were moved to tears by the sight of their sons and daughters.


"Wow...this is awesome. I've only seen it through videos, but seeing it in person is no joke."


"Hehe, keep an eye on them. Because you’ll see this brother in the next three years ."


"Damn, if you pass the hero exam, I'll use honorifics for the rest of my life and take you as my hyung. I have a better chance than a person with an average ability like you."


"What are you talking about? Do you want to make a bet?"


The aspiring heroes who dreamed of becoming heroes gave a longing look, overwhelmed by the splendid performances.


"What...the. That's quite amazing."


Not only that...


The officials from the hero industry who had participated in the school festival every year were also quite surprised during the event.


"The trainees' level seems to be particularly high this year."


"I heard the Hero Exam this time was especially difficult...I guess only the best made the cut this year."


The scouts watched the trainees with their eyes wide open as if they didn't want to miss a moment.


Normally, there would be about one or two talents per team, but now they were pouring down in droves.


Even if only a few were recruited, for the next few years, there would be no need to prepare the next generation of prospects.


They continued to write something on their notepads or made calls somewhere, wary of other companies' scouts standing beside them.


Just then, their sudden and busy movements stopped all at once.


“Now...let me introduce you to the next team.”


“The members of this team are so impressive that it could be said that we had saved the best for last.”


“And I'm sure there's a reason why a lot of people have been waiting for this moment.”


The host paused for a moment before continuing in a powerful tone.


“All right! The team led by 'Dragon Slayer' Choi Noah, a hot topic all over the world!”


“Team Blazing Noah will now enter!”


At the conclusion of the host's speech, a huge cheer erupted that couldn't be compared to before.


It was as if the number of attendees had increased several times in an instant.


And in between, those from Choi Noah's fan club waved banners and cheering sticks.




"Choi Noah! Choi Noah! Choi Noah!"


"Kyaak! Noah! My noona came today! Please marry her!"


Soon after, team Blazing Noah appeared before such an enthusiastic crowd.


Fluttering a stylish uniform as a group, they entered in a commanding manner wearing wolf masks.


"Oh? What's this?"


"It seems like they've prepared a performance?"


Those who saw the masks whispered amongst themselves with raised expectations.


After walking proudly, team Blazing Noah finally stood tall in the middle of the training grounds.


A genius among geniuses and someone who was called the greatest in the history of the Hero Training Institute. What will they show?


The crowd, who couldn’t contain their enthusiasm, held their breath, as a mixture of anticipation and excitement hung in the training grounds.


At that moment,




The crowd turned in unison at the sudden outburst.


And there, standing was a group of people completely armed and dressed in combat uniforms.


On their shoulders were armbands from the Hero Association.


"Huu, is this also a performance?"


"But to say that is a bit weird...?"


As the crowd became agitated and murmurs spread, the armed group surrounded team Blazing Noah in a quick motion as if they had prepared for a long time.


Soon, among the armed group, a person stepped forward.


"Choi Noah. You're under arrest. Please don't try any meaningless resistance."


A-Rank hero 'Spiral Man,' Jenon.


It was impossible for the residents of Gyeonggi-do not to know of him since he was the strongest hero stationed here.


However, there was another reason why the crowd was agitated...


"Th-that person...?" 


Following Jenon was another person.


Not only the residents of Gyeonggi-do but also citizens of Korea...No, it was a celebrity whose face most people around the world knew.


Lightning Sword, Shin Cheonho.


An S-Rank hero who could never easily be seen on TV had suddenly appeared at the institute.


What was going on? Why was Noah under arrest all of a sudden?


At the incomprehensible situation that was unfolding before their eyes, the crowd gathered at the training grounds were badly shaken.


Soon, as if to answer their question, one more person stepped forward.




A man in silver armor slowly approached team Blazing Noah.


"Choi Noah. You're under immediate arrest on suspicion of colluding with the Red-wanted villain group, Eighth Layer Hell."




Eighth Layer Hell? Rather, wasn't Noah most famous for fighting against them?


The crowd became increasingly confused.


However, the man in silver armor didn't pay any attention to it and spoke to Shin Cheonho next to him.


"Then, please."




With a stiff expression, Shin Cheonho ordered team Blazing Noah who had their faces covered.


"Reveal your faces."


Soon, team Blazing Noah took off their mask one by one.


Except for one person.


* * *

Reaper Scans

[ Translator - Yasi ]

[ Proofreader - Karane ]

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* * *


One of the smallest bodies like that of a child didn't take off their mask.


"Choi Noah."


Shin Cheonho slowly took a step forward and spoke in a coaxing tone to the child.


"...You best just obediently surrender. There's nothing you can do here anyway..."




"You may think it's unfair now, can't be helped. Sometimes even if it's unreasonable, you have to adapt accordingly."


He spoke with a self-deprecating expression as if he was talking to himself.


Beyond the mask, a tearful girl's voice was heard.


"I had really hoped it wasn't..."


"Your voice...?"


The mask came off, and there, it was the face of Shirahui in tears.


"Rahui! H-how come it's you...?"


"This...Is this the justice that father speaks of?! Trying to arrest an innocent person?"


"Th-that…I have my reasons."


"What the hell are the reasons?! Rather, Choi Noah was the hero who had defeated Eighth Layer Hell! It's not enough to reward him, but you're arresting him now?!"


She looked at her father with eyes full of resentment, anger, and sadness.


In front of his daughter, Shin Cheonho looked away without saying anything.


Watching him was the man in silver armor, Pamir, who spoke with an expression of annoyance.


"Tsk, it seems there was a tip-off."


They had tried to arrest Noah in front of as many people as possible to keep him on a definite leash.


Pamir was needlessly greedy and things had gotten annoying.


I should've just arrested him as soon as possible.


He murmured in irritation as he slowly approached Shirahui.


"Everything is for world peace. So if you don't want to be branded as a villain, you best cooperate. Where's Choi Noah?"


"I won't tell you."


Shirahui glared at Pamir with her mouth firmly shut. In response, he pulled out a sword from his waist and pointed it at her.




"I'll ask you one more time. Now...Where is Choi Noah?"




At his words, Shirahui closed her eyes.


"Hoho, looks like everyone thinks I'm joking...It would be helpful to make an example."




Shin Cheonho rushed to Pamir and begged.


"P-please hold on a second. It's because they're still immature...I'll definitely find out where Choi Noah is."


"Hmm...if you say so...all right. I'll leave this up to you."


"Th-thank you."


Pamir put his sword back in its sheath and backed away. Then in his place, Shin Cheonho looked at the group.


"I think you all know me well."


A heavily subdued voice. His voice was as cold as a person without emotions.


"So...don't make me say it twice."


From his body came a terrifying aura.


Also called a natural disaster, it was the aura of an S-Rank hero.


The trainees in front of him, no matter how remarkable they were for their age, were like a mantis in front of a cart.




Except for Shirahui, the rest of the group desperately tried to resist the aura by drawing their mana.


Despite the simple pressure, their breathing became faster and their mana flow gradually distorted.


"S-stop! Dad, stop!"


"It's all...for world peace."


"P-please...Dad, please..." 


"...I will explain the situation to you later. So stay quiet for now."


Shirahui looked at her teammates who were in pain and begged her father.


Her father would normally grant her favor with a kind face, but today, she felt as if he was a completely different person when she looked into his cold eyes.


The group’ faces were turning blue, and eventually, Mousin, who was considered the weakest, fell to the ground foaming at the mouth.


Immediately, someone on the Hero Association side stood in their way and bore the aura instead.


"Keuk! Lightning Sword. This isn't right. Don't you know best?"


A woman with a large stature like a bear and encased in black lead made of graphite.


"Now...what are you doing?"


"I'm just doing what I think is right!"


"What a fool."


Shin Cheonho's aura grew even stronger.


As a result, a man as big as the woman, ran out of the Hero Association's pack and stood next to her.


It was a man with a shaggy face.


"Something like this! This is really not right! What did Noah do wrong?"


"Disobeying orders. How the hell did you manage your men? Branch Manager. When this is over, take disciplinary action against these two and submit a report."


Shin Cheonho said to Jenon who was standing next to him.


"...I see."


Upon hearing him, Jenon nodded slowly.




He actually walked to the side of Hairy and began to handle the aura emitted by Shin Cheonho together.


"...What are you doing?"


"I mean, I knew what I should do. Huu...I should've done it from the start. I'm tired of walking around eggshells when it comes to headquarters."


"I thought you would have made a wise decision...What a disappointment."


Kim Taehi looked at Jenon with her eyes wide open.


"B-Branch Manager? Wh-why all of a sudden...?"


Unlike usual, Jenon replied with a smile.


"Well, it's almost time to retire anyway, so I might as well quit at this time."




"Don't worry about me. After all, I've been looking at plots of land whenever I had time so I could return to farming when I retired. More than that...I want to apologize to you guys. If I had let go of my lingering attachment and put a stop to this earlier you wouldn't have been implicated."


"No...Rather...I'm sorry for being rude last time."


In the end, the aura that had pressured team Blazing Noah was negated when an A-Rank hero joined.


The trainees finally looked as if they had a sign of life. As such, Mousin staggered to his feet, breathing heavily.


"Heuk...heuk...motherfucker. I wouldn't have retaken the Hero Exam for 10 years if I knew it was a bunch of crap! Hey! Saki, just kill them all if you have to!"


"All right, ahjussi! I like that crazy attitude of yours today!"


Mousin took out the tonfas from his waist and Saki prepared her inner destructive power so that she could explode at any time.


Behind them, Yeom Gangjun flared up and Fernando remained silent as he stood guard.


Shin Cheonho who was watching them at last drew the sword from his waist.





Deep blue sparks whirled menacingly from his blade.


Soon, dark clouds quickly formed in the sky and sporadic thunders could be heard.


He had begun to show his power in earnest.


"...This is the last warning. From now on, I will consider those who rebel as villains."


At that moment, from somewhere, a group of trainees came running and shouting.


"Let's go! For Noah!"




A group of about 100 people. They were the successful candidates from the Pyongyang branch and were collectively called the Choi Noah Army at the institute.


They took out their own weapons and stood behind team Blazing Noah.


However, they weren't the only ones who had stormed in.


"No one can take Noah away!"


"You won't take Noah!"


"Noah! Sister will protect you!"


Choi Noah's fan club ARK, who was sitting in the stands, joined the group with light sticks in their hands.


In the middle of the training grounds, a large number of people had gathered. They all glared at Shin Cheonho with grim expressions.


Meanwhile, Shin Cheonho watched them with a somewhat shocked expression.




In fact, in front of him, an S-Rank, these people had no meaning whether hundreds or thousands gathered.


They were just more victims and won't actually help the cause.


And if they were attending an event like this, they should also be well aware of the meaning of S-Rank.


So why...?


What did they believe in that they could be so courageous?


Did they know who they were fighting against at the moment?


Even he, one of the few S-Rank heroes in the world, had to bow his head in the face of the greater power called the World Government.


Stupid...really stupid.


It seemed these people didn't know there were opponents that couldn't be overcome simply by will alone.


They were just stupid.




Nevertheless, for some reason, his irritation continued to rise.


In front of them, Shirahui walked out.


"Rahui...You don't know anything. It's still not too late to change your mind...Please, I'm asking you as your father."


"... Since I was young, my dream has been to be a daughter who wasn't ashamed of my father." 


"Yes...I know that better than anyone else. You've always been my good daughter. So please change your mind."




Shirahui's hair began to turn bright yellow.


"Father once told me…There is nothing more shameful than a hero who turns a blind eye to justice."




Releasing the force of Lightning Calamity, bright yellow lightning arcs exploded around Shirahui.


"So I..."


With golden eyes, she faced her father.


"To be a daughter you won’t be ashamed of, I will stand up to you today."


* * * * * * * * * *


In the middle of the training grounds there was a confrontation taking place.


Shirahui, the other trainees, Shin Cheonho, and the Hero Association.


On the other hand, I was watching it from Hwangnyeong Mountain behind the institute through my angel familiar.


"I didn't expect them to really come."


A few days ago the hotline I had received from Kim Taehi at the time of the hotel incident rang.


Along with her was Hairy as they told me everything regarding the Hero Association's plan.


In fact, I was half in doubt at first, but since I only needed to protect Shirahui anyway, I had decided to ignore the school festival grade and hide myself for the time being.


But unfortunately, the information that Kim Taehi had given was true and the current situation happened.


"To think I would be marked by the World Government again..."


I thought I would live a steady life with the goal of being a hero in the second round.


To be honest, I felt a little dumbfounded.


"Damn it. Arresting me for being too strong?"


If I had known this would happen, I would have just lived without thinking about image management.


The rulers of this world were as such, and perhaps without my help, the demon army could conquer Earth without difficulty.


"But...what should I do from now on?"


I didn't know exactly what they would do, but I was sure they would try to put a shackle around my neck if I let them arrest me.


It was something I loathed more than anything. 


I would rather die than let that happen.


But to run away for the rest of my life, their information network was too tight.


I had experienced it myself in the first round, so I knew it better than anyone else.


In the end, I tried to enjoy the content in a different way this time around, but I was going to be on the run again.


I had the option of just going back to being a villain, but it was actually not acceptable to my pride as a gamer.


There was no sense of progress if I just kept doing only things I was good at.


I quickly racked my brain. However, there wasn't any clear choice right now.


Since they were trying to arrest me, they would have made a reason already.


As expected, it seemed it would be good to escape like this...


But before that, there was one thing to do.


I needed to kill that man before I left. The man in silver armor.


According to Kim Taehi, that guy was the dog sent by the World Government...


How dare he troll my perfect game?


Anyone who interfered with my game deserved to die. But the problem here was...


It was simply a direct path to the Villain Route if I killed him up front.


Even if I miraculously assassinate him without attracting as much attention as possible, due to the nature of those who wanted to frame me, I was certainly going to be branded as the culprit.


Ah...I really wanted to kill him. Was there any way...?


All I needed was a criminal to be my scapegoat.


He was as strong as A-Rank, so there wasn't a person who would fit the profile to have killed him.


The moment I thought as such,


Boom, boom, boom–


The ground suddenly vibrated.


At first, I thought the guys who were confronting each other had finally started to clash, but that wasn't the case when I looked closely.


They, too, were looking around in bewilderment.


The sky, which was full of dark clouds, had turned red as a huge barrier surrounded the institute.


An unknown sinister feeling similar to what I had felt before.


This...No way?


At that moment,





Something fell from outside the barrier and left a deep hole in the training grounds.


After a while, from the dust that was blowing in all directions, two men and a woman walked out slowly.


A monster with several arms. A man with insect wings. Finally, the back of a woman with the head of a goat.


They looked around as if they were looking for something.


And soon enough, one of them shouted loud enough for me to hear.


"Where's Choi Noah?!!!!"


Looking at them, I couldn’t help but to smile.


“Just the people I wanted to see.”


I didn't know why so many guests were looking for me today, but...


One thing was for certain.


Printed in news articles, I could already see them taking the blame in my place when this was over.


"I should welcome the guests properly."


In order to greet the guests who had come all the way here, I headed for the training grounds.




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