Is It Bad That the Main Character’s a Roleplayer?



Is It Bad That the Main Character’s a Roleplayer

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Chapter 114 | To a Distant Land (8)


I looked up at a white ceiling covered in a grid pattern. Shhhk shhhk. I felt like I could hear someone breathing somewhere.

Then, I followed a single line caught on the edge of my vision…



No, not yet. Please, not yet…


Ah, I see. I still…


* * *


Through the presence of trickling tears, my vision brightened again. It wasn’t filled with complete brightness, though.

The cave, dimly lit by the crimson light of torches, filled my view.

Thanks to that, my current sight completely buried the white I’d glimpsed in my dream. That very nostalgic yet unbearably sad color immediately scattered away.

I was left only with these emotions, not knowing what I had forgotten.

【O-Oh! He’s awake, awake!】

I wanted to linger in that sorrow for a while longer. At the same time, I wanted to cover it up completely and forget about it.

【He woke up!】

However, there were moments in life when one didn’t even get the option to choose. That was what I was experiencing right now.

【You must have been in a lot of pain. Those tears…】

【…Did he cry?】


Before the voices I could hear from afar got closer, I lifted my left arm to cover my eyes. My character setting… My character setting was that I wouldn’t show anyone my tears. That was why I did it.

“Demon Knight, are you awake?”

And just when I covered my eyes, the Archmage approached me.

“Don't push yourself too hard. Although we neutralized the venom, the aftereffects are still rather significant.”

I see. Well, I did pass out right after I got pierced by that snake’s fang. It was a miracle I hadn’t gotten reincarnated. When my vision went dark, I thought for sure I was a goner.

With my rationale reemerging, I completely suppressed those emotions. It wasn’t that difficult. I just had to focus on my character. The character that wasn’t me.

“What’s the situation?”

That way, I could cover up that misery within me and simultaneously address what needed addressing.

“…Do you remember collapsing from the snake’s venom?”

I intentionally did not respond. The Archmage didn’t seem to be expecting an answer, either, as he just continued speaking without pause.

“It was pretty difficult to treat you on the spot, so I sought help from the forest dwellers. This cave and the antidote were provided by them.”

Setting aside why we were in a cave, I now understood why there were so many unfamiliar voices around me. The people I’d saved had helped us.

“The snake we captured… It even devoured the chains made of Arcane Power and tried to escape, so we had no choice but to kill it.”

Did they really kill the snake? It wasn’t that difficult to subdue, so it wasn’t such a huge loss, but still, was that really okay?

“Anyway, I contacted White Wind, so don’t worry too much. Now that the immediate danger has passed, you can rest here for a bit before we head back.”

That should be all the information I’d need. I slowly removed my hand from my eyes, discreetly wiping away the tears as I did.

It had been just a single tear. I sure hoped no one noticed it.

“…Is your shoulder hurting? The wound has completely healed already, but still…”

The Archmage asked, his voice tinged with a hint of hesitation. I wondered why he seemed so cautious all of a sudden. It wasn’t anything difficult to answer.


However, I remained silent.

“…! Don’t get up. You still need to rest more.”

Ignoring the Archmage’s advice, I tried to get up. Woah. As soon as I lifted my back about 10 cm off the ground, gravity pulled me back down.

It didn’t hurt, but my whole body felt stiff and unresponsive, especially my right shoulder.

“Didn’t I just say that everything urgent has been dealt with? Just rest, please.”

I couldn’t put any strength into my right arm and shoulder at all.

I ignored the Archmage’s pleas and checked my arm. It was an almost unconscious action, but it revealed a shocking fact.

“Get out!”

No wonder I could feel the blanket’s texture so vividly! Where were my clothes and bandages, not to mention my gauntlet?!

“Demon Knight—”

“I told you to get out!!”

I mustered every ounce of strength in me to force the Archmage out. I knew he’d undressed me for treatment, but my character would never tolerate such a thing.

“…Your clothes are here. And please… Don’t overexert yourself.”

In the end, the Archmage conceded. I was finally left alone in the cave.

I had used up all my energy shouting just then, though, so I had to delay picking up my clothes for the moment.



However, delaying getting dressed only made my exposed skin feel even colder. It was a peculiar chill that wouldn’t disappear even with the blanket I had.

Reluctantly, I propped myself up and started gathering my clothes.

First came my bandages. They were quite convenient with their automatic cleaning and restoration functions. I slowly began to wrap up my right arm.

“Feels like something is missing…”

Something nagged at me, like I’d forgotten something important.

Starting from my palm, I wrapped my wrist, forearm, and elbow, all the while trying to figure out what I had forgotten. Once the bandages reached just below my shoulder, a realization struck me like lightning.

The seal was gone.


Had the Archmage removed it during the treatment? I didn’t see it anywhere inside the pile of clothes.

I absentmindedly touched the place where the seal had been. It was where my triceps met my deltoid, a place that had darkened considerably and was now returning to its original color.

I couldn’t remove the seal on my own, so I always had to clean myself carefully around it and the bit of bandage trapped beneath, but now my fingertips could touch the scars left on my shoulder—from scrubbing too hard after being told I stunk. 

Maybe I should put on one of my spares.

I twisted my body to look for my inventory bag. Rustle. I then saw something moving on the blanket laid over the floor. It wasn’t a living being but instead appeared to be a piece of metal.

“…Oh, that surprised me.”

I panicked for a second, thinking it might be a cockroach.

I reached out my hand to feel what it was. Ironically, it was the seal I’d been searching for. I didn’t know why, but it seemed to have broken while I was asleep.

Well, it still felt better now that I had confirmed its condition. It was better for it to have broken than to have vanished without a trace. It was less worrying, but…

I debated whether I should tell the Archmage this.

Well, I should tell him, but his nagging lately had simply been too much. Also, he would probably say something if he discovered it was broken.

On the other hand, while saying nothing had some benefits, it could become a type of flag later.

In the end, I resigned myself to even more nagging. Instead, with a much lighter heart, I finished wrapping myself in bandages, put on another seal, and got fully dressed. Thanks to my right arm regaining sensation, it wasn’t that difficult.

I didn’t know where the chest protector I’d gotten from White Wind went.

Seriously, why did that chest protector disappear? It was pretty dangerous to handle it carelessly.

Although, I was a little suspicious of those who’d helped me… They wouldn’t have taken it, would they?


* * *


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* * *


【Oh, he came out!】

【What? Already?】

Grumbling internally, I dragged myself out of the cave. The only consolation was that nothing beyond the chest protector was missing.

【Did he actually wake up less than half a day after we got rid of the Chibineng’s venom?】

【Even the brave warriors of the forest suffered for three days and nights!】

【He must be a very strong warrior.】

【So what, he has a curse on his right arm!】

【Isn’t it just some kind of disease?】

【No, it isn’t.】

However, as soon as I stepped out, I saw many people gathered around the cave I had been in and the surrounding area.

Those who’d quickly noticed my presence immediately turned their gazes toward me.

This was quite different.

Not only because their attire was reminiscent of primitive tribes and the like, but also because their common features were quite different from the four races I’d grown used to encountering.

Sland looked mostly human, pointy ears aside.

While Curety and Shaggi would be treated as fairly alien in real life, those types of races often appeared in games, so most gamers could overlook their appearance…

But these people… Well, apart from looking vaguely like Curety, they felt somewhat unfamiliar.

As far as I could tell, the Curety and Shaggi's animal characteristics came from vertebrate animals: mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and so on.

But these people seemed to resemble… spiders… right? What else could they resemble?

【What does it matter if he’s cursed? Since he helped us kill the Chibineng, he’s our benefactor. Honestly, I’d like to take on his curse in his stead for saving me.】

【Was he really bitten? That upright posture is the spitting image of a perfect warrior’s stance.】

【These foreigners really only have one pair of arms. How hard must it be living with only two arms? They can only do one task at a time!】

Of course, I didn’t dislike them, nor did I intend to discriminate against them.

I was just surprised that this Curety tribe resembled a type of arthropod, but after seeing them for a while longer, I probably wouldn’t pay them any mind.

However, it still felt unsettling how they kept glancing at me. What were they talking about while looking at me like that?

Since I couldn’t understand a word of what they were saying, I was even more curious…!

“So, you really didn’t rest more. You are… very stubborn.”

Then, my savior arrived. I’d seen his face not too long ago, but I was inexplicably glad to see him again. It felt like meeting a fellow Korean in a foreign country.

“How many have seen it?”

However, as always, the character setting came first.

I considered telling him about the broken seal or the missing chest protector first, but I decided to prioritize my roleplaying by starting with this.

Right. My character would pay the most attention to his cursed right arm, which was nothing short of a shame to him.

So, I gestured to my right arm as I spoke, seemingly coercing him. The Archmage’s blue-silver eyes only stared at me.

“How many have seen it…?!”

“…Not many have seen it directly. There were seven people, along with a healer of this tribe and two more to assist him. If you include me, it should be eleven.”

Eleven? Was that a lot? Hmm. Maybe not?

I clenched my hand around my right arm, lips sealed tightly. Due to my gauntlet, I didn’t leave a bruise from squeezing it too tightly.

“…I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect the thing you wanted to keep hidden.”

But why was the Archmage apologizing for this? Just why? There was no need for him to do that.

“The only thing…”

Nothing was quite as awkward as receiving an apology from someone who’d done nothing wrong. Following my character setting, I briskly walked past him, interrupting his words.

Fortunately, the Archmage didn’t grab me.

However, when should I bring up the seal now? I also needed to ask about my chest protector. What a mess. I might find the chance later on.

Scratching my head—only in my imagination, of course. I wasn’t going to make a fool out of myself now, would I?—I slowly left the area. As I left the cave and the wooden walls surrounding it, a street lined with ordinary-looking houses unfolded before me.

More burning stares were directed at me now.

However, this was nothing. I crossed the street, leaving the settlement altogether.

Finally, the lush canopy of the jungle appeared before me.

At that moment, my body, which had been moving forward without any hesitation, halted for a bit.

Erm… I wouldn't get lost if I went a little further, right…?

I moved my eyes and reluctantly opened my Map for the first time in a long while. It wasn’t a Map I could zoom in on, but it was quite useful for orienting myself.


“Damn it.”

Was the World Map bugging out, too, following the Quest Window? This was insane, seriously.

I gritted my teeth while staring at the blank screen. The thoughts I’d suppressed, deliberately trying to forget, began slowly resurfacing. Even the emotions I’d buried deep within me naturally resurfaced along with them.

Things I desperately wanted to ignore and deny until the very end were gradually, or actually pretty quickly, tightening around my throat.

Despite being on land, I felt suffocated, as if I were submerged in the lake. All the sounds of this world simply became muffled, as if my ears were clogged with water.


At that moment, a voice came from behind me, seemingly calling out to me.

No one else was around, and the owner of that voice spoke as they approached me.

【Uhm, what should we do? It seemed like he couldn’t understand our language earlier.】

【Should we bring the Shaggi outsider?】

【It looked like they were arguing just now. Maybe he’s upset because we saw the curse.】

【Yeah, I’d be upset, too.】

Of course, the language barrier made this very difficult. I turned around fully to see who was approaching me.

At that moment, the people coming toward me were slightly startled and immediately hurried over.

【E-Erm! Thank you! You saved us!】

【We were hunting around the borders to avoid the Jatav tribe when we encountered the Chibineng. We're very grateful to you. Without you, we’d all be dead!】

Since we didn’t share a common language, the only thing I could do was look at the people flailing about to understand their message. Even without words, I could tell they were clearly and sincerely grateful.

The anger that had been welling up inside of me subsided somewhat.

The thoughts dragging me into this swamp of negativity were dispelled just by seeing their laughter.

【You really are the greatest warrior.】

【It’s a bit strange that you only have one pair of arms and eyes, but you have a pretty handsome face otherwise.】

【Hey, that isn’t a compliment.】

【But you sure are tall. Are all outsiders as big as you and the Shaggi?】

Even though this was just a temporary solution, it was better than nothing. I let those guys keep chattering.

If I were to follow my character setting, I’d chase them away, but I was too tired to make such calculations.

【It would be much better if we could communicate!】

【Yeah, then we could ask him more questions!】

【Should we get Makaka?】

…I was just so, so tired.

【Huh… Oh! The delegation is here!】

【They finally returned!】

And then, from beyond the jungle, a group bearing a flag gradually entered my vision.


* * *


The Archmage closely observed the settlement, which was clearly divided between high-ranking people and common residents, like egg yolk from egg white.

A group was entering through the outer walls surrounding the common residential area.


He stroked his staff as he watched the group.

The tribe that had helped them was the Serhan Tribe, whose symbol was a pattern of leaves. However, the flag carried by the approaching group bore a different emblem, meaning they were from a different tribe.

【Was the reason for the leaders leaving to meet a delegation from another tribe?】

【Oh, did I not mention that?】

Treating the Demon Knight wasn’t something he should feel indebted to them for, considering the Demon Knight had saved the lives of their hunters.

However, it was only proper to meet the tribal leaders and express at least some measure of gratitude…

【Yes. With the Katina period approaching, they went to welcome another tribe’s delegation to solidify our alliance.】

Had he known that the leaders were away for such a reason, he would have left sooner, even if it meant committing a breach of etiquette.

The Serhan Tribe was relatively welcoming to outsiders, but other tribes held a deep-seated dislike for them.

In fact, the only reason they could enter this village was due to the arbitrary actions of the hunters they’d saved. In other words, their chief and priest still didn’t know of their presence.

With that in mind, if a delegation from another tribe were to discover them, that could lead to some problems.

【It’s not good for outsiders to be seen during such an important event. I think I should leave right after I find the Demon Knight. Could you convey my thanks to the chief and priest?】

【Oh, you’re leaving already?】

Both the guests and the tribe’s leaders would only face difficulties if they remained here. It would be far better to simply be seen as rude than to cause an enormous commotion.

After all, they didn’t even know their guests’ identities.

【The residents of the Great Forest are wary of outsiders. An alliance is an important matter, and I don’t want to cause you any trouble, so…】

【Oh, if that’s the reason, it’s fine. I hear that the current chief of the Vigabol Tribe is friendly to outsiders.】

【Is that so?】

Even so, there was no need for them to get involved in this, which was why he only nodded in agreement but didn’t retract his statement.

【Erm, if you want to leave unnoticed, it might be a little too late for that, though.】

【What do you mean?】

【Isn’t that your companion over there?】

He hadn’t planned on changing his mind.

【…Demon Knight.】

He would have stuck to his decision if only the Demon Knight hadn’t come in with the delegation.

The Archmage rubbed his forehead.



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