Hyper Luck



Hyper Luck

[Translator: Dawn]

[Proofreader: Karane]


Chapter 99. Share Hunter, Contractor, Helper (1)


“Alright, everyone. Can you hear me well?”


A familiar face was reflected on the screen that was shaking frequently.


The person who appeared on the screen with a slightly nervous but ambitious face was Korea's representative caster JiHyun of .


She asked a question as she looked toward the camera, and immediately shifted her gaze to the left.


On the screen, it looked like she had turned her head lower right and looked carefully at something.


In the lower right corner, a number of chats were continuously being uploaded busily.




[HiHyun! (It means greetings to JiHyun XD)]


[Oh, you’re finally live!]


[She’s so hot.]


[Huh? What’s going on here? Saw her on the live list.]


[Hyun-chan lost her job Q-Q]


JiHyun paid close attention to the chat with shaky eyes as her face turned a little red.


Then she put a slight smile on her face.


“Hello! This is JiHyun, a Korean caster of Circuit TV!”


The camera zoomed in on her face as she said her bold statement.


The camera continued to shake frequently as it was assumed to be held by JiHyun herself.


[The screen shake is starting to make me feel dizzy.]


[JiHyun’s face looks funny ‘cus of the shake]


[21 year old suffering from hand tremor]




[Someone give her a helping hand...]


JiHyun quickly looked at the chat as the screen kept on shaking. This time she put a shy smile on her face.




She quickly switched to a serious look on her face from a smiling expression, then she hurriedly threw the camera in her hand in the air.


Countless question marks flew in the chat window in an instant, but the camera thrown from JiHyun's hand did not fall to the ground. Rather, it started to float in the air and chased after JiHyun’s face.


“It’s been a while since the Prince of Rebellion event!”


JiHyun made eye contact with the flying camera without difficulty and continued the comment naturally.


“Unfortunately, after the event, each broadcasting company asked to refrain from appearing for a while, so I couldn’t show up these days.”


[Ah, so that’s why we never got to see you these days.]




[What event?]


[Your agency did a great job.]


[Prince of Rebellion was the time when the comedians were caught, right?]


JiHyun nodded her head in haste as she restlessly checked on the chats constantly coming up at a fast pace.


“Yup, that’s right. It’s because of that incident where Lidornn captured them and did terrible things while they were filming for a show. After that, there was a guide from the management company and the broadcasting company to refrain from broadcasting in-game for the time being.”


JiHyun skillfully spoke her words out and hurriedly moved her steps in front of her.


Still, she continued to stare at her chat window, then checked one of the chat logs, and she spoke up again.


“Yes, starting today, the restriction has been released, so I’m here to say hello to you all. I have to tell you some important news!”


She suddenly started to dash at full speed.


The chat window exploded in an instant as she dashed at a speed that was hard to see from a normal human.


In spite of her fast sprinting, her flying camera gently followed her, quickly taking close-ups of her back, front, and face.


Then, as the camera moved away from her again, purple reeds around her waved and swayed like seaweed in the deep sea.


The tops of the huge trees that stood tall everywhere were full of sparkling fruit.


The screen, which rose enough to see such great landscapes at a glance, quickly descended again toward her face and soon captured the figure of Ji-Hyun, who was breathing heavily as she ran out of breath.


[Wow, JiHyun! What level are you???]


[That’s the Jarrend Forest]


[Jarrend forest yeah]


[Nobody cares]


[I’ve been there also.]


[Lol JiHyun you’re so slow]


[I want to boost her level...]


[Her being out of breath is so sexy...]


“How was it? I gotta get faster though, right?”


Checking the exploding chat window with a smile on her face as she tried to catch her breath, she fixed her gaze on her camera that came back into her hand.


“My level is very low, but I’ve been secretly logging into the game and raising my character by a lot. I really wanted to show this to the people who came to see me!”


Then she carefully pulled a little marble out of her pocket.


“Allow me to introduce to you!”


JiHyun threw the camera and beads she was holding in each of her hands into the air with her face reddening up from the running.


And at that moment,


The resolution of the screen reflecting her started to increase explosively.


Despite her very slightly thrown camera, JiHyun, who had already become a small dot on the screen, shouted with a loud voice.


“My trait!”


Then the screen suddenly zoomed in on her as she pulled out more marbles from her pocket and threw all of them into the air.


Then, this time, the area projected on the screen changed to 'the whole' of Jarrend Forest where she was, and it reached a point where it was impossible to find her on the screen.


The chat of the stream exploded as the screen was turned to record the entirety of the forest in an instant.


Still, her voice sounded very good, as if she was talking right next to the mic.


“Can you see it? The whole of the Jarren forest! By the way, if you can find me on this screen right now, then please post it on the threads of Circuit Master! I don’t have anything prepared for the prize, but if you do find me, I’ll make sure to prepare something for you next time!”


[Wow, what is this all of a sudden?]


[How did it show the entire forest?]


[Is this JiHyun’s trait?]


[What’s dis?]


A moment later, the screen showed her face once more as she was reading the chat being curious with a smile on her face.


After taking a deliberate break, she looked directly at the camera.


“My trait is the ‘Eye of the Valkyrie’!”


Then she boldly shouted out loud.




After she let out a resounding voice, the marbles that she had thrown into the air came back and started to rotate around her.


“Since my job is related to broadcasting in both the real world and in Circuit, I wanted to get a trait that could help with my job. And it just turned out that I got this trait called the ‘Eye of the Valkyrie’!”


When JiHyun snapped her finger once, the screen turned to showing her back.


When she snapped her finger once more, it showed her left side.


And another snap showed the front once again.


“These marbles are items that have the same name as my trait. The Eye of Valkyrie. Hm, I think it’s just convenient to see them as cameras! However, this marble is difficult to compare with an ordinary camera. Because the marble itself is a lens, the screen that can be captured is very large and three-dimensional!”


She started to explain in excitement, then she snapped her finger again.


Two flashing marbles out of the many marbles rotating around her came closer to her face.


“So, when I use one marble like this, my face will be put on the screen as you can see now!”


Having said that, JiHyun grabbed two marbles floating around her face in front of her and threw them into the air.


In an instant, the screen began to rise high, like a drone with a camera taking off.


Eventually, the screen began to widen on its own, then it once again captured a huge part of the forest as JiHyun became a small dot on the screen.


“If you use more than one marble, you can 'share the viewing angle of each marble' with each other, and you can observe a large area in an instant!”


[A professional broadcaster]




[She can do everything!]


[Unemployed JiHyun had no choice but to choose the career path of a cameraman...]


[You can call her CamHyun now]


[CamHyun lol]


She laughed out loud as she checked the reaction on the chat. Then she continued her comment after swiping her yellow hair behind her ear, which was fluttering in the wind.


“As you already know, there’s been a huge incident that happened in the Lundebarun. In the eastern continent of ‘Lang’ they are called the Cerulean Beings, and in Asparagan, they’re called the ‘Rebaccans’. According to the theories put forth by prominent scholars among the NPCs here, they often came to this place from time to time in the past.”


[Everyone already knows[


[CamHyun, you’re a little late to the news]


[CamHyun, turn off Circuit Wiki haha]


[I didn’t know about that. JiHyun, please keep speaking![


[She’s so pretty. This Mister is fond of you, JiHyun.]


“That is why I’m going to use the best of my ability to record and deliver everything that happens in the Lundebarun. I’ve already gotten permission from the agency.”


[Huh? Then you’re quitting Circuit Weekly?]


[Dang, I was waiting for your return, JiHyun!]


[Isn’t that a little too dangerous?]


[I want to be her bodyguard XD]


As she checked the reaction from the chat, she couldn’t hide the sad expression on her face.


However, as she had been carrying out her murderous schedule so far, this to her, was rather a sweet and free vacation.


“After this event ends, I’ll make sure to return to show you a cool and pretty appearance once again!”


Then she carefully lifted her crystal balls floating around her, and she began to move away from her screen.


“Now then, let us meet again soon! I’ll make sure to show you everything that happened in Lundebarun!”


With that, the broadcast ended.


[The broadcast has been terminated by the broadcaster.]


[Viewers: 9,878,111]



Reaper Scans

[Translator - Dawn]

[Proofreader - Karane]

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“So, do we get the order now?”


“Yup, it’s about time we move out.”


“Aha! That ‘crazy bastard’ has finally shown some movement, right?”


A single candle on the table, and the players gathered around it were uttering only what they wanted to say.


Without overlapping voices, they were busy talking to each other one at a time.


“It’s clear that crazy bastard had done something for sure, but the ‘Watch Tower’ guild had gained some more quest share out of nowhere.”


“What, did he boost the quest share for the Watch Tower guild? Haha, this guy’s even crazier than I thought!”


“That’s right. The Watch Tower guild had around 0.2% share and within only a few hours, it was raised to over 2%. This would be only possible if ManJuk was involved.”


“That guy named ManJuk. Just what is he thinking?”


“No need for talks. Let’s just go hunt him down.”




As the male and female voices talked to each other,


“Ru’ MU!”


The candle went out immediately with the man’s resounding voice, and the surroundings began to brighten.


Then, the user, whose eyes were unusually shining in silver, quickly began to put the table into the inventory.


“Do you really have to bring that around with you?”


The woman with light purple short hair asked as the player putting the table back in complained.


“Shut up, you don’t know how I feel!”


The player who put the table back in the inventory shook his head.


Then, next to the woman, a cool-looking man with Mohican hair began to laugh.


“Try to understand. He’s a furniture geek. He probably has hundreds of furniture like that in his inventory!”


“What? Furniture ‘like that’? Do you have any clue what table this is? This is an elf's handmade table decorated with red Ashanth tree trunks and finished with Rickard oil...”


“Everyone, be quiet.”


In the midst of the light and humorous quarrels going in between, a curly-haired man reminiscent of the Hire of the Order of the 14 holy knights intervened and silenced everyone.


“Anyways, Aisa. You can continue later!”


Nevertheless, the man with his sparkling eyes was grumpy towards the female player until the end.


“How is it, Khan? Do you see anything?”


The player with Mohican hair looked at the player with curly hair and spoke carefully.


After a while, the curly-haired man named Khan’s pupils began to disappear as they evaporated.


“It amazes me every time I see it. There’s probably no other ‘scouts’ better than Khan.”


Aisa couldn’t help but exclaim in amazement as she watched Khan.


Silence continued after she finished speaking. Then Khan cautiously opened his mouth to speak.


“I see it.”


Then smiled faintly.


“His buff is going off very soon.”


He said in a tone as if he was reciting.




[Nickname: Khan]


[Title: The one who touched the trace]


Class: Beholder


Guild: Black Market


Trait: The Peeper


Lv: 78


Vitality: 3380 / 3380


Mana: 243 / 2680


Strength: 89


Health: 118


Speed: 313


Intelligence: 401


Sensation: 9


Fame: 42,911


[Sensory Modification] - All senses are increased by 80%.


[Eye of Oroad] - Activates the Eye of Oroad. Take double damage of all types for 72 hours.


Remaining time: 71:58:47




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