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Descent of the Legendary Archmage



Descent of the Legendary Archmage

[Translator – Nya]

[Proofreader – Karane]


Chapter 28

Upon returning to my room, I immediately opened Eadred's grimoire. 

I turned to page 210, put my hand on the magic circle and spun my circle according to the principle of resonance. 

My circle spun fiercely, shaking the mana in the surroundings. 


The circle of resonance aligned itself with the surrounding mana and the circle of deliberation as it resonated.

'It's done.'

Mana spewed out from the two circles that were now perfectly one. 


The magic circle on the 210th page emitted an incredibly bright light. And after a while. 

'To my official successor. I wish you great success.' 

I could hear my master's voice which I had heard on the first test's page.I had entered the page of the second test.

"Welcome, heir."

Just like on the first test's page, a woman greeted me. 

''My name is Beta, and I'm the guide in charge of the page of the second test."

The guide for the first test's page had been Alpha (α). And the guide for the second test's page is Beta (β). Judging from the way things are going, I suppose the guide for the third test's page will be called Gamma (γ). 

“The second test's page tests how freely you can handle circles.” 

Beta continued with a smile. 

“You will know the contents of the exam as soon as you start the exam, and if you pass the exam, you will be judged to have completely mastered the 2nd circle. In addition, the information on 3-circle magic on pages 32-81 will be updated.” 

She repeated exactly what I had heard from Alpha, word for word. 

''Wait a minute, page 81?" 

When I passed the first test, pages 18-31 had been updated. Just 14 pages.So I had guessed that at most, 20 pages would be updated. 

“All of a sudden 50 pages are going to be updated?” 

Out of nowhere, she's saying that 3 times the number of pages as before will be updated. Of course, it's a good thing, but I am a little taken aback. 

“It just means that the 3rd circle of the Bytenor style of magic is on a level that's that much higher.” 

"I see. So it's that much more difficult to learn than the circle of deliberation or the circle of resonance." 

"Yes. That's right." 

"Hmm, I'm looking forward to it, but also a little apprehensive..." 

Anticipation at being able to enjoy new knowledge, but also apprehension at the learning difficulty. I’m feeling those two emotions. Although, of course, I felt anticipation way more than I felt apprehension. 

Saying that the 3rd circle is difficult to learn just means that it performs tremendously as well. 

“That's it for the explanation. Do you want to start the test right away?" 

“Hm oh, yes please." 

But before that, I must pass the second test's page first. 

“Then I'll start the second exam.'' 

Just like how it was before on the page of the first exam. Beta's body turned into mana and scattered with the winds. 

'Even though I'm seeing it for the second time, it really is impressive.' 

To think that a person made of magic exists. 

To think that I'm able to have a normal conversation with a person made of mana.

The more I think about it, the more I realise how incredible it is. 

'I will announce the contents of the second test.' 

As I was in admiration, I heard my master's voice again. My cluttered mind cleared up in an instant. 

'The test is simple. Starting from now, 100 magic circles will appear in front of you one at a time.' 

A magic circle floated around mid-air. 

It was a magic circle similar to the one drawn on page 210 of Eadred's grimoire.

 'Activate all 100 of the magic circles.' 

I slowly brought my hand to the magic circle. 

'If you synchronise with the magic circle and make it resonate, the magic circle will activate naturally.' 

I slowly felt the circle and synchronised with it. 


After synchronising with it for about 10 seconds, the magic circle finally activated. And at the same time, the next magic circle appeared. 

As I was changing the mana's value to fit the newly formed magic circle. 


The magic circle suddenly changed its appearance, to the magic circle I had activated a moment ago. 

'For your information, it takes 3 seconds for each magic circle to renew. If you are unable to activate the magic circle during that time then it will reset back to the very first magic circle, so do take care.’

"...I see." 

So it prevents me from taking my time with activating the 100 magic circles. 

“Are you telling me to do it by learning it by heart?" 

I used resonance again and activated the magic circle. And as the second circle formed, I moved my circle, remembering the way I had tried to activate it before. However, 

“It's not the same circle as earlier?”

Why could this be? 

The magic circle was different from the one from before. 

'Also, except for the first magic circle, every circle starting from the second is completely random.' 

'So there's no point in remembering the pattern.'  


It's random, huh. 

I hadn't expected this. 

'It's not an easy test, but I believe you will successfully pass it.' 

‘Then I wish you the best of luck.' 

With that, my master's voice could no longer be heard. 

I, who was left alone, burst into laughter as I blankly looked at the magic circle. 

You want me to do something that takes me 10 seconds even if I have everything prepared in 3? 

And not only that but 100 in a row? Hey...

"So the difficulty really has been ramped up, huh?" 

I had a feeling I was going to be in for a long ride.


* * *

Reaper Scans

[Translator - Nya]

[Proofreader - Karane]

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* * *


As my 8th hour in the test approached. I left the page of the second test. 

“Ah, my head hurts.” 

I haven't passed the test yet. 

Quite literally, I've just left for a bit.

I've reached mental exhaustion, and need a break. 

“So you're telling me that even after doing all this, 10 is my limit..." 

In the past 8 hours, forget activating 100 magic circles, I had only managed to activate 10. And I had barely achieved that. 

“100 isn't even in sight." 

It's a hard enough job just to make 2 different circles perfectly become one. But saying that I have to align it with the magic circle as well in under 3 seconds?

It's easy to say it with words, but it really is unbelievably difficult. Think about it for a second. Just aligning the circle of deliberation with the circle of resonance takes up an enormous amount of time. 

I'm having such a hard time with aligning something so simple, but in addition to this, I have to align it according to the 'number' presented at random by the magic circle. And a 100 in a row at that. 

There's no way this could be easy. 

''Whew. There's no choice but to keep trying.” 

At first, it was hard just to activate 2 circles but after continuous effort, I've activated 10. 

I'm guessing as long as I keep trying, eventually I'll make a breakthrough. 

“Fortunately, I'm slowly getting the hang of it.”

I'm guessing as long as I keep trying, eventually I'll succeed.

"...Or maybe not? I wonder if doing 100 with just the gist of it will be too difficult?" 

To be honest, I can't say for sure. The difficulty of the second test was just that frustrating. 

Even if you are able to pass by blindly rushing in head first, it's bound to cost an immense amount of time. 

'As expected, do I have to look for the other books my master's left?' 

I scratched the back of my head and took another look at the sentence in the middle of Eadred's grimoire's 31st page. 

[For your information, this book, Eadred's grimoire, isn't the only book I've written.] 

[If you ever come across a roadblock, then look for the other books I've left behind.] 

[It will definitely be of great help to you.] 

If you ever come across a roadblock.

That sentence alone stood out to me. 

It must be because at this present time, I felt like I was in front of a roadblock. 

'For now, I'll get a breath of fresh air.'

Constantly groaning won't get me anywhere. I decided to go for a little walk to improve my mood and get some fresh air. And on my way back, I can get some snacks as well. I need sugar. 

I lightly circled the dorm's vicinity. The night air of May felt cool and good. 

"It's nice." 

Maybe it's because my brain got some fresh air. It feels very refreshing. As I had thought, it seems that people have to get some fresh air from time to time.

"Good afternoon." 


While enjoying my leisurely walk, I ran into Adella.

“Hey, are you going for a walk too?" 

“Yes. I was in my room all day today so my brain felt numb...” 

"I see. Seems like you were holed up in your room again just because class was cancelled." 

It's clear as day. She probably studied in her room all day. 

"Yes. I had a thesis that was quite interesting so I was just reading that.” 

"A thesis? Which one? If it's interesting then show me it some time." 

''Well. I don't think you should particularly read it. The start made a lot of sense, but the end was a bit bad...” 

"I see. So in the end, it seems you've concluded that it was only the start that was good.” 


That's how magic theses are. 

The start is usually very interesting, and then midway it starts to stray from the main point, and eventually gives a conclusion that is half-baked.This is something that's common.

“So that's why you were so disappointed?” 

"Does it show?" 

"Yeah. I could tell right away.” 

Her expression was like that of a child who didn't get the present that they wanted on their birthday. The words 'I'm disappointed' were written in bold on her face.  

“My disappointment is as great as my expectations had been.” 

Adella laughed bitterly. 

“Just what kind of thesis was it for you to be like this?” 

At this point, I was wondering what kind of thesis it was that she had read. Just what kind of thesis could disappoint Adella to this extent? 

“It was a paper on space-transportation magic.” 

“Ah, the seven cruxes?” 


The seven cruxes of magic. As its name suggests, they're 7 problems that cannot be solved. And one of those problems is space transportation magic. In the rich history of magic, there has not been a single person who has managed to materialise space transportation magic. That is to say, except for the first Archmage, Ray Vell Bytenor.

“Did the beginning really make that much sense?”

“Yes. The approach itself was sensational.” 

“For you to sing such praises about it. It does grab my attention. Can you show me it?" 

"It really isn't all that.” 

"That's fine. I'm curious about that sensational approach.” 

”If you say so...” 

Adella takes out her phone and switches it to e-book mode. She opens the thesis she was reading and hands it to me. 



I immediately read through the thesis. 

The beginning of the thesis was definitely something worthy of Adella's admiration. 

“Oh, this really is sensational. How can this approach be possible?" 


However, in the middle, the theory suddenly began to break apart, and by the second half, the theory completely collapsed. This isn't an anti-climax, there's no climax at all. No conclusion whatsoever. 

“It's definitely disappointing.”


The gap between the first half and second half was too big. 

If you were to tell me they were written by two different people, I would believe it.

 ''Why did the theory become so inconsistent along the way?" 

''I was curious about that too, so I did my own research. But I couldn't get an answer." 

"...Is that so?"

I finished the thesis I had begun reading. Perhaps bullshit of this level can be considered an art. 


The more I read the more bullshit it becomes. 

'But in any case, the theories of this thesis. For some reason, I'm getting a feeling of déjà vu.' 

As if the bullshit could be somewhat plausible. As if it was strangely familiar. And this last page. 


The moment I read the last sentence, my eyes widened.

"...I'm disclosing that this thesis is my own analysis based on the books left by Ray Vell Bytenor?”

“Yes. The author of this thesis is said to have done a great deal of research on Ray Vell Bytenor's books. Since out of all the mages in history, there was only one who was able to use space transportation magic. And that person is the legendary archmage, Ray Vell Bytenor. This was probably a study that took its approach from there.” 

Adella let out a small sigh. 

“Though because that final conclusion is so half-baked, it's a meaningless study...”

That was what the look on her face said. 

"It's frustrating, isn't it? That's why I said there was no point in reading it..." 

“Sorry, give me a second.” 

"Huh? Oh right."

I immediately checked the first page of the thesis again.

A parade of great approaches and theories that would make you exclaim. When I first saw it, the only impression I had was that it was amazing. When I found out that the author of this thesis was someone who researched the books left behind by my master, Ray Vell Bytenor, I looked at the thesis a little differently. 

'This... The shape and structure are a little different, but...' 

As I got to the middle of the thesis, my eyes trembled more and more. 

'If you look closely, there are many similarities to the Bytenor style of magic's basic theory.' 

This thesis is something that can only be written by someone who has researched the Bytenor style of magic. 

'They've barely skimmed the surface and the most important theories are all missing, but I'm certain.' 

The more I look at it the more certain I become. 

This is definitely a thesis inspired by the Bytenor style of magic theory. 

It definitely seems like this thesis was written with the books left by Ray Vell Bytenor as the base. 

"Adella. Who did you say this thesis was written by?"


I guess I'll have to meet the author who wrote this thesis. 

[For your information, this book, Eadred's grimoire, is not the only book I've left behind.] 

I need the books left by my master that are in his possession. 



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