The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

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Chapter 128

Changsik shouted in shock.

“What… What is that? What are we supposed to do? Are we supposed to…”

“...fight it.”

“Fuuu… at least it’s a doll. If it was a monster…”

“No. Haaah… that isn’t necessarily the case.”

Seol continued.

“Right now… that doll is the most dangerous thing here.”


“If it’s 25% of his strength back then…”

Finn had entered the Labyrinth of Penance after acquiring Blood of Origin from the Ancient Red Palace.

‘That was the moment Finn’s explosive growth began …’

Finn became incredibly powerful after clearing the Labyrinth of Penance, meaning he hadn’t yet reached his prime while undergoing the trials within.

When one considered the situation in that manner, there was no way a doll, who was only 25% as strong as Finn, could defeat Seol. However, the truth was different.

There were two reasons for this.

First, Finn entered the Labyrinth of Penance much later than Seol.

Seol had a clear direction for his piece, and it also possessed plenty of skills.

‘And… he likely has a few Exceptional Skills as well.’

Seol possessed two Exceptional Skills as well. Karen’s Sunset Draw was only usable in specific situations, and Night Crow was still incomplete despite holding lots of potential.

Possessing multiple skills meant that you had various paths to achieve victory.

Seol, as he currently stands, isn’t powerful enough to overcome them all.

Second, it was a horrible matchup.

Finn had extraordinary skills that were fatal to Seol.

Since Seol didn’t have many skills at the moment, Finn Modria was the worst opponent he could face right now.

'But just because I know that… doesn’t mean it’s a fight I can run away from.'

Seol had advantages to his side as well.

First, Finn Modria only has 25% of his original stats from when he cleared the Labyrinth of Penance.

While a 75% penalty was significant, considering how The World of Eternity granted more stats with progression, Finn Modria was currently at a similar level to Seol.

Second, if the labyrinth was emulating Finn’s fighting patterns through the Penance of Pain, it should replicate them exactly as Finn did.

However, Finn’s fighting pattern was entirely created by Seol.

Which also meant that Seol could predict most of what the doll would do.

‘And… that will be active too.’

Lastly, Seol had experienced the Final Penance before.

He knew about the special environmental changes that became active during the Final Penance.

Not only did Seol know about them, but he also understood that leveraging those changes was the key to turning the tables.


Seol took a step toward the central square, glancing at Changsik.

“During this… I won’t be able to protect you.”

“...I’ll protect myself, don’t worry. I’ll try my best to help.”


Tension filled the air as the two expected a brutal fight.

Seol’s heart felt heavier with each step he took.

Sometimes, some fights were unavoidable.

Seol stopped thinking about his odds of winning.

If he had to fight, all he could do was try his best.


“I want you to stay behind me first.”

“...Huh? O-Okay.”

Changsik took a step behind Seol, his senses sharp.


As Changsik fully stepped into the square as well, a message popped up.


[You have arrived at the end of the Labyrinth of Penance.]

[The Linked Adventure continues.]

[This Adventure is very dangerous.]

[You can only collect your rewards after all of the Adventures have been cleared.]



An ominous energy began swirling around them.


[You begin your next Adventure.]

[Your 18th Adventure is starting.]

[Adventure 18. Division of Pain]


[Adventure 18. ‘Division of Pain’


At the end of the Labyrinth of Penance lies a certain individual's pain.

It is likely a pain that has been etched into the labyrinth.

Objective: Defeat Record of Pain: Finn Modria

Caution. This Adventure is very dangerous.

Remaining Time [N/A]]


‘It’s starting now.’

The soul doll began moving with the messages.


Finn immediately gathered a red, coarse energy in his hand and released it. It was a swift attack that was difficult to handle.


[Record of Pain: Finn Modria used Blood Curse.]

[The target struck by the projectile will bleed excessively.]

[The target struck by the projectile will have blood clots.]


A projectile shot out from Finn’s hand like a bullet.

Seol, as if expecting this, hid Changsik behind him.



Blood Curse didn’t deal significant damage on its own, but its difficulty to defend against and the compounding effects often led Finn to use it as an opening move in a fight.

In exchange for its quick speed and powerful effects, the cooldown for the ability was quite long, typically allowing for only one use per battle.


[You are affected by Record of Pain: Finn Modria's Blood Curse.]

[Ring of Grace activates.]

[It deflects Blood Curse.]


Thankfully, Seol had already prepared a provision for the curse.

Seol, after nullifying the curse, moved on to the next step.




He summoned Karen and Karuna from his hands.

Finn, as if he had been waiting for this, gathered a red energy in his hands.

‘It’s coming.’


[Record of Pain: Finn Modria used Exceptional Skill: Ruby Mirror.]

[Mimic the target’s familiars.]

[The mimicked familiars are limited to 50% of the original familiar’s stats.]


Finn used his Exceptional Skill.

Ruby Mirror was the skill Seol had been worried about.

This skill was practically a nightmare for any class that used familiars like summoners or necromancers.

If Finn were only capable of this, fighting him would have been manageable. However, almost as if to mock the notion, Finn’s doll began using more skills.


A red fog encroached into the area.


[Record of Pain: Finn Modria used Exceptional Skill: Clogged Flow.]

[Enemies affected by Clogged Flow will temporarily be unable to use a skill.]

[Clogged Flow does not affect Exceptional Skills.]

[The ‘Spell Resist Dice’ are rolling.]

[Spell Resist Dice has rolled a 2.]

[Snowman is unable to use Passive: Enhance Summons.]

[Spell Resist Dice has rolled a 4.]

[CarryMachine resists Exceptional Skill: Clogged Flow.]

[Spell Resist Dice has rolled a 5.]

[Karen’s high resistance adds 1 to her dice roll.]

[Karen resists Exceptional Skill: Clogged Flow.]


Luckily, both Changsik and Karen resisted it.


[Spell Resist Dice has rolled a 1.]

[Karuna is unable to use Connected Soul.]


However, that wasn’t the case for Karuna.

‘Damn it… that was the worst-case scenario! Why did it have to be Connected Soul?!’

It was fortunate that Karen resisted the Exceptional Skill, but at the end of it, Karuna's Connected Soul was sealed.

Connected Soul was a skill that doubled their stats when they were summoned together.

Since Seol’s Enhance Summons was sealed too, their stats had significantly decreased.


“My strength is…”

Karuna and Karen had dire looks on their faces, recognizing that something had gone wrong.

However, Seol kept quiet. It would be hard to expect anything from them in this fight.

‘At this rate… the most they could do is go even with Ruby Mirror.’

After all, even that would be a hefty challenge for them right now.




Karen and Karuna sprinted forth at the same time.

They tried to cover their reduced stats with a shout, but it was hard to expect their usual vigor.

It hadn't even been a few seconds since combat started for things to end this way.

Part of the reason was that most of the Blood Saint’s skills didn’t require any sort of chant.

Regardless, Seol and Changsik lunged forth as well.

Seol, who had been in the Night Crow form this entire time, arrived at Finn earlier than Changsik.


[Record of Pain: Finn Modria used Refusal.]

[The target is pushed back.]




Seol flew back like he was a rubber ball.

‘Like I expected… it’s the exact same pattern!’

Refusal, in exchange for its low damage, had a very short cooldown.

This skill had an excellent matchup against classes that had to fight up close, like Seol in the Night Crow form.

After deflecting Seol away, Finn attacked Changsik.


“Watch your side!”

Changsik dropped to the floor at Seol’s orders.

And then he quickly fell over backward.


Finn’s Blood Spear would have pierced through Changsik’s head had he continued his charge.


Seol scowled.

‘Finn is a turtle.’

A turtle that hides behind its tough shell, only peeking its head out from time to time.

An adversary whose incredible defense wasn't the only problem, but also its blood-chilling attack.



Finn’s Blood Spear was still active.

Though the destructive power of Finn’s skills wasn’t exceptionally high, getting hit by them would cause the skin to rupture, a unique effect of Finn’s spells.

‘However… we aren’t monsters.’

Unless you were a monster that could easily withstand multiple hits, even one of Finn’s attacks was enough to end your life.





Each time Finn’s spear struck the ground, a small explosion would occur with accompanying tremors.

‘It should almost be time soon…’

Blood Spear wasn’t Finn’s only attacking skill, either.

Refusal was difficult to handle, and Finn had a plethora of other skills as well.

This was definitely not an easy fight.

Since Seol knew about Finn’s attack patterns, he approached him cautiously.

Seol looked around, waiting for a change.

‘I need a variable. I’m pretty sure the season should change soon…’

And then it happened.


The statue of the sword-wielding knight began rumbling.


[Penance: Season of Knights arrives.]

[Swords will occasionally fall over the battlefield.]


* * *

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* * *


“Damn it, not this one…” said Seol while pulling away.

A sword had fallen right where he stood earlier.



Giant swords began raining over the battlefield.


Changsik screamed in terror, trying his hardest to avoid them all.

Each time the air hinted at a flying object, a sword would land there without fail.

Finn’s doll also swiftly began dodging the swords.



As everyone on the battlefield concentrated on evading the swords rather than launching attacks, something entered Finn’s peripheral vision.


A black fist.

It was Seol’s fist.

Despite the shock, Finn’s doll reflexively casted Refusal.



Finn managed to negate Seol’s attack through Refusal.

However, it did not take long for Finn’s doll to realize it was all a trick.


A sword fell from the sky and landed squarely on Finn. It had been so busy negating Seol’s attack that it hadn’t noticed it.

Seol had hoped the trick would be effective, but he was quickly let down.



[Record of Pain: Finn Modria used Blood Barrier.]

[75% of physical damage is negated.]

[Blood Barrier had not been casted properly.]

[50% of physical damage is negated.]


One of its arms was in tatters.

It seemed like it was still a huge blow despite negating 50% of the damage.

“You still act like a turtle, as always.”



[Record of Pain: Finn Modria used Proud Flesh.]

[Rapidly recover 70% of the health you just lost.]



Out of nowhere, Finn’s doll spoke.

Seol carefully focused on the doll’s words as it creaked and groaned.


“It… hurts…”

This was the memory that Finn left behind in the Penance of Pain. A memory of Finn exhausted after a long battle.


Seol gritted his teeth as he responded, "Wait for me... I'll get you out of there, even if you don't want to!"


The season began to change once more.


[Penance: Season of Magicians arrives.]


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