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Descent of the Legendary Archmage



Descent of the Legendary Archmage

[Translator – Nya]

[Proofreader – Karane]


Chapter 14

About 3 minutes had passed since the 8th match started. 

Adella was currently having the time of her life. 

Because she was so expressionless by default, you couldn't see it just from her expression, but her eyes shone with delight. 

‘He's strong.'

The target that Adella had lost had returned.

The genius prodigy of the Magic Shin Clan had been revived.

And Adela was very pleased by this.

'Flame Revolver.'

The 3-circle magic that Adella had cast was swept aside by Shin Hayul's wind. 

Having calculated the exact speed of the Flame Revolver, he used the perfect amount of force and used his wind to guide the Flame Revolver’s shots away from him.

He had used the advantage of the Flame Revolver’s bullets being light against it.

'Earth Needle.' 

An earth needle ruptured out of the ground. 

Although it was an attack with the most perfect timing, Shin Hayul, as if he had been expecting it, leapt into the sky and dodged it. 

‘Aero Impact.' 

Adella, who had expected Shin Hayul to dodge, immediately cast her next attack. 

A wind-type magic spell that unleashed high-velocity winds at the opponent.

Its advantage was its rapid speed.

It sped towards Shin Hayul, who was suspended mid-air.

When a person is mid-air, they become defenseless.

Knowing this, Adella used 'Earth Needle' to force Shin Hayul to jump. 

‘If my opponent can predict all of my magic, then I'll just use that against him.' 

Everything was as Adella had planned. But,


There was no way Shin Hayul hadn't read through Adella's plan. 

A transparent barrier formed at the feet of Shin Hayul. 

Using the barrier as a stepping stone, Shin Hayul jumped.


The Aero Impact passed beneath Shin Hayul's feet and caused a strong gust of wind to blow. 

‘Barrier... He used it as a stepping stone!?'

Genuine goosebumps ran down Adella's back.

Shin Hayul's unbelievable use of magic caused her these goosebumps.

'Now isn't the time to be lost in admiration!'

Shin Hayul, who had jumped twice after reinforcing his lower body, was launching an attack on Adella from above.

‘His back’s to the sun...!'

As if everything had been planned beforehand, Shin Hayul had his back to the sun. Because of this, Adella was unable to see him clearly. 

'Great Shield.' 

Adella had no choice but to go on the defense.

An immense shield appeared in front of her. 

She didn't know what Shin Hayul was aiming for, but what she did know was that the Shin Hayul, who was only able to use 1-circle magic, would never be able to penetrate her Great Shield, a 3-circle defense spell.

It was a safety measure she had used with this in mind.


Shin Ha-yul created dirt with elemental magic and held it in his hand.

Using deliberation, the dirt that had instantly appeared soon morphed into the form of a sword. 

And at the same time, he cast wind, causing the sword to plunge faster and faster. 


Shin Ha-yul's earth sword and Adella's Great Shield collided, causing a thunderous boom. 

From the intense impact, Adella frowned for a fraction of a second. 

‘Strong, but I can block it.'

However, as expected, it didn't break through the Great Shield.

Since she had avoided the opponent's attack, it was now her turn to go on the offense.


‘Earth Bind.'

Shin Hayul acted faster. 

In the first place, the sword made out of dirt was just a diversion. 

In an instant, as he lowered his body and touched the ground with his palm, he used a 1-circle confinement magic spell.

‘When will you change your stance...!'

Adella, who had been looking at the sky, was unable to properly grasp the movement of Shin Hayul, who had suddenly changed his stance.


And with that, Adella was tied up with a dirt chain. 


Seizing the opportunity, Shin Hayul immediately flew behind Adella. 

The Great Shield only shielded the front; her rear was left completely vulnerable. 

It seemed that he intended to use that.



Shin Hayul's efforts were for naught. 

“Please don't think that you can trap me with just an Earth Bind.”

In an instant, she removed the Earth Bind and turned to face Shin Hayul, with the Great Shield turning with her.

As if the Great Shield didn't matter, Shin Hayul fired a magic spell at Adella.

"Water Missile."

4 water missiles collided with Adella's Great Shield. 

Of course, it didn’t damage the Great Shield one bit. 

That's the difference between a 1-circle magic spell and a 3- circle magic spell.

"With only this much..." 

And when Adella attempted to say something. 



Without warning, a roaring explosion sounded out behind Adella and caused her to scream. 

On her back, Adela's wounds, which were caused by a magic spell, were clearly visible. 


* * *

Reaper Scans

[Translator - Nya]

[Proofreader - Karane]

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* * *


Inside the VIP showroom. 

Shin Inhyuk, who had been watching the game with a serious expression, jumped out of his seat. 

His eyes are trembling with embarrassment. 

“I'd never imagined his combat sense would be of this level.” 

This was true for Kim Kangin as well. 

Everyone who knew what kind of high-level calculations were required to perform such a move had no choice but to display a similar reaction.

"I can't believe he'd planned everything, starting from dodging the first Earth Needle." 

The move Shin Hayul had just pulled off had been planned ever since he had jumped over the first 'Earth Needle'. 

“When I saw Hayul jumping over the Earth Needle for seemingly no reason, I had thought that, 'oh even Hayul makes mistakes’. But it seems I was the one who had been mistaken."

After dodging the Earth Needle, he taunted Adella into doing an additional attack. 

He used a barrier as a stepping stool to elevate himself to a higher altitude. 

In the process, he turned his back to the sun and sealed Adella's vision. 

And with this window of opportunity, Shin Hayul prepared a deadly surprise. 

"I had never thought that he would use the brilliant move of concealing a 'Wind Spear' with the delayed activation trait by using the brightness of the sun." 

The wind spear was concealed in the space between Adella and the sun. 

And then, as if he hadn't prepared anything, he used 'Earth' to form the sword made out of dirt. 

The speed of the sword was accelerated using 'Wind', dealing a heavy blow to Adella's Great Shield. 

The only purpose of the attack was to draw Adella's attention to himself.

“Upon drawing Adella's attention using the earth sword and after he had used Earth Bind to turn her attention to the ground, he completed his plan by making her turn around and have her back facing the sun by flying behind her. That was perfect.”

And in that instant, the Wind Spear that had been concealed by the sun flew straight for her, striking her in her undefended back.

This is the truth behind what had happened in that short engagement.

"The 1-circle Archmage. I don't know who gave him that name, but there's nothing that suits him better.”

Kim Kangin was tongue-tied. 

There is probably no one better than Shin Hayul at using 1-circle magic. 

If only 1-circle magic was used, even Kim Kangin himself wouldn't be a match.

'If we were to have a match using only 1-circle magic, there's a chance I could lose.' 

Is there anyone who could beat Shin Hayul if they were to both use the same 1-circle magic and the same 1-circle magic outputs? 

I assure you, there is not.

His magic was just that perfect.

"You have a good son." 

"A good son you say..."

Shin Inhyuk looked at his son with a complex expression. 

On the one hand, Shin Hayul, who was not giving up his chance to deal a blow and continuously driving his opponent into a corner was certainly admirable. 

“But he's just a flawed mage who can only use 1-circle magic.”

On the other hand, that's all he was. 

No matter how meticulous and calculating Shin Hayul was, in the end, he was nothing but a half-assed mage who could only use 1-circle magic.

“Despite obviously gaining a lead, he's unable to wrap things up.”

Shin In-hyuk looks at his son with a complicated expression.

"Especially since Adella hasn't even brought out her vision magic." 

When Shin Inhyuk thought about it, the limits of his own son were clear.

Four circles at the age of 18.

A new combat style using ancient magic known as Memorize.

A precise battle strategy using improved magic spells.

Everything was great, but that was it.

Strategy, tactics and analysis.

No matter how much you polish up these skills, there's nothing you can do in the face of overwhelming power.

Shin Hayul had no power.

He lacked the overwhelming power that could crush his opponent's shield into ash. 

"No matter what you do to 1-circle magic, it'll stay as 1-circle magic."

As long as that was what he was lacking, Shin Hayul can never become the greatest mage. 

And as proof of that.

‘‘It's started.”

Mysterious mana emanated from around Adella's body.

“The pride of the Mystic Wi clan. Lunar magic.”

As if saying that playtime was over, Adella started to use her proper vision magic.

"Three-circle magic. Halo." 


It can be interpreted as a halo made of moonlight, a magic spell where it looks as if moonlight is being unleashed.

With just one blast of that magic, the tide of the match shifted in an instant. 

Shin Hayul and Adella's roles were swiftly reversed.

‘‘That's my proof. Hayul will never be the greatest.” 

Shin Hayul can never be the greatest.

Shin Inhyuk was certain of that one fact.

"That may be true. Forget being the greatest in the world, as long as Adella's around, becoming even the greatest in Korea might be a bit much."

”Even though Shin Hayul was pretty impressive, he wouldn't be able to stand a chance against the other great talents of the world.

And that's why it was such a pity.

'If only Hayul was compatible with AI.'

Thinking of it in that way caused an overwhelming sense of pity.

Shin Inhyuk put on his overcoat with a bitter expression. 

“Where are you going?” 

“Is there any reason to watch a fight that's already over?"

Shin Inhyuk had already decided that this fight was as good as lost. 

Watching any more than this would be a waste of time. 

"Hm. I see." 

Kim Kangin was also having similar thoughts. 

"This match will be difficult for him to win. I don't know if it's because of the lack of information on the vision magic, but his movement is worse than before." 

“Then I'll be going first.” 

"Yes. I'll see you soon."

It was at that time when Shin Inhyuk turned his back. 


Suddenly, beyond the VIP showroom, the cheers of spectators burst out. 

"...This doesn't even make sense!" 

At the same time, Kim Kangin shouted out and jumped out of his seat. 

In the sudden situation, Shin Inhyuk turned back around.

And at that moment, when he got a full view of the arena that was beyond the glass panes of the VIP showroom.


Shin Inhyuk's eyes widened as wide open as they possibly could be.

"2-circle... magic?" 

On the palm of Shin Hayul's hand, the distinctive form of the 2-circle fire magic, 'Flame Vulcan’ could be seen. 

And when taking the traits of the memorise spell into account, the fact that Shin Ha-yul had used 2-circle magic could only mean one thing.

"Hayul... has woven his fifth circle?"

Shin Hayul had become a 5-circle mage.

"This can't be possible..." 

Kim Kangin and Shin Inhyuk's eyes shook violently as if there was an earthquake. 


* * *


"2-circle... magic...?" 

"Why are you surprised? I told you earlier. I was late because I was getting ready to defeat you."

I smiled as I looked at Adela, who was widening her eyes like a surprised rabbit.

"Did you... really reach 5-circles?"

Adela asked with an astonished expression on her face.

"You'll know when you see it." 

The Flame Vulcan blazed in a vivid red on the palm of my hand. 

"Why now...?" 

Why was it that he had hidden the fact that he could use 2-circle magic until now? 

That was what she was asking.

"Same reason as why you held back on using your vision magic."

At the start of our fight, Adella only used universal open-source magic spells. 

There was only one reason why.

"...Was your objective also to just observe me?"

“That's right.” 

That reason was to gather intel. 

Vision magic drains one's willpower rapidly, so it's not suitable for gathering intel. Therefore, she had made a plan to use ordinary magic that was less draining.

And after she had finished gathering intel, when she had determined that she had an opportunity to win, she used her vision magic to try and pressure me.

Though, I had the same plan. 

My 2-circle magic is pretty exhausting as well. 

Until I had a clear opportunity to seize victory, I couldn't use it recklessly. 

And by using only 1-circle magic, I had gathered intel on Adella's magic. Furthermore. 

“Then the reason you decided to use your 2-circle magic now is because..." 

“I've gathered all the intel I need." 

I was now certain that the chance of victory had revealed itself. 

That was why I had used my 2-circle magic.

"...Is that so?" 

Adela's eyes shone sharply. 

I guess my words struck her pride.

“Then here I go.”

I lowered my center of gravity, and fired the 'Flame Vulcan' I had already prepared. 10 bullets of fire were unleashed at the opponent, like its namesake, the *M61 Vulcan cannon. *(T/n: The name of a machine gun) 

‘Great Shield.' 

Just like before, Adella used a 3 - circle defensive magic spell to block Flame Vulcan. 2 - circle magic is on a different level when compared to 1 - circle magic. 

She frowned, signifying that she was feeling overwhelmed. 

‘Artillery Battery.' 

I immediately positioned Flame Vulcan in the air. 

With this, the Flame Vulcan, which was no longer tied to my body, turned into a floating artillery battery that shot fire at Adella. 

And I immediately wrapped myself around Adella's blind spot. 


Adella found herself in a situation where she was neither able to move nor able to cancel the Great Shield due to the Flame Vulcan. 

I, who was steadily getting closer to Adella's rear, activated the 2-circle magic 'Flame Shock' at close range. 

And at the very moment that my fire had brushed against Adella. 


Moonlight burst out everywhere in the vicinity of Adella's body. 

The lunar halo that spread out from Adella evaporated my 'Flame Shock' and my 'Flame Vulcan' and was rapidly heading towards me.

And beyond the moonlight that was drawing closer, I could see Adella's back.

I could only see one of her eyes because she had her face slightly turned, but that one eye gleamed as if it was sure of victory. 

The magic that was a fusion of light and dark magic could not be stopped using any old method and on top of that, its firepower was insane as well. 

She had succeeded in casting 'Halo' at this short distance. 

So it wasn't unusual for her to be sure of victory. 


‘You're being too clumsy.'

She should've thought about why I had got so close to her, despite knowing about her Halo magic spell. 

She should've considered that it may have been my goal to make her cast Halo. 

She should've realized that I had continuously been observing her 'Halo' up till now. 

[The second ring of the Bytenor Style of magic is also known as the circle of resonance.] 


'Here it comes.'

The second infinity circle in my body began to resonate with the mana in the surroundings. 



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