The Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student



Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student

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Chapter 64

"What's happening? Break it up! Now!” Herdium intervened, his face pale.

At present, the two were the center of the chaos.

Lunia glanced around nervously while Leo maintained a composed demeanor, straightening his clothes.

Harrid, observing, inquired, "Who started it? Who's at fault?"

Lunia jumped at Harrid's cold tone.

Seiren didn't have strict teachers like him.

Herdium frowned. 

"Are you doubting my student’s intentions?"

"To resolve the issue, we need to know what happened."

"What? Lunia is our academy’s first-year representative! She couldn't have started it!"

Assertively, Herdium turned to Leo. 

"Leo Plov, what caused this altercation?"

Leo calmly responded to Herdium's implicit accusation. 

"I may have made an inappropriate comment."

"Aha! I knew it! Lunia couldn't possibly be in the wrong...!"

"Isn't it unfair to be so one-sided, Mr. Herdium?"

"What are you saying! Leo Plov has just admitted his fault...!"

"Lunia El Lunda represents Seiren's first-years just as Leo Plov represents Lumene's."

Herdium was surprised by Harrid's flatly delivered statement. 

Plus, he hadn’t expected Leo to be Lumene’s freshman representative.

Seiren affiliates didn’t pay much concern to other schools' affairs.


Herdium recoiled under Harrid's stern gaze.

"Just as you trust your student, I trust mine."

Leo couldn't help but smile at Harrid's words.

Despite being feared by his students, Harrid genuinely cared for them.

‘It's natural for students to be afraid of someone like him.’

Herdium coughed awkwardly at Harrid's cold remark.

"Alright, good! Leo Plov, what did Lunia say to you?"

‘N-nobody else can know!’

Lunia felt ashamed that the phoenix, originally assigned to the Lunda family successor, had been taken from her.

If her peers at Seiren found out, she'd be ridiculed.

"I signed a contract—"

“Ahahaha! It was simply a misunderstanding!”

Lunia quickly interrupted Leo, trying to hush him.

She shot him a warning glare.

She seemed to say: ‘If you speak, there will be consequences!’

As Leo nodded in understanding, Lunia withdrew her hand and offered a slight bow.

"I apologize, Professor Herdium, Professor Harrid, for disrupting the harmony here. And…"

Lunia apologized to them with a strained smile.

"I'm sorry, Leo Plov. I shouldn't have acted disrespectfully."

Leo couldn't help but chuckle at Lunia's trembling lips.

Herdium sighed, shaking his head in disbelief.


"Now that the misunderstanding's cleared, let's get back to the party. No need to dwell on this any longer."

Herdium agreed with Harrid's suggestion, nodding in approval.

"Professor Harrid and Leo, you two go ahead. I'll have a word with Lunia separately."

With that, Harrid and Leo headed back into the party.

Lunia and Herdium drifted off to the side of the dance floor.

"I'm sorry, sir."

"It's in the past now, nothing to dwell on. Is it the same student who had the altercation with someone from Tieran earlier today?"


"Leo Plov, hmm. I remember now. He was the freshman representative appointed immediately at the beginning of the year.”

Herdium nodded, crossing his arms thoughtfully.

"Just ensure you learn from this mistake, Lunia. You're the first-year Seiren representative, a promising talent for our school's future."

"Yes, sir. Understood."

"And don't let that Leo Plov surpass you in tomorrow's joint class! Seiren has been ahead of Lumene as of late. We can’t let that go!"

Herdium clenched his fist, ruminating on the rivalry.

"We must continue to prove that Seiren is superior to Lumene! No, not just Lumene—that it's the best among all hero academies!"

"I won't let him get the best of me again! I'll do my best. You can count on me! I will uphold Seiren's honor!"

"Lunia! How many times have I told you to drop that confrontational attitude!"

Ignoring Herdium's plea, Lunia's eyes blazed with determination as she focused on the party ahead.

‘Get ready, Leo Plov!’

At the party’s end.

The tension between the two schools lingered.

It was inevitable after such a confrontation between both schools' freshman representatives.

At the inn, Leo changed into more comfortable clothes.

Leo, waiting expectantly in one of the chairs in the common areas, sat with crossed arms.


Suddenly, a shadow passed by the window.

Suddenly, the snowstorm had stopped.

Looking out, Leo spotted Lunia approaching.

As their eyes met, Lunia quietly muttered a small spell.


The window opened, and Lunia entered.

"Have you been waiting for me?"

"No, I just thought you’d come."

"Care to explain how you swiped my summons?"

"I didn't steal anything. Just signed a contract with Fiora, thanks to Phirina."

"What? Fiora's been mine since I was 5! We grew up together! We bathed together! We even dressed up together!"

"Fiora hatched three months ago."

"Well I took great care of her as an egg!"

"Phirina knows that you were looking forward to contracting with her, and she’s sorry too. She's on the lookout for another phoenix for you."

For most, phoenixes were legends, but the Lundas could summon as many as they wished.

"It has to be her!"

Leo sighed at Lunia's tearful outburst.

‘Well I certainly am sorry.’

Disrupting an established contract was incredibly rude.

In certain cases, even life-threatening.

Phirina facilitated Leo's contract with Fiora, but she had done so under the pretense of expecting failure.

It was unreasonable and unlikely for an amateur to successfully contract a phoenix.

But Leo did, much to Lunia's loss.

Furthermore, a phoenix only contracted to one summoner.

Phirina's offer to Leo was an exception due to his descending from one of her benefactors.

Phoenixes never formed multiple contracts.

"I cared for Fiora! We were inseparable! Ughhhhhhhhghhg…"

Sob, sob!

Leo asked as Lunia sobbed on the floor, "How can I help?"

Lunia ceased her crying, locking eyes with Leo.

"Will you grant me a favor?"

"If it's within reason."

"A duel."


"I'll show you that I'm more deserving to be a phoenix contractor!”

Leo grinned at her fiery gaze.

"Shall we, then?"


Leo and Lunia left the inn and headed to a vacant lot.

They positioned themselves apart, leaving tracks in the snow as they settled a distance away from each other.

"Just a warning."


"If you ever doubt yourself, surender. No need to get hurt for this."

Leo smirked at Lunia’s warning.

"Aww. Are you worried about me?"

“I’m just trying to be nice."

Lunia, arms crossed, flared her nostrils.

"Just so you know, I'm only telling you this because I know you’re Reina's son, my father's benefactor!"

With that declaration, Lunia produced a coin from her sleeve.

"The moment this coin hits the ground, the duel begins."


"Alright, then."

Ding! Whiiiiiiirl—

Spinning through the air, the golden coin descended, gleaming in the moonlight.




The flaming Aura and her burning mana echoed simultaneously.

Lunia narrowed her eyes at Leo's flame.

'Zerdinger's Flame. A lineage blessed by a phoenix, just like mine.'

Lunia took great pride in her family’s aptitude to the phoenix's power, a rarity in the world.

‘I won't be defeated!’

“Appear before me."

Five summoning circles swirled around Lunia.

Five salamanders, an intermediate flame summons, materialized through each.

The salamander, bipedal, wielded flames from its mouth and limbs with ease.

"Five intermediate summons?"

Leo admired her work, but it didn't end there.

As Lunia recited her incantations, a number of the salamanders’ limbs contorted into sharp spears, while others generated shields of flames.

Leo chuckled, seeing Lunia rapidly enhancing her salamanders with her sorcery.

"What a showing from Seiren's finest."

"I'm just warming up. I haven’t even gotten started yet. Bring it on!"

Entrusting her salamanders to the front lines, Lunia distanced herself from Leo, shouting spells.

Leo murmured, facing the five salamanders advancing on him, "Leave the fighting to the summons while enhancing them with powerful spells... It's a classic tactic."

"It's an elven tradition! Luna fought like this!"

In modern times, Luna was revered as a sorceress who turned battles using her potent spells.

"Luna’s tactics are the basis for our sorcerers’ strategies today.”

Leo smirked.

"You're mistaken."

"How so?"

"Luna would be the standard for a battle mage in today's world."

A sorcerer who cast spells continuously while traversing the battlefield.

For Kyle and his comrades, stopping to cast meant facing death head-on.

On the battlefield, Luna had no room to cast spells unless also moving.

There was a reason why Luna had come to be known as the progenitor of traditional sorcerers.

‘She shifted battles in her favor with her skillful and powerful sorcery, even though she zoomed around the battlefield.’

A master sorcerer indeed.

That was Luna, the Poet of the Stars.

"Hmm~ So that’s what a human thinks, huh? But wouldn’t the elven records be closer to knowing her truth than any old human’s ideas?"

During their conversation, Leo had subdued the salamanders.

If Lunia had supported her salamanders more, Leo would have taken longer to finish the task.

But now, Lunia had focused her mind entirely on her sorcery.

‘If Lunia falls now…’

Leo swiftly closed in on Lunia.

Meeting her smiling gaze, he urgently backed away to distance himself.

"You have good senses, huh."

Grinning, Lunia raised her right hand.

In her palm, she conjured a mouse-sized sphere of flames.


The intense heat melted the snow around them.

"Scorching Fire. Our family's ultimate sorcery."

Like the Zerdinger's Phoenix Breath, it harnessed the power of the phoenix.

Only a fool would dare face such potent sorcery.

‘Of course, sorcery of this caliber isn’t something to take lightly, even when wielded by someone relatively inexperienced, but…’

“Sure, but phoenix-powered sorcery is halved against me."

That was true.

Leo's and Lunia's flames shared the same essence, lessening its impact.

"I'll still defeat you with it."

"How so?"

"This isn’t just a duel. It's proving I'm a better match for Fiora. I can't just win against you without proving myself in this way, too."

Lunia was dead serious.

"This is my pride as a phoenix contractor."

"Really? Then I accept the challenge."


Momentarily puzzled, Lunia hesitated before unleashing her sorcery.

"Take this!”

Leo faced the flame, hot as a sun, head-on.


Sparks flew from Leo’s body.

He swung his sword into the scorching heat.

Crackle crackle pop! Crackle! Whoosh!

Lunia's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Are you out of your mind? You're risking your life! Don't do something foolish!"

"If you want to prove you're Fiora's true match, then let's settle it!"

Lunia, eager to dispel the sorcery, paused as he continued.

"This is why Fiora picked me!"

She opened her mouth, but no sound came out.

‘This should make her accept the challenge.’

‘What? Is he serious? This is madness!’

Attacking Leo now would secure victory easily.

But the duel had evolved beyond mere skill.

It had evolved into a match about their pride as summoners.

Both as a summoner and wielder of phoenix power, their clash became a matter of honor.

Clang! Clash!

Leo kept retreating, blocking the blaze.

Simultaneously, his flame chipped away at Lunia's.

‘A little more! A little more!’

Leo's blaze greedily absorbed her fallen embers, growing fiercer with every blow dealt to her flame.

‘Is he sacrificing his body to strengthen his firepower?’

An unconventional tactic.

In fact, she’d never even imagined it.

What an inefficient tactic, to grow stronger while allowing oneself to become injured!

Yet Leo persisted.



Leo’s flame consumed Lunia’s towering inferno.


Lunia collapsed in disbelief.

She hadn’t even noticed her legs collapse from beneath her.

Twitch, twitch, shiver

Leo approached her amidst the ashes.

She looked up at him blankly as he addressed her.

"If you seek a fair duel, I'm here. How would you like to proceed?"


She burst into laughter.

“No. I lost."

Why continue to get angry at someone who could manage your anger so well like this?

Lunia rose with a bitter smile.

"I apologize for my presumption. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry."

"It's fine. I was angry too."

‘We're both first-year representatives, yet the gap between us is glaring. I'm embarrassed.’

She found herself unbearably ashamed by the difference between them.

"I acknowledge you, but I won't give up."

Lunia crossed her arms and asserted, "I'll prove I'm Fiora's rightful match! Someday, she'll leave you and choose me!"

Lunia pointed at Leo.

"So, Leo Plov, you're my rival from now on!"

"Think what you will."

"I'll see you in class tomorrow."

Leo watched Lunia twirl away with her red hair with a smirk.

"I hope you live up to my expectations."