The 31st Piece Turns the Tables



The 31st Piece Turns the Tables

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Chapter 132

A long time ago…

“H-He cleared it!”

“Woah… he beat it!”

“Finn really is strong, huh…”

After hearing the news, the players around Seol swarmed to his table.

“You cleared the Labyrinth of Penance?”

“Oh my… that was actually possible?”

“So many of my pieces died there!”

“Finn! It’s Finn!”

Until now, no one had successfully navigated through the Labyrinth of Penance.

The labyrinth posed a daunting challenge, proving difficult even for pieces with high stats because of its capability to wear down any piece's mind.

It had reached a point where sending a developed piece into the labyrinth was deemed foolish.

That was why when Seol cleared it, the gods couldn’t hide their surprise.

“Blood of Origin really is incredible, huh…”

“Finn isn’t even fully developed, though, right?”

“I’m sure Snowman just picked the right options as he always does.”

“I wonder what the loot will be. What is it? What is it?”

“Come on, quiet down…”

The rewards from a labyrinth that had never been cleared before… What could it be?

“Huh? What is…”


[Finn Modria’s Peculiarity: Altruistic activates.]

[Finn Modria ignores the selected option and acts on his own.]

[Finn Modria’s behavior is influenced by his disposition.]


“Huh… Huh?”

“It’s fucked! Finn is…”

As Seol bit his lips and observed the situation, the gods began talking on their own.

“He chose to free the souls?”

“He must be out of his mind!”

“He just wasted his reward!”


A chime rang out for the Blessing of Souls.

The gods quickly reconsidered their initial assessment after the feast of stat increases.

“Wait? If it’s these many stats…”

“Still, we don’t know what the demonic beast statue would have given.”

“I mean… if he at least picked the priest…”

“Freeing the souls is 100% the wrong decision. I can’t believe his peculiarity had to act up like that here…”

“Right? He worked so hard and…”

“Everyone, be quiet. Snowman’s super upset right now.”

In truth, Seol was neither furious nor upset. This was a situation he expected, after all.

‘I knew he’d do something like this, but…’

Finn was special.

And since Finn also acquired the Blood of Origin through his noble heart, it wasn’t as if his peculiarity was only a negative.

‘...but why?’

Seol was curious. Why did Finn choose this option?

Since Finn was the one who went through the penances, Seol didn’t think anything of Finn’s strange decision.

He was… simply curious.

Seol continued watching Finn’s actions.


[Finn Modria rips off the hem of his clothes.]

[Finn Modria writes something on his hem.]

[Finn Modria wraps something in the hem and places it into the reaper’s lamp.]

[The reaper’s lamp returns to its original state.]


But then... a shocking situation unfolded before Seol.


“...What is he doing?”

“Check it! Check it now!”

“What disappeared?”

Seol's jaw dropped as he inspected Finn's inventory.

“...It’s gone.”


“What’s gone?”

“It’s gone…”

The item that disappeared from Seol’s inventory… was the one thing he could never afford to lose.

“The Blood of Origin… it’s gone!”


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - goguma

Proofreader - Karane

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* * *


Seol unraveled the cloth and checked its contents.

‘I can finally read it now.’

Seol had been curious about the contents of this letter for a long time.


- I, Finn Modria, leave this for the flagellants. If you're reading this letter, it means you've reached the end of the Labyrinth of Penance and have chosen to free the souls from the reaper's lamp.


Finn seemed to have a specific type of person in mind when he wrote this letter.


- First, I thank you. Thanks to your actions, countless souls ensnared by the labyrinth have been freed. As it should be, and as they have desired.


The contents of the letter weren't long.


- Guiding the wandering souls in itself is valuable, but your kind heart also deserves recognition. For that reason, I leave behind this item for you.


Seol paused reading the letter and checked the crystal vial.

It was filled one-third with a red liquid.


- This is Blood of Origin, an item that can drastically boost the power of the blood flowing through your veins. It gradually reveals its true value as the user invests more effort.


Initially, this vial was filled to the brim with blood. The person who drank the other two-thirds of it was finn.


- Unfortunately, this strength has its flaws as well. Consuming Blood of Origin will be an excruciatingly painful process, demanding a considerable amount of time. Not to mention… the other side-effects.



Seol was shocked as this was his first time hearing about it.

It made sense, though. There was no way he could be aware of everything happening in the world while playing it as a game from an external perspective.

The only thing he could read was the messages of the interface, nothing else.


- As you drink Blood of Origin, your mind becomes susceptible to an external influence. Their will is like a child’s, going back and forth between good and evil. If the individual who drank this succumbs to their influence… it would bring forth a disaster. After all, I, too, wasn’t confident in my ability to drink the rest of this. Hence, I contemplated the best way to dispose of this item.


‘...I see.’

Seol didn’t know about this at all.

He was oblivious to the challenges Finn had encountered due to Blood of Origin.


- That was why when I cleared this labyrinth… I made a decision to leave this item behind here.




-  I prayed that one day, someone with an indomitable mind would liberate the souls after conquering the labyrinth and obtain this. Please, I beg you, use this item carefully. And...



Seol popped off the unique lid of the crystal vial. He then drank all of the Blood of Origin without concern.


A bitter taste filled his mouth.

A rich, strong scent began flowing out of every orifice.

Seol’s body felt hot.


- I hope to meet you one day.


Finn’s letter ended there. Seol dropped the cloth, which Finn used to write his letter, on the floor.




Changsik began taking steps away from Seol, fear in his eyes.

“Wh-what the…”

Seol’s body floated slightly in the air.

Seol couldn’t hold back his groans any longer. He let out a scream from the pain.


Crunch… Snap…

It was a strange sight.

Seol’s missing right arm began to regenerate.

A sticky, red, mucus-like substance intertwined with like strings before forming into lumps and very slowly began taking the shape of an arm.


[You have taken Blood of Origin.]

[Blood of Origin stirs and flows through your body.]

[Blood of Origin transforms your body into its ideal state.]



The blood, almost as if it had a mind of its own, not only reconstructed Seol’s missing arm with a crimson haze, but also started expelling noxious fumes from his body.


Changsik made a noise in fright and stepped further away from Seol while blocking his nose. It was clear that standing near Seol and taking in those toxic fumes would be dangerous.



It almost sounded as if the blood was realigning Seol’s bones.


[Your body has returned to its pure state.]

[Blood of Origin expands its area of control, satisfied with the results.]


After settling down for a second, Seol received a second shock.



Fwiiirl… Fwirl…

Seol’s shadow thinned and elongated.

They were Karen, Karuna, and Jamad.

A red line connected Seol to his three shadows, making them share his pain.





[Awakening! You awaken a new skill.]

[You awaken Passive: Blood Ties.]

[When in proximity with someone else with Blood Ties, gain 10% life steal. This effect does not stack.]


Squirm… Squirm…

The red line connecting Seol to his summons writhed, sharing their blood with each other.


[Awakening! You awaken a new skill.]

[You awaken Passive: Founder.]

[Form a Lineage. Regeneration drastically increases.]

[Awakening! You awaken a new skill.]

[You awaken Passive: Good Lineage.]

[Those who have inherited Blood of Origin have all of their stats increased by 20%.]



After receiving those skills, Seol’s summons returned to his shadow.


Seol slowly descended to the floor, his eyes bloodshot.


[Blood of Origin flows into the Skill Tree.]

[New skills are unlocked on the Skill Tree.]



Seol sighed.

He tried moving his right arm. There were no issues at all, as if it were his original arm.


[‘What’s going on’ has donated 1000 Madness!]

[I thought he’d use a prosthetic arm or something… I wanted to watch him give up on his body…]


- I lost my arm… but I got it back!

- I went to do the dishes, and when I came back, he got his arm back?

- Go Go Gadget Arm!

- How broken is that item? It gave him so many things…

- I doubted my eyes for a second…

- Is he cheating?


[Blood of Origin falls asleep, satisfied with the results.]

[You have earned the special achievement 'Sea of Blood'.]

[You have earned the special title 'Founder'.]



The Blood of Origin was a skill capable of improvement.

Similar to how Finn managed to develop numerous Exceptional Skills, the resulting effects weren't the entirety of it.

‘Still, it should be asleep for a while now…’

Seol looked at the reaper’s now empty lamp.

He took turns looking at the empty lamp and the empty vial.

‘Would I… have made this decision still if I didn’t know the Blood of Origin was in there?’


- And if you can… make sure to do good deeds in your life.


Even though Toki’s final words were embedded into Seol’s heart… he wasn’t sure. There was no way to know right now, really.


Seol then checked the titles he received while clearing the labyrinth.


[[Special Title: Godfather]

Related Achievement: You Didn’t Need to Do All This (Adventure: Division of Pain)

Bonus Effect: Permanently add 2 to your Spell Resist Dice when attempting to resist mind-type spells.]


[[Special Title: Founder]

Related Achievement: Sea of Blood (Adventure: Division of Pain)

Bonus Effect: Lineage development speed is increased by 10%.]


[[Feat Title: Flagellant]

Related Achievement: True Penance (Adventure: Division of Pain)

Bonus Effect: The likelihood of the skills you create being Exceptional Skills significantly increases.]


‘They’re all good effects.’

Seol once again experienced the significant impact that Spell Resist Dice could have in battle this time. The addition of 2 to the rolls was definitely impressive.

‘And Founder’s effects… are related to Lineage.’

As expected, the effects were related to the Blood of Origin that Seol drank.

‘Lastly, the ‘Feat’ Title.’

It was Seol’s first time acquiring it as a Shadow Summoner.

Unlike Inaugural Titles, this title was awarded to individuals regardless of the order in which they acquired it. As expected, its effects were incredible.

‘It’s just as difficult to acquire, though…’

With this, Seol had checked even the titles.

There was only one thing left to do before leaving the labyrinth.


A small chest formed near Seol’s ankles.

It almost… looked like a ring box.


When Seol opened it, he saw a ring inside.


[You open the Labyrinth’s Present.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have received skill points.]

[Affluent’s Bonus Effect activates.]

[You have received additional skill points.]

[You have acquired Flagellant's Seal (Reaper).]

[A wonderful discovery! You have discovered a completely new kind of relic.]

[You are unable to comprehend this relic with your shoddy Wisdom.]


‘This is a pass to enter labyrinths…’

There were many labyrinths throughout the continent other than the Labyrinth of Penance.

Though you needed an invitation, the Qualification Token, to enter one for the first time, their numbers were limited.

‘But with this seal…’

As long as an individual possessed the seal acquired upon clearing the labyrinth, they could enter any labyrinth without needing a token.

While these seals served as passes, their functionality wasn't limited to that. In fact, they were more commonly utilized for their other effects.

‘The seals themselves are powerful.’

These seals possessed special effects that ordinary equipment couldn't replicate.


[[Wonder: Flagellant's Seal (Reaper)]

Quality: Wonder

Recommended Level: N/A

Resistance: N/A

Durability: 200/200

Weight: 0.1kg

A seal given to those who have overcome the Labyrinth of Penance.

Basic Effect: This item does not use an equipment slot. Durability gradually regenerates over time.

Bonus Effect: Ignore curses from Abomination-quality items.]


‘It’s the same thing that Finn got.’


- Ignore curses from Abominations?

- So he can just equip whatever Abominations he wants?

- That’s really nice…

- That’s crazy! This should at least require an equipment slot.


The ring was thin and had a reaper’s skull engraved on its head.

Seol quickly equipped this ring, which functioned as a layered item of sorts, and turned toward Changsik.

“Now we should go ba…”


Seol couldn’t finish his sentence.

Changsik was looking down at his ring with empty eyes.

He shook his head then turned to Seol before opening his mouth.

“I don’t have the right to take this.”

“Huh? What do you…”

“I killed my party members with my own hands… I couldn’t save anyone.”

“You don’t need to—”

“But you… you were able to save everyone.”


Changsik had a desperate look in his eyes.

It seemed like he resolved himself to a decision after watching Seol free the souls.

“You were the only one who managed to conquer the labyrinth. I… was broken by it. I don’t plan to return to a place like this anytime soon, and… I won’t need this item, either. Please, use it in my stead.”

A Wonder-quality ring.

Seol wondered how it would feel to give someone else a treasure that could only be acquired from the labyrinth.

Seol couldn’t refuse his request after seeing his determined eyes.

“I will cherish this ring.”

“Th-thank you. I’m sure my comrades would have wanted this too…”

The ring was engraved with the design of a demonic beast.

As Seol equipped it on another finger, a strange thing happened.




The two seals were connected through a chain.

Seol immediately checked the item once more.


[[Wonder: Flagellant's Seal (Reaper-Demonic Beast)]

Quality: Wonder

Recommended Level: N/A

Resistance: N/A

Durability: 300/300

Weight: 0.1kg

A seal given to those who have overcome the Labyrinth of Penance.

Basic Effect: This item does not use an equipment slot. Durability gradually regenerates over time.

Bonus Effect: Ignore curses from Abomination-quality items. Receive additional effects based on the number of Abomination-quality items you possess.]


- The abomination set is complete!

- These effects are really nice…

- I’ll buy any Abomination-quality item~ Abominations4Gold~

- I like those chains hahaha

- It looks like something an old guy who listens to heavy metal music would wear.

- Hot Topic ring for real


It was finally time for Seol and Changsik to return after their long journey.


The two were surrounded by blue particles.


Then, they were transferred.


The two returned to a place near Audenin, their set location.

“Haah… Haaah…”


Their bodies reacted strongly to the fresh air. After being confined in a humid labyrinth for an extended period, their lungs joyfully responded to the change.

As the two lay on the floor, laughing, a message entered their eyes.


[Next is the Points Leaderboard up to Adventure 18.]


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