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Villain Hides His True Colors



Villain Hides His True Colors

[Translator –  Yasi ]

[Proofreader – Karane ]


Chapter 88


Shirahui pointed her sword at Henri while awakening the dormant power of Lightning Calamity within her body.


< Lightning Calamity > 

*1st Stage


Bright yellow sparks sprang from her body as high-voltage currents began to discharge.




A near-infinite destructive force that threatened to turn everything to ashes.


However, in the midst of exuding such a terrifying energy, her expression was rather calm.


Good...I can do it this time.


It certainly wasn't the case a few days ago.


She didn't know why, but for some reason it felt much easier to control the power of Lightning Calamity ever since the last overload.


Let's put an end to this.


The infinite power burning within her inspired a confidence that she could do anything.


Taking a quick deep breath, she kicked off the floor and charged at Henri by herself.




Along with a sonic boom that resembled the sound of thunder, her body shot forward in a straight line.


Was this what a lightning strike looked like from the ground?


Her figure enveloped in a bright yellow light was reminiscent of a streak of lightning.


Although this was her first time meeting a real villain, she was resolute in her mind.


I have to stop him.


As a result of her consciousness accelerating faster than ever, even a fleeting second was clearly visible in her eyes.


Henri widened his eyes in surprise and twisted his body belatedly, but...


It's too late to avoid it!


Before the sound was even heard, her sword had stretched out like lightning and penetrated his neck.






She was sure of her success the moment she saw it.




"My pretty, you're much faster than you look. You caught me by surprise just now."




Henri said as he calmly looked down at his pierced neck.




"Why? Did you think you could kill me with this kind of attack? Hehe, that's cute."


His mouth tore open into a bright smile as if he had really found it amusing.


And, under his torn neck were countless bugs crawling around.


"Heuung~ If you look at my skin like that, I'll be embarrassed."


Where her blade was embedded, bugs began to crawl out.


Then, as her blade was still embedded in his neck, he suddenly lunged at her.




She threw away her sword and stepped back in a hurry.


Damn it...I was too careless.


She didn't think there would be someone who would be fine after having their neck pierced.


However, no matter how soon a person realized their regret, it would always be too late.


Before she knew it, his neck had completely recovered and he could be seen bending his neck side to side in a relaxed manner.


"Well, it was honestly a good try~"


He slowly approached her while stretching out his finger.


"...But you're still a long way off."


A bright light like the sun gathered from his fingertip.


The killing intent she felt from it made her breathless. 


Realizing that her body will disappear without a trace the moment it came into contact with that light, her body stiffened.


N-no! Move! Please!


Cold sweats ran down her spine and breathing became increasingly difficult.


She desperately commanded her body, but as if she had forgotten how to walk, her legs didn't budge at all.


"You'll have to pay for your action. Huhu~"




Why did she do something so reckless at such a crucial moment?


If she had thought it through a little more carefully, or if she was a little more powerful like her father...


Otherwise...this wouldn't have happened...


She sensed her death. The moment she felt herself hanging by a rope, a familiar man's voice came from behind her.


"Watch out!"


At the same time, a dragon-shaped flame struck Henri and a wall of fire rose high up toward the ceiling.




When Shirahui turned her head, there stood Yeom Gangjun with eyes blazing like fire.


"Rahui! Are you okay?"




Following him were Mousin with his tonfas and Saki who grabbed her by the shoulders.


"What are you doing standing in a daze? Get a hold of yourself!"


"Heuk...Rahui, why are you going alone again?!"


It suddenly dawned on Shirahui the moment she saw them.


Right...I'm not alone anymore.


She had made up her mind to give up trying to be the center of attention, but...again without thinking, she was the only one who had stepped out.


Was I still chasing my father's shadow?


Meanwhile, other members of Choi Noah's fan club rushed toward her and shouted.


"Hey new club member! Don't suddenly rush off by yourself!"


"You're the only one we can rely on now that Noah isn't here!"


"Yes! Please get a hold of yourself!"


Everyone had acknowledged her strength and had expected her to lead.


Not long ago, she had struggled hard to stand above others, but now that she was acknowledged by everyone, there was no excitement at all.


Rather, she was full of guilt for her rash action.


I've got these amazing peers next to me, but while in the moment...I had forgotten.


Noah had introduced her to everyone before the start of the school festival. Not only that, he had asked everyone to join forces if anyone from the Hero Association were to come.


As such, everyone here had a connection to Noah.


But above all else, they were irreplaceable people who had freed her from her own world.


"I'm sorry."


Shirahui meekly bowed her head and apologized.


Then, with a distinctively different demeanor from before, she looked at everyone and continued.


"I'll personally lead starting now, so let's join forces and go with the plan."


Everyone who heard her answer smiled briefly as they lifted their weapons.


"That's what we practiced, so there's no problem."


"That's more like it, new club member."


"Let's kill that monster so we can brag to Noah."


While everyone was preparing for battle, Yeom Gangjun's fire wall, which was burning endlessly, began to sink slowly.


Seeing that, Shirahui shouted.


"Get ready, everyone! That monster should be weakened after being hit by Gangjun-oraboni's flames! Everyone, attack in unison once I give my signal!"




"Huu...It looks hot but the temperature is a bit lukewarm?"


Standing on the glowing red floor, Henri calmly brushed off the embers from his clothes.


Then, he lifted his finger and pointed at the crowd.


"If you want to use fire, it should at least be this hot."


Compressed heat shot from his fingertip in a straight line.


"Everyone, dodge!"


Yeom Gangjun, who created a shield of fire in front of everyone, collided head on with Henri's attack.






However, it wasn't enough to fend off the attack, and as such, along with a big explosion, his body bounced far away.


* * *

Reaper Scans

[ Translator - Yasi ]

[ Proofreader - Karane ]

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* * *


Henri gave a low, mocking chuckle as if he had just hit a home run.


"Hahaha, his flame isn't very good, but at least he certainly has a strong body."


Hearing Henri's laughter, Shirahui bit her lips to the point of bleeding.


I have to bear it...If I get worked up again, it's over.


Because of the sudden change in situation, they were now dealing with a monster instead of the Hero Association. However, the fact that she had to lead everyone remained the same.


Noah had entrusted me to lead everyone. I have to stay calm.


Although she wanted to immediately run to Yeom Gangjun, she pulled herself together and shouted.


"Everyone, go with Plan C! Get ready!"


A last resort in case there was an absolute being among those from the Hero Association.


The strategy that might have been used against her father today was now being used to kill a monster.


As soon as her words fell, about 30 people quickly moved to surround Henri.


From the weapons in their hands, it could be seen that they were all close-combat specialists.


"Huu? What kind of game is this~ I'm looking forward to it."


Fortunately or unfortunately, Henri just watched their movements and didn't take any action.


Let's see how long that relaxed attitude will last!


Shirahui immediately gave the next instruction.




The trainees spun in one direction, gradually narrowing the encirclement.


A basic formation widely known in the murim world. It was an array based on 'Sancai.'

(TN: There's more to it, but in short it refers to Heaven, Earth, and Man in Chinese philosophy.)


Not only was it a simple method to put pressure on the opponent's movements just by rallying mana, it had the advantage of being easy for anyone to learn in a short time.


"What's this? Don't tell me this was it? Isn't it a bit disappointing?"


As Henri said, certainly with only this, they won't be able to do any damage to such an absolute being.


However, their plan didn't end there.


"Move to Phase 2!"


As if waiting, those with range attack abilities began to use their abilities at the same time.


"Don't spare anything and let it all out!"


"Kill him!!!"


Trainees from murim sent their swords flying, and those who had learned magic recited the most destructive magic they knew.


Not only that, but also fire, ice, gravity, telekinesis, etc...abilities.


Various abilities flew toward Henri in unison.






A series of explosions resounded.


Due to the countless attacks, even Henri's figure could no longer be seen.


However, beyond it came his voice.


"K...keuh...How...dare you!"


Unlike a moment ago, there was no sense of relaxation in his tone.


We can win!


They couldn't miss this opportunity. There won't be a next time where Henri would welcome their attacks.


Without delay, Shirahui shouted.




"I've been waiting!"


Trainees specialized in support that were standing in the back began to collectively use their abilities on Saki.


"O-oh? Oooooh! Oh! Oh!! My power is increasing! I'm getting super strong!"


Increase Strength, Increase Speed, Amplify Mana, etc...


Saki, who had received several buffs, confidently spoke to Shirahui.


"I'm ready!"


"Good! Let's send you right away!"


"Yes, yes! Let's go!"


Trainees with space transfer abilities immediately transported Saki to where Henri was.


Then, Shirahui shouted.


"Stop the attacks! Move to Phase 3!"


Trainees who had been saving their strength only for this moment began to use their abilities.


"Ice Dome!"


Thick spheres of ice surrounded Henri and Saki.


"Spirit of Earth, please lend me your power!"


Earth walls created by a spirit.


"Space Constraint!"


Various space and barrier related abilities began to layer.


Soon, looking at the terrifying and thick dome in the middle of the gym, Shirahui shouted.




Why the name of the plan was Plan C.


It neither meant the third best option nor did it meant the third plan.


The real meaning was...


"Fu~ck You! Explosion!!"

(TN: C(ssi) = ssibal = fuck.)


Along with Saki's cry came a huge explosion inside the dome.




Saki's explosion, strengthened by various abilities, was even more terrifying than what they had imagined.


The gym's walls shook like crazy as old dust fell from the ceiling to the point where some were worried that the building might collapse at this rate.


Also, because the dome was built by superimposing hundreds of layers of abilities, the inside had become like a furnace. As such, with nowhere for the heat to escape, the temperature rose endlessly.


However, even with all the protective magic and armed floor, because of the overflowing heat from underneath, the dome was sinking deeper and deeper into the floor.


"D-damn it! I think the dome is going to break!"


"Hold on! We're all going to die if we don't make it here!"


To maintain the dome, everyone continued to squeeze out their abilities even as their eyes became bloodshot.


After an unknown amount of time, the vibration in the gym finally died down and the lingering sound of the explosion became silent.


Then again through the space transfer ability, Saki was sent outside.


From her completely naked body, hot steam rose as if she had just come out of a sauna.


"Ugh...I'm beat...I want to sleep..."


"Thank you for the hard work, unnie."


Shirahui immediately handed over the uniform she was wearing.


So far...everything is going according to plan.


She, who was well aware of the power of an S-Rank, had come up with the plan herself.


So in theory, if properly executed, it should be hard for any S-Rank to survive even if they were absolute beings.


But...It's too early to jump to conclusions.


She was sure of victory when she had pierced Henri's neck earlier, but he was alive and well, so although it was unlikely, there might be something up his sleeve this time too.


However, she and the other trainees could only stare at the hot dome with anxious looks because they would have to release the dome first if they wanted to look inside.


Just as time passed, it was none other than the voices of people all around that had put an end to their wait.


"M-my body...It's back to normal."


"Wh-what have I done..."




Those who were manipulated by Henri had finally regained their freedom.


There were cries with a mixture of despair and relief as the gym broke out into a commotion.


Seeing that, the trainees looked at one another with a somewhat stunned expression.


"A-ah...So this..."


"No he dead?"


After a short moment, smiles gradually began to bloom on the trainees' faces.


"Did we do it? Is it really over?"


"We won...We won...Heuk."


Trainees who didn't relax until the end, sat down one by one and breathed a sigh of relief.


The same was true for Shirahui who had kept her composure.


I...No, we did it!


It still hadn't sunk in at all.


To kill such a formidable villain on their own.


In fact, she was half in doubt when she came up with the plan.


Even though they had numbers on their side, was it possible for them to get together and stop the Hero Association?


However, with one mind to protect Noah, everyone had tried to strive toward the success of the plan without any complaints.


Their target had naturally changed, but in any case, wasn't it because of their efforts that had made this possible?


I'm so glad...


Having been nervous and stiff until now, she sighed belatedly.


Just as Noah had entrusted everyone to her, somehow she had managed to protect the remaining people here.


The moment she thought as such,






She heard something ominous coming from inside the dome that was still exuding high heat.


Just now...? No way...


But as if it wasn't an illusion, the sound was heard more clearly than before.




The noisy gym became silent as everyone's eyes turned to the dome.


It can't be.


Meanwhile, many scenarios played out in her head.


It was a plan that would be even hard for her father to withstand.


There's no way he's still alive...




Contrary to her wishes, the cracks that began to form around the dome grew out of control.


A little later,




The dome's ceiling consisting of hundreds of layers exploded.


Then, between the scattered fragments, like an insect hatching from an egg, a monster crawled out.


The monster that had appeared was completely different from what they had faced moments ago.


Henri's whole body was surrounded by a glossy, colorful shell, and the face had become more like an insect than a human.




What had changed more than anything else was the size of his aura.


"H-how...It can't be..."


She stared at Henri with her eyes wide open.


There was already an overwhelming gap when she faced him earlier, but now there was a terrifying killing intent incomparable to before.


In this world...there was such a monster?


Just standing here made her whole body tremble regardless of her will.


Ignoring the frightened people, Henri spread his wings and flew up as a wasp-like sound coming from his wings reverberated in all directions.


"You...How dare you make me use his power! My pretties, I tried to go easy on you, but you've crossed the line! It's unforgivable!"


Staring at everyone with eyes full of malice, the angered Henri continued.


"I'll now show you what hell really is. Hehehe..."


And soon, just as he had said, hell unfolded before everyone.




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