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Villain Hides His True Colors



Villain Hides His True Colors

[Translator –  Yasi ]

[Proofreader – Karane ]


Chapter 101


From a long time ago. A time when science and technology was in its infancy.


Samaria, under a nameless God, opened her eyes on a dimension called Earth. I?


Her memories were murky. She didn't know why she was here on this unfamiliar land, or why the God she served was silent.


As if her head was shrouded in fog, her thoughts didn't flow properly.


So she looked ahead and walked aimlessly down the road.


The place that appeared in front of her was a barren desert. The humans there were suffering day by day.


Because of that, she couldn't turn a blind eye to them.


A single doctrine was imprinted in her mind. Maintain peace in this world.


Although this wasn't her homeland, she helped them according to the words of God that still remained in her head.


She hunted the dangerous predators and gave the civilization reason to reclaim the barren land.


Not only that, she taught them ten wisdom to live harmoniously. Everyone praised her achievements by calling the rules she had taught them the 'Ten Commandments.'


Striving for peace in this strange world, she continued walking down the road.


At times she judged corrupted cities, and at times she told people to prepare for the imminent floods.


The more deeds she did, the more anecdotes about her spread through people's mouths. She wandered around the world as she pursued the vestige of a lost God.


People praised her as the 'messenger of God,' but in fact, God was nowhere to be found on Earth.


Those years lasted for a long time. And then she finally came to a realization.


That in this world, unlike her own, Gods of any kind didn't exist.


A land of freedom in which fate had yet to be determined. It was a dimension unmanaged by a 'God.'


Earth was such a special place.


She also learned that strangers in a similar position to her sometimes fell to Earth.


Giants, vampires, dragons, etc...


Coming from other dimensions, they were known by different names to humans, but nonetheless, their legends were left throughout history.


However, with mankind's gradual advancements, such ancient existences eventually went into hiding.


Like that, the years passed. And then, one day, an unexpected event happened on Earth.


Superpowers that were thought to only exist in cartoons and games suddenly appeared, and Earth that had been isolated until now began to connect with other dimensions.


Residents of various dimensions came to Earth one by one, and Gods from other dimensions began to watch such a planet.


At some point, 'fate' began to be written on Earth. A set 'story' moving towards an end.


Those in power who discovered the existence of fate attempted to control Earth by reading it beforehand. In this way, all 'Irregulars' that might interfere with their interest were removed or had their power sealed.


Samaria once thought such a method was right.


She was willing to lend them her strength because she had thought it was the most efficient way to maintain world peace.


However, as soon as they had consolidated power, her power was sealed like the other ancient existences.


After innumerable years of dedication to world peace, her efforts had eventually returned as betrayal.


She had no choice but to live a normal life among mankind. In front of the World Government, who were reading all the fate of Earth, she couldn't even resist.


As a result, she lost hope and became more and more lost. She hated their arrogance, and she hated herself for not being able to do anything.


Her only pleasure was to toy with the humans who were weaker than her to vent her anger.


And then, one day. Like fate, she came to discover something. 


Someone who could free her. The 'Warrior,' Noah.


* * * * * * * * * *


"So...Professor, you're saying the one in the Bible..."


"H-hold on! Stop there! Please don't mention that part any more!"


"Hmm. Well, okay."


"Huu...Anyway, that's all I had to say. Thank you for listening."


Samaria gave a short sigh.


I didn't know where the hell to start believing her, but the contents itself were more interesting than I thought.


It was like reading an information dump of a game with an expansive background setting.


I normally didn't care about these detailed settings, but sometimes unexpected tips could be found in these conversations...


There was also no harm in knowing it.


I calmly organized the facts in my head the best I could.


1. There was a fixed future called 'fate' in this world.


Well, there wasn't much to go on, so I could only ignore it for now.


2. Gods were those who managed 'fate' in their respective dimensions.


Although I still didn't know exactly what that entailed, perhaps it was similar to an administrator who maintained a game server.


3. The World Government knew of all 'fates' in advance, and through this, controlled this world.


I already had some guesses on this part. During the first round they always appeared to have moved one step ahead of me.


4. Only existences called the 'Warrior' and the 'Beast of Chaos' could change 'fate.'


In other words...the World Government was wary of me because they suspected I was a Warrior.


It was too bitter to think about. How well have I behaved for the sake of becoming a hero in this round?


However, I was being persecuted for such a ridiculous reason. Wasn't this like the first round when I was chased by them?


Ah, of course, since my official title was Hero, they wouldn't be able to arrest me openly.


Anyway, whether it was true or not, the important thing right now was that the World Government believed so.


* * *

Reaper Scans

[ Translator - Yasi ]

[ Proofreader - Karane ]

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* * *


I couldn't just go see them in person and deny it. This was really troublesome.


There was no suitable way. Various obstacles had arisen in my goal of becoming a great hero in the second round.


Huu...It was a real headache. Was there any way?


Just as I thought as such, Samaria walked up to me with light steps.


" I said a little while ago, my power was sealed. So, what I'm saying is..."




"I haven't said anything yet..."


"You want my help. No. Why should I do something so troublesome?"




Like a child being abandoned by her parents, she looked at me with a childlike expression. However, there was no reason for me to be swayed.


"I-it's not just for me but for everyone who's in the same situation as me!"


"You should ask someone else."


"Wh-why? I-if I did anything to upset you, I'll apologize. A-and if you free me, I'll do anything I can for you!"


Samaria knelt down in front of me and bowed her head. Her big eyes were filled with tears as if her situation was very pitiful.


It was only her expression that had changed, but she looked like a completely different person.


"I believe Choi Noah...No, there's only Choi Noah! So, p-please! Please help! Heuk!"


"Ah, geeze! Get out of my way!"


The moment she clung to my legs in an unsightly manner,




A message appeared in front of my eyes.


[Challenge - Fallen Angel]

Condition: Save the Saintess 'Samaria.'

Time: Unlimited.

Reward: 1x Holy Sword Fragment, 1x Unknown.


Holy Sword?


After unlocking the second second stage of < Reputation of a Warrior >, it said I was qualified to handle the Holy Sword.


At the time, I had wondered where I would go to get it...Unexpectedly it was from here.


"Euheh, uehuekuk...unseal me...Why won't you help me undo the seal?!"


While I was momentarily looking at the message, Samaria was hitting the ground and weeping loudly.


"There's no one else but you! Fuck! Woohoo~!"


Was there so much pent up? She was crying sorrowfully. In only her underwear, she had tears and snot running down her face.


Her nostrils were flaring up enough to fit a coin.


Had she been trying to manage her image until now? Looking at the unsightly figure in front of me, the image I had of her collapsed in an instant.


Before I saw anything more unsightly, I spoke to her.


"Okay, I'll help you."


Her crying stopped and she looked up at me.


"Hiieuk...R-really? Are you really going to help me?"


"Yes. But I don't know when I'll be able to help."


"Really...You're really not lying...You're going to help me? Choi Noah-nim is good at lying."


"Oh, then don't believe me."


"Aaah! No! No! I believe you! But...really?"


"Really! You're driving me crazy!"


At most I had said I would help her. As expected, this woman always did things that made me uneasy.


She seemed to have been protecting her image of a great hero in front of others, but strangely enough, this woman continued to get on my nerves.


Soon, she started picking up her clothes that had fallen on the ground. After fixing her expression, she looked back at me with a graceful expression.


"Hu, huhu...Good. Sh-shall we continue our talk?"




Seeing her puffy eyes and forcefully pretending to be fine, my head was already starting to throb. I was sure she wasn't like this the first time we met...


Favorability has increased.

Favorability has increased.

Favorability has increased.





Favorability has reached a certain level.

You've met the requirement to recruit 'Samaria' as a companion.

Companions cannot betray you once they've joined your party.


I rejected it without hesitation.


Tsk. Not a chance.


'Samaria' will be registered as the warrior's followers.


After the brief disturbance, Samaria returned to her original demeanor and looked at me with a rather serious expression.


"Choi Noah...No, Choi Noah-nim. What are you going to do from now on?"




"Even if you postpone helping me, the World Government will try to arrest Choi Noah-nim even more after this situation is over."




Come to think of it, I still haven't decided how to deal with this problem.


However, I couldn't think of a way no matter how much I thought about it.


I had thought I would just return to being a villain, but all of my efforts so far would be wasted if I did so.


Huu...Was there nothing I could do?


As I thought about it over and over in my head, Samaria spoke to me.


"Then...How about this way?"


According to her, she once played a leading role in establishing the World Government, so maybe she had a good idea.


"Do you have a way?"


"I do, but...Rather, this is only possible if you trust me completely."


There would have been no reason for me to trust her if she had said this a moment ago. However, she was now my follower and could never betray me.


I trusted my skill, so I asked her.


"What do I need to do?"


"Then, Choi Noah-nim..."


She picked up a sword that had fallen to the ground. Slowly approaching me, she spoke with a graceful smile.


"Can you please die for now?"




It seemed I would have to die at her hands.




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