The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

[Translator –  goguma]

[Proofreader – Karane]


Chapter 116

Seol was breathless after unleashing that monstrous attack.

“Haah… Haah…”

No one could have expected that he had enough strength to knock an ogre’s head straight off.


[Your mana is currently below 5%] 

[You have mana deficiency.]

[Your mana recovery rate is reduced by 50% for 5 minutes.]

[You have overused your mana all at once.]

[You are afflicted by Abnormal Status: Dizziness for a day.]

[The cooldowns for your skills are increased by 10%.]


It was clear the risk Seol took had a price.

‘It’s reasonable, though.’

Seol would have been the first person to suspect something was off if a skill capable of ripping a monster’s head off had no risk.

‘I should use this as a finisher… or a gamble.’

Iron Fist Rule could only be used while Seol was in the Night Crow form and used the majority of his remaining mana.

This wasn’t something he could fix by increasing his maximum mana either.

‘I guess the only hope is either increasing its proficiency or changing the skill entirely?’

It was a thought that would infuriate any Adventurer who heard it, considering they were limited to the skills they were given.

However, Seol had the option to create more skills.

Regardless of the situation, acquiring a new skill was always something to be happy about.

In the first place, Seol had no use for his mana other than for Shadow Hand. His summons could take care of everything independetly without Seol doing anything.

It was a definite step forward since he at least had a use for his large mana pool now.

Seol stood on the headless ogre’s corpse and looked down on the party members watching him.


He looked almost mystical as the sun set behind him.

Seol did not intend for this, but it still made him appear like an all-powerful solo player.


“H-Hyung, you’re that…”

“Seol, you’re…”


[‘Oi’ has donated 1200 Madness!]

[That’s my seat]



- Snap! Snap! Snap!!! (Shutter Sounds)

- No… Photos…

- Woah… Is he really the same loser summoner who hid behind his summons?!


[‘Ogre Fist?’ has donated 1000 Madness!]

[Wrong! This is the Night Crow Troll Fist Era!!!]


- Troll Fist! Troll Fist!

- You’re a god!

- I lost my fucking mind at that…

- TF! TF! (TF means Troll Fist now)

- Dopa, is TF mid good right now?


[‘Roach’ has donated 1300 Madness!]

[I don’t really like this, though… This is different from what a summoner usually does… Shouldn’t a summoner be using their summons? Why is he punching people now? Don’t worry! CESCO killed any fucking roach saying that ^^!]


- I believed in you, POSCO!

- It’s not them!

- As expected from UNESCO!

- Not them either!

- That was pretty spicy, Tabasco-kun!

- ……


Karen and Karuna slowly approached Seol.

“Was that you, Jamad?”


“It was Master? Woah… that was pretty good… I was shocked.”

Seol in the Night Crow form, Karen, and Karuna.

The three of them were much more threatening and menacing than the three trolls they defeated.

Somi’s party couldn’t talk properly from the pressure they exerted.

Who would have guessed that the summoner they thought could only cook was this powerful?

Munho mumbled a bit before finally being able to say a word.

“Hah… Haha… I-I guess things ended up this way…”


“We’re… alive, though, right?”


Seol exited the Night Crow form.

As he returned to his original state, Somi sighed long, relieved.

“Phew… You’re not going to eliminate us, though, right?”

Seol asked back incredulously.

“Eliminate you?”

“Like in movies where the guy goes, ‘You saw something which must not be seen…’ and kills the others. So…”

Only Somi could have such strange delusions.

“Ah, nothing like that.”

Munho and Gyeongtaek both sighed after that.

“Phew… that’s a relief.”

“I was worried for a second, haha.”

Seol corrected himself.

Somi wasn’t the only person to have such strange delusions.

After the tension died down, Somi started brightly smiling at them. Somi’s bright voice was like a brush, adding vibrant strokes of color to the otherwise bleak background.

“By the way, oppa… Are you… Private? The person with the super high points on the leaderboard who was recently at Yognatun.”

Seol, who never expected to admit this, shrugged as an answer.

“Woah… even his gestures are cool. I should keep this in mind for later.”

“We’d look like idiots if we did that, though.”

“As expected… experts really are different, huh? I bet even small things like this are what separates us.”



- Stop embarrassing him, Somi!

- Somi’s embarrassing attack was super effective!

- She’s making him look so good that it’s suffocating! I can’t breathe!


“How could there be a coincidence like this? It feels like just yesterday when I heard about what happened in Yognatun… how did we run into you here?”

Nothing special happened for Seol to consider this a ‘coincidence.’

Simply put, Seol underwent an Adventure nearby and got caught up in a Sudden Adventure, ultimately leading to him joining her party.

“I know what this is. It’s that, isn’t it?”


“Fate. It was fate that we met like this!”

“Noona, let’s open the loot here first. Don’t you also want to check what you got, noona?”

“Gyeongtaek! Are you not going to listen to me? I was talking about fate…”


- Ms. Han, stop your bullshit and just open the loot LOL

- Somi vs Gyeongtaek, the match of the century, hahaha.


Gyeongtaek continued speaking while sifting through the loot.

“Don’t mind her too much, hyung. She’s watched way too many K-dramas. She’s also the type that likes famous people’s posts on Instagram, so…”

“H-How did you know that?”

“You told us last time, noona.”

“Regardless! Why don’t we check the loot first?”

A chest appeared at the feet of everyone in the party.

“L-Let’s talk after we see what we got.”

Somi bent down to open her chest and inspect it.

Seol simply kicked the chest open to confirm it.




* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - goguma

Proofreader - Karane

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[You open the Trio’s Loot.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have received skill points.]

[Affluent’s Bonus Effect activates.]

[You have received additional skill points.]

[You have acquired Deceased Noblewoman’s Gloves.]

[You have acquired Necrowood.]

[You have acquired Ogre’s Fang.]

[You have acquired Ogre’s Fang.]

[You have acquired 4 platinum coins.]

[You have acquired 30 gold coins.]

[You have acquired 22 silver coins.]

[You have acquired 10 medium red potions.]

[You have acquired 8 medium blue potions.]



Seol didn’t have a particularly good look on his face.

‘I got three materials.’

Necrowood and Ogre’s Fang. Not to mention, Seol got two of the same thing.

Neither of the materials was too useful for him.

‘Their qualities are way too low.’

The first problem was that both materials were Rare-quality items.

Obviously, Rare-quality materials could be used to create Treasure-quality items too, but the odds of that were drastically lower compared to situations where Treasure-quality materials were used to make one.

Not only that, Seol already had multiple pieces of equipment that were the strongest that could be crafted at this stage in the game.

Therefore, these materials didn’t satisfy him.

‘It makes sense, though, the Adventure was easy.’

It was an Adventure that required him to simply kill a few monsters that left the heart of the Great Forest.

Even so, Seol was rewarded with one Treasure-quality item for defeating the three ogres.


[[Deceased Noblewoman’s Gloves]

Quality: Treasure

Recommended Level: 22-28

Defense: 45

Durability: 92/92

Weight: 0.1kg

A pair of gloves made from the silk of Dream Silkworms, exported from Mirshen. The silk from Dream Silkworms is worth more than its weight in gold. There are even myths about the silk bringing great fortune to the people wearing it.

However, the fact that the previous wearer of these gloves died only serves to prove that it is simply a myth.

Basic Effect: +9 Intelligence, +14 Wisdom, +10 Constitution

Bonus Effect: Feels comfortable on the skin, as if it melts onto it. Corrects all actions made with the hands slightly.]


Seol took off the Gloves of Spirit Protection and placed them into his inventory before immediately equipping his new gloves.

‘If it’s ‘all actions made with the hands,’ it should also include combat.’

That effect made this item more than worth it, as it would inevitably help him when he was in the Night Crow form.

Not to mention, the other effects were good too.

‘A Fighter item with Wisdom is rare, after all.’


- Summoner during the day, Fighter at night…

- He basically has two classes…

- Any item would be good for him now LOL


“Uhh… Hyung…”


“Did you get anything good?”

“Not really/ The Adventure might have been a bit too easy.”


- Stop. You’ll make your Treasure-quality gloves cry LMFAO

- If you consider the items he got so far, yeah, it’s a bit lacking!!!

- Gyeongtaek: Ah… Did Seol hyung even get items?

- Will this child ever stop being hungry?


“Oppa! You know about that, right? Let’s do it!”

“About what? What are you talking about?”

“Have you ever been in a party before?”

Seol thought about it, and he realized that he hadn’t. Seol had always been alone during his Adventures.

As such, Seol didn’t respond. He didn’t want to admit it himself.

“He just didn’t understand you because you said it weirdly, noona. Hyung, she wants to exchange items. You know how people exchange items with each other after getting the loot? She’s talking about that.”

“Ah, I thought it was something else.”

Even though Seol said that, he had no idea about a tradition like that. It seemed like it was a widely spread culture amongst transferees.

Place… Place… Place…

The party members placed their items on the ground one by one.


The items were so bad that Seol questioned if they were even rewards.

The first items that they showed were Special-quality items.

Seol specifically didn’t show the Special-quality equipment he acquired as he considered them trash. But it seemed like his party members still considered those items as equipment.


- I feel like… the gap between the rich and poor is showing…

- The middle class is disappearing? Huh? Why don’t they just work harder?!

- The rich will never understand the feelings of the commoners.


Even so, some of their equipment caught Seol’s eyes.

It was the Rare-quality necklace that Somi put down and the Rare-quality ring that Munho put forth.

They were both fairly good equipment for combat-based classes.

In Seol’s case, those items were great as a temporary measure before he could give his summons good items.

“Ah! You got Necrowood? That’s Necrowood, right?”

“Ogre’s Fang! I was hoping for that. I can’t believe you got it!”

Luckily for Seol, they also seemed to have desired his items.

‘Necrowood is a great material for a bow, and Ogre’s Fang is good for daggers.’

Somi approached Seol with expecting eyes.

“Are you going to use that? Hm? Are you using it? Would a summoner even need Necrowood? Hm? The best you can do with that is plant it in your front yard, no?”

“Those fangs have a low chance of dropping when hunting ogres… Getting two of them when you hunted three ogres is natural. So… Um… Those fangs…”

Seol exchanged his materials for their equipment. It was a good trade for both parties.

Before pressing the button that would conclude the Adventure, Somi handed Seol something.

“Oppa, this…”

“A piece of leather? Why…”

“Could you please sign this…? If you use a knife, the signature will last. I plan on adding this to my weapon, so…”


- Snowman’s a celebrity?

- Ah… I guess that’s what it’s like to be famous…


Seol looked confused as he received a knife from her, but still signed the piece of leather like Somi had asked him to.

“Could you also add, ‘You’ll get into college next year, Somi. From Seol oppa…’ too? Include the ellipses too, make it sound like you really mean it!”

“...How are you sure we’ll make it back to Earth within a year?”

“I’m just trying to use it as a good luck charm.”


- I hope you’re always happy (Snowman)

- The food here was great! (Private)

- I hope you get a lot of customers (Kang Seol)


Seol always felt drained of energy whenever he was around Somi, but he wasn’t sure why. Regardless, her bright personality and energy also made him feel better.

The party all ended the Adventure at exactly the same time.


They all began being transported to near Nobira.

Since it was Seol’s first time being transported with other people, he had an unfamiliar feeling in his chest.

“Phew… We somehow made it back alive.”

“Seriously, each and every Adventure is like hell.”

As Somi and Gyeongtaek began quarreling with each other again, Seol opened his interface.

He and his party members all received the same message.


[Next is the Points Leaderboard up to Adventure 16.]


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