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Descent of the Legendary Archmage



Descent of the Legendary Archmage

[Translator – Nya]

[Proofreader – Karane]


Chapter 34

The Battle Survival Test. 

This is a large-scale test conducted on the vast training grounds located in the mountainous regions of Gangwon-do. 

The test is held for a total of 32 hours: 2 days and 1 night. 

It's a simple test where you have to survive as long as possible within a zone that gets smaller and smaller over time. 

Of course, the rules are the only things that are simple.

It's by no means easy. 

You must survive the attacks of randomly placed monsters, be prepared for attacks from other students and because of the ever-shrinking zone of the test site, you can neither avoid fighting nor can you get any rest due to the fear of being attacked. 

It's a heinous test that bleeds you dry in several different ways. 

‘I didn't think they would make us take this test.’

The Battle Survival Test.

This was the exam that had been postponed because of Len Smith. 

Since evidence of him having meddled with the test supporting artifacts were found. I thought we wouldn't take this exam until next year. 

I guess it was impossible to avoid doing it completely since it was a test made according to the rules of an internationally recognised competition that regularly occurs. 

'Well, it's good that I can get some practice for the Olympiad.' 

And this was also the test I was personally looking forward to. 

So I'm very content. 

'Then how should I take first place?' 

As I was walking around through the forest. 

"Die! Shin Hayul!"

Suddenly, I heard a shout, along with the flux of mana. 

The student, who had concealed himself among the bushes, screamed as he rushed at me. 

After throwing both the fireballs he had in his hands one after the other, he dove at my lower body.

"What's this, are you announcing that you're ambushing me?" 

After lightly avoiding the fireballs, I dodged his tackle and aimed for the attacking assailant's ribs. 

"Ha! What do you think you can do with your fists!"

The assailant who was wary of my fists cast Barrier. A translucent barrier formed between me and the attacker. 

I had 2 options. 

'I can either get out of the barrier's range and use magic from there, or I can break down his barrier and then him.'

My thoughts came quick, and my actions were even faster.

'I've made my decision. I'll break the barrier in its entirety.' 


I put my hand on the assailant's barrier. 

'This is also a good opportunity to practice using my interference.' 

At the same time, by circulating my circle, I matched my mana to the mana of my opponent. 

'Okay, I've confirmed the magic formula.' 

Barrier was such simple basic magic that there was no real need to even check its formula.

 'And his mana isn't particularly unique either. Mana synchronization complete.' 

I'd succeeded in synchronizing my mana with his. 

'Location confirmed. The distance is zero.' 

I had met all the conditions for interfering with his magic. 

'Interference conditions all clear.' 

My Infinity Circle violently revolved. 


'I'm going to lower the strength of the center of the barrier, in about a circle with a radius of 30 cm.' 

Mana permeated the attacker's barrier in an instant, and in accordance with my interference formula, a circular gap of 30cm radius was formed at the center of the barrier.


Since I've succeeded so far, the next step was easy. All I have to do is insert magic into the 30cm gap. 

'Earth Spear.' 

At the same time my interference took down his barrier, and a spear with a diameter of 30 cm made of earth flew toward it. 

“Do you think you can break my barrier with just an Earth Spear or something?” 

The assailant snorted as if it was ridiculous. 


The relaxed expression on his face was so ridiculous, that I snorted at him as well.


My Earth Spear shattered the attacker's barrier to bits. Because my Earth Spear had been aimed at the gap between the barrier, it flew towards my assailant with no reduction in power. 

"You struggled a lot. Get some rest."


The Earth Spear hit the attacker right in the chest and caused him to faint.


In an instant, the assailant kissed the ground. 


[Student Kang Gihak fail.] 

A red light shone from the test assistance artifact that was worn on the assailant's wrist, signaling his failure. 

[Kill Point + 10 Points] 

The phrase "10 Kill Points" was floating on the bracelet on my wrist. 

“I got lucky straight from the get-go.” 

To think I would get kill points for free like this. 

It's a good start. 

With this, I got one step closer to claiming first place. 

'Using interference has become easier as well.' 

Though the magic was in close contact with my hand, and it was a very simple magic spell, so that might've made it easier. 

In any case, it was definitely easier than it was yesterday. 

'I'm slowly getting the hang of it.' 

I don't know if it's because my knowledge of the theory and my experience were beginning to unify, but it felt like I had been enlightened. 

'Seems like I'll master using interference on 2-circle magic before this survival test ends no matter what.' 

At the pace I'm going at right now, the minimum would be mastering interfering with 2-circle magic. If I'm lucky, it might even be possible to interfere with 3-circle magic.


'The sound of grass getting stepped on?' 

As I was immersed in my thoughts, I heard the rustling of the bushes. 


I rapidly turned my gaze to where the sound was coming from. 

'Blood razer wolves.' 

Through the bushes, three blood razer wolves appeared. 

'You lot must've found me after hearing the sounds of the battle.' 

A characteristic trait of the blood razer wolf is its excellent hearing. 

They definitely must have heard the sounds of my fight and approached me after being alerted of my presence. 

'This is good timing. I was going to try to find them anyway.' 

To an ordinary student, this may be an unfavorable situation where one would shout,

'One battle after the other? What is this!' 

But for me, who's trying to win first place by a landslide and needs kill points, this situation is lucky. 



I immediately threw a fireball and simultaneously launched myself at the blood razer wolves. When I obtained my third circle, my physical abilities were strengthened to the next level and so I was able to safely reach where I had planned to without using any physical reinforcement magic.


They immediately took on a defensive stance. 

"Too late." 

But it was too late. 

'Wood bind.' 

I immediately tied the foot of the one on the left, and the fireball that I had thrown earlier hit the mark. 

[Kill Points + 1 Point.] 

'That's one.' 

At that moment, the two razer blood wolves rushed at me. 


'Wind Cutter.' 

I used Barrier and Wind Cutter on the two wolves that were coming from both the left and the right. 

[Kill Points + 1 Point.] 

The wolf that had its forehead penetrated by the wind cutter dropped dead. 


And the wolf that had hit its head against the barrier made a whining noise as it made a great fuss. 

“Be quiet.” 

I grabbed the back of the only surviving blood razer wolf and grabbed its nape.

Kreung, Kyaung! 

It fought hard to escape me but to no avail. I wasn't one to struggle against a mere blood razer wolf that was only ranked as an E-rank, 4th-tier monster. 

I played the waiting game as I waited for it to exhaust itself. 

"Don't just squirm, call your friends too."

As I said before, blood razer wolves have great hearing. But they also have a strong sense of camaraderie, and so are particularly sensitive to the howls of their comrades. 

They can hear the cry of a wounded wolf from upwards of 5km away.

"Hurry up and cry." 

Therefore, as long as I am able to capture one, it's possible to lure them to me.


The wolf finally let out its howl. 

"That's it. Good job."

The help call of a blood razer wolf. 

Now, all the blood razer wolves in a 5km radius will come running this way. 

“Well then, goodbye." 


[Kill point + 1 point] 

I comfortably sent the wolf that had fulfilled its duties to the afterlife. 

Rustle, rustle! 

In the distance, I can hear the sound of sand and thickets being stepped on in enormous numbers. 

The blood razer wolves are approaching. 



I gifted the blood razer wolf, that had rushed here first, a Wind Spear. 

[Kill point + 1 point.] 

Behind the wolf that had fallen after having its forehead penetrated, six additional wolves could be seen. 

'Here they come.' 

As I thought, drive hunting is the best method of hunting. 

I smiled brightly as I looked upon the approaching blood razer wolves. 

'Is that about 60 points I'm about to obtain?' 

I could see the rushing blood razer wolves as nothing more than points. 


* * *

Reaper Scans

[Translator - Nya]

[Proofreader - Karane]

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* * *


“The second years this year are strong.” 

The instructors, who were observing the test through cameras placed all over the training ground and the surveillance magic of the test supporting artifacts worn by the students, each expressed their admiration. 

“Adella, Ji Soonchan, Kim Kangsoo, and Ma Jaehak..."

They called on the names of several students including Adella and Ji Soonchan.

They were students who were putting on good performances in the survival test.

“These students are unparalleled. As long as they can safely survive to the end just like this, they will be in the top 10 no matter what.” 

The final score of the Battle Survival Test is determined by the sum of both Survival Points and Kill Points. But out of the two points, Survival Points are the most important. If you don't survive to the end, it's hard to get a high score. 

“Isn’t surviving till the end the hard part?” 

“That's true. But, well, unlike the international competition, it's not like they have to survive for 72 hours. Surely they would be able to safely survive for just 32? Since they're all talented students.” 

The instructors laughed as if they were proud. 

"Anyhow, I'm guessing no one here doubts Shin Hayul's skill." 

Shin Hayul's homeroom teacher was quietly observing the training ground. 

Instructor Ko Changsoo allusively brought the topic up. 

"...Well. I suppose." 

''Since his performance isn't something that can just be ignored because he's someone incompatible with AI." 

“And he did take 1st place by a landslide in all the previous training sessions...” 

The rumor that Shin Hayul's skill was just a fluke that had been spread immediately after the midterm comprehensive evaluation had completely disappeared. 

“He is still in first place with an overwhelming score.” 

"It's definitely not a fluke. Haha." 

After the mid-term comprehensive evaluation, Shin Hayul had taken first place in every single training test. And the same goes for the current test. 

Although Adella's, who's in second place, is by no means low, compared to Shin Hayul's score, it seems low. His score is double hers. 

"Alteration magic, huh? It's truly a magic that suits student Shin Hayul.” 

“How can he use magic so cleverly? When I look at it, I find my jaw unknowingly dropping! Haha!" 

The instructors were overly talkative with each other and spread praise of Shin Hayul. 

“With this momentum, I really think we can expect some good results at next year’s Olympiad.” 

"I agree. The joker card, that is Shin Hayul's alteration magic, combined with Adella, who has attained her 4th circle..." 

“This could be the second silver medal after Kim Kangin's!” 

The most rewarding moment for an instructor is when the student they were in charge of does well, especially upon graduating. And when that pupil seeks them to say thank you on Teacher's day, they really do feel like they can soar the skies. Anyone who has experienced this will never be able to quit being an instructor. Though of course, they're not all happy just because of this emotional reason. “Instructor Ko Changsoo, you're so lucky. Thanks to student Shin Hayul, your extra pay will be good.” 


The Obelisk Academy implements a strict meritocracy. 

If a student that an instructor was in charge of does outstandingly well, a special allowance is paid to that said homeroom teacher.

Of course, instructors don't raise their students just for the sake of money, Earn money and nurture great talents. How great is it? 

“Ah, the thought of the extra pay is making me angry all of a sudden. If it wasn't for the bastard Len..." 

And since it's a meritocracy, if anything happens within the school, the extra pay is cut. Because no one noticed the presence of the Black Magic Tower within the school, the extra pay was cut as a result of that scandal. 

"Now, now, that's all in the past now. Let's not concern ourselves over it.” 

“Right. It could have been a lot worse. We can always just reclaim the cut pay by nurturing more talented students." 

“Even if the Olympiad is a bit much, with the form that the current second years are in, we'll be able to win some international competitions. Let’s all cheer up.” 

“I guess we should give the talented pupils special lessons.” 

''I'll help too." 

Passion doesn't move people. But money does. The chairman of the Obelisk Academy knows this better than anyone, so he introduced a merit system that provides extra pay. 

“But before that, all the students have to finish the test safely. Everyone, let’s stop chatting and focus now.”

Although they're weak, real monsters are being used in this training. And because of the frequent battles between students, there's a high risk of injury. 

As it's a dangerous test, the instructors must not take their eyes off it even for a second. 

''It's also time for the zone to be reduced." 

"Let's all brace ourselves.” 

As the zone reduces, the population becomes that much denser.

As a result, the frequency of battles increases, and the number of those injured increase as well. 

Starting from now, the instructors can't relax even one bit.


At that moment when one of the instructors shouted. 

“Shi-Shin Hayul has started attacking named monsters!” 

The battle survival test is an international standard competition. In other words, as the test is normally used in the entertainment industry, there are several variables. One of them being the 'Named Monster System'. 

Those who defeat the named monsters are given a huge number of kill points on par with survival points. 

...However, Most don't even look at them. They're just that difficult to defeat. 

“I didn’t think there would be any students who planned to attack the Emerald Turtle...” 

The named monster prepared this time around is the Emerald Turtle. 

The Emerald Turtle is a reptilian turtle monster, that's a C-rank 4th-tier monster. 

It boasts incredible magic resistance and is a mage's natural enemy. Even for 5th circle users, subjugating this monster alone is too much. 

“Where does he get this confidence from?" 

“Is he overestimating his abilities?” 

Shin Hayul was trying to take down such a monster on his own. 



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