The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

[Translator –  goguma]

[Proofreader – Karane]


Chapter 131


[You have defeated Record of Pain: Finn Modria.]

[You have completed the Final Penance.]

[The surviving flagellants are granted the 'right'.]

[Those granted the right can acquire a single thing of their choosing from the labyrinth.]

[If the Remaining Time runs out or if you choose to take your reward, you may choose to finish your Adventure here.]



The soul dolls on the battlefield scattered into the wind like dust.

The imitations created from Finn’s Ruby Mirror had disappeared long ago. Only four people were left on the battlefield.

Seol, his summons, and the limping Changsik.


Seol began vomiting while clutching the broken railing.


[Your mana is currently below 5%] 

[You have mana deficiency.]

[Your mana recovery rate is reduced by 50% for 5 minutes.]

[You have overused your mana all at once.]

[You are afflicted by Abnormal Status: Dizziness for a day.]

[The cooldowns for your skills are increased by 10%.]


“Haah… Haah…”

Changsik limped to Seol.

“Is everything… over now?”


“Can we… finally leave the labyrinth?”


Seol, missing an arm, retrieved a styptic and painkiller from his inventory and swallowed them, and offered one to Changsik.

After that, he finally nodded.

“Yes, it’s all over now.”

With Seol’s word, he had finally concluded this Adventure. The viewers, who had been waiting for him, all cheered.


[‘LabyrinthofPenance’ has donated 1000 Madness!]

[Are you serious?! And you still cleared this?! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU]



- I believed in you! (Was actually unsubscribed)

- He cleared this?

- How?

- Hold on… it’s already been 4 months?

- That’s insane… This took so much time…

- I can see why people go insane from the labyrinth.


[‘YouTraitors’ has donated 1200 Madness!]

[All of you ran away during the Penance of Patience! Are you seriously only coming back now that he cleared it?]


- Haha… My heart was with him the entire time! (It wasn’t)

- Aren’t you the stranger one for watching a guy get tortured for 4 months?

- Seriously LOL There’s no reason to torture me too.

- Apparently, Snowman viewers are annoying asf in the other streams LMFAOOO

- EX) Ah… Snowman wouldn’t have done that… Snowman would have…

- EX) Huh? Snowman did that first, though… Did you get permission from Snowman?

- We should grab all of those viewers AND PUSH THEM SOMEWHERE ELSE

- They came back now, though, dude LOL. We have to watch our words…


[‘Live’ has donated 800 Madness!]

[Does everyone see the rate these viewers are coming back… it’s the return of the king]


- The way these numbers are going up is totally opposite to how my stocks usually climb :)

- I don’t know why, but it’s making me happy as well… guys… I thought you forgot about Snowman!

- Dude… Why are you getting happy about it…

- But seriously, the way the viewership is skyrocketing is insane... It's like they're birds coming back from migration.

- One Month Ago: We don’t want to watch you!

- What’s more insane is the number of donations he’s getting LOL. He’s making more in a day than what the other trending streams make in a month.

- That isn’t everything either. It’s delayed because he got so many…


[‘Toki’ has donated 1000 Madness!]

[😭😭😭 Why did he have to go through that too, just let him rest…]


- Isn’t it alright now that he’s dead?

- Is death the end, though? It didn’t look like it… Those souls were sucked into that reaper, remember?

- What the fuck is a Finn Modria? Why was he so strong? I never even heard of him…

- There’s no info about him either. Someone teach us, please!


[‘Shanks…!’ has donated 800 Madness!]

[Y-Your arm!!!]


- (Something something this straw hat is my gift to you.)

- I didn’t expect that.

- Snowman really is that guy, though… I can’t believe he just punched a dude after losing an arm like that…

- He’s fucked, though, now…

- The side-effects are whatever… but losing an arm is…

- He beat the Adventure, but was it really worth it?

- We won, but what a shitty ending! I guess he can’t use Night Crow anymore now that he has lost an arm.

- Snowman's a legend, but his opponent casually used Exceptional Skills like they were nothing too. He even managed to sever Snowman's arm….

- Thank you for watching Snowman’s Adventure thus far… we shall be entering our farming arc now.

- Wait… those arcs are kinda goated too…


As various people shared their reactions in the chat, Seol, unaware of it all, simply waited for the styptic to take effect on Changsik.

“You shouldn’t worry about me, your arm…”


Seol's right arm had been severed at the shoulder.

The cuts on Changsik's thigh could be healed at a temple in the city, but there was no solution for Seol's injury.

Seol grimaced as he spoke once more.

“I… feel a bit tired from the painkillers.”

“L-Let’s cross the bridge for now.”

The bridge, which had crumbled during their fight against Finn, had returned to its original state. This, too, was due to the powers of the labyrinth.

Step… Step…

The two looked haggard, completely desperate.

Seol, missing an arm and with a shadow cast over his face, struggled to approach the statue. Changsik limped, burdened not only by his own injuries but also by the weight of his fallen comrades.

If people didn't know what they'd been through, they might've even been made fun of how by they looked.


- It was a difficult fight for sure.

- You have to work this hard if you want to get an Inaugural Title, guys!

- Skills, summons, and tenacity… What doesn’t Snowman have?!

- His right arm.

- Ah!

- You asshole…


Seol and Changsik passed through the battlefield and approached the statues.

There were five of them in total.

Suddenly, the statues began talking.

<You have proved yourselves. Your worth. That you have the right.>

<You shall be rewarded handsomely.>

<Those with the right…>

<One at a time.>

<Tell us your desires.>

The knight, magician, priest, demonic beast, and reaper spoke one by one.

Changsik looked at Seol as if he was asking who should go first.

Seol gave a slight nod to Changsik, gesturing for him to go ahead.


Changsik limped to the knight statue.

<Do you desire strength? Honor and righteous violence? Tell me what you desire.>

Changsik paused before heading to another statue. It was the statue of the magician.

<To you who have the right, there is nothing that I can give you.>

And then the priest statue.

<I hear the cries of a young lamb. Do you wish to be free from your pain?>

The statue of the demonic beast.

<Choose me if you want riches and treasures. If you do, I shall give you plenty.>

Lastly, the reaper statue.

<He who aspires, do you wish to learn of death?>

Changsik had a hazy look in his eyes.

For eyes filled with desire, they were lacking a fire.


Changsik stepped before the statue of the demonic beast holding a treasure chest.

“I want… the labyrinth’s treasures.”


[CarryMachine has selected the Wish of the Demonic Beast.]


The statue’s eyes began glowing.

<Take what you have desired.>


The statue of the demonic beast dropped the treasure it was holding. Changsik limped over and opened it.



A radiant light, an ominous light, and various other types of light began spilling out from the treasure chest. Despite only looking at it over Changsik’s shoulders, Seol knew it was an incredible amount.


- That’s insane… He got so many of them…

- Treasures and Abominations… It doesn’t look like he got any Peerless items, though? It would have looked different if he did.

- Still, he got like at least a dozen of them…

- Info) The guild alliance is taking half of that :)


Despite the numerous treasures, Changsik did not smile at all.


- Why is he like that?

- How could he smile when all of his friends are dead?

- Yeah, I’d be just like him…

- You would’ve been sucked into that lamp, dude. You’re not him.

- Do you want to fight?


Changsik sighed heavily and drooped his head while looking through the items.

Step… Step…

Seol had only desired one thing after resolving to enter the Labyrinth of Penance.

He stood in front of the knight statue.

<State your desires, you who know honor!>

Seol saw a few options.


[[The knight statue of the labyrinth wants to hear your desires. How do you respond?]

1. I desire an extremely sharp sword.

2. I want the ultimate swordsmanship.

3. Knowledge that would take me to a higher path!

4. Please give me something that I need the most.




Without responding, Seol headed to another statue.

<What do you desire, child of shadows?>


[[The magician statue of the labyrinth wants to hear your desires. How do you respond?]

1. I want to learn dimension magic.

2. A lot of wisdom.

3. A powerful magic tool!

4. I wish to peer over the Wall of Awakening.




Seol passed over the magician statue and the priest statue. He now approached the demonic beast statue that Changsik was in front of.


- Treasures! Treasures!

- Show me the money!

- 10000 Minerals! 10000 Gas!

- There’s nothing better than payday after hard work LOL

- Treasures…


Seol passed by the statue of the demonic beast before it could even talk.


- …What?

- Not treasures?

- The demonic beast looks so confused LOL

- ???: Everyone here has the same prices. I’ll make it cheaper for you, alright?


As Seol stood in front of the reaper statue, it spoke.

<Do you wish for death?>


[[The reaper statue of the labyrinth wants to hear your desires. How do you respond?]

1. I want to learn about death.

2. I only desire that power.

3. I want to tame powerful souls.

4. Please teach me the secrets of the labyrinth.



Seol looked through all of the options. He then unconsciously smiled.


“In the end… I’m going with the same option.”

<What do you desire?>

From the beginning, Seol only desired one reward. It was something others would deem crazy if they ever got wind of it.

Seol carefully opened his mouth.

“I want you to free all of the souls from the labyrinth.”

<...You may only choose one reward, flagellant.>

For some reason, the statue didn’t accept it right away.

Seol followed up with determined eyes.

“I know. I know that, so…”

He clenched his teeth.

“...give it back.”

My piece.

Seol’s chat went silent for a second.


- Wait… what is he doing right now?

- You worked so hard, why are you picking that?!

- Are you really going to pick such shitty rewards?

- That’s insane…

- No!



Clang… Clang…

The reaper's lamp emitted a soft glow.


Souls began pouring out of the lamp and circling the ceiling of the battlefield. They all began to shout with excitement.

[I can’t believe this!]

[Are we… Are we finally freed from this pain?]

[Why?! Why were we only freed now?!]

[It’s been so long… It hurt for so long.]


The souls then descended one by one to approach Seol.

[Thank you so much!]

Each soul tried to hug Seol.


However, as they attempted to embrace Seol, they simply turned to smoke and vanished.


[You have received the soul’s gift.]

[Your Dexterity increases by 1.]


Each soul said a word as they passed through Seol’s body.

“You’ve really… been through such a difficult path.”


[You have received the soul’s gift.]

[Your Strength increases by 2.]


“I thank you for your pure, good intentions…”


[You have received the soul’s gift.]

[Your Wisdom increases by 1.]


Fss… Fsss…

The parade of souls almost seemed never-ending.

However, as it drew to a close, Seol received a message.


[You have received the Blessing of Souls.]

[You have earned the special achievement 'You Didn’t Need to Do All This'.]

[You have earned the special title 'Godfather'.]


Numerous souls had passed through Seol, but one lingered. Facing Seol, he stood firm.


Toki descended from the ceiling and observed Seol with an expressionless face.


[<Toki>’s Inheritance is starting.]


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - goguma

Proofreader - Karane

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* * *


An endless desert. As Toki’s body burned, his mind crumbled away.


Toki had the same dream for multiple nights in a row.

A colossal voice resonated from beyond the sandstorm.

“Please… Please just let me die, you fucking assholes!”


Once again, the damned god beyond the sandstorm rebuked Toki.

<Have you still not realized that death cannot save you?>

“I know! I know that, but… but… hrgh…”

Tears flowed down Toki’s face as he buried it in the sand.

“But there’s… nothing to hope for…”

<Do you wish for hope?>

“Haha… hope? The thing I’ve longed for this entire time? Look here, God.”

Toki’s eyes had turned red from the encroaching despair.

“I’ve worked… so hard… this entire time…”


“A low-class birth, a weak body, a feeble mind… I tried to change it all through my efforts. But… can’t you see it? My fate is to die here, alone, in a place where no one knows. Am I… Am I not allowed to complain about my cruel fate even once?”


<What do you desire?>

It was a mysterious, heart-touching question.

It might have been a single sentence, but that one sentence was what Toki had been waiting for his entire life. After all, fate had only taken things from him.

Toki wept.

“I… want to be remembered. M-Maybe everything that I’ve done so far might be hypocritical! But… Even so…”

Toki inhaled sharply before letting out a roar.

“I want to be remembered by people! That I was a good person… that I… lived a good life. That thanks to me… the world has become slightly better.”

The entity that had turned its back on Toki responded.

<Toki, your desire shall be granted.>


<As you travel through the desert, you will one day meet a man. That man is your fate… and your clumsy god.>

“My… god?”

<What will you do when he comes to you?>


<Consider your actions carefully, Toki. You're a good person. Once you find the right path, everyone will remember you as you've hoped. All through the memories of one person. Your small deeds... will change the world.>



* * *


The memory Toki had just recalled wasn't transmitted to Seol. All Seol could sense was Toki's pain.

Seol did not see or hear anything about the one who had turned their back on Toki.

Despite this, the inheritance was successfully finished.


[You have inherited Toki’s unfulfilled desire.] 

[A skill has been inherited from the deceased.]



Seol’s body began glowing brightly.

An entrancing light enveloped his battered body.


[You have inherited a rare skill.]

[‘Passive: Tenacity’ has been inherited.]

[You have inherited ‘Passive: Tenacity’.]

[The proficiency growth rate for skills and talents is increased by 10%.]

[The main contents of ‘Fate: Things Which Must Be Recovered’ have changed.]


After everything, Toki’s soul looked exhausted.

“...Oh, god.”


Seol did not realize that the god Toki was referring to was him. He simply assumed that Toki was crying for his god like he always did.

“There is… one final thing which I wish to ask.”


Even with his fading gaze, Toki focused his eyes on Seol.

“Was… the end of this tactless monk… No, was even the end…”



For Toki’s fading soul, Seol gave him the words that he longed to hear the most.

“I will always remember you, Toki.”

Toki’s eyes lightened up after hearing those words.

“Then I, Toki, in my final moments…”

Toki spoke to his god.

“...will smile.”

Toki gave a big smile.

His missing teeth only added to its luster.


Toki’s soul dispersed into the wind as it passed through Seol.


[You have chosen to free the souls of the labyrinth as your reward for clearing it.]

[You have earned the Feat 'True Penance'.]

[You have earned the Feat Title 'Flagellant'.]


The piece saved its god, and in turn, the god saved its piece.

It was the final period after the tired comma. And then…


Seol turned his head. The reaper statue had made a sound.

More accurately, the sound came from the reaper’s lantern. A compartment on the bottom of the lamp had opened, releasing something within.


Seol quickly grabbed it before it hit the floor.

It was a small object, wrapped around a mysterious, bloody cloth.

This was an item that could only be obtained once the individual had freed the souls from the reaper’s lamp, leaving it empty.

Seol slowly unraveled the cloth. He then read the words written on it.


- I, Finn Modria, leave this for the flagellants. If…


This cloth was a letter the Blood Saint had left behind. And the item inside of the cloth…


was a crystal vial with some red liquid sloshing around in it.

There was still one comma left in the labyrinth to end.


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