The Divine Hunter

Reaper Scans


Chapter 441: Contact


[TL: Asuka]

[PR: Ash]


The crystal lamps of Vizima's castle sprinkled dreamy rays of light upon the ground. Sitting before a wooden table draped with a beautifully-embroidered cloth was the king of Vizima—Foltest. A crown sat atop his head, and a cape billowed from his back. His taut muscles stretched out his white clothes, and he sat up straight like a man filled with power.

His chin was resting on one hand, and he tapped on the table lightly with the other. His face was covered in the shadow of his hair, his jaw tense. His eyes were filled with fury, and stubble grew on his chin.

He had someone else at the table. A woman in a white dress. Her eyes were slanted, her nose was aquiline, and her lips were lustrous.

"What are you thinking? Amell's scout has sent back news. Nilfgaard's troops amount to more than twenty-thousand, and it's growing as we speak. The lady's prophecy and that journal Keira gave you are more than enough evidence that Nilfgaard's conquest will not stop at Cintra." Adda tensed up. With worry in her voice, she said, "If we keep twiddling our thumbs and let Nilfgaard take over Cintra, they will set up base at its port and launch another attack on the eastern shores of Yaruga, where your land stands. You must act, for the sake of the kingdom."

"Adda, I told you Nilfgaard is an ambitious kingdom. Temeria is not the only one in trouble should it launch an invasion; Aedirn is as well. I've sent a letter to Demavend, telling him of this predicament. We shall make a decision once he gives us his reply."

Foltest smiled at his daughter, but that smile was quickly wiped off. "And don't bring that lady of yours up with me. I respect her vision, and I am thankful that she was generous enough to share this prophecy with me despite what I did, but Temeria and Vizima do not belong to her. Do you understand? I have given her reward enough. The Lake of Vizima. She can spread her gospel without obstruction in the surrounding villages as long as she doesn't break the law or challenge the unwritten rules. But that is all. No expansion. And don't even think about breaking into Vizima. I will not let anyone cross that line. Unless, of course, she's willing to lend a hand in this war."

"I understand." Adda sighed. Vivienne wouldn't interfere with the war, so she changed the subject. "Did you only contact Aedirn? What about Kaedwen and Redania? We need everyone to fend off Nilfgaard."

"Adda, don't spend too much time on the church. You're a princess. At least be more aware of the state of politics." Foltest crossed his hands and rested his chin upon them. He advised, "We have no confirmation of the strength of Nilfgaard's troops. Should the prophecy come true and Nilfgaard destroys Cintra, Vizimir and Henselt will send their troops into the fray even without our reminder."

And then his face fell. "But if Nilfgaard's troops aren't as powerful as we think, if it shows even the hint of struggle against Cintra, the northern lands will not think of it as a threat. And that will be terrible news for us. We will be the vanguard in this war. Not only will we have to fend off the south, we will also have to look out for a possible betrayal from Kaedwen and Redania. Kaedwen, especially. Henselt is a great warrior but an infamous oathbreaker."

Adda tensed up for a moment. "So we can't count on them, then?"

"We can try." Foltest stared at his daughter and shook his head in disappointment. "I've asked Triss and Keira to contact Philippa Eilhart of Redania and Sabrina Glevissig of Kaedwen. The Brotherhood of Sorcerers lean on the idea of uniting the northern lands to chase off the invaders. The noble mages would rather work with royalty than become their slaves. The ladies should make a convincing case to their kings."

Adda pulled her hair back and pursed her lips. "But if they still refuse to send their troops in, will Temeria reinforce Cintra, then?"

"Is that your lady's question for me?"

"No, it's my question for you." Adda clasped her hands together. "I have a bad feeling about this. We cannot let Nilfgaard's invasion of Cintra go through."

Foltest clenched his fists. Before this, he could still lie to himself and think that Nilfgaard wasn't all that strong. But now? After he saw the journal? If he sat this one out, he would be foolish. Cintra was standing right next to his kingdom. If it were to fall, Temeria would be next.

"I will send reinforcements Cintra's way. It's for the kingdom, but we must wait." Foltest said curtly, "They will negotiate with us. Worst case scenario, we lose all the troops we send. And we shall demand compensation. "

"But I thought you refused their invitation once."

"And they will come to me again. Calanthe and Eist are on the cusp of disaster. They have no choice."


A villa stood beside the castle. Triss' room had a bed covered in crimson sheets, veils, and curtains. She was in a blue silk dress dotted with starlight, and her red hair was tied behind her head.

She touched her telescope, and magic shone from it for a moment. A blue screen appeared in the air, and a sorceress huddled closer to the screen. Her face was handsome. Her jaw was wide, and she seemed unassuming among her sisters. Her black hair was braided and tumbled down her shoulders. A white collar stood from her shoulders to the nape of her neck. She wore a tight brown leather dress that showed off her arms and generous bosom.

Her eyes were fixed upon Triss, passion flaring within them. "You're finally seeing me, dear little Triss." Philippa gave Triss a flying kiss, the passion in her eyes almost palpable. "So, how is Vizima? Getting used to it?"

"It's a pleasure seeing you, Lady Philippa. Your concern warms my heart." Triss sat behind her dimly-lit table and smiled at Philippa, though a hint of fear welled in her eyes. "I am fine."

"Ah, you don't seem fine, my dear little Triss." Philippa laughed, her teeth showing on the screen. "Oh, don't look at me like I'm some man-eating monster. I won't force anyone to do anything. All of it was for fun. And the past is in the past now. Unless someone wants to relive it, of course. I'd be more than willing to indulge." She grazed her chest and chuckled. "But I’m just teasing. Now tell me why you're really here."

Triss patted her burning cheeks, and her chest heaved as she took a deep breath. "His Majesty King Foltest wants me to contact you. It's about the troops in Amell."

"I've heard of that. The south is coming on hard." Philippa touched her chin with an index finger, and she sighed. "Poor Calanthe. Hard times ahead for her. She's going to agonize over this."

"She's not the only one." Triss fiddled with her pendant. She told Philippa about the journal entry and what Foltest's scout saw at Amell. Every single word of it.

And Philippa swiftly turned serious. "The flag of the black sun billows in Amell. Twenty thousand of them, huh? That is important news. Thank you for the reminder, Trissy." She smiled. "I understand your concerns, and you have my full support. We will not allow the barbarians and southern mages to invade our homeland. That is against the rules. I shall tell Vizimir about this, but he's a paranoid king. He will send his own scouts to verify this fact. Even if the veracity of your claim is confirmed, he won't do anything unless the problem is right in his face."

"Just try your best." Triss sighed. "And about the brotherhood…"

Triss and Keira were still relatively young and inexperienced in the brotherhood. They had no way of contacting the real core members of the brotherhood, and Fercart was out on the king's orders.

"I understand. I shall contact the Chapter of the Gift and the Art. Tissaia, Hen, and Vilgefortz included. We shall come up with a plan to deal with the incoming danger. That is the role of the brotherhood." Philippa put her hands on her hips. "Trissy, Cintra is just a river away from Vizima. Look out for yourself, and don't charge into danger."

"Thank you for the advice." Triss nodded, but obstinance filled her eyes. She made small talk for a while and cut the contact off later.


Not too long later, Keira came to see her. She was still wearing a revealing silk dress. "How goes your conversation, dear? That bitch Sabrina told he she won't let Henselt fuck her for a month if he refuses to send his troops to Cintra. I bet she'll beg him to fuck her ass in three days." Keira shook her head. "But I don't think we should count on Kaedwen. They're too far away to help."

"Same with Lady Philippa. We'll tell His Majesty once we get their reply."

The ladies held hands and talked about the situation in the northern lands.

"Let's not talk about that. You haven't been calling your savior lately." A smirk curled Keira's glossy lips, and she pinched Triss' cheeks.

Triss hung her head low in embarrassment. Damn that mandrake root. Just the thought of what happened back in the cave made her blush. She wanted to hide in a hole. Triss couldn't believe she would show that side of her to a man she barely knew. Fortunately, Roy was a gentleman enough to put that behind him.

The sorceress held her inexplicable disappointment down and took a deep breath. Now is not the time to think about a relationship. I must focus on the coming war.



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