The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

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Chapter 32

It was uncomfortable being called ‘Master’ but since there weren’t any other short titles he could think of, Seol just accepted it.


- Urgh… Master… I think I’m going to barf…

- Shall I kill him? Master?

- I mean it’s not wrong. Summons normally call their summoners master.

- I know, but… Karuna’s way too fucking cool to call someone master.

- Jamad doesn’t call Snowman master though?

- Snowman would’ve stopped Jamad himself if Jamad tried calling him master lol

- This is why being nice is a bad thing frfr


The room that Seol entered was definitely a research room.

It seemed that Chao, the person Seol was searching for, modified the biggest room in the mansion. It was quite a massive room.

The size of the room wasn’t the only reason Seol and Karuna were sure this was the research room.

“It’s completely filled with research materials.”

The walls were covered in someone’s pretty handwriting. Not only that, it was also covered in drawings and footnotes.

Seol started off by reading the most eye-catching of the writings on the wall.

The first one that caught his eye was the phrase written in huge letters.

Since words written the biggest had the highest chance of being the topic, Seol read it.


- Things that I must solve.


So it made sense that everything written here were things that Chao had to solve. So what exactly did she have to solve?

Seol read through multiple parts of the wall for a while. And he reached a conclusion.

“...They’re all different.”

It seems that Chao wrote ‘Things’ for a reason as there were multiple issues that she had.

Unfortunately, the contents on the wall went back and forth and were filled with things that had no correlation with each other and were incomprehensible.

‘Still… it’s not like there were no hints whatsoever.’

Even though there were many complicated questions on the wall, there were still a few that Seol could tell at just a glance.


- Discovered Griz’s secret laboratory in the Great Forest.


‘Griz had a secret laboratory near the Great Forest?’

Griz was one of Pandea’s remarkable figures.

Not only did he foster mechanical engineering and different studies, but he also filled the world with his breakthrough inventions and strange creations.

And the majority of his creations and inventions had fantastic abilities.

Because a lot of people desired his abilities, it is fairly known that Griz created various secret laboratories throughout the continent to travel to and from.

‘I’ve only met him once.’

Despite having played 30 pieces, Seol had only met Griz in person once.

It was a one-off meeting but they spent quite a while together.


- Oh! That is quite logical! I am so happy, it’s been a while since I met someone who is on the same wavelength as me!


Seol remembered Griz’s unique way of talking and how happy he was to meet him.

‘He was eccentric but he was definitely a genius. Regardless, if it’s his secret laboratory, I’m interested too…’

Maybe his inventions or equipment could be there. Even a blueprint or design of one would help Seol get stronger tremendously.

Because in the end, it would be an item a genius made.

‘Still… it’s going to be just as dangerous.’

The only reason Griz was able to keep his laboratories a secret wasn’t because he hid it well. He also left behind things to protect his laboratory.

It was an obvious decision for Griz since that was the only way he would be able to leave behind his laboratory without feeling worried.

And for Seol, that was exactly what was causing him his worries.

Regardless, Seol decided to check out Griz’s secret laboratory as his next Adventure.

‘I hope Chao went here too.’


[The main contents of ‘Missing Summoner’ have changed.]

[‘Missing Summoner’ has changed to ‘Griz’s Secret Laboratory’.]

[Adventure [Griz’s Secret Laboratory] is scheduled.]

[Because this Adventure is a 'Solo Adventure', you must clear this Adventure without a party.]


Preparing for this Adventure wasn’t particularly different from how he’d prepared for other Adventures.

First, he would check to see if anyone knew about the Adventure and if there wasn’t, he’d prepare for the worst-case scenarios that he could realistically expect.

‘Since I don’t have that much information, I need to be careful.’

It wasn’t that Seol lacked information about Griz, he lacked information about the specific laboratory that Griz had hidden in the Great Forest. He needed to be careful since he didn’t know what kind of traps Griz prepared for his intruders.

The only thing that Seol could trust in all this uncertainty was his memories and his powerful summons.


* * *

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* * *


A lot of time had passed and the Rest period was over.

Seol’s body was once again covered in light before he disappeared.


The people around him glanced at where Seol stood but quickly returned to their lives without giving it much interest.



[You begin your next Adventure.]

[Your 5th Adventure is starting.]

[Adventure 5. Griz’s Secret Laboratory]


[ Adventure 5. ‘Griz’s Secret Laboratory’


You have found a clue pointing toward Griz’s secret laboratory in Chao’s research room and have come here to find her.

Griz is a genius, yet eccentric inventor. Ordinary people are unable to fully understand him with their way of thinking. In fact, an ordinary way of thinking would only run them into a wall.

Based on the rumors that have spread throughout the continent, Griz has hidden his amazing inventions and creations in his secret laboratory. Obviously, since he doesn’t plan to just hand out his treasures, he has most likely left something behind to protect them.

You must clear through the deadlocks that Griz has set up to investigate his secret laboratory. Your primary objective might be to find traces of Chao but you must also keep in mind to take some of the fortuitous items you will be able to come across during the process.

Objective: Investigate Griz’s Secret Laboratory.

Remaining Time [71:59]]


The Adventure gave him a Remaining Time of 3 days.

The first thing that Seol did was check his surroundings.

“...It’s a forest.”

A forest with trees expanding into the horizon endlessly.

Rustle… Rustle…


Watching the trees shake in the wind gave him a strange feeling of satisfaction.

But it only lasted a moment. Seol quickly concentrated on what he had to do.

‘I must’ve been placed here because the secret laboratory is nearby.’

Thankfully, it wasn’t hard to find traces of it.


[Insight activates.]

[The trees around here look very different from the other trees.]

[Insight activities.]

[It seems that someone had intent on hiding something here.]


Insight finally started to pull its own weight after Seol got the Eyes of Perception. Seol looked carefully at the traces Insight uncovered for him.

As Insight noted to him, the trees in this area definitely looked different from the other trees.

‘The trees in this area must’ve been artificially made.’

It was much clearer once he started to compare them to the surrounding trees.

Unlike the trees of the Great Forest which varied in size, the trees here were all the same height and size. It was practically uniform and seemed like they were maintained that way.

‘I’m certain it’s here. Then that means I have to be careful.’

Griz prepared security for his laboratories extensively. Seol, knowing that, was on edge.



Seol entered the trees. Every time he stepped on a leaf, he increasingly became tense.


Seol stopped instantly the moment he heard that spine-chilling sound.


[Insight activates.]

[An unidentified danger exists here.]


Seol slowly turned around to face the direction the sound came from.


An unidentifiable machine with a crystal in the shape of a big eye, almost like a CCTV, was searching the surroundings.

‘I found it.’

Seol was even more sure that this was near Griz’s laboratory now.

It was because Griz always had these surveillance devices around his secret laboratories.

‘But… How am I supposed to take care of it?’

Seol then saw a few options.


[[Griz’s surveillance device is currently active. It wouldn’t be a good idea to leave that machine working as it's intended to. What do you do?]

1. Ignore the surveillance device and walk past it.

2. Check to see if there are any blindspots.

3. Throw a rock.

4. [Required: Magician] Use a spell that could cause an impact to cease it from functioning.

5. [Required: Archer] Fire an arrow to destroy the machine.

6. [Required: Mechanical Engineering 1] Approach it and procure the surveillance device in its full state.]


‘There aren’t any good options.’

Destroying the surveillance device was the correct option.

It was just that none of these options were good for him to do so.

If his rock throw failed, it would be a huge problem for him.

Seol then asked his summons.

“I think it’s possible,” answered Karuna.

It was exactly what Seol wanted to hear.

Seol then pulled out the throwing daggers he prepared for situations like this from his inventory.


Karuna touched the dagger before taking a stance.




The dagger flew at an incredible speed at the machine.


The dagger landed precisely at the machine’s body. The machine then fell to the ground with a thud.


- What the hell is this LOL What is that accuracy?!

- ADC unemployment is on the rise. Will it be fine like this?

- Excuse me? If he can just do everything on his own, why do parties exist?

- I’m so jealous that he has Karuna!


Seol was extremely happy after discovering a new talent from Karuna.

“You were able to do that?”

“Well, I am an elf after all.”

“That’s true.”

It was a bit awkward to hear a shadow calling himself an elf but since the situation had been handled, there was no reason to put a damper on things.





Every time Karuna threw a dagger, it would land perfectly on its target.

Since it wasn’t difficult to recover the throwing dagger with Shadow Hand, Seol was able to clear through the first hurdle of the secret laboratory with ease.

And after walking for a while, the secret laboratory slowly started to reveal itself to Seol.

“Is that it?”

It was a door covered in vines.

And Seol… could see a futuristic password input pad that looked straight out of a Sci-fi flick.


- What the hell is with ‘Mechanical Engineering’? Wasn’t this supposed to be a pure fantasy?

- Dude! Have you never heard of cyberpunk?

- I mean having a mad scientist with insane tech is an unwritten rule by now lol.

- Info) This world already had fairly developed mechanical engineering tech in its settings. Their magetech is also fairly developed too…


Seol saw a few options.


[[It looks like the door is locked. Judging by how the input device next to the door has numbers written on it, you likely need to enter a password. What do you do?]

1. Break down the door knowing the dangers that could come with it.

2. Search your surroundings to see if there are any clues for the password.

3. Input a random number.

4. [Required: Mechanical Engineering 1] Take the input device apart to see how it was built.


- I don’t know what the password is…

- TVs can get fixed if you hit it, right? Then why doesn't he try just hitting it?

- The source of his worries is a machine! Just break it then!

- You fucking idiots LOL You guys are liberal arts majors, huh?

- How the hell would breaking it work… This place even had surveillance machines.

- Yeah I think pressing random buttons for the password is going to be a big mistake frfr


Seol looked at the password pad and door before laughing.

It was because he remembered what Griz told him during their meeting.

‘It’s exactly as he told me.’

Seol then spoke to Jamad who had been watching patiently.

“Jamad, could you open the door for me?”

“Is it okay if I break it?”

“Do whatever you want.”



Jamad grabbed the handle and pulled with all of his strength.


The hideous sound of metal bending screamed out as the door twisted.


- W-Wait! If you open it like that…

- Oh shit! He shouldn’t have opened the door like that!

- Oh my god! This stupid…


And as Jamad completely ripped the door out, the entrance revealed itself.

“Is this enough?”

“Good job.”

Even though the door was forcibly opened, no alarm sounded and nothing had activated.


- It worked?

- This fucking worked?

- Was breaking it seriously the right answer?

- What is this game balance?

- So it turned out… the stupid person was me.

- Griz: You fell for this? LMFAO


This was part of the reason why Griz was called an eccentric.

He often destroyed the perceptions of ordinary people with his strange actions like it was nothing.

When Griz met Seol, he told Seol this.


- Ah! My secret laboratory? The door? Ah! I worked really hard to make it but I wasn’t able to get it to work. And since I couldn’t get it to work I just left it as a decoration. Why did I make all of the doors to my secret laboratories like that? Well because that’s the only door design I made? More importantly, I am quite interested in that interesting topic you mentioned earlier…


Seol entered the laboratory through the entrance.

Judging by how ‘2nd Door’ was written next to the door, there were probably other entrances than this one.

And because of that, it was still too early to conclude if Chao came here or not.


It sounded like a fan had turned on. The halls were well lit but Seol couldn’t sense any signs of life.

“What is this smell?”

It smelled way too refreshing to simply think that it was air from the Great Forest.

‘Does he raise plants here?’

Seol was able to progress through the laboratory without any difficulty.

Surprisingly, there were no surveillance devices inside the laboratory.

After passing through multiple hallways, Seol entered a room.


- Lab 3


As expected from a laboratory, the room was filled with mechanical devices.

Seol looked through a couple of them before finding something and smiling.

‘...I found it.’

It was a handwritten note that someone had left behind.


- I’m going to sneakily take this because I was interested in it.


The person either had to be bold or an idiot to respectfully leave behind a note that they stole something.

Seol, after noticing that they even left behind their name on the bottom of the note, was sure that they were the former.


- (Chao)


[The main contents of ‘Griz’s Secret Laboratory’ have changed.]


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