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Villain Hides His True Colors



Villain Hides His True Colors

[Translator –  Yasi ]

[Proofreader – Karane ]


Chapter 99


Indigo hair fluttered right in front of me. Turbak had suddenly brought her face close to mine after she had aggressively approached me.


"I didn't expect to meet you so soon. I'm really glad. Let me see, are you hurt?"


Like a beast checking the condition of its prey, she sniffed at every corner of my body. What she was doing was really no different from a beast.


I pushed the beast's head away and took a step back. Then, as if she was hurt, the two ears above her head drooped.


"Ah, why are you avoiding me? Are you not happy with our first meeting? It's been a while, but you're so heartless..."


Her appearance was like that of a dying dog, but I didn't relax.


The savage God, Turbak...


I could still clearly recall our meetings.


An unidentified patron who showed up at the start of the second round and lent strength to the dying Yifrit. As a result, I had learned for the first time that there was 'God' in this world.


The second time was after I had killed Hongir in Guangcheng. She had tried to kill me with the possessed body of the dead Hongir.


However, for some reason she stopped attacking and used a very terrible way to bless me.


Damn it, I still felt dirty.


My irritation soared when I recalled what had happened at that time. From time to time I would recall the face of Hongir rubbing his lips against my forehead.


Because of that, I had promised myself I would get back at her if we met one day, but...


I didn't think that was possible now.


The existence in front of me was simply a monster.


"Huhu, is the face of this one so beautiful? Feel free to look at it."




At first glance, she looked like a normal woman without any strength. However, considering that she had just defended Zeus' attack, that could never be the case.


In other words, it was impossible for the current me to fully gauge her true strength. The gap was too wide.


How would I compare to her if it was me from the first round?


Well, frankly, I wouldn't know the outcome until we fought, but it was unlikely I would win if I faced her head-on.


...Maybe nine defeats out of ten times.


I was convinced even though I didn't know her exact strength.


My instinct, more than ever, was screaming danger. Including the first round, the woman in front of me right now was the most dangerous existence I had ever met.


"By the way, you're giving off a nice male scent. Sniff~ Ha! Come a little closer!"


Fortunately, she was quite friendly towards me for some reason.


My only hope of getting out of this situation was to use her.


So for now my best choice was to keep quiet and look for a chance.


As I thought as such, Zeus, who had been absent minded for a while, spoke warily.


"Turbak! I'll ask you again. What the hell is your purpose for showing up here? I still haven't heard your answer yet."


Turbak's head, which was pushed towards me to the point of it being uncomfortable, turned sharply. With an annoyed expression, she spoke to Zeus.


"You're asking the obvious. Isn't it because my lovely child is here?"


"D-don't tell me he's your avatar? Come to think of it, he was also in the form of a beast..."


"No. Unfortunately, this child isn't in my avatar yet. He had only received a little blessing from me."


"Good. Then, you don't have the right to interfere. Step aside now. I still have business with him."


As expected, Zeus had asked Turbak in a rather polite manner as if it would be troublesome to deal with her.


Smiling meaningfully, Turbak replied.


"Well, is that so?"


She appeared behind me in an instant and whispered in a soothing breath.


"My beloved child. Do you happen to need my help?"


"Turbak! What the hell are you up to?"


"Huhu, child. You don't have to mind that guy over there. As long as you wish for it, I'll save you."


For a moment, I had thought she would hand me over, but it seemed she was an ally in this Challenge.


No wonder the difficulty was incredibly high.


From the beginning, this Challenge was designed to be cleared by using this woman. As such, there was no reason to refuse.


It was going to be easier than I thought.


Acting as cheerfully as I could, I answered her.




"But, in order for me to do that, there's one condition."


"What's that?"


"Huhu...To be precise, become my avatar. If you do, I'll protect not only you but also that girl over there."


The savage god Turbak has suggested you become its 'avatar.'

Instead of receiving power from a God through possession, your body and soul will belong to it.


Messages I had seen in the past appeared in front of me. In other words, if I want to live, I would have to dedicate my soul and become her avatar.


As expected, there was something. I frowned.


"And what if I don't become your avatar?"


"If so, in fact, I have no reason to save you here. But, don't tell me you don't want to be my avatar?"


"Hmm...I'm not too keen on it..."


Turbak looked at me in disbelief.


"Wh-what!? Wh-why not! If you become my avatar, you'll have unparalleled power! You can live forever by my side!"


"Is that all?"


"A-ah! There's more! If you become my avatar, you could reign as king of all beasts! Ah! Th-there's a lot of delicious meat in this one's home, and..."


Turbak began to gesture with her hands the benefits. Somehow it felt similar to the devil who had come to me a long time ago.


In a way, to have the backing of this kind of existence was a great opportunity. A power someone other than me would give a fortune to obtain if they were given the chance.


I would have gladly accepted it if it was free, but what if the price was freedom?


It was like rotten water.


No matter how thirsty you are, you don't drink rotten water.


When I played MMORGPs, I also hated guilds. Even with the promise of good items, the moment you're controlled by someone, the fun of playing would die completely. was regrettable, but I had no choice.


* * *

Reaper Scans

[ Translator - Yasi ]

[ Proofreader - Karane ]

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* * *


I decided to turn down her offer.


Thinking about all my efforts so far, I felt like I would vomit blood from the time wasted, but I couldn't sign a contract with someone I didn't even know just for one reward.


As soon as I thought as such, a loud roar of anger suddenly burst out from the sky.


"I don't care if you take the boy under your protection. But! You can't take the girl next to him!"


"That's a little difficult. If my child wants it, I'll take it."


"Turbak! Are you really trying to sabotage my plan?! That soul is the power of this almighty! My Astrape!"


Turbak looked up at Zeus with an expression of pity.


"Truly pitiful. It seems xxx's is already xxxx. Is xxx xxxx xx still there?"


"Wh-what?! Even you xxx xxx..."


There was static mixed in the middle of their conversation. Like a filtered chat, I couldn't hear their conversation properly.


The voice of the guy called Siegfried sleeping in Gram sounded just like this...Was this somehow related to him?


Before I could cast such doubts, the noise disappeared shortly after as if it had never happened and soon the sound of their conversation returned to normal.


"Anyway, we've signed a contract for me to take her soul! You can't just do as you please as if it never happened!"


"Huhu, that won't be a problem. Have you forgotten that I have a higher divinity? If that child is my avatar, I can overwrite a contract of this degree."


"Wh-what?! Are you really going to fight me, Turbak?!!!!"


"Huh? How dare you protest my decision?"


Thunder and lightning struck from the sky, but as if going against it, a cold blizzard began to swirl around Turbak.


A terrifying battle of momentum. My skin throbbed with a numb sensation just from standing here.


But rather than their fight, I was preoccupied with another thought.


I could overwrite it with a higher contract...?


Turbak had certainly said as such. Maybe...?


An idea flashed in my head.


I stealthily approached Shirahui while the two were confronting each other.


"Rahui noona."




Shirahui, who had a vacant look as if she had given up, looked back at me in shock. Showing a serious expression to reassure her, I asked.


"Noona. Do you trust me?"




"Do you trust me?"


Shirahui's eyes widened with a look of confusion as if she couldn't understand me. However, she soon smiled softly and nodded.


"I don't know why you're asking me that, but...I believe you. Much more than Noah-ssi thinks."


Was it because she was registered as my follower? Fortunately, her favorability seemed to still be in effect.


Good. This much should satisfy the requirements...


Facing her, I asked.


"Then, will you stay with me for the rest of your life?"


"Wh-wh-wh-what?!! What the hell are you saying all of a sudden?!! W-well, I'm not saying no, but...I-if you ask me s-something like that at a time like this..."


For some reason, she started blushing and talking gibberish. We were in a hurry, so what the hell was this girl doing?


I cut off her words and asked pressingly.


"That's why I'm asking at a time like this. So, do you want to or not? Hurry up and answer!"




Her lips quivered for a moment, but soon she lowered her head and spoke in a small voice.




At that moment, the messages I had been waiting for appeared.


Follower 'Shin Shirahui' has officially joined your party.

The target cannot betray you once they've been designated as a companion.


"Noah-ssi...What's this?"


Shirahui looked at me in surprise as if she had felt something different. At the same time, Zeus' shocked voice came from the sky.


"Wh-why did the contract disappear?!"




Judging from his attitude, he must have noticed the problem with his contract.


When I had heard that the contract could be overwritten by a higher level contract, I thought it would work out somehow with my gamer ability that even an Evil God was wary of.


It seemed my idea was the right answer. 


"H-hold on...Y-you brat! Wh-what is that power?!"


"It can't be...How can a mortal overwrite such a contract..."


Zeus and Turbak looked at me with their mouths open as if they had seen a monster. They showed not the least bit of dignity befitting a God.


"Y-you brat!! I don't know what the hell you did, but give me back my Astrape right now!!"


Thunder and lightning struck around Zeus. From his trembling figure it seemed like he had lost control of his anger.


It was refreshing to see when I recalled the pain I had suffered from him earlier. However, it was regrettable that it would end like this.


I put my hand on Shirahui's shoulder and spoke to Zeus.


"Hehe...this girl is mine now."


"It's mine! It's mine, so give it back to me right now!!"


"You're a moron for having it taken."


"Kueaaaak!!! You!! How dare you!! You're a mere mortal!!"


Rumble, rumble–


Deception after stealing was one of the best acts to do. Zeus roared like a little child who had his cherished possession taken away.


However, this was far from over. As lightning from his body stretched out in all directions, the sky cracked and the mountains collapsed.


It was as if the whole world was belching in anger. Looking at it, I could feel the gap between me and him once again.


A powerful enemy that was now impossible to deal with. However...


I'll kill him next time.


Holding Shirahui's shoulder, I used my skill.


< Warrior's Journey >

*Hero Training Institute


Fortunately, I was out of combat thanks to the battle between Turbak and Zeus and the skill was activated successfully.


In that instant, Zeus threw a lightning bolt at me.


"Insect!! Die!!!!"




I looked at the falling lightning bolt and spoke.


"Let's see each other again after I raise my level."


Immediately after, my body and Shirahui's were covered by light and the landscape began to change.




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