The Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student



Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student

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Chapter 53

"Alright, folks. So, our destination is El-Salbekia?"

"Yes, ma’am!"

To Sena's inquiry, all the students of Class 5 chimed in together.

The day after the party.

Even though it was the weekend, each member of Class 5, including Leo, filled the classroom.

Not just Class 5, but every class was buzzing with discussions about the upcoming school trip since the early morning.

Leo, alongside Nella, led the class discussion and was ultimately pleased with their choice of destination.

‘All I need is to reach the city near the Fairy Forest.’

"There must be a reason for the president's pick."

"True. Leo's decision carries weight."

Leo's influence was key in Class 5’s selection of El-Salbekia.

"Glad we settled it quickly."

Harrid, observing from the corner, interjected, "Class president, vice president. I've got these for you."

He distributed stacks of printouts to the two.

Leo and Nella dispersed them among their peers.

"Let me take a look."

"What's this for?"

"Do we need to prep anything?"

As students examined the prints, Harrid explained plainly, "This weekend is all you have to prepare. Once this meeting's done, get ready. That's all for now. Dismissed."


The students rose in unison.

"President and vice president, please stay back."

Leo and Nella, who had been moving back to their seats, paused as Harrid called to them.

"Let's go to Lumeria City right now!"


"El-Salbekia is cold all year round, right? I want to go look at some winter clothes!"

While chatting happily amongst themselves, the students of Class 5 filed out of the classroom.

"We'll be waiting at the dock!"

"Come as soon as you can."

Chelsea and Carr waved as they exited.

Only four remained in the room.

Harrid addressed Leo and Nella.

"Excited as everyone is, you understand the gravity of a Lumene trip, right?"

They nodded in response.


"It would be nice to take a vacation, but Lumene isn’t really the place for that.”

Harrid acknowledged their understanding.

"Alright. Let's get to it then. I have a question for you two."

"What is it...?"

"I was going to set the schedule once we knew where we were going. But then I figured, why not leave it to you?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"How about you, as the class president and vice president, handle the trip itinerary? If it's too much, I'll take care of it."

‘Leo and I, responsible for the whole class? Professor Harrid trusts us a lot, but is this really okay?’

Nella's mind raced.

But Leo, on the other hand, smirked.

‘This works out nicely.’

For Leo, this opportunity aligned perfectly with his goal of reaching the Fairy Forest.

"We’ll handle it."

Nella and even Sena both looked surprised at his quick response.

"Are you sure you can manage?"

"You brought it up because you thought we could, right?"

Harrid smiled at the boldness.

"Nella Carven, what do you think?"

"The vice president's job is to assist the president."

Nella sighed lightly, smiling a peculiar, yet relaxed smile.

"Well, then. I'll expect updates nightly from Assistant Professor Sena."

Leo and Nella exchanged nods and left the classroom upon hearing his answer.

"Quite an unconventional approach."

"I was curious about Leo Plov's capabilities."

Harrid glanced at Leo's picture in his attendance book.

"This freshman class has its quirks."

"It’s definitely an exceptional class. Celia, Duran, Chen Xia, Abad, Chloe, Walden, Eliza. They're all standout candidates for grade representatives."

Even in Lumene, where talent abounded, such a generation was rare.

"But even then, Leo Plov stands out."

"Because he's all-class?"

"Not just that."

"What else, then?"

"The fact that Professor Albi wasn't wrong in his assessment of Leo as a potential hero."

Sena's eyes widened.

Harrid's evaluations, more so than any of the other professors, were always spot-on.

‘I can’t believe Professor Harrid just said that.’

He closed the attendance book.

‘Whether they like it or not, Leo Plov is making waves. His influence is pushing others to excel.’

A person with an enormous influence on their surroundings.

Such individuals were deemed heroes.

‘The potential he possesses is truly remarkable.’

Lost in thought, Harrid stood.

"I'll leave the school trip to you."

"Busy with grading midterms, huh?"

"Don't pry further. It's not something non-professors should know."

Sena smiled and nodded in acknowledgment.


As they arrived at Kuraju Street, the main thoroughfare in Lumeria City, Eliana made a suggestion:

"Let's split into three teams of two!"

"Yeah, that would be more efficient than all of us going together. Less crowding,” Tide remarked, and Nella agreed with a smile.

"How do we decide the teams?"

"Let's settle it with rock-paper-scissors."

Everyone agreed to Carr's suggestion.

"Rock, paper, scissors!"

After a few rounds, the teams had been decided.

Leo and Chelsea, Carr and Nella, and Eliana and Tide.

"Now, let's decide what each team will buy."

Leo and Chelsea would purchase groceries.

Carr and Nella were on the lookout for helpful equipment.

And Eliana and Tide were assigned to purchase potions.

Food, equipment, and potions—those were the essentials the students were told to prepare for the trip.

Each student received funds from the school for purchasing these.

Eliana pondered as she checked the printout.

"Feels like we're gearing up for an expedition mission."

"It's a Lumene event, after all. Maybe they’re preparing us for real expeditions, since those start next semester?”

"Oh, true."

"It's Lumene's department event. Wouldn't it be like a mission experience from the 2nd semester?"

"Oh! That's possible."

Eliana nodded at Chelsea's words.

"Then let's have lunch together in 3 hours! Let's break up for now!"

That's how they split into groups.

Chelsea, eager to contribute, hesitated.

"But how do you find groceries?"

It proved to be quite a challenge for her, an elite aristocrat from a heroic household.

"Follow me."


Chelsea widened her eyes as she followed Leo closely.

Leo led the way through the Kuraju Street Market with confidence.

As he weaved through, he started purchasing groceries for the expedition.

Starting with preserved foods, he skillfully selected the necessary ingredients.

With a sub-space prepared for food storage, they faced no difficulty in storing the items.

Chelsea watched in amazement as Leo efficiently gathered what they needed.

Finally, they stopped at a fruit store.

The owner, who had tossed apples to Leo and Celia on the day of the entrance ceremony, greeted them warmly.

"Oh! Lumene students! What grade are you in?"

"We’re first-years."

"Oh? First-years? What's your name?"

"I’m Leo Plov."

"Leo Plov? The freshman representative Leo Plov?"

The owner's eyes widened.

"Do you know Leo?"

"Of course! Look at this!"

He handed Leo a newspaper published by the school's journalism department.

[The unheard-of first-year student Leo Plov is the talk of the town.]

Leo glanced at the front-page article about him with curiosity.

"This is quite an honor. Hahahaha! Can I shake your hand?"

‘What a delightful old man.’

Leo shook hands with the vendor.

"I feel so honored! Agh, I should have given you a discount!"

"Thank you."

Leo chuckled.

"I once dreamed of becoming a hero, too, but I never had the talent!"

The owner laughed as he lamented, tapping his forehead.

"When I see students like you, I can’t help but want to be supportive. You're the future of this world, after all."

Chelsea felt a bit embarrassed hearing this.

"But I'm just an ordinary man who can only cheer for you."

"That support will give us strength."


"A hero always needs support."

Leo smiled.

He remembered how things were during the Age of Despair.

It was the people who had placed their hope in them and cheered them on again and again that encouraged them to continue the expedition that had failed again and again.

After hearing Leo's words, the fruit shop owner opened his eyes wide and laughed loudly.

"I've seen a lot of Lumene students, but you're something special! Great! From today on, I'll be your number one fan!"

The cheerful fruit shop owner handed Leo and Chelsea an apple.

"Leo, you seem like you’re used to this. Have you done this before?" Chelsea, munching on her apple, inquired.

"I've done this a few times."

Supplies held great importance in his past life.

'I had to learn to adapt.'

Remembering his past, he took a bite.

"There’s a lot of time left until we’re supposed to meet back with the group. What should we do with the remaining time?" Chelsea pondered, nibbling her finger.

"I have somewhere I want to go."

"Where to? Need company?"

"It's personal."

Chelsea nodded understandingly.

"Meet you at the rendezvous point?”


With Chelsea's wave and regretful smile, Leo slipped into the back alley.

‘I wonder where he’s going?’

Leo paused, eyeing the back alley, stopping in front of a shop named Lutek.

"So this is it."

On the surface, it appeared to be an ordinary grocery store.

But in reality this was where Chloe had bought her spellbook.

Turning the door latch, finding it locked, Leo recalled a lock-picking spell.

Crack! Screech!

Upon entry, darkness shrouded the interior.


He illuminated the room with a simple spell.

'Perhaps Lumene's investigation has already concluded.'

Peering into the dilapidated store, he searched for clues.

'This place has some connection to the dark summoning catalyst. Maybe something's left.'

Scanning slowly, he found nothing.

The only thing left behind was an old teddy bear wedged in the corner of the display stand.

‘Hold on. A teddy bear?’

Lumene had already carried out a thorough investigation.

He was sure that they would’ve taken every little thing back for further analysis and investigation.

So, why was there still a teddy bear here?

Leo, lost in his pondering, was startled.

‘Perceptual degradation magic?’

Just then.

Rumble, rumble

Black energy streamed from the teddy bear's eyes.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The doll, scattering wisps of black energy, soon morphed into fleshy mass, limbs haphazardly bulging out as they expanded.

‘It’s a demon!’


A massive eye emerged from the middle of the blossoming mass of flesh, making eye contact with Leo.

It began wriggling towards him.

Squish, squish, shwiiiiiiiiiiiish

Simultaneously, the mass lunged at him.


Beneath him, the store’s floor gave way.

Cra—ack, crumble

Leo ignited his Aura’s flame.


The demon’s body was incinerated.

But his flames were quickly extinguished.


Laughter echoed, chilling Leo to the bone.

"This voice…!’

A familiar voice.

"The witch queen… Sillatna!’