The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

[Translator –  goguma]

[Proofreader – Karane]


Chapter 125

Something was running toward Seol.

“Ahhhhhhhh! It’s coming! It’s coming!!!”

Toki was running as fast as he could.

In contrast to the somber atmosphere he exuded the previous night, Toki bounced up and down as if he were as light as a feather.

However, there was a reason behind this.

It was due to the incredibly swift and colossal lifeform relentlessly pursuing them.

The Crimson Desert Crown Scorpion.

Not only did the scorpion boast ferocious and deadly claws, but it also wielded a venomous tail capable of puncturing almost anything.

“I-I brought it like I said I would!”

Toki hadn’t told Seol anything.


- Does anyone remember hearing anything?

- Uh… not me.

- Me neither.


Seol hurriedly tried to use Shadow Summon.



‘Damn it!’

Nothing happened despite Shadow Summon using Seol’s mana.

It wasn’t like this when Seol was in here as the Blood Saint either. It was evident it was simply the labyrinth’s whimsy.




[You enter the Night Crow form with Shaman ‘Jamad, the Volcanic’.]

[You absorb Jamad, the Volcanic’s stats.]

[Your class is changed to Fighter.]


Seol’s Exceptional Skill, Night Crow, activated in the Penance of Patience like how it had activated in the previous gates.

“Get out of the way!”


Toki rolled to the ground while switching positions with Seol.

As Toki rolled, Seol used his black fist to swing at the scorpion’s head.



Seol realized something was wrong with the attack’s sound and sensation. Swiftly, he dodged to the side.


The scorpion’s tail swept through the area he previously was at.

Even though Seol managed to dodge it, the attack’s power sent a chill down Seol’s spine.

“It… didn’t die?”

Seol expected the scorpion’s head to snap off entirely from that attack. However, the scorpion seemed unharmed. It casually turned its head and looked around, giving the impression it suffered no damage whatsoever.

“Not the head! You have to aim for its tail and its claws!”



Toki yelled and changed at the scorpion’s tail.


[Toki used Pure Fist.]

[20% of the damage dealt will now be applied as true damage.]




It was another ominous sound.

Toki ran toward Seol once more without looking back.

“Not the tail! Aim for its claws!”


- What the hell LMFAOOOOOOO

- So Toki didn’t know either hahahaha

- He doesn’t know anything properly LOL


Seol dashed in, toward the scorpion.

Since Seol was much smaller than the scorpion, the scorpion struggled to fight Seol.


Seol grabbed the scorpion’s right claw.



And he put all his strength into pulling it backward.




[Crimson Desert Crown Scorpion’s right claw has been destroyed.]

[Crimson Desert Crown Scorpion is unable to maintain balance.]

[Crimson Desert Crown Scorpion takes damage over time.]


As those messages popped up, Seol heard a sound next to him.




[Crimson Desert Crown Scorpion’s left claw has been destroyed.]

[Crimson Desert Crown Scorpion is now defenseless.]

[Crimson Desert Crown Scorpion will receive 300% damage for a short period of time.]


“Now! Jump him!”

As if setting an example, Toki leaped in while the scorpion was vulnerable and stomped on it to shatter its carapace.

“Die! Die!”


- He looks like a thug LMFAO

- Did Toki’s actor change?

- Yeah, they did. We hope for your understanding ^^


However, Seol was already aware that Toki was originally someone like this.

But... Even though he was aware of it, it didn't mean it didn't surprise him.

‘He’s always had a… a light… personality.’

Toki, the Unseemly.

Those who did not know Toki’s true nature often mockingly referred to him by that nickname.

“What are you doing?! Stomp on him!”


Seol followed Toki’s orders and began stomping all over the scorpion’s body.


- You are the sum of the people around you.

- No! Children shouldn’t watch this!


Crack! Crack!

After stomping on the scorpion for a while, it finally took its last breath.


[You have defeated Crimson Desert Crown Scorpion.]


“Haah… Haah… Good work. Great teamwork.”

“...Good work to you as well.”


- So, which faction are you from? LOL

- Which gang are you from, old man?

- The Black Bear Faction? Your boss and I are practically brothers!


Toki smiled wide.

“I’m going to break it down now, so watch carefully and learn, alright?”


Toki gave detailed explanations to Seol while using his knife to separate the scorpion’s flesh from its carapace and storing it.

“For now, we’ll only take this much. These guys spoil easily even if you cook them, so we can’t eat it for long.”

Since then, Seol has hunted with Toki every day, and each night, after their hunt, they sit by the campfire and talk.

“Often, people assume that monster meat is safe to eat as long as it's cooked, but that misconception could lead to dreadful consequences. I, as an expert in monster cooking, believe that it is dangerous to do.”

“Okay, then…”

“Monsters all possess distinct characteristics. Not only that, the potency of their venom varies, the location where the venom is found is also…”

Toki’s descriptions went on and on.

However, his descriptions were also considerate. He frequently considered Seol and explained things until Seol grasped the concepts.


- It’s… much deeper than I thought?

- I thought he’d bullshit again…

- His lessons are… normal?


Seol didn’t miss anything Toki taught him and did his best to learn everything.

Like that, time continued to pass.


* * *

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Translator - goguma

Proofreader - Karane

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* * *


- So… when do we get to the main lecture?

- Huh? Are you complaining about the curriculum? Do you not like lectures?

- I don’t.

- Me too 😀

- Look at the view count drop, LOL I can’t believe he’s putting the viewers through a Penance of Patience too…

- The thing that’s more surprising is despite all this time, no one’s still come close to Snowman’s points.

- Godman…

- I was a 3 million point monster, but now I’m a busboy in the kitchen?


[You have finished cooking.]

[You have made a Spicy Steamed Desert Mole.]

[Beginner’s Luck activates.]

[It smells great. The dish was a success.]

[This recipe has never been seen before.]

[Your Constitution permanently increases by 1.]

[You have been inspired.]

[You feel like you will be able to come up with a recipe the next time you come across a new ingredient.]

[Your cooking skills have slightly improved.]


“...It was a success.”

“Hahaha! You definitely have the talent for it! You’ve learned most of it now.”

Seol tasted the monster dish he made with Toki.


‘It’s delicious.’

There was a crucial difference between Monster Cooking and regular Cooking.

You made it as you pleased.

Toki would occasionally repeat the phrase ‘a chef's instincts’ as he cooked. And each time, the way he cooked his dish was different.

Surprisingly, However, every single one of his dishes was delicious.

Not to mention that Seol had never gotten sick while eating his food. Toki’s ability to prepare the meat and separate it from its poisons was otherworldly.

At first, the only thought in Seol’s head was that it was extraordinary. However, as Seol practiced, he was getting a feel for it. It was to the point that he now began drooling when he started hunting the monsters, thinking of possible recipes in his head.

Seol, through his efforts, also learned that Toki’s Monster Cooking also had a lot more benefits than simply using monsters as a source of food.

One of the biggest benefits revealed itself after the dish was fully eaten.


Seol placed his bowl on the ground after finishing his meal.


[You had an excellent meal.]

[Monster Cooking’s Bonus Effect activates.]

[You are able to use 'Sand Breath’ for a day.]

[A random stat is permanently increased by 1.]

[Your Constitution permanently increases by 1.]


It was this.

The additional effects that would normally only activate when using carefully selected, high-quality ingredients kept activating after Seol ate the meals like it was nothing.

It seemed like monsters themselves were counted as a special ingredient.

“You’ve worked hard to keep up with my lessons.”

“Thank you.”

“There’s nothing more to teach you. You will inevitably learn the rest as you increase your own proficiency.”

Seol nodded, then looked at his Talents.


Even though ‘Cooking’ should have changed to ‘Monster Cooking’ after his lessons, nothing had changed at all.

“But! There’s one important thing left!”



- Ah… hahaha…

- ???: You need to learn for another decade!

- You thought it was over, huh?


“In fact, this might be the most important part. It’s how to pick the correct ingredients.”

“Picking… the ingredients?”

“Precisely. I'm sure you already know this by now, kid, but each monster has its own kind of poison. So far, I've taught you how to remove that poison, making it safe for us to consume, and you've mastered that part perfectly. However… that's only a small portion of Monster Cooking!”


“What are you going to do in a place where there’s no seasoning, no fire, not even plates?”


“Don’t say something as weak as declaring that you won't eat monsters!”


- D-Do you really have to go that far?

- Why is he making up some story for the worst-case scenario? LMFAOOO

- I’ll create a situation where you have to eat it!


“What do you plan to do if a situation like that occurs?”

“Probably… eat it raw?”


Even though Seol said it himself, he still found it ridiculous.

How could anyone think about eating a monster raw?

“The human body is a miracle. No matter how poisonous the food is, once you get used to it, you’ll only think of it as a food with a bit of an extra kick! Alright, now… let’s begin adapting your body.”


An awful odor spread throughout the camp.

“It’s the flesh of the scorpion we hunted last time. I’ve matured it to the extent that it's significantly less poisonous, to the point where it's now edible. Now, are you ready?”

“By ready, do you mean…”

“Don’t tell me… are you planning on giving up now?”


"Did you genuinely plan on learning Monster Cooking from me when you didn't have a lick of tenacity? Those with tenacity might not always finish first, but those without it will always finish last!"

“...I’ll eat it.”


- Like I said, you are the sum of the people around you.

- In the end, it ended up like this.

- Someone get the ‘To Be Continued’ meme ready.


Toki, the embodiment of someone unrefined, grabbed a piece of the meat and yelled.

“May god watch over us. Hah! I’ll be going first!”


Toki placed the scorpion meat into his mouth.

And then…


Toki fell unconscious.


- ???: I’ll be going first! (to hell)

- Huh? What is that light? Maybe I should go to it?

- At the Gates of Heaven: What? So, how did you die? Why can’t you answer me?

- Jojo ‘To Be Continued’ sign: What? You want me to go back?


Seol placed a finger beneath Toki’s nose and at Toki’s wrist.

He was still breathing, and his heart was still pumping.

He simply fell unconscious for a moment from the shocking pain.

Seol let out a deep sigh and then also took a piece of the scorpion meat.


[It tastes awful.]

[Your body trembles.]

[You have earned the achievement 'We’ll Cheer for You'.]

[You have earned the title 'Foolhardy'.]



And, like Toki, Seol fell unconscious.


- Argh, that’s way too far! Do you really have to go so far?

- At the Gates of Heaven: Who are you? Are you the friend of the guy who just came here?

- Jojo ‘To Be Continued’ sign: Why are you making me go back again?

- WTF LOOOOOL Toki’s scarier than the desert.

- This stream taught us that dying from starvation and dying from poison are just two sides of the same coin.

- Thank you for watching Snowman up to now!


And like that, a month had passed.



[It tastes awful.]

[However, it is a taste that you know very well.]

[You notice a new, different flavor.]

[You have been inspired.]

[You come up with a new recipe.]

[Your cooking skills have greatly improved.]


“You’ve… finally completed all of the lessons. I congratulate you on coming all this way.”


Seol’s eyes were fiery with anger.


- Let’s never see each other again!

- Please don’t make Monster Cooking at home! Buy it!


Seol saw a flurry of messages show up on his interface.


[The hidden advancement process for Talent ‘Cooking’ to Talent ‘Monster Cooking’ has finished.]

[Talent 'Cooking' has advanced to 'Monster Cooking'.]

[You are now able to expertly cook monster meat.]

[The poison of the monster meat you cook is significantly reduced.]

[You have experienced a new horizon in cooking.]

[Your cooking skills have significantly improved.]

[Your odds of creating an exceptional dish is significantly increased.]

[The influence of ingredients on the dish’s quality is reduced.]

[You are now able to use 'Taste Test'.]

[You are now able to differentiate edible ingredients more easily.]


Seol received more messages after that too.


[The hidden advancement process for your talent has been completed.]

[You are the first to advance a Talent to a Rare Talent.]

[You have earned the special achievement 'Effort Is a Talent Too'.]

[You have earned the special title 'Gifted'.]


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