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Villain Hides His True Colors

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Chapter 100. Share Hunter, Contractor, Helper (2)


“Mister, you sure you’re doing well?”

It was an apartment with two rooms. But it seemed that the apartment was more spacious because it was only for a single person to live in.

Straight out of the room, the woman wiped her wet hair with a towel and laid herself on the large couch in her living room.

She then began to scratch her fingers right behind her ears, as she went on with the talk.

“I already contacted KyungHoon. You and KyungHoon aren’t able to connect back yet, right?”

The woman, who had now applied her fresh skin lotion to her pure white skin, frowned her moist face.

“Yeah, it really happened, y’see! I was asleep for 10 days in the game!”

“The powder residue behind my ears became so sticky that I’m still working on getting rid of ’em!”

Then she smiled bashfully.

“It would’ve been great if I had contacted Mose. Should I post a thread on Circuit Master?”

Her face got red.

Then she started to raise her voice.

“It really made my heart skip a beat when I heard that Mose’s ship was shot down! Thank goodness it was ‘fake news’!”

She took a sigh of relief as if assimilated by her own intense emotions and immediately wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Ah, right! The event! That all started from the White Tower! I was saved by a player named Kellion, but he was kidnapped and was used to open a portal!”

After her storming chatter, before she could dry her hair, she went back into her room and sat on her connector.

“Anyway... I have to log back in. I’d say it’s my first priority to understand the situation for now, right? The most important thing right now is to meet up with Mose, so I’ll let you and KyungHoon know when I do!”

She took her phone away from her face a little bit.

Then a familiar voice could be heard from the phone.

[Hopefully, we can see each other again soon. Not as SuHyun, but as Sharan. And for KyungHoon as Guile. And as Swordsman for me.]

Catching onto the voice that came from the phone, she smiled and put the phone back on her face, and talked softly.

“Yup. I really hope we can see each other again.”

When the call was over, she carefully placed her cell phone on her desk and laid back down again.

She still got a headache when she moved her stiff jaw forcibly.

She even had to clean her room because of her body activity, which was neglected during her ten-day stay in the game.

Even so, she closed her eyes,

To log back into the world of .

In order to solve the problems that arose in virtual reality.


* * *

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“When the quest is over, I’ll make sure to reward you for the quest share.”

“No, I couldn’t ask for something like that. I only moved as I was pleased to.”

As if possessed by something, the Watchtower guild members were continuing a long procession following after Wine and ManJuk.

“Thank you, again. If it weren’t for you, our guild would’ve been annihilated.”

“Still, your guild members, they fought valiantly. It was even sublime to see the guild members fighting for each other without hesitation.”

Surprised by his stiff tone and unfamiliar words and actions that seemed unusual from a player, Wine did not answer for a while and just walked after him.

“Even in virtual reality, in the end, you can feel everything that you can feel in reality. After going through all sorts of things while working together, a sense of bond was built between us.”

“It’s a great thing, I’d say. A strong bond turns a lump of mud into a rock.”

“Do you have a guild?”

“A guild, you ask? As you can see, I’m a knight. I belong to the Knights of Colon, which symbolize the smoke flower.”

“You were a knight, I see...”

Wine nodded as if he could finally understand ManJuk’s actions.

At first, he visited several families in an attempt to acquire a class as a knight, but he had to possess loyalty and chivalry like a real soldier to get the class.

Not to mention the ruthless physical training that followed.

That was why he decided to become an archer which was a relatively quick and easy class to acquire.

But now that he thought back about the hard work he had to put in until he received the title of Black Eye, it seemed that he could have acquired the knight class if he had actually made up his mind.

“Let’s talk about you now! What was that ethereal archery of yours? The arrows shined like the light of Bellica.”

“I’m an archer from the Black Spire.”

“The Black Spire? That’s amazing! I heard that they are the only group that could hunt down Kaisers that are called the lord of the sky!”

“My instructor actually sang about that. Do you have any interesting stories to talk about during your time at the order?”

“When I first joined, I had to wear a wet fur coat for several months because my body was so weak. Later, when I took off the coat, I was surprised at how lighter my body felt. And when I looked at the status window, my dexterity had become insanely high.”

“You never thought of opening up the status window until then?”

“I never had the chance to. I had to take their fierce strikes while wearing a wet coat. I was so exhausted that I passed out many times. When it became a little too much for me to handle, I had to log out for a moment and drink a lot of water.”

Wine couldn't keep up with his words.

Unlike himself, who joined the Black Spire at a relatively high level, this man must have joined the Knights at a very low level.

It was at that moment that he understood that a mental state of an individual can be counted as a spec of the character.

His great tenacity must have made him this strong.

As they were walking along the forest path for a long time, ManJuk suddenly stopped his steps. 

“Be careful.”

At the end of his words, the sharp sound of the wind came from afar. And a few seconds after he spoke, Wine could detect the sound.

However, when Wine detected it, ManJuk was already standing in front of him, covering him.


A huge explosion sound was heard from the front of the ManJuk.

And finally, the flames that bloomed around ManJuk were in full bloom.


Wine quickly lowered his head as the heat of the flames almost burned his eyes.

“What is this?”

“Is it the Rebaccans again?”

“Everyone, be careful!”

The guild members who responded only after hearing the explosion hurriedly began to get into formation.

“For god’s sake, please just let us log out!”

“Imagine logging out here and what would happen when logging back in!”

It was around the time that the anxiety that had blossomed between them began to increase.

“Stop! Everyone, back off...!”

Wine’s loud voice halted everyone.

After checking the guild members who rushed backward following the instructions of the guild master, Wine carefully looked at the man who appeared in front of ManJuk.


A man with mohawk hair and a muscular body wearing a simple matte black colored full plate armor spoke bluntly while looking at ManJuk.

“Are you ManJuk?”

ManJuk stood there in the remains of the explosion with an emotionless face with his blunt weapon looking down at the ground.

“A player attacking so sudden?”

ManJuk shot a cold gaze at the man standing in front of him. The man took an overreacting gesture and started to fake shivering as if he was joking.

“Yikes! So scary!”

“Who are you?”

Regardless of his attitude, ManJuk simply asked him a question. Then the man with the mohawk started to change his attitude.


Soon, the man who put his hands together in front of his chest smiled in a low voice, confirming the red magic circle that was coming out of his hands,

“Your grim reaper.”

Then he put out his hands forward.

And right after that, a huge explosion happened around ManJuk once more.

It was a powerful explosion accompanied by a tremendous vibration that even Wine momentarily lost his balance.

Nevertheless, ManJuk was standing still in the middle of the explosion.

“I’ll ask this one last time.”

“Ah, just come fight me already! Who do you think you’re kidding with, huh?”

The man with the mohawk provoked ManJuk as he revealed his sharp fangs and let out a cruel laugh.

ManJuk, who saw it, jumped from the ground in an instant, and the man who saw ManJuk instantly flew backward.

After barely dodging the blunt weapon swung by ManJuk, the man smiled.

“Woah~ That was clo...”

And before he could even finish his taunt,

[ You have 60% of HP left. ]

His expression hardened as he saw the words that appeared in front of him.

“What the...”

And after sensing something was wrong with one of his arms, he quickly looked at his right arm.

His elbow was facing forward. His wrist was rotated 360 degrees, and his shoulder was collapsed, unable to put strength to it.

“O-Oh, what the fuck?!”
It was only then he began to shudder at the sudden rise of pain after visually confirming his injury. He definitely avoided the blunt weapon wielded by ManJuk, but how was he injured?

“Gah. I guess you can’t avoid the damage just by dodging, huh?”

At his remark, ManJuk took his blunt weapon back.

“Now, say it. Who are you?”

“Fuck you! Don’t be acting cool! Kanna! Hurry up! For fuck’s sake, do you not see my arm right now?!”

After mocking ManJuk’s question, the man looked at his back and raised his voice as if he was shouting at someone.

Moments later, a woman came down from the sky with her long blue hair fluttering and immediately struck the man's broken shoulder.

“Stop swearing!”

“Ouch! Don’t hit me! It hurts!”

“Sigh. Oh, the holy grass, touched by Armoze’s hands, be able to take root even in arid land and find water streams in the ground.”

At the man's grumbling, a woman called Kanna started to cast her spell, stroking his broken arm with one hand.

She had a flash of green around her black eyes, and a flash of green around the broken arm she was touching.


A horrifying bone noise filled the forest.

The man’s face was once again filled with confidence as his arm started to heal back.

“Hey, Galdo can’t beat him by himself. Everyone, come out!”

The woman named Kanna, who had finished her duties, shouted into the forest.

Then the healed man glanced at her.

“Don’t underestimate me! I can take him by myself!”

“What do you mean? You got your arm shattered already!”

“What? You bitch...!”

As Galdo continued his rage, Kanna grabbed his right wrist.

“Do you want me to break this again? Keep your attitude, and I’ll do it.”

As she tightened her grasp on Galdo’s wrist, he kneeled down to the ground without even being able to let out a noise. He then tapped the woman’s hand three times.

After a moment, three other players appeared after them.

“Galdo! Galdo! Stop getting so ahead of yourself, please!”

The short man with his sparkling eyes slapped Galdo on the back of the head.

“Are you sure his buffs are expired? Just how much stats would you need to show that much superpower?”

Then, the beautiful woman with her long, lavender, straight hair looked at ManJuk carefully.

“Anyways, he’s a named player, right?”

The man with sparkling eyes said. Then the silence filled between ManJuk and the other players.

Then ManJuk raised his blunt weapon.

“You’ll be able to answer me with confidence now then.”

A tall man with shiny blonde hair pushed back walked out.

“ManJuk, do not get involved with this quest any longer.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s what people may call a sticky situation in this industry. There’s no need for you to know any deeper. All you need to do is stop raising the quest share.”

“And if I said no?”

“Then we will have to make sure that you don’t mess with the quest share.”

“Tell me why you are saying this to me.”

“Because we were contacted by major guilds. They’re waiting for the personal requests to flow in from the self-employed who suffered damage by this event. But here you are trying to ruin everything.”

“So you’re saying that they are deliberately postponing completing the quest even though they are fully capable of putting an end to this disaster...?”
“Of course.”

“That’s absurd...”

“Why’s it absurd? They make a fortune out of it.”

Then he started to continue talking as if he was preaching.

“They’re doing this because they’re fully capable of solving this problem, y’know? Major guilds have members that are extremely strong. But since these guys are enterprises, they pursue profit. That's why they put aside clearing the quest right now and are waiting for personal requests from players who have suffered damage from this quest.”

“And that’s why you’re hunting down players who are trying to clear this quest?”

“Oh? You’re pretty quick to understand. Yup, that’s correct. In the end, these major guilds want themselves to be the one who finishes the quest. They really act like enterprises, right?”

“And you’re the people who received requests from those major guilds?”

“Yes, that’s right. We are the professional service providers that are called the share hunters, contractors, helpers, etc. If you need a service regarding matters like these, consider putting in a request in the guilds called the ‘Black Market’.”

Soon, daggers that waved like shadows appeared in the hands of the blonde man that had his arms outstretched to the side.

“Of course, you’d have to die for us for now. Please understand that we are going to be outnumbering you. I’d prefer if you just chose quick death though. Why don’t you take some rest for 7 days?”

The five players ran toward ManJuk.




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