The Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student



Legendary Hero is an Academy Honors Student

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Chapter 51

The morning after exams ended, the students of Class 5 woke up buzzing with excitement.

"Hey! Let's throw a party to celebrate finishing the exams! Party time!"

"Carr! You know what? I'm totally in!"

Carr and Eliana began planning the celebration.


The classroom door swung open, and Harrid entered.

"Everyone, take your seats. You've got five seconds."

"Oh no!"

"Move, move!"

The Class 5 students hurriedly returned to their desks at Harrid's command.

With a nod of satisfaction, Harrid continued. 

"The exam results are in."

Tension gripped the students.

"Ugh, I completely forgot."

Carr slumped over the desk, holding his head in panicking await.

Observing Carr, Harrid announced, "As for the students in our class advised to drop out…"


Everyone was laser-focused on their professor.


“There are none.”

Relief washed over the room.

"Hooray! I made it through!"

"I’m going to finish the first semester!"

The students erupted in cheers.

Some of the more doubtful students even shed tears of relief.

Cheers echoed not just in Class 5, but across the school.

"Don't interrupt. You got lucky this time."

Harrid's stern words silenced the room.

"Don't celebrate too soon. While no one's been advised to drop out, there are some close calls. I've arranged supplementary classes for those of you that fall into this category."

One by one, Harrid then called out the names of students needing extra classes.

The faces of those students paled.

"You don't seem too thrilled."

"I'm relieved."

"I'm so happy, I could cry! Haha. Hahahaha."

"Lastly, I have an announcement."

All the students, who had become slightly distracted basking in either despair or relief from hearing the supplementary class roster, turned their focus back to their professor.

"We're throwing a party tonight to celebrate the end of exams."

Excitement filled the classroom.

"And I'll be arranging a school trip next week as well."

For a moment, the students of Class 5 didn’t understand, returning only blank faces.

After a few moments to take it in—

Cheers erupted.

"Oh, wow!"

Once a year, Lumene organized school trips for their students.

The trips varied between grade-wide and departmental trips.

This time, Harrid announced, it would be divided by class.

"School's throwing us a curveball."

"It’s the first-year class’ turn for the school trip."

"It's sudden, right? We didn't even know it was happening yesterday, and now it's coming in a week."

Nella gave a particularly languid smile as Chelsea shook her head.

"Finally, our chance for something fun to happen, huh?"

Carr stroked his chin, looking pleased.

"What’s putting so much pep in your step?"

"I've got big plans. Already met with the upperclassmen from the second-year and third-year classes. Gonna find out what they did for their trip!"

"Haha. Good plan."

Carr excitedly and swiftly exited the room.

‘A school trip, huh?’

Leo gazed out the window, lost in thought.

‘Haven't really explored much since I started over.’

In his life thus far, he only knew the Plov lands and Delad, the capital of his home kingdom.

But now, at this age, he had the whole world to explore.

Leo chuckled, feeling an unexpected anticipation for the trip.


"Where are we going for the trip?"

"Whatever it is, I hope it's somewhere relaxing."

"I hope it’s somewhere we can still have some fun."

That evening.

Sounds of a party buzzed in the dormitory auditorium.

They celebrated the end of midterms.

The announcement of the upcoming trip further lightened the atmosphere. 

But, of course, their vibes were dampened in some ways.

After all, the party also marked a farewell for students advised to leave.

"Our school can be rather cruel in some ways."

Carr, adjusting his tuxedo for the party, grumbled.

"I agree."

Tide nodded.

The party was attended by all first-year students.

That is, the party crowd included those advised to leave the academy.

"It's not exactly the most uplifting, is it?"

"Well, it's a school for training heroes. Toughness is part of the deal."

Tide sighed as Carr scratched his head.

As they chatted, students filled the auditorium.

As their peers entered the room, they found their seats in the section designated for Class 5.

Sometimes, male and female students entered the auditorium together, sparking jokes and teasing among classmates.

Carr, caught up in the excitement, admired one pair as they entered.

"It's Nella and Eliana!"

“Where? Where?”

Other boys from Class 5 also showed quite an intense interest.

"Wow! Nella looks stunning!"

"Eliana's usually more of a girly girl, but she's gorgeous when she dresses up!"

The boys admired the two girls representing their class.

Noticing the other boys approaching them, Carr quickly moved.

"Hey! The competition's heating up!"

"Let's go, guys!"

The boys from Class 5 gathered around.

"When's the class pres arriving?"

"I can't wait to see him in a tux!"

"Nella, Eliana, hey!"

The girls of their class greeted them with big smiles.

As the auditorium continued to fill up, another couple entered.

However, this time, the teasing atmosphere elicited by the typical co-ed arrival was absent.

The pair, with matching light blue hair and eyes, made their appearance.

None other than Abad and Chelsea—siblings.

Booing was out of the question for such prominent figures.

Several students from the Lordren Empire approached them.

"Now that's a powerful family."

Carr chuckled.

While many hailed from heroic backgrounds, the Lewellins stood out with their exceptional abilities.

"There's another significant duo."

As Eliana spoke, another pair entered.

No one joked this time, either.

With their contrasting black and gray hair, they caught everyone's attention.

Leo and Celia.

"Class pres!"

"Leo, you clean up nice!"

The girls from Class 5 cheered.

“Wow! I always knew you were pretty, but this is a new level!”

“Celia! You look so gorgeous!”

Likewise, cheers erupted from the crowd of Class 1 students.

Celia, usually commanding, was popular with everyone, regardless of gender.

Especially in her stunning red dress, her arrival inspired a new jolt of energy and excitement.

“Um, is that the vice president of Class 1?"

"And is that the class president of Class 5?"

Students from both classes exchanged the same complaint, eyeing each other.

It all came back to Harrid and Sedgen.

The two high-profile professors at Lumene had a well-known rivalry.

Or, it would be better said that Sedgen maintained a one-sided rivalry.

Nevertheless, it unintentionally sparked a sense of competition between the students of Classes 1 and 5.

As students from the Lordren Empire gathered around Celia, Leo slipped away and joined his Class 5 peers.

"Why are you here already? Chelsea's over there chatting," Carr said to Leo, puzzled.

"Not my scene."

"Not your scene? Aren't they all from the West?"

Leo smirked at Eliana's question, who asked with her fork still hanging in her mouth.

"Even if they're from the West, they're all from the Lordren Empire. They’re different from me."


Most students who had been admitted from the Western Entrance Exam had come from the Lordren Empire due to its vastness.

"Class pres! You'll dance with me later, right?"

"You better dance with me too!"

"Leo, you troublemaker!"

"Good grades and popular, huh?"

The boys teased Leo while the girls giggled around them.

"Well, you're all having fun."

"Oh! Assistant Professor Sena!"

Assistant Professor Sena approached the students of Class 5 with a smile.

"I'm glad no one from my class was advised to drop out. Let's keep studying hard!"

Students smiled warmly at Sena.

They were grateful for her encouragement amidst Harrid's strict teaching.

The auditorium lights dimmed as the chatter continued.

Two figures appeared on the platform.

"Hello, everyone!"

It was Harrid and Artianne, the homeroom teachers of Classes 5 and 8, both known for instilling fear into the first-year class.

A momentary hush fell over the buzzing party hall.

"Why so quiet? Parties are meant to be fun! You don’t have to be quiet just because we’re here now."

Despite Harrid's attempt to lighten the mood, the students remained uneasy.

Artianne donned a pouting expression.

Professor Harrid announced through the microphone, "Have some fun. This is a time for spreading joy."


"So much fun!"

The students resumed chatting enthusiastically.

Some giggles even sprouted from across the auditorium.

Artianne sighed as she watched the lively scene.

"Well, I hope you all will listen as you continue to enjoy the party. From here on out, we’ll be announcing results from your performances on the midterm.”

"What? You said you were spreading joy!!”

"Why are you sharing our grades publicly?"

"We'll begin by announcing the top three students in each department and then the grade representative."

Professor Artianne smiled.

"Additionally, the full rankings will be displayed in the hall for everyone to see."

Assistant professors arrived with a slew of covered bulletin boards.

Harrid added, "This event also serves to console the departing students. Keep that in mind."

The party atmosphere grew somber.

"It's harsh. So harsh. But that's how this school keeps pushing us."

Carr clicked his tongue.

Their event was a mix of recognizing outstanding students and comforting those leaving.

A subtle message for the mid-tier students.

Encouragement to continue working hard and advancing, but a reminder that they could be sacked at any point.

"Let's start with the Knights Studies department. First place goes to..."

Drums rolled as a bright spotlight danced around the room.

"Celia Zerdinger from Class 1! Congratulations!"

Applause filled the room as the spotlight focused on Celia.

"Let's give her a big round of applause!"

Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap-

Celia smiled, exuding confidence as she swept her hair away.

After all, who was Celia to shy away from the spotlight?

"Runner-up is Duran Moira from Class 1!"

The spotlight shifted to Duran, who looked unimpressed with his crossed arms.

"Marvelous! Celia! Duran! Incredible job! I’m so proud of you both! Truly, neck and neck!"

Professor Sedgen, situated near the stage, wiped away his tears and applauded.

"In third place, we have Chen Xia from Class 10!"

Chen Xia, in traditional, elegant Eastern attire, gracefully acknowledged the spotlight.

"L-Leo didn't make it to the top 3?"

"Can't be helped. Those three are just that good."

Eliana shook her head while Chelsea clenched her fist in frustration.

"Now, for the Sorcery Department. First place goes to... Congratulations, Mr. Abad Lewellin!"

Artianne beamed and waved as she announced the winning student.

"Of course!"

Chelsea smirked triumphantly, crossing her arms.

"In second place, Chelsea Lewellin from Class 5!"

Once the spotlight pivoted to her, she looked slightly embarrassed.

"Oh, me?"

"And third place goes to Emio Luchan from Class 2. Congratulations."

After the sorcery department’s ranking announcement, an uneasy tension filled the party hall.

All eyes were on a particular student.

"So Chloe's practical test really did get zero points,” Carr grumbled bitterly.

"Argh! Chloe was supposed to be on top...! It's heartbreaking! But don't give up!"

"You’re being disruptive. Handle it later, after the presentations."

Harrid's tone was icy as he called out Sedgen's distraught state.

A group of assistant professors hurried to assist Sedgen and escort him away.

Class 1 students shared his somber mood.

Chloe managed a bitter smile, while Duran approached the situation with a scoff.

"Chloe Mueller. Bringing shame upon our class."

"Sorry, Duran."

"You won the class presidency over me. Don't disappoint again. If you do, I'll take over."

With that, Duran left.

Observing, Carr muttered under his breath.

“She’s still a better team player than he’ll ever be...”

In fact, other than Duran, all the students in Class 1 comforted Chloe.

A testament to her popularity as class president.

"Now, for the Summoning Department! First place goes to Walden Thaidin from Class 2!"

The spotlight shone on Walden, who remained impassive.

"Second place goes to Eliza Hergin from class 6! A close call."

Eliza, reclining in an elegantly fluffy chair, had been preening her nails.

However, she now eyed Walden with a hint of irritation.

Third place was awarded to Jurdoun Loussen from class 8.

"I thought Leo would make it to the top three in at least one subject."

Leo shrugged at Eliana's surprise.

"I mean, there are a lot of other talented students here."

"Aren't you too relaxed about this? If you don't rank in the top three of any of your majors, you lose your position as the freshmen representative!"

"Now, for the overall winner. I'll announce the name of the freshman representative."

The tension in the room was palpable.

Artianne cleared her throat, all eyes darting between the nine previously highlighted students.

"First place in the midterms goes to… Leo Plov!"