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Descent of the Legendary Archmage



Descent of the Legendary Archmage

[Translator – Nya]

[Proofreader – Karane]


Chapter 23

Kim Kangin couldn't contain his astonishment after seeing the Elemental Mana Light before him.

'It's refined to a higher level of perfection than I had imagined. How on earth...?' 

Elemental Mana Light. 

The Blue Magic Tower's master came into possession of this mana stone of chaos after the Red Magic Tower's master, James Piller, declared that he had given up on it. 

Of course, this impenetrable magic stone caused the owner of the Blue Magic Tower, Kim Kangin, who in terms of his ability to refine and craft magic stones ranks globally within the top 3, some problems but it also forced the greatly talented elite craftsmen of the Blue Magic Tower to surrender completely. 

That impenetrable mana stone was perfectly refined right before his eyes. 

Kim Kangin's surprise was to be expected. 

'No way..." 

As if something had come to mind, Kim Kangin’s eyes widened. 

“Could the person who refined this Elemental Mana Light..." 

Kim Kangin's eyes looked at Shin Hayul and trembled, half in anticipation and half in apprehensiveness. 

"Yes. It was me.”

"...Oh my God." 

Kim Kangin clutched his forehead and let out a genuine exclamation. 

He had thought that it might’ve been a possibility. 

But to think that thought had been the truth. 

''How the hell did you accomplish what had me and James scratching our heads for 4 years?" 

An 18-year-old academy student had solved what was impossible. 

When the Red Magic Tower's master hears of this, he will be so surprised that he'll fall on his back. 

Kim Kangin burst out laughing. 

“No, more importantly, is it just a coincidence that you brought this mana stone along with you?" 

''Yes. It's just a coincidence." 

Shin Hayul answered with an embarrassed face. 

"I thought that the Blue Magic Tower was the only place that could handle a mana stone of this level, so I brought it along with me." 

This is the truth. 

Shin Hayul had brought the Elemental Mana Light simply to entrust it to the Blue Magic Tower. 

He hadn't expected it to be the thing that the Blue Magic Tower's master was researching in the least. 

"Can I ask how you came to own the mana light?" 

“I’m afraid I can’t comment on that. What I will say is that it luckily happened to come into my possession and that I luckily happened to succeed in refining it." 

Kim Kangin burst out laughing. 

“You luckily happened to come into possession of this precious mana stone and you luckily happened to refine it, huh... If I tell those words to James I bet he'll faint and fall to the floor."

Kim Kangin, who has devoted more than a decade of his life to the research of mana stones, knows this better than anyone. 

There's no element of luck in refining mana stones. 

Refining a mana stone relies entirely on one’s skill. 

Although 1% of the process could come from the method of refinement, making the most of it is done entirely with one's own skills. 

"Okay, fine. A mage has the right to keep his secrets. I won't ask anymore." 

Kim Kangin fixedly looked down at the Elemental Mana Light that was on his table. 

"Can I hold it in my hands and look over it?" 

''Yes, of course." 

''Thank you.'' 

Kim Kangin took the magic stone in his hand. 

"Now that I'm closer to it, I can see that it's even more beautiful.” 

Although it was wonderful even when it was placed on the table, seeing it up close made it the most beautiful it could possibly be. 

'This is the perfect form of the unique mana stone that contains four different elements at once.'

Just looking at it caused ecstasy. 

If it were possible, he wanted to analyze this magic stone intensively at this very instant. 

“It's at a level of perfection where it causes me more awe the more I look at it. Were you really the one to refine this?" 

''Yes. I can show you the evidence if you want.” 

"No, there's no need to do that. You don't have any incentives to lie over this kind of thing. It is what you say it is.” 

“Thank you for trusting me.” 

Kim Kangin's displeasure had long gone. 

What filled his head now were ecstasy and joy. 

And the desire to explore this unknown jewel. 

"Great, then what artifact would you like?" 

"As long as it increases my magic efficiency, then I don't mind what shape or type it is." 

"Hm. And you don't have any other artifacts that you use, right?" 

''No, I don't'' 

“Then a bracelet or necklace would be good.” 

If this was an ordinary mana stone, it could have been made into a ring using compression technology. 

Unfortunately, it's impossible to compress the Elemental Mana Light. 

Since it can't be compressed, considering its size, bracelets or necklaces will be the best form it can take. 

“Well, actually, for a magic stone of this size, making it into a staff is most efficient...” 

“I'm not a big fan of staves and they're not that trendy either.” 

"That's right."

As magic became more modernized, mages began to stand at the front lines. 

And as a result, staves naturally died out. 

It was a very heavy burden to kick at foes in the front line with a staff in hand. 

“Then since the intensity of the mana stone isn't that great, a necklace will be the safest bet.” 

''I agree.” 

Kim Kangin put the Elemental Mana Light back into the box. 

“Then should we talk about the production fees?" 

Seeing something nice is just seeing something nice. 

It doesn't change the fact that if you are formally commissioning someone for an artifact to be made, a production fee must be paid. 

“Luxurious mana stones require the appropriate materials worthy of them. The cost of creating the artifact will be significant.” 

Kim Kangin smiled brightly. 

“But, I suppose there's no need to talk about money to one born of the Magic Shin Clan.” 

There was no need to talk about money to Shin Hayul, the youngest son of the Magic Shin Clan. 

“Should I just request the production fees from the Magic Shin Clan?”



“Yes. I don’t want to let anyone know of the creation of this artifact, let alone my family." 

"I see." 

He was saying that he wanted to keep it hidden as a trump card for the succession race. 

Kim Kangin understood. 

“Then what should we do about the fees? The estimated sum is approximately this much..." 

Kim Kangin wrote the expected production fee down in his notebook. 

It was a huge sum of money, in the hundreds of millions. 

“Can you obtain this amount of money without the help of your family?” 

"No, that would be difficult.” 

Preparing that amount of money from my own pockets was unreasonable. 

“So instead of money, I was wondering if I could pay differently.” 

“Differently... What way would that be?" 

Something worth this sum of money. 

What could it be? 

Kim Kangin's eyes were full of anticipation. 

"It's simple." 

Shin Hayul raised his hand and pointed to the other side of the room. 

The place he had pointed to before. 

The crafting table that Kim Kangin was exhausting his strength researching on. 

Shin Hayul smiled as he pointed to the magic stone lying there. 

"I'll refine the Elemental Mana Light for you." 


The value of a mana stone differs greatly depending on whether they are refined or not. 

This is obvious. 

Since no matter the quality of the mana stone, an unrefined one cannot be used and is merely an ornament. 

This is especially true for impenetrable mana stones such as the Elemental Mana Light. There would be at least a 10 times difference in value between one that's refined and one that’s not. 

"If you wish, I can even do it in front of you." 

"Are you saying that you'll even pass the secret behind the refining technique to me?" 

"Yes. If that's what you want." 

He was even offering to provide the answer that the Blue Magic Tower's master had been seeking for the past 2 years with his research. 

“I think that's worth far more than the money. What do you think?" 

"...I wouldn't say far more, though I do think there should be an additional something.” 

What I'm offering here covers more than just the mere production fees of an artifact. 

“If you agree, please listen to just one request of mine.” 

''A request?" 


Shin Hayul grinned. 

”Well, come to think of it, you did say that you had important business other than the refinement of artifacts that you wanted to discuss with me. Is it a request related to that business?" 

''Yes. That's right.'' 

"Hmm." "Well, I'll give it a listen. As long as it's nothing unreasonable I intend to listen to whatever you ask of me."

"You don't have to worry. It's not anything that'll be difficult for you, and it's not a harmful request either." 

Shin Hayul carefully pulled something out of his breast pocket. 

“In fact, it'll actually be beneficial to you.” 

Something that was rolled up in a black cloth. 

Shin Hayul slowly unraveled the cloth and as soon as what the cloth had been concealing was revealed, Kim Kangin's eyes widened in shock. 

"An IL Chip!" 

An Innovation Leveling chip. 

The worst out of the worst, even among the many illegally modified AI. 

The excrement of the Black Magic Tower. 

Why is this in Shin Hayul's hand? 

"I'm going to get straight to the point and start with the conclusion. In Obelisk Academy, there is a puppet of the Black Magic Tower," said Shin Hayul as he put the chip down on the table. “Please lend me your strength in getting rid of him.'' 


* * *

Reaper Scans

[Translator - Nya]

[Proofreader - Karane]

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* * *


I had returned to the dormitory in secretary Jung Suha's car and was now standing in front of it. 

“Please take care.” 

''Will do. See you later.'' 

I was going to take a taxi, but she said that wasn't how you treat a guest and brought me back herself. 

Well, thanks to her, I was able to return comfortably.


After soon returning to my room, I took a quick shower and sat down at my desk. 

'That was lucky.' 

Who would have known that Kim Kangin was studying the Elemental Mana Light? 

I wouldn't have even dreamed of it. 

'Thanks to that I was able to create an artifact that's a secret even from my father.' 

The original plan was to discreetly contact my father and receive funds for the production costs. 

Since we had received a 3% stake in the mana stone rights from the Baek family thanks to me, I had judged that I would be able to readily get at least that much support. 

But something incredibly lucky happened. 

Thanks to Kim Kangin researching the Elemental Mana Light, I was able to save the rewards I had got for acquiring the mana stone mining rights for later. 

I'll use this when I need it in the future 

'And the stuff about the Black Magic Tower was easily resolved as well.'

If it hadn't been for the element mana light, getting Kim Kangin's support would have been difficult. 

'You're saying something hard for me to believe so readily. A mage belonging to the Black Magic Tower is hiding in the academy. Do you have any proof?' 

It's even harder to believe with no evidence. 

‘It will be impossible for the Blue Magic Tower to take action with the unreliable information of just one student.' 

'But if this is in return for a favor you’ve done for me, then it's a different story.' 

Even in that great atmosphere, he said that kind of thing. 

What would have happened without the Elemental Mana Light when Kim Kangin was in a foul mood?

Negotiations would never have been easy. 

'Even if I had managed to persuade him, it would have been troublesome for various reasons.' 

To convince Kim Kangin, I would have had to reveal either the fact that I'm able to see the color of mana, or am resistant to mind control magic. 

That's the only way that'll give my words credibility. 

'I really did blow my nose without having to use my hands.' (T/n: Idiom for doing nothing and things still going well.) 

Looking back on it, it truly was the perfect deal. 

I didn't disclose any of my information. 

And the possibility of this being leaked to the outside was blocked in advance. 

Also, the production of my artifact had started without any issues. 

Furthermore, I had gained allies to deal with the Black Magic Tower, I had got all of this just for the price of refining the Elemental Mana Light and giving information on it. 

I hadn't lost anything but had gained a lot. 

It worked out so well that I almost started to worry. 

It's to the point that things are going so well, that it's scary. 

‘Anyway, with this, all my preparations are over.’ 

All that's left now is to give that Black Magic Tower scum and one of my siblings who commissioned them a blow to the face. 



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