The Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student



Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student

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Chapter 65

The next morning.

After the Lumene students visited the Seiren students, class was held at Lumene's inn.

The Seiren students' reactions upon arriving at their accommodation mirrored the Lumene students’.

"Oh, are they really sleeping here?"

"Lumene's not doing well financially, huh?"

“Can they really sleep in here?”

Eliana, unimpressed, chastised them.

"They’re so close-minded and immature."

"Not long ago, you were saying the same things..." Carr said.

The Lumene and Seiren students settled in, readying themselves to learn with their writing tools prepared.

"I have a question."

One girl raised her hand.

"What's on your mind?”

As Carr responded with a friendly tone, the Seiren student looked puzzled.

“How good is this class of first-years compared to the others at Lumene?"

"Depends on the student."

The students of Class 5 exchanged looks and shrugged at each other.

Another Seiren student crossed his arms and asked, “How can it depend on the student? Do you not separate your classes by the capabilities of the students in them?”

“No. At Lumene, every student receives the same education, unlike Seiren.”

“Oh, so Lumene has a faulty system. How disappointing.”

At Chelsea's explanation, the Seiren schoolboy sighed and mumbled.

Chelsea questioned his disappointment.

"What's wrong with our system?"

"I apologize; it was a slip of the tongue. However, we're from Seiren's most advanced class. And we're taught accordingly. It's not that Lumene's idea of establishing equality within their classes is wrong... I just wonder if such a general lecture is worth listening to."

Several Seiren students shot the boy a look.

However, the reality was that the majority of them agreed with his concern.

“Wow, that’s ridiculous.”

“I’m only speaking the truth, miss.”

Eliana, jumping out of her seat, was furious.

"Well if you’re so advanced, then why don't you prove it? Duel with us."

"Sit down, Eliana."

"Okay, class president."

At Leo’s instruction, she returned to her seat.

Despite Leo's intervention, tension lingered in the air.

Leo stepped forward, facing the Seiren students.

The students of Class 5 were offended, and rightfully so.

The Seiren students were incredibly arrogant and diminutive of them.

“I just don’t know how effective your classes could really be if they’re so general.”

Leo stepped forwards.

"Perhaps you overestimate yourselves, in the advanced Class 1."

"Isn't that too careless of a statement? Especially coming from the Lumene freshman representative?"

The Seiren students were visibly upset.

Leo remained stern.

"I simply spoke the truth. Yesterday's encounter didn't impress me much."

One particular Seiren student's face flushed with embarrassment.

It was the boy who had been hopelessly defeated in his impromptu match against Leo.

"And weren't you the one to start throwing rash remarks first?"

Leo's cold stare surprised the Seiren students.

A strangely cultivated tension hung in the air.

"Ah, it's chilly. Huh? What's happening?"

The door opened and Lunia entered.

As she walked in, puzzled by the atmosphere, Luca approached, wearing a wry smile.

"There was a little disagreement."


Other students tried to intervene to stop Luca.

But it was too late.

"Do you wanna talk about it, Luca?"

Lunia, with a preemptively apologetic expression, addressed Luca.

"Yes, please."

He learned towards her to report the situation.

Lunia, her eyes opening widely, softened the mood among Lumene students.

“Lumene students, I believe one of my peers has made a slip of the tongue. I’ll talk to him later, so could you please forgive him?”

The boys of Class 5 smiled broadly at Lunia as she addressed them with her modest voice.

"No worries!"

"We understand!"

"We don't hold any grudges!"

Some girls in class 5 exchanged glances, stinging with disapproval.

Carr began.

"You were quite assertive yesterday. Are you sure you're the same person?"

"That's what I'm saying."

Leo chuckled at Lunia's composure.

She was far more professional today than only hours prior.

The difference in these personas was stark.

Lunia, the honor student, addressed the class with grace.

"Everyone, being proud of your school is admirable, but shouldn't you demonstrate its greatness through your skills and actions?"

"She’s not just pretty, but also kind!"

"She’s the ideal elf!"

"Why don't we have someone like her in our class?"

Eliana shook her head as her classmates spouted their admiration for Lunia.

"She’s lovely, too, but also quite tactless."

"Eliana, just keep quiet for a moment..."

"Hey! What did you just say? Keep quiet???"

"H-Help! I’m sorry! I promise, I won't bother you again!"

Eliana seized Carr by the collar as he misbehaved once again.

The faces of the Seiren Class 1 students paled at Lunia’s demeanor.

The face of pure charm that Lunia exuded towards the students of Lumene was obscured from their view.

Rather, a different form of intimidation captured her peers’ attention.

With the situation settled, Leo whispered to Lunia as she passed.

"You're a sneaky one, huh?”

"Shut it.”

Lunia, eyes glazed, settled among the Seiren students.

Shortly after, Harrid and Herdium arrived.

Herdium observed from the side while Harrid began his lecture.

"This morning, I'll give three mini-lectures on Lumene's majors: knight studies, sorcery, and summoning. Group up based on your majors."

With that, the Lumene students dispersed accordingly.

The Seiren students hesitated, unsure of what to do.

"Mr. Lumene."

"We don't use titles like ‘mister' in Lumene. Please call me professor."

Luca hesitated, then spoke up.

"Professor Lumene, Seiren students don’t have chosen majors."

"I'm aware. In this case, the Seiren students can choose where they’d like to focus for the day."

Only then did the Seiren students act, similarly dividing themselves into groups.

Knights and sorcerers were the majority, with summoners as a small minority.

‘Is Professor Harrid going to teach the classes all alone?’

‘Even for him, teaching all three classes alone would be impossible.’

"Chelsea, Nella, Tide."

Three students rose at Harrid's call.

“You go ahead with the classes.”



"W-We're teaching...?"

"Review what you've learned. You excel in your respective departments and can reiterate Lumene's teachings, right?"

While Nella and Tide hesitated, Chelsea stepped forward confidently.

Her pride as a hero candidate drove her to accept the leadership position.

‘Student-led classes. Intriguing.’

Herdium's eyes gleamed.

‘It's odd that the grade representative isn't here. Let's see Lumene's departmental skills, shall we?’

With Herdium's interest piqued, the joint class began.

As the classes progressed, the Seiren students were left astonished.

"T-This approach is fascinating!"

A Seiren boy furiously scribbled notes as he listened intently to Chelsea's lecture.

"This depth... It rivals, if not exceeds, Seiren's."

A Seiren girl in Nella's class was at a loss for words.

"Oh! So this is how Lumene teaches summoning? Can it really be utilized like this?"

"W-well, I mean… yeah."

Excitement filled the summoning section, too.

Lunia absorbed the Lumene curriculum's teachings eagerly.

Harrid grinned, pleased with the progress.

‘Exploring perspectives outside our own opens new avenues.’

Both the Seiren and Lumene students benefited from this exchange.

‘Though pride may spark friction, it's the bedrock of growth. Our class is fortunate in that regard.’

Herdium's eyes gleamed with agreement.

‘All three of these students excel. They'll be formidable seniors. Particularly the sorcerer. Quite exceptional. Hard to believe she's really a Lewellin. Lumene's current generation poses stiff competition.’

While some Seiren students struggled with pride, Herdium, a seasoned educator, appreciated the Lumene class' merits.

‘Hmph. If these are our rivals, then our victory holds all the more value. I have faith in my students!’

As he sung his own praises internally, the morning class concluded.

It was time for Seiren's lesson.

Lunch took place at the Seiren class' quarters.

The Seiren students dined with somber expressions.

Confident in their own class content, the Seiren students were surprised by Lumene's teachings, realizing they had much to learn.

While some Seiren students engaged actively with Lumene peers, many had only observed silently.

With this dim atmosphere, the afternoon began in Seiren's class.

"Lumene students, your morning class was intriguing! In return, I'll present Seiren's teachings!"

Where Lumene emphasized choice and focus, Seiren's method favored balance.

The lecture addressed Aura, sorcery, and summoning techniques all in one session.

If done incorrectly, the class could’ve been entirely useless.

Under Herdium's adept guidance, however, all the students grasped the concepts more readily.

Even knights found the principles of sorcery and summoning to be clear, thanks to Herdium's approach.

The Lumene students' enthusiasm and surprise invigorated Herdium, too.

‘It feels like teaching at the start of the semester again!’

The passion of his temporary students excited him.

‘Lumene students excel in adapting to new knowledge. Impressive! It's a trait we Seiren faculty should encourage more.’

Even throughout his own lesson, Herdium contemplated ways to guide his students more effectively once they returned home.

Despite post-lunch lethargy, Lumene students remained attentive.

Though, exceptions existed.


Leo stifled a yawn, hastily covering his mouth.

From his point of view, as an all-class student, he couldn’t help but find the class boring.

He couldn't expect to hear anything new, seeing as Herdium was providing an overview of each of the disciplines for those who didn’t already specialize in it.

His boredom was so severe that it even made him wonder if he could teach the class better than Herdium.

‘That little! That kid! How dare he!!!!’

When only one person expressed their boredom amidst a sea of otherwise focused attention, it drew immediate notice.

Herdium, expecting enthusiasm from Lumene's grade representative, if nobody else, was internally enraged.

‘How can this student be the one represent Lumene's freshman class? There is nobody here less passionate!’

"Now, onto the Sorcery of the Stars."

'Let's see how uninterested you are in learning about the Sorcery of the Stars!'

It was a lecture topic unheard of in Lumene.

In fact, the introduction alone captivated the attention of students from all departments.

The fervor in the room invigorated Herdium as he sketched a grand sorcery diagram.

"This is what first-year Seiren students are all taught."


His chalk tapped against the board rhythmically.

Leo furrowed his brow as he inspected the diagram.

‘What? Why did he draw it like that? Can you even activate the sorcery with it like that?’

He couldn't help but be bothered by the misrepresentation of Luna's favorite sorcery.

As Herdium, having just finished his illustration, turned around, Leo raised his hand.

Herdium saw his arm raised and laughed to himself.

‘Ha. Of course, of course. How could he not be interested in the Sorcery of the Stars…?’

"Sir, I believe there is a mistake in your illustration.”



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