The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

[Translator –  goguma]

[Proofreader – Karane]


Chapter 113


“You know, that transferee… did you not hear about them, oppa? I wonder why he came to Nobira, though.”

“Ah, I heard about them too, just not the specifics.”

“Haah… Even if you are slow in catching up with recent events, this is way too slow, oppa. Are you the type of person who builds a wall around themselves from the rest of the world? Luckily for you, I’m really caught up with everything. Information is king in Pandea! You basically owe me your life, oppa.”

“My life?”

“Your life depends on information, but you’re slow in acquiring it! You can’t survive in Pandea with a half-hearted mindset! Not to mention, you’re a summo… nevermind.”


- You were about to say summoner just now, weren’t you!

- I know it! You were about to insult me!

- Seol suddenly has a debt to pay lmfao.


Seol felt how quickly rumors spread among the transferees, as even an ordinary one was already aware of what had happened in Yognatun.

But another part of him was also curious.

He was curious about what his actions meant to the other ordinary transferees.

“You know about Nobira’s downfall, right?”

“Yes, I’m aware.”

“So the reason that happened was actually because of some terrifying trolls from beyond the walls. Who could’ve known the wall protecting the kingdom had a hole in it?”

“When did you hear about this?”

“I-I don’t know? It’s before we entered the Great Forest, so… still, do you know how these rumors formed?”

Somi lowered her voice as much as she could, like she was about to share vital information.

“Apparently, there was a transferee who didn’t think it was enough to cross the wall and chased them down all the way to the Yognatun Volcano.”



- (Trying his best to pretend he doesn’t know)

- (Shocked expression)

- (Oh my goodness!)


“So... yeah. From what I heard, they defeated all the monsters in Yognatun and pushed back the trolls who were plotting something elsewhere. All of that was because of one person. By the way, do you know what his powers are?”

“Are there already rumors about that too?”

“Apparently, they were already quite famous around here. Nothing much about them had spread before, but since they dealt with one huge event after another... it was like boom! And everything started spilling out.”

“I see.”

“They control shadows. Isn’t that scary?”

“What? Scary?”

“I mean, that’s something a cliché mastermind behind the shadows would use… it’s eerie too.”

“Are you saying they’re bad then?”

“Not at all. Rather, they’d be perfect for our party. My dream was to be a mastermind in the shadows. But… you don’t look surprised at all after hearing about this. Is this not shocking to you?”

“It is shocking.”

“You don’t seem surprised at all, though… Ah, are you the type who’s jealous of famous people? I used to leave hate comments on celebrities too. I get it. It’s just human nature.”



- She’s oversharing way too much LMFAOOO

- How is that related??? LOL

- Why is Somi so funny lmfao


“So, the ‘that person’ I mentioned earlier was referring to them. Don’t you think they’d be absolutely perfect for our party?”

“How so?”

“First, I’m the only woman in a party who’s overflowing with charm… nevermind, unni’s here too. Well… I guess I’m not the only woman either now? Still, we have me, who’s a great mood-maker.”

“Is your class mood-maker?”

Somi laughed awkwardly and continued.

“Ahem… and… our party also has delicious food.”


“So I’m sure we could do a huge welcoming party if they join, right? We’d also clear the Adventure easily, so wouldn’t this be a win-win scenario?”

“I thought you wanted to be a ‘mastermind hidden in the shadows’? You’re still going to give them a welcoming party?”

“Do you think whether I'm good or evil is really that important? Good and evil is just a matter of preference for exceptional people like them. Still, I guess I made some excessive comments because just lamenting about this isn’t the best. It’s because we wouldn’t still be here if that person joined our party. We would have been back in Nobira by now. They’re on a completely different level from us, but I guess it’s also a problem if they did join our party. I bet they have a nasty personality. People who are a bit better than others are all ill-mannered. Judging by their ability to control shadows, I’m sure it’s true,!”

“I feel like the conversation shifted to you insulting them.”

“Ah, it’s just because I have a personal rule of destroying anything that I can’t get my hands on…”

In the eyes of most transferees, Seol’s actions were more than just special, they were insane.

Even if someone could go to Yognatun alone and defeat the trolls all by themselves, it wouldn’t be an easy decision to make.

Because of that, their image of the mysterious transferee was someone completely different from them.

“You know, I… have a lot of experience.”


“Like life experience! Even though we haven’t been transferees for long, I’m sure all of the survivors can all agree on one thing. There’s a really easy, surefire way to survive.”

“An easy, surefire way to survive…”

“Do you want to know what it is?”


- This sounds like a clickbait title LMFAO

- The easiest way to survive in the wilderness! You’ll regret not watching this later!

- ???: I won’t be an idiot who regrets not watching LOL. Let’s watch this immediately!


Somi quietly whispered to Seol.

“It’s connections.”


“Like I said, connections. It’s the same as our previous world, which revolves around connections. Whenever people gather, it’s all the same.”

“How did you get to that conclusion?”

“Can you deny it, though? Consider this. The reason the transferee went to Yognatun alone was probably for someone else! The prisoners were only saved because the transferee's friend was there. If their friend wasn't there, everyone would have died!”



- She… makes a point!

- I mean, she’s not wrong.

- Why the fuck would we go there if it wasn’t for Hamun LMFAO

- We would have just ignored them and went to Mirei.

- Han Somi (22 years old, 3-time CSAT retaker, knows a lot about the world)


Gyeongtaek then asked Somi.

“So what you’re saying is that we need to make those sorts of connections?”

"Everyone does this whether they recognize it or not. We're just a bit behind. Nowadays, people call them the main members or main crew, right? That’s just proof that skilled people only hang around with other skilled people."

"Hah, and how exactly are we supposed to build connections then? Are we just supposed to pray that the person next to us suddenly becomes special?"

"No, but fortune does favor the brave. What do you think we can do when we're nothing more than their backdrop? All we can do is read the room, right? We just have to scratch the itch of whatever bothers them and turn them into our people."

“Urgh… do we really have to go that far?”

“This is why I call you young, Gyeongtaek. What wouldn’t you do to survive? I’d clap while doing a handstand if it would let me survive, alright? My point is, we need to find someone exceptional and force our way into their circle.”

“Do you think we’d last, though?”

“You have to do whatever it takes, Gyeongtaek! Don’t you dare let this go in one ear and out the other. This is how heroes are born!”


- Ma’am, that’s a lot different from the heroes I know.

- This is the revised edition.

- Ah, I see.


Gyeongtaek then nodded his head multiple times.

On the other hand, Munho was scooping up another ladle of porridge, seemingly uninterested in the conversation.

“Mundo– I mean, Munho ahjussi… are you not interested in this?”

Nom… Hm? What?”

“What she was talking about, like becoming a hero.”

“People already insult old men like me with fat stomachs and bald heads. On top of that, I have no idea what they'd do If I'm delusional too. I know my place.”

“Don’t say that, ahjussi! You’re being pessimistic again.”

It seemed like it wasn’t Munho’s first time behaving like this. Gyeongtaek and Somi expertly handled him.


* * *

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Proofreader - Karane

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* * *


“Ahjussi, you’ll find your daughter for sure, okay? What was her name again? Ye… Hye… Hyerin?”

“Yerin, Shin Yerin. I hope she’s right by my wife’s side.”

Somi briefly explained Munho’s situation to Seol.

“So… he’s been worried about his family since he came over into this world. Apparently, his wife and his daughter were living in another country.”

“...I see.”

“Still, ahjussi. Don’t you think Yerin would like it if her father was a hero?”

“As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that I’m not the kind of person who can give to others. Only people with luxury could do something like that. I just need to find my daughter.”

“...It looks like you were fairly close with Yerin?”

Munho, who had been quiet for a while, became talkative about his daughter.

“Well... Uh... I guess it wasn't as good after she hit puberty? After that... Well, we lived apart, so calls grew scarce.”


- D-Dad, get out of my room!

- Mom! Dad’s touching my stuff!

- Why can I hear this…

- Don’t make it too realistic… Stop making it realistic. I’m getting PTSD, you assholes…


Munho looked off into the distance with longing eyes.

“She wanted to play the piano, so she studied abroad in Germany with her mother.”

“Woah… that must have been nice for her then. But doesn’t that mean… you were a ‘goose dad’?”

T/N: ‘Goose dad’ is a Korean term for a man who works in Korea while his family is abroad in an English-speaking country for their children’s education. They are called goose dads because they have to travel a lot or ‘migrate’ to meet their children.

“Yeah, I was a goose dad.”


“Ever since then, it has been awkward between us. Ah, I'm not blaming my wife or my daughter either. How would I have the right to complain when I don’t even earn enough money to...”

The viewers all commented on the souring mood.


- Beep… Beep…

- 4:36PM, the mood has died.

- D-Doctor, please! Please save our mood! We can’t just let it go like this.

- I apologize, ma’am. There’s no hope… I’m sorry, but we have to send it off.

- You guys… why am I crying… hahaha…

- I feel like getting older has made me a lot more emotional, I’m bawling right now LOL.


Munho let out a long sigh.

“Ah… I’m sorry, guys. I feel like the mood is all gloomy because of me. I’m sorry, I really am.”

“No, you’re fine, ahjussi. Oi, Gyeongtaek! Say something gloomy too!”

Gyeongtaek quickly nodded and spoke up.

“I-I have aichmophobia, a fear of sharp things!”

“...Don’t you use a sharp weapon?”

“I do… a spear…”

“Are you okay using that?”

“To be honest, I’m not used to it yet.”

"I see, you little brat... You were pretending to be normal all this time and—"

"Your turn, noona."

"Me? What do I... Ah, I thought of one. I have awful astigmatism. I can’t recognize my parents without my glasses."


- Is this a competition to brag about their small flaws? LMFAO

- It’s so trivial hahaha


“...Aren’t you a hunter?”


“Fucking hell… no wonder your aim was ass.”

“Hey, I heard you! And I have Dexterity Assistance now, so it’s somewhat covered, alright?”

“Munho ahjussi is a rogue… Seol hyung’s a summoner… our party is a fucking mess.”

“Seriously, our only option is to run to Nobira quietly.”


- What is this awful party LOOOL

- Seol’s current party: an obese rogue, a hunter with awful eyesight, a spearman afraid of sharp things… and Seol.

- Alright, the leader of our group assignment will be…

- Seol! 👏👏👏👏👏

- Oppa, I’ll help a lot! (Won’t help)

- Leave the powerpoint to me! (Looks like a 2nd grader did it)

- When’s our next meeting then? (No one shows up)


In this dizzying situation, Somi asked Seol a question.

“Oppa, by the way, I forgot to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“What kind of summoner are you? I heard there were different types of summoners. What was that called again… a demonic beast summoner? I heard they were pretty useful…”

“I just… summon this and that.”

Since saying he was a Shadow Summoner could expose Karen’s identity as a shadow, Seol didn’t directly answer.

“This and that? Are you a Junk Summoner, then?”

“...I’m not.”

“Junk Summoner… hahaha… that’s so perfect.”

Karen tried her best to hold back her laughter but couldn’t.

“By the way, unni, are you… a knight?”

“Well, something similar…?”

"Don’t worry, unni. Don’t feel pressured to do something alone if it gets dangerous. We’re not those kinds of people."

Her appearance and demeanor made it hard to tell how powerful Karen was.

And because of that, Somi warned Karen in case Karen felt pressured to do something as the only vanguard.

In an instant, Seol and Karen shifted their eyes.

‘A presence…’

Only Seol and Karen exchanged glances, like they were the only ones who detected it.

Karen nodded her head.

“Then let’s start heading out now. We have a long distance to go anyway.”

“Huh? We’re not going to rest a bit more? We’ve walked for so long, though… and I thought we agreed to move at night–”

“I want to rest too. However, that isn’t really possible right now.”

“Wh-what do you mean?”


Echoes of something large barreling through the forest.

As well as the sound of something very ominous and blunt.

It sounded somewhat like footsteps.



“Wh-what? It’s coming this way!”

“The sounds… the sounds are getting closer.”


Thud! Thud! Thud!

The mysterious monster screamed as it pounded on something.

It was practically proven now that the monster was huge.

“Sh-should we hide?”

“Isn’t it better to run away?”

“What if it’s fast?! Then what will we do?!”

“F-Fighting is…”

“Have you lost your mind?”

“I-I can’t fight… I don’t want to die…”


Munho covered his ears and murmured to himself.

Sometimes, people feel the sensation of their body ‘freezing’ when they are in a perilous situation, like deer in the headlights.

Munho just happened to be one of those people.

After all, you couldn’t fight a truck coming at you.

“Please… Please just go somewhere else… please…”



The party covered their mouths, not to let any sounds out.

The monster’s footsteps had disappeared.

However, something was different from before.

A shadow.

A shadow was cast over their heads.

Somi raised her head and looked up. She looked to see what was casting the shadow over them.


A giant monster had stuck its head between the trees and looked down at them.

It was a monster that brought fear with just its appearance and a horrid smell…

“I-It’s an ogre… it’s a Forest Ogre…”



It was as Somi said.

What was chasing them this entire time was a Forest Ogre.

The ogre was as big as a house, with a mouth sparse with teeth and a face that strangely resembled a person, along with the yellow eyes of a beast.

An ogre was a monster whose features instinctively scared humans.

“N-No… Don’t…”

Despite that, Seol and Karen exchanged glances. Seol then gave Karen a nod.


[Turiax, the Bone Lover, used Bone Break.]


Turiax raised his massive club and swung down.


Somi, its target, screamed in terror.




Everyone believed the club would crush Somi easily.

Well, at least Somi and Turiax did.

However, the club couldn’t do anything.


The club had been stopped, unable to go any further.

Before they realized it, Karen unsheathed her sword and stopped Turiax’s club.


Karen had stopped a club multiple times her size like it was nothing.

Somi quickly realized that Karen was much stronger than she had believed her to be.

Furthermore, the more power she brought out, the closer she resembled a shadow.

“Wh-what… is that…”


Karen’s Red Lotus Sword ignited.



Turiax pulled back its club in fear.

The party’s gaze naturally went to Karen, then slowly switched to her companion, Seol.


Seol was gathering black energy in his hands.

“Can I still take you up on that welcoming party?”


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