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Villain Hides His True Colors



Villain Hides His True Colors

[Translator –  Yasi ]

[Proofreader – Karane ]


Chapter 91


How many times was this?




Shirahui panted as she checked the condition of the child she had just saved.


Fortunately, there didn't seem to be any injuries. Carefully putting down the child, she had a thought.


How long can I last...


Just in a daze as she instinctively blocked the beams of light.


Now even guessing how long she could last felt meaningless.


Despite her desperate efforts to save one more person, the gym was already no different from hell.


At the end of her gaze were bodies strewn across the floor.


Screams of deaths and killings rang out from all sides as a strong smell of blood assaulted the tip of her nose.


If it's him...How would he act in this situation?


She recalled a person's face.


A face still with baby fat and always smiling.


If Noah was here, a lot more people than now might have survived.


It was hard for her to imagine him losing to anyone.


However, unlike him, she couldn't think of a way to solve the current crisis no matter how hard she thought.


...It was impossible for me in the first place.


The emotions she had hidden in the corner of her heart took advantage of her moment of weakness as it ate away at her will.


In fact, her stamina had already exceeded its limits.


Nevertheless, she was able to move like this now simply because of the seemingly infinite surging power of Lightning Calamity.


However, by the very nature of Lightning Calamity, she was rapidly losing control as her body and mind became exhausted.


"Hehehe~ My pretty seems to be a bit slower than before?"




Shirahui was well aware even without Henri's provocation.


"I guess you must be tired now? Well, you did your best."




"It would be a waste to kill a rare specimen like you...Why don't you come here and have a cold bottle of water like the rest?"


He said in a gentle tone, waving a bottle of water.


And sure enough, next to him were many people who had already decided to take a life.


Showing lively faces, they all seemed to have recovered their stamina.


When did it increase that much...?


Shirahui was certain it wasn't this bad just a moment ago.


There were so many people who had thrown away their morals for just a bottle of water?


The already grim situation was becoming more hopeless.


As expected...that's the only way...


A childhood memory that had become faint now. At some point, she had noticed that there was something else inside her.


It was a transcendent and destructive power she couldn't even dare to begin to guess its limit.


The power that she called Lightning Calamity started talking to her one day.


[Do you want power?]


A peculiar offer of willingness to lend its power whenever she wanted.


For her, who had admired her father since she was a child, the words of the suspicious existence sounded too sweet.


She thought she would be praised by her father if she could become an outstanding hero.


In the end, with just that immature thought, she accepted the sudden offer. However, her body naturally couldn't control the power and it started to run wild.


As a result, there was a tragedy in which her mother had died in her place instead.




A blessing or a curse, she had awakened the ability of lightning after that day.


But as far as using Lightning Calamity, the source of her ability, she had lived with the utmost conscious restraint.


In any case, her ability to control Lightning Calamity had increased a step further after experiencing the power going berserk again not too long ago. However, compared to the real power of the existence, it could be said that it was only a fraction.


The immense power was simply too dangerous.


But...there's no other way now.


She broke her vow as a child and tried to call out the existence sleeping inside her.


By any chance...can you hear me?


As if the existence had been waiting for this moment, suddenly the surrounding landscape began to flow slowly.


An extreme world created by splitting an instantaneous moment countless times.


In the still world, there was an androgynous voice.


"Do you want power?"


An overwhelming presence to the point where she felt as if she would lose consciousness at any moment. It was the same voice she had heard as a child.


Fortunately, the existence still responded to her call. 


She nervously answered.


Yes. Can you still lend me your power?


"Of course."


I...I need the strength to protect everyone. Please listen to my request and lend me your power.


"...It seems that servant of an Evil God over there is a problem and an enemy."


Yes, that's right...Is it possible?




The existence didn't immediately answer when it heard her question.


Was the request too much to ask?


No matter how great of a force inside her was, to suddenly want the power to protect everyone was like praying for a miracle to happen.


* * *

Reaper Scans

[ Translator - Yasi ]

[ Proofreader - Karane ]

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* * *


It was a request that cannot be granted without God.


Just as she realized the reality of the situation and was about to give up, the existence spoke again.


"If it’s just erasing that guy, it won't be very difficult."




"It's more than possible, considering your essence."


Essence? What was the existence talking about?


As expected, it was clear the existence knew something about herself that she didn't.


But now, rather than that, there was something else she wanted to know more.


That means...Can I protect everyone here?


She asked excitedly.


Henri was a monster that had played with the A-Rank hero Dokgo Hakju like a toy, and had resurrected himself despite the trump card created by all the trainees...


It was hard to imagine she could easily defeat such a monster.


The moment when she was excited with hope, the voice spoke resolutely as if to break her delusion.


"But it's impossible for you right now."


Huh? Wh-what do you mean...


"You're not yet qualified to handle that kind of power."


Th-that can't be...


She felt as if her last hope was disappearing right before her eyes. Hearing that there was a way, she was even prepared to die, but she had failed again because she was lacking.


Just as she was about to sink into despair again, the existence spoke in an emotionless tone.


"However, there is another way as a last resort."


Her head jerked up. She hastily asked as if pleading.


What's the other method? I'll do anything! So please...Please lend me your power.


"If you promise to hand me your essence in your possession, I'll help you use my power."


When you say essence...


"It's also usually called the soul."




It was a common offer devils would make in fairy tales. Was the identity of this existence really a devil?


No, more than that, the soul?


What the existence said was so far out of touch with reality that she had no choice but to show a blank expression.


Soon, the existence spoke again.


"I'll ask you again. If you accept this offer, you'll have to live in my possession for eternity. Do you still want to go through with it?"


The content of the transaction was unusual when she heard it. However...


Okay. I accept. So please lend me your power right now.


Without any hesitation, she readily accepted the suspicious existence's offer.


Noah and everyone had put their faith in her.


Although they hadn't spent much time together, they were the only people in her life she could call friends.


So if she could protect them...And if she could repay Noah for trusting her with everyone...


I’ll pay any price.


"Good. Then let's proceed with the contract now."


Immediately, the time that was stopped started to flow again as the unidentified power sleeping inside her began to awaken.


A huge presence as if facing the open sea.


In front of that overwhelming power, Shirahui felt as if all the memories that made up her entire being were going to scatter.


Mother, I'm sorry.


She bit her lips tightly.


Her mother had sacrificed her life to save her, but she was making the same choice again.


I'm sure you would be mad at me for being stupid if you knew.




She grabbed the necklace that her mother had left as a keepsake and cried out.


"Even so, I'll save everyone at all costs!"


"I accept your will. With this, you have become my perfect possession, and in return, I'll bear the law of causality and lend you my power."


At that moment, Shirahui's body began to shine brighter than ever.


< Lightning Calamity >

*Full Release


Rumble, rumble–!


Hearing the sudden sound of thunder, the people who were biting each other stopped in unison.


Soon, huge dark clouds cast over the endless artificial sun.


People forgot what they were fighting about as everyone stared blankly at the ceiling.


"Wh-what the hell is that..."




Where did it come from? The gym was certainly a perfectly enclosed space.


A sight that was hard to explain by any science or magic.


Rumble, rumble–!


The clouds had completely covered the ceiling before they knew it. Standing in front of the flashing thunderclouds, they couldn't help but feel the fear imprinted from primitive times.


On the other hand, the same was true for Henri who was surprised by the sudden sight.


He opened his mouth with his eyes wide open.


"Th-this power...N-no...It can't be."


He denied the reality of the unbelievable situation, but the more he felt it with his skin, the more confident he was with his guess.


In every dimension, all existences who could exert such omnipotent power had been called by one name...


"Wh-why is a God here!! What the hell happened to the law of causality?!"


He didn't know what was going on, but something was wrong. It wasn't time to play with the people here anymore.


"I-I have to get out of here right now!"


Spreading his wings on his back, he soared into the air. However, this was an enclosed space.


There was nowhere for him to escape.


"This...Shit! Open up! Open up now! If you don't open it right now, I'll kill everyone!!"


He went crazy like an insect trapped in an insect container.


And just as he was about to attack everyone indiscriminately,


Crackle, crackle–!


The world turned white for an instant.




And before he knew it, with his wings erased, he crashed to the ground.




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