The Divine Hunter

Reaper Scans


Chapter 428: Some Suggestions


[TL: Asuka]

[PR: Ash]


A drop of rain fell into the sea, signaling the coming of a rainstorm. And then Cintra was covered in a great silver curtain. Winds howled, lightning arced, and thunder boomed across the skies.

A thunderbolt tore through the air, shining upon the conference room for a moment, draping Roy's face in silver. "Can I take Ciri with us if I give you this suggestion?"


Calanthe said nothing.

Mousesack commented, "The Law of Surprise is a product of Destiny. Ciri cannot escape her fate of being an Unexpected Child."

Eist said, "Calanthe, I was there when Geralt invoked the Law of Surprise. Duny made that promise. He and Pavetta might have died in an accident, but a promise is a promise."

"I cannot make any decision for her." A long while later, Calanthe sighed. "She must make the choice on her own."

Roy turned around and exchanged a look of surprise with Geralt. Calanthe relenting was already a big step toward success, all things notwithstanding.

"Very well. Your Majesty, Your Highness, Mousesack, I will only say this once. You may interpret it how you want."

Roy stared outside the window, where the sky was covered in dark clouds. "Cintra's defeat in the Battle of Marnadal wasn't only because of the difference in numbers. Nilfgaard's troops are unbelievably trained. They can rally faster than you think. Nobody saw them coming, but all of a sudden, they broke through Amell and sped across the north, destroying any army that stood in their way. Cintra's troops were forced to defend without any preparation. They fell into the south's trap and were surrounded by an army with a few times their number of soldiers. Retreating was not an option, and so they battled.

"You've led troops in battle before. I trust you know how to deal with an ambush." Roy looked at the rulers. "But please be careful on the day of that particular battle." And then he stopped.

Eist mused. He was imagining the layout of Marnadal in his head. We need to take some time and come up with a strategy against this.

"Before the Battle of Marnadal, the Skellige Isles sent fifty battleships to aid Cintra. Once they docked, the Skellige troops were ready to help Cintra fend off the invasion."

Surprise filled Mousesack's eyes. Right down to the number of battleships. His seer powers are incredible. Being the advisor, he knew how many soldiers King Bran had. "Fifty battleships is a reasonable estimate," he whispered.

"Alas…" Roy shook his head, and everyone's hearts skipped a beat. "The ships ran into a terrible storm on their way, stranding them on the ocean. There were no reinforcements, and Cintra was forced to fend off the invading army alone."

"A storm right at the start of the war? That sounds fishy." Calanthe tensed up. "I don't think that's nature's doing."

"I do not exclude mages, of course. The storm might not be a coincidence," Roy said mysteriously. "Nilfgaard has powerful mages who can change the weather." But he didn't tell them more. The complexity of the situation prevented him from doing that.

"The battle happened in July 1263. If nothing else happens, the Nilfgaardian troops will leave Amell in July next year." Roy continued, "My suggestion is for the Skellige reinforcements to depart about one month before the war. In June, to be exact." Roy turned to Mousesack. "In case they run into any unpredictable storms, I'd like Mousesack to step in."

Druids were the unequivocal controllers of weather. Suppressing or dispelling a storm was easy for them.

"And that will open the way for Skellige to step in."

Cintra's troops managed to defend the castle for four days and four nights. If Skellige were to step in as well, they could change the tide of war or at least keep Cintra afloat for a while longer. Nilfgaard would have to sacrifice more of their soldiers to take Cintra down. That's the most I can do for them.

Mousesack caressed his beard. Druids would stay out of wars in most cases, but he couldn't sit this one out, not when his friends would perish. He could stop a storm. "I will step in should the need arise."

The rulers gave Mousesack looks of gratitude.

Roy continued. "And the battleships should give Sedna Abyss a wide berth."

The look on Calanthe's face changed. "That's where Pavetta and Duny perished!"

Ten years ago, Duny and Pavetta's ship sank in Sedna Abyss, and the two of them went missing. Ciri only survived thanks to her staying in Cintra.

"That place is evil," Roy said. But he didn't tell them who was controlling the place. The rulers didn't survive the battle, so there was no need for them to know too much. "Stay away from it just in case."

Eist nodded. Even if Roy wasn't telling the whole truth, giving that place a wide berth wouldn't result in Cintra's loss anyway.

"And one more thing. The battlefield changes at the snap of a finger. I do not know if there are spies hiding in this kingdom." Roy turned to Eist and Calanthe. "The Nilfgaardian intelligence might notice what you're planning and launch the war before Skellige can even help. What I said is nothing but a mere suggestion. Take it however you will."


Calanthe gave him a look of approval. At least he's not being arrogant with his powers. Wars are living things. Nobody can be sure about everything, not even if they're a seer. She asked slowly, "Anything else you'd like to add?"

Roy took a deep breath. "You should get another ally."

Calanthe shook her head. "You saw how everyone reacted. Those short-sighted buffoons refused our call-to-arms."

"What about Temeria, then?" Roy asked.

"Foltest is an arrogant man. He refused our invitation. He will never help Cintra unless we submit to him. Aedirn and Redania are the same as well. They'd love for Cintra to fall so they can take over. It's a miracle they're not helping Nilfgaard out."

"I'd suggest you send another envoy to Temeria." Roy said, "Things are different now. My sources tell me Foltest acknowledges the threat Nilfgaard poses. To an extent. Your envoy must tell him about Nilfgaard's plans to conquer the north. Once they take over Cintra, they will have established themselves in the north, giving them ample time to launch a war of attrition."

Roy continued. "Perhaps things will be different this time. Even if they aren't, what's another rejection going to change?"

"Very well." Eist said. "I shall send an envoy to Temeria."


Roy heaved a sigh. "Your Majesty, Your Highness, Mousesack, that's all I know. I've given you all the suggestions I have."

To conclude, there were five things they had to do. First, look out for Nilfgaard's traps and ambush in Marnadal. Second, tell King Bran to send his troops out before the war broke out. Third, Mousesack would help the Skellige ships evade all the storms on the sea, and they should give Sedna Abyss a wide berth. Fourth, the rulers should keep an eye out for Nilfgaardian spies hiding in Cintra, and finally, they should send another envoy to Temeria.


"Thank you for the suggestions, Roy." Eist sat up and rested his chin on his hand. "If Cintra manages to survive the war next year…" He exchanged a look with Calanthe. "...then I shall grant you a piece of Cintran land. You will be lavished with all the honor, prestige, and wealth that comes with it."

"If Cintra still stands, of course." Calanthe nodded at Roy. There was a hint of respect in her eyes. "But of course, in case we don't survive, we're giving you a reward for your work in advance."


Roy bowed to them. He would accept the reward.

Geralt had a weird look on his face. There it is again. He bullshits everything up and gets an actual reward, but I had to fight a weird knight and almost lost to him. The disparity annoyed him a little, and he took a swig of the liquor.

"So, can we see her now?"

Calanthe summoned a servant and whispered something in her ear. And then the servant left in a hurry.

"To be very clear, witchers, I'm not doing this because of the Law of Surprise. I do not believe in lies like that."

"Your Highness, those who try to trick Destiny will be punished by it," Mousesack interjected.

Calanthe placed her hands before her belly and raised her head. Mousesack's advice was ignored, and she said, "Duny's promise is nothing but snow for me. Snow that has melted and disappeared into the sea. Now all that's left in the place of that promise is a storm."

Eist smiled bitterly and held his forehead.

Calanthe then said, "But you have a point. Ciri is young. She'll be ten next year, but she's still a child. I will not have her suffer this kind of life." Calanthe took a deep breath. There was sorrow in her eyes. "Just the thought of a princess like her having to wander the lands aches my heart. I will never allow that to happen." She nodded. "If you'd be willing to, I shall send some scouts to appraise your home. If what you said is proven to be true, then it shall be a backup for Ciri. Should Cintra fall, Ciri will make the choice to join you or escape somewhere else."

"What if she wants to leave with us right after this?" Geralt asked.

Roy added, "And even if she goes somewhere else, everyone's just going to use her as a puppet to gain more power over the land."

"No! How can you even say tha—"

Someone opened the door, and a petite face looked inside carefully. When she saw the witcher with white hair inside the room, Ciri's eyes went wide with surprise. She held her dress up and happily hopped over to Geralt. She hugged his leg and buried her head in his chest, rubbing it like a little puppy.

The White Wolf held her shoulder, a hint of melancholy filling his eyes.

Ciri looked up and smiled sweetly at him. Gone was the trepidation in her heart. The storm was still howling beyond the castle, and waves were crashing violently against the reef, but only warmth filled Ciri's heart. "You're finally here, Geralt! I knew you'd come! It's been so long!"

Roy shook his head. She really likes him, huh.

Ciri, Geralt thought. He held her up and spun around, then he looked at Roy. You're my fate. No, you're more than that. More than that.

"Get down right now, Ciri!" A stern voice interrupted their reunion. "This is unbecoming of you!"

"Oh, Grandma! I forgot you were here." The smile on Ciri's face froze. She scrunched her nose up and reluctantly left Geralt. Then she moved over to Calanthe, her hands held over her rear. With complaint in her voice, she said, "I thought you were going to ask for another letter of repentance."

Calanthe shot her a look, and the girl froze. "You're still oblivious to your mistake, girl. I'll stop the punishment once you act more like a lady."

A sheepish smile tugged on Ciri's lips, and she darted off to Mousesack. "Hey, Mousesack." She gave the druid a hug.

"Lighter, princess. I told you many times not to pull on my beard. It's not a carrot."

"Hmph!" She turned to Eist and rubbed her face against his stubble, and she chuckled. "You're the best, Eist."

"Well, you're one of the few girls we have in the family." A smile curled Eist's lips, and he patted her head. "Boys should train themselves up since they're kids. And Ciri's a model girl. She's not as spoiled as the other princesses, but she's not a total boy either."

"Eist! You keep spoiling her and she's going to cause a lot of problems someday." Calanthe shot her husband a look, and he put the girl down. "Calanthe, come here. I have something to ask."

The girl stood by her grandmother, but she made a face at the witchers.

The queen heaved a sigh, but she didn't bother correcting her granddaughter. "Geralt and Roy made a suggestion. They would like to take you to Novigrad. Where the witchers reside."

"Huh?" A smile of surprise curled Ciri's lips, her eyes shining with happiness. "You're finally letting me out of that pri… room?"

"No, I’m not," Calanthe answered, and Ciri's lips puckered. "But I can't control everything. I can't lock you up forever." The queen patted Ciri's head and stared at her. "Someday you'll leave the castle. It's fine even if you leave sooner?"

"What happened, Grandma?" Ciri noticed the sadness lingering in Calanthe's eyes.

"Tell me, will you go with them?"

The surprise came too suddenly for Ciri. She looked to her grandfather and Mousesack for help. The men gave her encouraging nods. "C-Can I really go?" Ciri bit her lip. She was then reminded of the question Roy posed.

"If you'd like to."

"Can I come back then?"

No answer to that.

"Don't scare me, Grandma." Anxiety grasped the girl's heart, and she held her grandmother's hands. "Are you kicking me out of the castle? Are you abandoning me?"

"You will always be my baby. I won't kick you out, but other things will."

Ciri turned to the witchers. She gritted her teeth, and tears filled her eyes. Thoughts started racing in her head. On one hand, she wanted to go with her friends, but on the other, she wished to stay with her family. She quickly picked her family. "No, I'm not leaving. I'm staying here."

"I don't want to force you, Ciri."

"No, I'm staying. Willingly." She had a feeling she would never see Calanthe again if she were to leave. The girl buried her head in Calanthe's chest and started sniffling.

The queen held her tightly, and she gave the witchers a smug look. Destiny wishes her to stay.

Roy shook his head and massaged his temples. Man, she can act.

"You see, witchers? Ciri doesn't wish to leave at the moment."

Geralt looked at the girl and heaved a sigh. "We respect her choice. But we shall come once the dust has settled. I do hope you won't stop us again."

The rulers nodded.

"On my name I swear, if push comes to shove, Ciri shall leave with you."

"Geralt, Roy, don't leave!" Ciri darted over to her friends and held their hands. She pleaded, "I can't leave Grandma, but you can stay with me."

"Ciri is right. You can stay around and play with her." The queen was in a generous mood after winning her granddaughter's favor. "You can claim your reward when you leave."

"Might as well. We can stay for a couple of days." Roy nodded at Geralt and turned his attention to Mousesack. They had received the blessing of Cintra's rulers. Should the nation fall, they could come to take Ciri with them. The obstacles to that path were cleared, which meant Roy had one goal left.



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